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  • Street 1670 Waddy Rd
  • City Waddy
  • Region Kentucky
  • Postcode 40076
  • Telphone (502) 829-0383
  • Opentime
  • Raging (5)
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  • Cuisine
Denny's introduction
We offer 137 menus, including Coffee, Iced Tea, Other Drinks, Smoothies, Juice/Milk, Premium Lemonades, Milkshakes and so on.
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Denny's reviews

By Marcy M. at 2015-10-25

Good food lots of places to sit down...not enough wait on you, to give you your check,and no one around register. Have to wait for someone to take money...someone to give you menu....

By Troy A. at 2016-06-26

Love me some Denny's. Just not this one. Understaffed, undertrained, and poorly managed. Three meals over two days and not once has the meal I ordered reached my table. Kitchen staff yelling can be heard clearly from dining room. Lots of people have gotten up and left after being seated then ignored. Totally disappointing for a chain that I usually enjoy!

By Tom S. at 2015-10-22

Food is good here but the service always seems so slow. Has been tough to even get refills on past trips.

By Carissa W. at 2015-02-20

The only reason for the 1 star is because i had too.....we tried this dennys twice with 2 different shifts and were completely unsatisfied with this place and how it is ran....not only do the wait staff (minus a sweet grey hair lady) suck and stand around but several of these woman seem caddy and rude! No one smiles, says hi or is even present in the dining area to actually help the people who keep them employed! Our server was nice but slow to check on us, hardly came out from the kitchen area and only asked if we were good one time! Food is ughhh dinner last night had WAY more grease then needed and my toast this morning was BURNT....and instead of replacing it she left it....HELLLOOOO mcfly lets get it together!!! As for the manager (who sat in the ofgice the whole time) (the tall gentleman with grey hair) he is useless literally.....he doesnt know how to manage his talkable useless staff or seem to know anything about customer service!! POOOR SERVICE! not to mention the one server has Plaque Psoriasis all over both of her arms (this really isnt the issue since truly its not easy to manage) but truth is that is a flaky skin disease (not contiguous) but she needs to cover her arms so nothing can go into ppls food (i mean thats a health issue) other than that never again!!! And the flying j DAY staff is lazy and slow Not recommended

By Elizabeth C. at 2014-07-17

Normally, I love Denny's. Tonight, they seemed to be having a bad night, or I just ordered the wrong food. My eggs were perfectly cooked, but swimming in grease and my pancakes were cold. After driving almost 700miles to get here, I am too tired to complain. I'm sure it is an isolated incident.

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