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  • Street 12106 Ne 124th
  • City Kirkland
  • Region Washington
  • Postcode 98034
  • Telphone (425) 823-0123
  • Opentime
  • Raging (50)
  • Website
  • Cuisine American, Diner
Denny's introduction
We offer 137 menus, including Coffee, Iced Tea, Other Drinks, Smoothies, Juice/Milk, Premium Lemonades, Milkshakes and so on.
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Denny's reviews

By Crystal K. at 2016-07-25

I think all the best cooks in Seattle are hiding at this one Denny's location! Omg best food ever but only at this one

By Tish D. at 2016-09-14

It appears to have closed (permanently?) sometime in the past week - lights are all off, doors and interiors are boarded up. Two stars for memories of angrily made ugly novelty pancakes (delicious though) and the one overworked night waiter. RIP. Arise, Ghost Denny's.

Update: a biased source (Shari's) informs me that Denny's got hit with a health code violation.

By Anna S. at 2016-08-14

I am giving it a one star because as a busy business they should have more than one waiter to take care of tables, register, serving and seating. We came in last night and came again tonight. We saw how hard the waiter was working last night and felt bad that Dennys doesn't have at least 2 waiters working at nights. After we left last night, (which was the about 10:40pm) we saw 6 more cars pull in, which many had at least 3 customers.

We come in again tonight(at 9pm) and it's been 20 mins and we haven't even had water at our table. I'm not blaming the waiter, he has lots in his hands, I'm blaming management or whoever takes care of scheduling.

If you go eat there, please write a review to help management understand that they need to cover the shifts correctly. I will call Dennys and complain. Besides that, the food was good. Just disappointed at this restaurant that has enough business to treat their employees right.

By Peggy R. at 2015-08-05

I am going to say, this is Denny's, so once again; we don't expect Canlis-style food, but at least some decent service is nice. When my companion and I walked into the restaurant, we were seated right away, which was nice -- but that's kind of where the service took a bit of a dive. I ordered coffee and he ordered some sort of mango pucker thing. Well, the host brought the coffee; but somehow his pucker became totally clear and looked suspiciously like water. Uhh, that's because it WAS water. It took him two more times and finally the beverage was delivered.

Now, the redemption came in the form of our food; kind of. I ordered a ham and cheese omelette -- I wanted all Swiss cheese because I'm all about the holes in my cheese. The ham was very nicely flavored and cut into uniform pieces; the cheese was great, too. But, the edges of the omelette were plasticized and over-cooked. Once we actually got our food (which didn't take super long, and the waitress was a sweetie), we were happy -- but whomever the host was that seated us at that time needs a lesson in interpersonal skills.

All in all, Denny's is Denny's is Denny's, so I gave it three stars because of the actual Swiss cheese in the omelette, but the service definitely lost a star or two.

By JoAnna L. at 2016-01-29

I know it's Denny's but it was my first time going to this location and I thought I'd put my 2 cents in. I live just around the corner and I had the morning off so I thought I'd venture over for breakfast at about 10:30am. It wasn't too busy for a Friday and I was greeted right away, I ended up sitting at the counter. Kaylah was my server and she was attentive & sassy, I liked her a lot. She got me a coffee right away (which was pretty good) and then took my order when she came around the second time. I ended up getting the $4 Everyday Value Slam that comes with 2 pancakes, 2 eggs and either 2 strips of bacon or 2 sausage links...I got bacon, of course. The food was actually pretty darn good and I cleaned my plate. Eggs were scrambled right, bacon was crispy and the pancakes were soft & delicious. I also got a free refill on my coffee which I appreciated. It was a pretty good experience and the prices can't be beat. For under $9 (that's including tip) I was able to avoid the hipstery & expensive coffee shop up the street and eat a good meal with good coffee.

By Sadie S. at 2016-03-22

The lounge is never open, despite multiple signs out on the road stating that its open all day. Thanks for wasting my time.

By Wayne D. at 2015-11-18

I'm not impressed. I ordered the salmon with broccoli and mac and cheese. My aunt ordered a sirloin steak. She was unable to get horseradish sauce, and at 12:30 am, they were unable to give mashed potatoes. I swear they gave me Kraft's Mac and Cheese. My salmon filet was not seasoned at all. Disappointing dinner.

By Michael D. at 2016-04-23

What a great experience last night(this am, I guess)! I don't know the name of our server but we had over 20 people who were mostly drunk roll in around 4am and our server was the greatest! I would pick that place for service over ANYWHERE else to be treated like that. I am in town from Minnesota for a 49th bday celebration and this was awesome. Thank you!! As an ex-restaurant owner it was a real treat!

By Dillon C. at 2015-12-23

This is your typical Denny's experience: decent food, good price, interesting characters to watch. Nothing to write home about, but it fills a void!

By Reyna V. at 2016-07-24

Our server Hunny, was very nice. However, ...worst Dennys ever! The outside is run down and looks abandoned from the outside. If we weren't meeting someone there, we wouldn't have known it was open from the building. They were out of avocAdo and wouldn't deduct the price from the meals we ordered that came with it. My broccoli and cheese soup was the worst I've ever had. Weird chunks of cheese and it was watery. I sent it back. She took it off our check. We each had a sandwich or wrap and much of the lettuce was wilting and old. I usually love Denny's ranch, it's my favorite. This ranch didn't taste like the ranch I know and love. Two of our party had tarter sauce and said it didn't taste good. My aunts club sandwich was oddly cut. Servers should run and find a job at a nicer restaurant where they can earn more tips. I would never come here again. I almost said 2 stars because the service was good, but my party unanimously agree 1 star (on said -1)

By A. W. at 2015-12-27

Of all the Denny's this is an excellent one. Service is good, food is good, place is clean. If you want a filling breakfast for $10 that's better than drive-through food, here's your place.

By Aimee R. at 2016-03-12

Erik is awesome! Great service!! Food is always as expected at dennys but we go back because of erik! :-)

By Simone G. at 2015-03-23

Okay first off, I've been coming to this Denny's since I was a kid. I've been to a couple Denny's in the past where the food wasn't too favorable, but nothing has ever compared to my last and final visit.

So our sever, Martha takes our order, I ordered a medium-rare steak with ranch and a side of Mac n cheese and cheddar cheese mashed potatoes. I wanted to try something new, plus the pictures on the menu of the Mac n cheese and the steak looked amazing.

When Martha came by to bring us our food which had been sitting on the warmer counter for about 10 minutes.
She said that she would be right back with our utensils, after about five minutes of staring at our food that looked nothing like the photo in the menu for the Mac n cheese...I believe I got easy Mac from the looks of it, it looked like it was sitting out all day and they threw it in the microwave.

Since that much time had passed I figured she had forgotten since she was ringing up customers and filling water cups. So I ended up having to look for some utensils myself which I found on the bar counter.
I never got a steak knife, my side of ranch or our original utensils.

When it came time to eating, the Cheddar mashed potatoes had unmelted shredded cheese and tasted like movie theatre butter.

The Medium rare Steak was not what I ordered and was very rare and bloody. Too hard to cut (butter knife)

And finally the Mac n cheese, as I mentioned before, I believe it was easy Mac (the one in the box) not like the one in the photo on the menu, that right there was a huge disappointment.

Once my boyfriend had finished his meal I told him that I was going to talk to our server about my meal.

When I came to talk to our server Martha, i asked her for the manager, and told her about my meal she said they weren't there and then asked me to go sit down and she'll be right with me....she didn't show up for about 10 minutes.
When she finally did she had an excuse for why all my food was in my and my boyfriends opinion, disgusting.
The mashed potatoes that were buttery and salty
Her response: it's the same for every Denny's you go to, we all use the same packaging, we just got that packet in, and she offered to grab one and show it to me.

The Mac & cheese that tasted and looked as if it were sitting out all day, no flavor- very sticky noodles, she said that it's just water and they mix; still didn't explain why it didn't look anything like the photo on the menu.

And with the steak, she said well on the menu, and started drifting off and mumbling and bringing up the mashed potatoes again and that the reason they tasted like butter and salt was because they come from a package...

She had an excuse for everything, her apology didn't seem genuine whatsoever and when I asked about the manager she said that he doesn't always pick up the phone but went back to the mashed potatoes topic and when I asked to speak with the manager on the phone she said that he would allow her to do 20% off of my meal since he wasn't there and they couldn't take everything off, which as soon as she said that I knew she was lying since she didn't leave our side after I mentioned the phone call, so how would her manager have said that if he doesn't pick up phone calls and she never left our table?
She then offered to give us anything we wanted for free and to go. I told her that I didn't want anything, and that all I wanted was the check, she kept insisting to give us something to go, I told her repeatedly no and she when she grabbed my shoulder it made me feel very uncomfortable. There is no reason for anybody to touch a customer unless it is absolutely necessary, this was just flat out creepy to me.
Once she finally accepted the fact that I didn't want anything else except the check we walked up to the registers.
While waiting on the bench for my boyfriend to pay, she told him that if I would've told her that there was a problem with the steak and Mac n cheese instead of just the mashed potatoes she would've asked her boss and he might have allowed her to take it all off the bill instead of just 20%

I really dislike liars, I especially hate it when it's done repeatedly not only to my face, but behind my back as well.

By Maria G. at 2012-07-23

I did not have high expectations before visiting this particular Denny's but I was impressed after dining here!

This is located right next to the Comfort Inn and the highway. It could be difficult to find this place while driving.

My first impression that this place was actually spacious. I think they have two separate doors for entry and I got slightly confused upon entering.

The staff was busy when I just arrived and told me to wait for a moment. However, she was very friendly once she took me to my table. Another waiter served me and was also super nice. They both had big smiles on their faces, which I have not seen for awhile eating out lately.

I had the taco dish and it was pretty good. The hash brown on the side was not so great. It was a bit too dry. I ordered the build-your-own sundae and it was FANTASTIC! I ordered the one with pecan as a side topping and they were super generous with the servings of pecan. I was really happy about that.

Denny's has one of the best birthday special in town. You do not have to join any club membership to receive the discount deal. Simply show your ID and let the waiter know it is your birthday and they will take $6.49 off your bill. I think normally they give you the grand slam for free (which is $6.49) on your birthday without requiring additional purchases. But when I visited this particular Denny's, the staff there (like a manager) told me that you can also substitute the grand slam with other dishes and just get $6.49 off. I am not sure if that is the case across of all Denny's. Because there was a confusion when I checked out and the waiter had to confirm with the manager if the discount could be applied.

By Leila A. at 2015-07-29

the only time you should go here is if it's passed 3 am and no other place is open. their food is ok but their silverware is NEVER clean! their strawberry milkshake is really good!

By Mitch H. at 2015-02-07

When ordering takeout, be prepared to be disappointed. I have ordered a simple club sandwich more than 4 times and each time they have messed it up. It isn't hard to make a club with no tomato on white with hash browns. But I have had almost ever my incorrect variation.

Also if you have cheese or milk issues and ask for no cheese they will still put it on.

By Jessica M. at 2013-09-18

When making the decision to go to Denny's, you know what to expect. The atmosphere and food is what it is. I don't expect a server in a bowtie to show me a wine list but I do expect good service and that goes for any establishment that I eat at.

The service here was just horrible. The manager noticed that we had been sitting awhile and hadn't had our order taken. He was kind and checked in with us and we let him know we were still waiting for someone in our party and we were perfectly happy. It is my belief that he let the server know that we were upset or something because she came to our table soon after and had a serious attitude. She rudely took our orders and continued to be unpleasant until we left. I don't get it. Do I smell funny?

The one star goes to the cook. At least the food met our low expectations. ;)

By Anachronism M. at 2014-10-06

I love this place but I'm sorry
DON'T TALK about infectious diseases like EBOLA as a server at ANY restaurant. Not even a Denny's...

Our server was very good. Very polite. He was all mumbles (in his defense sometimes I have trouble hearing deep voices because I just can't hear that tone, but... He was Mr. Mumbles). But I swear the loudest thing he said in the middle of the restaurant next to the cashier lady at the cashiering station was something along the lines of "You hear the latest thing about Ebola?!?"

"Ufhugugughugihhg" I said internally. I immediately started this review, kept it aside in case I changed my mind about the stars which I did... Went from one to two just because the food was food. But ya this was ridiculous. And offensive to my senses. I almost lost my appetite and if it wasn't for my boyfriend changing the subject I probably would've sent the food back and left...

Am I being sensitive...? Maybe.

Do I have the right to exist in a food establishment without being uncomfortable? Absolutely...

By Michael M. at 2016-02-02

2/2/16 5:18 pm ticket number 597494.I went to Dennys today and had the worst food ever. I mean wow. I ordered the chicken fried steak skillet no peppers, a biscuits and gravy and an all American slam. The skillet was supposed to have onions and shredded cheese on it. The waitress was amazing but the food was awful. The skillet came out and had no cheese the eggs were damn near black and way over cooked. The biscuits and gravy were cold and the biscuit was hard. Eggs were under cooked. The all American slam my son had the bacon was in limps and way over cooked. I went to the counter to let them know about the issue and the SUPERVISER on duty didn't even try to correct the issue at hand. When I looked at the cook he was leaning up against the counter playing on his cell phone. Then they actually made me pay the bill. I worked as a cook for 15 years and if I served any food like this I'd fire myself. That was nasty. I will be contacting franchise management after this. That Dennys gives them a bad name. Narinder the owner of that place should hire people that actually know what they are doing. Will never go back to eat

By Andrew S. at 2015-04-17

The food's perfectly cooked, the servers are friendly and fast, and the restaurant is clean. What's more to want?

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