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  • Street 650 N Scottsdale Rd
  • City Tempe
  • Region Arizona
  • Postcode 85281
  • Telphone (480) 858-9276
  • Opentime
  • Raging (19)
  • Website
  • Cuisine American, Diner
Denny's introduction
We offer 137 menus, including Coffee, Iced Tea, Other Drinks, Smoothies, Juice/Milk, Premium Lemonades, Milkshakes and so on.
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Denny's reviews

By Anita M. at 2016-10-12

I visit Denny's quite often. For personal and professional use. Today was especially awesome with Jenifer as our server. We have had service by her. Each time even better. My favorite place for breakfast.

By Rick C. at 2016-12-02

Value slam is a solid choice for breakfast.

Good luck to you though if you get a server named Nick at your table. He took my order and then that was the last time he came to my table as another lady brought out my food and then when I walked up to the register to pay I did not even have a check so that lady also rang me out. Nick also never came back to the table to check with me to see if the food was ok etc.

By Renaté W. at 2016-11-06

We had come in after the Red Mountain Powwow, about 9pm. There was no one in the restaurant when we ordered. My food was the steak skewer skillet, where the only thing good on it was the bourbon sauce, the steak skewer was so over cooked it was sinewy. My friend ordered a salad and the waitress had to take it back because the chef put steak not chicken. While she waited for her salad the cook and the waitress were flirting back and forth. When she finally got her salad they had just taken the steak off the first salad and put chicken because we still found steak pieces in the salad. For a place with very few customers we had to wait longer than normal, while watching the waitress and staff arguing back and forth. I'm on the road a lot and have stopped at several Denny's but this one had below average service even for a Denny's.

By Raquel H. at 2016-07-26

So first time coming to this Denny's and for it being a Denny's it wasn't that bad. I had the Cali club with honey jalapeño bacon (delish). It was a good sandwich they had forgotten the avocado but when I told the waiter he quickly took it back and had them add it. My colleague had the prime rib cob salad which looked really good and he said it was very tasty. The bathrooms were fairly clean my only issue was that there were about 5 or 6 flys and I can understand with the heat that some will fly in but there were just a lot
Overall for a Denny's it was ok

By Norma G. at 2016-06-21

Came to this Denny's location for the first time. It was pretty item but one other customer getting ready to check out. Well my waiter was very nice and had a great smile! But, every other employee including my server would disappear to an area where I could hear them taking & laughing... Yes, I needed my servers attention 3 times! Would I come back to this location, no!

By Penelope A. at 2015-11-29

Really like that this is a 24 hour option. The staff were really nice; our server, Josh, knew the menu well and was constantly checking to see if we needed anything and/or how we found the food. Quality of the food is what I'd expect from a cost concious diner. I did appreciate that there were a few healthier salad options.

By Al W. at 2015-11-02

Where to start?
Sunday 12:30ish myself and 2 friends decided to go to Denny's cause In N Out had the longest line I've ever seen there.
It was not too busy when we got to Dennys. Maybe 6-7 tables taken. We ordered our drinks first. Took about 10 min for water and coffee to come. Ordered our food once the drinks finally came.
When we were done eating, we asked for 2 boxes and the checks.
We LITERALLY waited over 20 minutes for our waitress to come back with the boxes and checks.
Our waitress did not have many tables once we first asked for the box and checks. There were only 3 tables taKen in the whole place! She kept walking past us, would look at us looking at her, and she still never came over.
We had to ask a different waitress to get our check for us after the 20 min.
She clearly was very embarrassed she FORGOT about us.

That is all.

By Dana S. at 2015-09-20

This Dennys is my favorite. They have a great location, great food and great management. I've been coming here for many years, and they remain outstanding and consistant. I hope they are around for many years to come.

By Preston C. at 2013-10-06

The wait staff is very friendly here
This is one of the better Denny's around
It probably has to do with putting up with those college students
All the employees seem to be patient
I do like this location more than the one on Univ and the 143...

Order time here is quick and our meals arrived in a quick timely manner
Food was good
I stuck with the value slam because I am not that hungry

By Michael S. at 2015-07-11

What can I say about this experience? Well I cannot fault our server Scott. Honestly aside from a cook he was the only person working. He was cleaning, waiting tables, cashier, host, and busting his ass. Seriously there was no one else working. The food was decent for a Denny's. It was a quick place to stop with the family on our way home from tubing the Salt River. Honestly please support Scott is you stop here. We probably will not be back. Prices seemed higher than other Denny's. Maybe it is because of the college near by. Stop if you want. It is only a Denny's but not a good one even by Denny's standards.

By Asylum 8. at 2015-06-08

I arrived at Denny's around 1:30 am on Monday morning. There was only 1 person in the restaurant. I ordered my food and didn't see my server the entire time after I got my food. She didn't check on me to see if I needed a refill or wanted any other item on the menu. So when I finished eating, I got up and searched for my server. She was in a different dining area and was watching video's on her smartphone of a guy playing pretend drums on several women butts. REALLY? I tipped her not because of her stellar customer service, but because I am in the service industry and I try to show respect for those that serve the public too. Hard to find good help these days...If this was one of the better Denny's in the area, what does that say about Denny's??? WOW!!!!

By Ashley L. at 2015-04-19

Manager had us sit down and then gave us dirty looks the whole time cause they got a big party making us feel rushed

By Brooke R. at 2014-09-07

This Denny's has fast service. My boyfriend and I always come here. We have tried a couple other Denny's in the area, but this one always has the best service.

By Joseph R. at 2012-12-22

I got to hand it to the staff, they are really patient and have to put up with a lot (keep in mind this is right next to ASU). I have so many stories I could tell of our late night adventures to Denny's. I usually ended up being designated driver, and had to be the one to apologize to the staff on behalf of my roommates.

I give it four stars because when we would go during the day (when they were sober), the staff seemed even more moody then the staff that runs night shifts.

By Thomas S. at 2011-09-08

This is built on top of what used to be a pet cemetery.

I think of the cats and dogs of old when I eat here.

Kind of like a Rainbow Bridge Denny's.

By Andrea G. at 2013-03-09

When I go to eat at a restaurant, the last thing I expect, NOR DESERVE, is to be YELLED AT. I have food allergies, and I was actually excited to see a meal I could order that I was able to eat. However, when I started to order, the waiter tried to help me out by saying an alternate dish may have been a better option, when in fact I would have received one less side dish for the same price...

The worst part (and my personal WORST EXPERIENCE EVER) was the fact that he started to get confusing with the side orders. There were clearly two included with the meal, and the meal description said you could get two additional sides. So... I told him I wanted fruit and then the desert. But then he tried explaining that wasn't the sides I could order... either way, he started to get VERY FRUSTRATED. He then proceeded to pick up the other "main" menu and SHOVE IT IN MY FACE, to show me the side dishes I could actually choose from. ****FIRST OF ALL, I DO NOT DESERVE the lack of respect that you showed me. Second, you need to control your own stress and frustrations to provide PROPER CUSTOMER SERVICE to your customers. I am a graduating senior from ASU, going into medical school, and am quite capable of ordering my food. YOU DO NOT NEED TO TALK DOWN TO ME, GET FRUSTRATED, RAISE YOUR VOICE, AND SHOVE A MENU IN MY FACE!!!*****

Honestly, the whole situation made me end up crying because I was so thrown off by this whole experience, and I did not need my MORNING ruined. If you can't handle busy mornings (at a breakfast joint) then you need to find yourself another job that involves less stress and NO exposure to customers. You were extremely rude, and completely ruined my experience at the restaurant. I will not be returning, and I will advise others not to.

We notified the manager. He spoke with the waiter, and said he would speak with him again later. *If* this store knew customer service, they would have DEFINITELY given me my meal free. Instead they made me charge full price. Um... excuse me?

Overall a horrible experience (the worst I've experienced... and that says a lot coming from a student who has a lot of allergies). My order was not even complicated AT ALL. And, what's even more hilarious is the fact that I ended up ordering EXACTLY WHAT I TOLD HIM THE FIRST TIME!!! Obviously he needs to get his s**** together, get his temper under control, and maybe cut back on the bacon to help your blood pressure get back to normal.

If you're looking to get some decent breakfast, you're better off going to iHop on Apache!!!!

By Trina W. at 2013-01-24

Good wait staff. They have a nice white egg om-let. French toast and pancakes tasty. This place is very close to the University, and within a mile of several hotels.

By Nettie X. at 2011-12-25

For a Dennys, this place usually has okay food & that's all that prevents me from rating it a 1 star. The problem is, in years of going there on & off, the service leaves something to be desired & they ALWAYS get my order wrong. Friends & collegues of mine have all had issues with their orders as well. Too bad people don't bother rating chains like these. Besides years of skimping on the sizes of to-go orders, there have been several occations their phone stays busy (because they "didn't realize it was off the hook"). For a place that's dead most of the time, you'd think they'd put their best foot forward when they get orders, especially for frequent customers, but that's nearly never the case.
In this particular instance (that made me finally post a review), it was Christmas. I know they're slammed for being one of the few eateries open, but I'm sure they could foresee this. I have a lot of patience for waiting in times like these & little mix-ups, but the order was going to be done in "15 minutes". When I got there in 25, noone greeted me or even acknowledged me. I get it, you're busy. After about 7 minutes they grab some boxes, throw em in a bag & I pay (he even repeated the order to make sure it was right. Great!). I open my food & none of it's our's. We return it...nope, our's is gone. It'll be a little bit. Back in 15. Nope, but we can bring it to you. Great! Btw-"we're out of your side dishes, can we change them". Sure, fine, I just want the food I paid for an hour ago. An hour & half since we ordered & everything comes burnt, dry, under-done, no bread, no dipping sauce, not even ketchup. Awesome! Mmmm...chicken strips that've been fried twice with no sauce, fries with no Hindsight tells me we should've gotten our money back, for which we could've gotten 40 tacos at Jack in the Box that are worth the price paid, made exactly how you thought they'd be & probably even served with a smile.
I don't understand how they can charge the prices they do for the service & food they provide.

By Jim T. at 2012-02-09

I have not eaten at a Denny's in ages, but our flight in was delayed so food places are slim pickings at this time of night/morning. The service was fast, but the food prep was a bit slow. i hate to see what happens when the place gets busy. Quality good, service good, friendly staff good, kitchen speed poor. overall 3 stars.

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