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  • Street 3652 Glenwood Dr
  • City Eugene
  • Region Oregon
  • Postcode 97403
  • Telphone (541) 343-7258
  • Opentime
  • Raging (24)
  • Website
  • Cuisine American, Diner
Denny's introduction
We offer 137 menus, including Coffee, Iced Tea, Other Drinks, Smoothies, Juice/Milk, Premium Lemonades, Milkshakes and so on.
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Denny's reviews

By Susan D. at 2015-09-01

Cant seem to find iDenn ys here that is open 24 hours. But I love their breakfasts which are affordable and more so with more options all the time. They are usually consistent with well-prepared food that is delicious. Plus you can get whatever you want at any time. They are, however stingy on substitutions but they try to make up for that with add on options that are affordable

I ordered the steak and egg breakfast that came with a huge made to order T bone, has hash browns, toast and eggs. They usually offer pancakes as an option but do not with this meal. However, you can get a side order of cakes for just $2 which I opted for.

I had a delivery service go get the order. Everything I wanted was delivered, fresh and hot. I told them it would be picked up and to ensure that the meal was hot when it left.

Now, the food,

The basted eggs ordered were perfect. Few cooks get it right and even fewer waitresses even know what that is. Basically, it is a hot egg whose yellow is cooked, hot but not over done. I hate done eggs of any kind and have learned that they should come off the heat before they are cooked through since they keep cooking like meat.

The steak was cooked to perfection, just as I like it -med rare. So many times I order this only to get a well done steak. It should still be pink to qualify as med rare, which it was. It was huge, too.

The hash browns were VERY sparse and the edges burnt. Very disappointing.

The pancakes were ok but way to thick and very dry.. I had to literally soak them in syrup so they would be flavorful. Again, disappointing. Dennys usually has really good cakes but these were kind of awful.

They gave me no extra butter, in fact, any at all which might have helped and not nearly enough syrup. I also asked for sour cream which I got but no BBQ sauce, ketchup or steak sauce. Or even so much as a napkin.

Overall, I would definitely eat there again but would have any delivery service go over it all thoroughly as I asked... which they obviously did not do.

By James C. at 2016-06-06

Unfortunately it seems that I wrote my previous review for the wrong location (Kruse in Springeld). However, it's great that the cooks were such crap, that I've been given another chance!

So I really wanted my usual for lunch (Moons Over My Hammy w/no cheese) before class and so I met some friends here.

First off, it's was obviously apparent that things would go awry when it's the same abnoxious cook who has nothing else to do but discuss his "baby mama drama" LOUDLY to his coworker in the back. So loudly, that we heard our waitress ask him to tone it down several times.

Then, after an unusually long time we notice all of our items up on the counter waiting to be picked up when unsurprisingly, the waitress yells at him to redo mine since he put cheese on it.

By this point, it's taken so long that I order my meal in a to-go box and I was just going to take it.

After another six or so minutes (and I REALLY have to leave) she bring my box over. I open it up to check it. There's cheese. More than the first time. I threw it onto my plate in disgust and as calmly as I could, walked over to her and asked that it be taken off our bill immediately.

Seriously considering if I'll visit Dennys EVER again in Oregon. The two don't seem to go together.

By Autumn T. at 2016-10-27

Terrible terrible Denny's. I go there because they're open late but every time I've had a terrible experience. The wait just for menus and water is long. I've been to this Denny's a few times in the span of a few years, and every time the service is terrible. They are rude and will give you attitude if you ask them for things even if it isn't busy. I've come to believe one of the waitresses is racist. I am of Asian ethnicity, and she will treat my white friend kindly and then turn around and give me the worst service imagined. Just go to Sharis.

By Lisa L. at 2016-07-07

This is an old-school Denny's. The interior is not updated in any way. It was like revisiting my old road trip days when I was 10 years old!

They did have the updated menu with the skillets, and all of the classic breakfasts, which they serve all day. I ordered a dinner salad (filet mignon cobb salad). It looked good on the menu, despite picturing only a little bit of meat (6-8 bite-size pieces). When it arrived, it looked a bit disheveled, with the toppings kind of thrown on the top. It was tasty though...the meat was tender and flavorful, and it balanced out with the other cobb salad ingredients.

My husband never got his english muffins with his omelet, and he said the coffee tasted burnt. They use the old, pour-over drip type, that sits in a carafe on a warmer/burner to keep it hot. The result is a concentrated coffee that is burnt, and no amount of cream and sugar can fix it. YUK!

By Michael G. at 2015-04-12

I have frequented this location several times as it is close to one of my work locations. I meet people here for breakfast and am able to use the large tables for my laptop to go over details with my guest.
I enjoy doing the build your own slam. I can get 2 scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, wheat toast, and grits. Tasty.
The eggs are a bit runny, but they seem to get the toast perfect. The grits are almost perfect, and the turkey bacon is a nice low cal option.
They have a newer GM now, she is very nice. The last 2 gentlemen were nice, but the location was never really clean. Now it is clear the standards have improved.
The funny part is when I see the cook, wearing his black apron, out front using the weed-wacker on what was a lawn at one time. Seems kind of funny the cook is doing this.

By Mohit S. at 2016-11-22

Was there just to grab 4 cups of coffee . They had more than 5-6 tables occupied but just one girl working. Took over 15 minutes to get those pay and out .

By Ryan W. at 2016-08-05

Waitress was very nice, when she wasn't arguing with cooks or customers. Food was ok, but only because nothing is close by the Springfield location. Nothing like the smell of burnt toast or seeing the cook constantly touch his face while handling food.

By Mike F. at 2016-06-24

Started off by walking in thru our server who was smoking right at the door so we got smoke in our faces only to be greeted by the cook cursing up a storm and dropping the f bomb. Seemed really classy.

By Quincy B. at 2016-04-22

Just had a terrible experience at this Dennys. Went there with my girlfriend and my mother. It took 45 minutes to get our food. My mother's salad was more dressing and cheese then salad. Our appetizer, Bacon cheese tator tots, never showed up and we had to remind the waitress and finally got it after our entrees. We didn't finish the tots because all we could taste was onions. It overwhelmed any other flavor in the tot. Our steak and broccoli queso platters were overcooked. The broccoli was completely mushy. The steak was so flavorless that it needed A1 in addition to the queso sauce just to be palatable. We had to ask multiple times for sides of ranch and in the over an hour we were there, we got one refill on our beverages.

By Sarah W. at 2016-05-25

I love this place, it reminds me of my sweet home Alabama. The atmosohere is that which you'd expect from a diner, fast paced and packed with people at times, dead slow on some other days. I like it when it is empty, because I get the waitress all to my self and they really spoil you here. Never an empty coffee cup, and I never have to ask for anything because it had already been offered. I just went in for a free birthday meal and it was perfect, not lacking because of the fact that it was free. I looked everywhere for a better deal and they definitely offer the most for free on your birthday in the Springfield/Eugene area. I get the chicken fried steak almost every time, their biscuits and gravy are fantastic. It is by the highway and hard to get to without a car, but it is worth a carpool!

By Phoebe S. at 2016-06-18

I just had a bad experience at Denny's we stood there and waited for 10 minutes while the waitress walk back and forth past us five or six times never even any eye contact didn't ask didn't tell us she would be with us in a minute and we got tired of waiting and I just felt that it was a bad a really bad feeling I had about the waitress to so I didn't like that place at all

By Heather J. at 2015-10-25

The waitress was working off her hang over from last night, that's the excuse Lisa gave us for not getting our drinks , when our bowls of soup arrived Barely warm bowls of Sysco crap soup.and the cook desired to go on his brake before he even started our daughters veggi burger! I guess you only enjoy this place if your 60 .

By Isabelle L. at 2015-11-01

Came in at 12:30pm on a Sunday after Halloween looking for a place to walk in with pajama pants and grab some brunch and not be judged while I try to run to my booth (I'm just lazy but the rest of the house squad is pretty hungover). Went to Ihop and the wait was 20 minutes...drove back here with low hopes and was IMMEDIATELY seated even though it was packed. So thankful! The hostess was super nice and understanding when I told her I had to run back out to gather the group since they were hiding with defeated broken hearts. Our server Patricia was fast and attentive despite the fact that the whole restaurant was packed. We ordered and got our food within 20 minutes of being seated and it was all great quality, our table was packed with food! Much better than the usual Denny's fare for some reason, my friend swears it's better than other Denny's. Our water and coffee were refilled regularly and we were all very impressed with the service. Thanks Denny's! Made our day.

By Joan D. at 2015-10-02

We stopped here on our way to Crater Lake for a quick dinner. We arrived at 7:25, left at 8:35pm. Three tables who were seated after us received their food before we did. Two of the tables finished their food and left before our food was ready. We didn't order anything fancy (club sandwich and a grand slam). The food was okay. We were super hangry and frustrated by the time we were given our food. I don't care if it is a new cook or whatever the excuse was, don't lose orders. The waitress was pleasant and kept apologizing. She offered us soup and gave us a 15% discount. I think that will be my last Denny's visit for awhile.

By Chris Allen M. at 2015-05-23

Horrible service.
1. Asked if we were ready to order while we were clearly still reading our menus. Felt extremely rushed at a not-at-all-busy time of day.
2. Server was discussing her dermal piercings with the elderly couple at the next booth (who were horrified) while we waited.
3. Server asked if we wanted lemon with our fish, then didn't bring it. She then asked again and proceeded to take the next tables order while our food sat and we waited to eat.
4. I specifically went there for ice cream (I know, I'm a cow) after dinner, after a long day of driving, this familiar chain was next to the motel and we were supposed to get 10% off with our room key. The check came while we were eating with no offer of dessert. I was put off enough not to ask about dessert or the discount. It takes a lot to put this bitch off his ice cream.
5. The "manager" was not friendly and slyly insulted us on the way out as she was turned off over the small tip I left. I firmly believe in leaving 20% or more, but this bitch had it coming.

By Chad K. at 2014-11-25

Been coming to this location for years. I know not to expect the best from Denny's, but I've always enjoyed hot breakfasts and reasonable service. In the realm of Denny's restaurants, this is the worst experience I've ever had. Their specialty pumpkin coffee came cold, and when we asked to have it warmed, it never came back. My breakfast seemed precooked and microwaved. Toast was flavorless beyond the rancid butter.

Incredibly disappointing after years of patronage.

By Dan F. at 2015-08-07

little has changed at Denny's by the Glenwood exit on I-5 Eugene, Oregon. Gave them another try after a few years of absence and nothing has changed with the poor service here. I don't get it. You would think that the owner of this restaurant would check in and see how some of his servers are neglecting to give good or even average service. On our recent visit it was just a repeat of former bad service. Same old complaint-other patrons served their food first after coming in 7-8 minutes later that my wife and I, we simply walked out again. Hey owners of this Denny's..are you listening ?
Dan F.
Harrisburg, Oregon

By Julie W. at 2015-12-21

Food was good and that's the only reason for 3 stars. Service was slow and rude. Won't visit again unless have to.

By Robert B. at 2013-11-13

Denny's obviously isn't the best restaurant in town, but their nachos are ridiculously good. Great layering, and the cheese sauce is really good, like a Queso Fundido sauce instead of yellow nacho cheese sauce. Lot of chili and other toppings too. Best nachos in the city. I also enjoy the breakfast skillets.

Denny's is a good place to go for breakfast, aside from the nachos, it's the only thing I order here really, so my review is entirely based on the breakfast and nachos. The waitress are nice, and the food comes out quickly, but sometimes the waitresses talk a little too much, there could be less of that. The should bring back the special Hobbit Menu.

By Andrew W. at 2015-06-21

Ordered Apple Crisp and coffee. The Apple Crisp was really bad. It was like a bowl of sugar without any flavor. The coffee was very old and tasted burned. The service was great. I do not think I will be going back.

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