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  • Street 2525 W Deer Valley Rd
  • City Phoenix
  • Region Arizona
  • Postcode 85027
  • Telphone (623) 587-1227
  • Opentime
  • Raging (29)
  • Website
  • Cuisine American, Diner
Denny's introduction
We offer 137 menus, including Coffee, Iced Tea, Other Drinks, Smoothies, Juice/Milk, Premium Lemonades, Milkshakes and so on.
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Denny's reviews

By Emily K. at 2015-08-31

Myself and my boyfriend have been coming to this location for 4 years. In some cases 3 times a day. Now we love to cook for ourselves. And we enjoy our home very much. We come here for the food, and the service.

Its a funny thing, service. In order to recieve good or great service all you need, is to be friendly and positive and not a snobby asshole. Neat concept, right?

The staff here knows us pretty well by now, especially management, and we have our favorite waitresses, Karin, Crystola that always treat us like family and enjoy a conversation with us.

We've ventured into here at all times of the day and night. I think the only time I had a bit of a complaint was when my iced coffee was more like coffee water. But no big deal. They remade it and apologized.

Whenever we're in the mood for a light hearted environment and a well cooked casual meal, we venture to this Dennys. And trust me, Ive had some really bad experiences at other locations.

If you do come here, Id say you need to ask for Crystola or Karin. Karin if youre looking for a chuckle or two, she'll tell you some stories that will make you laugh, and her old world accent just adds to the charm.

Crystola doesnt beat around the bush and will get you what you want and need when you ask for it. Shes not much of a talker but thats because shes working. :)

For as long as we will be in Arizona, this will always be our go to spot for coffee and a warm meal.

We have had their hot/cold coffee. Just about everything on the breakfast menu and lunch menu, but we havent really tried anything on the dinner side. Their burgers are always cooked perfectly, and their breakfast reminds me of my childhood on Saturday mornings.

By Jack Y. at 2016-12-25

Don't say it! I know it's Denny's. But it's never been this bad. It's 1:30 am and 4 tables, I've been waiting for 45min for my French toast. Best part when I walked in they gave me the menu and said to grab a table. I have to be nice since I just came from church mass. Just heard the cook mess up a egg order and call her self stupid. My dad says they should close early since they can't handle 4 tables, total of 8 people... funny! Good news our waitress went back to make our food. My French toast was ok and the staff was friendly, can't ask for much more. Merry Christmas Denny's thanks for opening 24hrs!

By Mitch G. at 2015-12-20

Worst service ever my Togo order sat over 15 minutes until I asked to have it I'll never come back here. The cashier was slow incompetent and rude. The manager was gossiping with the waitresses while food sat waiting to be served. I bet my food is cold.

Got home and I was right the bisque and gravy ice cold my over medium eggs were over easy. The hash browns were not hydrated enough so they were hard and cold. Stay away from this s Denny unless you want crappy food and worse service.

By Maggie R. at 2016-04-07

Stopped for coffee and pie. Only spot open but nice that it was. Great to catch up with great friends

By Chris C. at 2015-08-18

Unlike trendier places full of Pseudo-Bohemian bs, this Denny's in particular.. always a pleasure.
The portions are great, the food is made right, and the one Russian lady (we didn't get her name) is a super great waitress!! I guess it takes trying all of the cool kid places to come full circle to see a good thing when it's right in front of me! Thanks Denny's!! :D

By C L. at 2016-01-19

Okay. It's Denny's. It is diner food and it is great. I love coming here late at night and drinking surprisingly decent coffee and previously frozen pie. I love this location.

By Sheena H. at 2015-08-30

Looks like it was recently remodeled. I ordered the grand slams $8.00 and the waitress was nice enough to tell me about the $3.99 grand slam specials. Saved me money. Food was fresh and good. Fluffy pancakes and eggs. So good that I went back a second time. Waitresses were nice also. I had good experience both times 8/23 and 8/24.

By Amber M. at 2016-05-22

I'm nor really going to rate the food because most Denny's are the same. The service here was great though. Everyone was friendly and I saw the manager check in a few times with her staff to see if they were doing okay and if she needed to help them with anything. Proof that good management goes a long way

By Brian M. at 2015-03-15

I was debating on writing this but eh why not. Not a bad place for the late late night dinner. Been there a few times and consistently good even at one, two, or three in the morning.

Kind of hard to mess up breakfast unless the server is busy and doesn't bring out orders quickly and they die in the window. I haven't run into that here in the early morning hours.

By Jennifer C. at 2016-04-14

My friends and I came in here for breakfast. Half of the restaurant was nearly full and the the other half was nearly empty. There was another group of teenagers who were sitting on the bench with backpacks, so I figured they were just hanging out. Soon, I realized they probably had the same dilemma as us. We waited 10 minutes without anyone acknowledging us. We were stood right in front of the counter and the waitress just ignored us every time she walked by. The chef kept making eye contact with us, but did not say anything. Finally, as we were leaving, she was getting angry with the waitress and I'm pretty sure I heard her say, "Is anybody getting the front?" And as we walked out I think she said, "Now they're walking out!". They were not that busy and they couldn't even bother to acknowledge our existence, which is why we decided to leave. I don't think we'll be coming back anytime soon.

By Joe M. at 2015-06-30

I went here one time and will never go back. First of all there was a weird odor as soon as you enter, that should have been a clue. They wrote our name down on the waiting list. After having waited for 30 minutes we noticed they had seated a party that came in after us. When we asked why they said that the other party had their own waiter. I don't know what that means. We told the management that their poor service cost them two customers. Save yourself the hassle and go to the waffle house next door. They know how to treat customers.

By Joseph A. at 2015-12-30

Worst Denny's I've ever been to. Horrible service and rude management. (FYI: Does NOT participate in the Free Birthday Grand Slam promotion - even though there is a sign advertising it on their window.)

By Gloria W. at 2015-08-26

Went there this morning. Ordered the $4 biscuits and gravy with eggs and hash browns. There was a small black hair in my hash browns. Did not finish my food and left. Did not get it remade either. They did not charge me, that's why they got two stars.

By David L. at 2015-06-02

This Denny's wasn't even great. Food was actually cold and the service was horrid. Sorry. Won't come back.

By L.T. W. at 2014-08-01

First time I've been here in years and such a disappointment. Supposedly they recently changed management which doesn't sound like its going well. The food was not cooked fully and had flakes of black stuff from the grill. The soda was horrible! They could not get the carbonation right.. Ended up with juice since the soda was so nasty!!!

By Morris K. at 2013-09-12

Went to Denny's after attending a meeting, There was 12 people in our party. So why am I reviewing Denny's? We all know what Denny's is about. Well when you're with friends, this is definitely a great place to go! Food is good and satisfying. With Denny's people always seem to have a love-it or hate-it opinion of the chain.

Tonight for our party of 12 we had our drinks were delivered in a reasonable amount of time given the amount of people in our party and my food was ordered and delivered in about 15-20 minutes with the exception of one order that got delivered after most of us had eaten. On a good note the manager comp'd that meal which was nice if her to do.

We all had requested separate checks and there was no problem making that request. I would like to give our waitress a lot of recognition for working with our large party.

Nothing special about this Denny's.... I have no complaints and the food was brought quick enough and the order was right so it's all good.

FOOD: The food was hot and fresh out of the kitchen, it wasn't cold when it got to me, which made me happy. The quality of the food was decent too. There's not much to say about this place though, because the menus are all the same at all Denny's. The point being: a Denny's is a Denny's is a Denny's, but some are better than others. This one is decent. PRICE: Very reasonable. SERVICE: Excellent. AMBIANCE: Typical Denny's. CONCLUSION: We were seated immediately. Food was decent, everything that should have been hot was. Service was great. RETURN FACTOR: 100%

By Anne B. at 2015-09-07

This is by far the best Denny's in town. The service and the food have been consistently good now for some time. Tonight they saved what started out as a disaster at the Top Shelf, where they were seating people who had just walked in ahead of people who had been waiting 10 minutes or more for a table. So we left there and went to our favorite Denny's. I recently turned 55, so I had, for the first time, their Senior Fit Fare Stuffed Veggie Omelette. So did my husband. It was very good. Each item -- omelette, fruit, English muffin -- came out separately, due to a little confusion on the part of a new waitress, but they were very nice and apologetic about it (instead of making excuses). They understand customer service.

By Jolie M. at 2014-12-28

We normally enjoy this location. We go on Tuesdays or Saturdays for Kids Eat Free because we honestly can not see spending $40 plus tip for breakfast at a Dennys. We can eat at a fancy place like Abuelos for $45 plus tip. We went in 2 weeks ago on a Tuesday night. Yummy meal except the new chef had no clue how to poach an egg...come on now and AFTER I paid the bill I realize the did NOT give me the kids eat free. The waitress actually tells me that I have to ASK for it. I am sorry but it advertised on the outside of the building that kids eat free on Tuesdays. I am pretty sure its illegal to tell me I have to ask for it. If not,its very unfair practice. I demanded they refund the amound and re ring up the order. The manager is called and tells me she can not do that. I am sorry but I am a business owner and used to work retail. YES you can refund and re ring the order. When I asked her what she would do to fix it she just tells me to come in anytime and get the kids eat free. I asked her for a coupon or something said this. She just takes my name and says that good enough. We all know that if we go in and she is not there, they will have NO clue what is going on AND how long is she going to keep my name in her pocket. Bad eggs and awful service!

(I mistakenly left this review on another dennys yelp review. It belongs on this one)

By Peter R. at 2014-10-20

Only reason I will give 1 star is our server (I think it was Jesicah) was really nice. I never go to Dennys anymore but one of my kids asked if we could go there one time and I relented. What a disaster. My two boys and I sat down, ordered our food, and then.......we waited, and waited, and waited. We were there 30 minutes and never got our food and I finally walked out. I decided to pay for our drinks because it wasn't the server's fault. However, the managment and the kitchen staff obviously have no idea how to plan and execute their roles and responsibilities. This is Denny's. The food is relatively simple. If you have a small party like us, with an easy order (one omelette, two orders of pancakes), you should be in and out in 20 minutes.

I'm sticking to places like the Good Egg excusively.

By M L. at 2014-10-10

The night manager and my server, Jessicah, were very nice and the food was delicious.

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