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Estimated average consumption of $4.53 - $9.06 per person. We offer 161 menus, including Chicken Stew, Vegetarian Lentil, Vegetarian 3 Bean Chili, Angus Beef Chili, Turkey Chili, Butternut Squash & Apple, Macaroni & Cheese and so on.
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Devon & Blakely reviews

By Kat A. at 2016-12-26

Absolutely adore this place...I so wish they were open all the time with locations beyond city centers. A girl can always hope.

Overall, lunch can get really expensive really fast so be forewarned! They have a ton of soups. They are by far your best bet. Except their offerings differ on a daily basis. If you're not sure what to get they'll give you a sample. Do keep in mind you don't want to be "that guy" during the lunch rush so if you're a newbie and looking to figure out which soup is for you I recommend visiting before noon. The salads and sandwiches are just ok. Seriously soup is their thing. Turkey chili is my fav of all time. Baked goodies are also delicious but expensive!

By Donyiel C. at 2016-11-30

This is my go-to soup spot during business hours! I'm not even into soups but this place is worth it when I'm in that occasional soup mood. They offer many options for soups and will even let you sample it before ordering.

I've had their sandwiches and salads and I love the option to build your own, but I've found the sandwhiches to be a bit overpriced. Of course, it's located in the business district, however paying $9 and up for just an ok tasting sandwich isn't worth it for me. I rather go to the panera around the corner.

By Ann G. at 2016-10-26

I stopped in for lunch and ordered a small mac&cheese, from the soups section, and a sandwich toasted.

The mac & cheese was lukewarm and tasted grainy and starchy. In it were shreds of unmelted, cheap and extremely processed cheese. I didn't even finish it it was so bad.

The "toasted" sandwich was still cold except for the outside, the chicken was extremely dry, and it lacked flavor. I didn't finish this either.

Overall, overpriced to begin with and disappointing. I work in the area and won't be back.

By Prairie S. at 2015-12-23

I'm very partial to Sweet Leaf Cafe in Virginia where they make exquisite toasted sandwiches fresh to order, so I had to adjust my expectations when it came to Devon and Blakely. Even after my sandwich was toasted it didn't taste fully melted and warm, yet the filling was delicious enough that I forgive them their pre-made status. Yelpers have noted the wan bread here. I was about to make a dig about the thin-ish bread, yet I was actually happy not having to navigate past a whopping serving of carbs at lunch. So although I love a crusty baguette like the rest of you, I'm okay with the thin bread here.

Their selection of sandwiches is opulent and the fixings are decadent. You won't find your thin, two-bite, English cucumber sandwich here. Think more Carolina barbequed, pulled chicken sandwich stuffed with cole-slaw until it falls out of the whole construction. Swell, delectable choices.

If you're vegetarian, they are solicitous: humus and avocado sandwich will do you right. Lentil soup hits the right notes. Salads are on point, with fresh ingredients.

Their space is quite cosy, booth seating feels comfortable, and I love the battalion of good-natured (and good-looking) chef assistants behind the glass counter ready to warm up your choice of sandwich or fix up your salad.

This place feels like a throwback, old-fashioned lunch shop where office goers are offered quality sandwiches prepared with a great flourish. Thankfully different from the "Cosi"-style, corporate-chain sterility and insufferably blase counter service. For this, I give Devon and Blakely top billing.

I would give this a 3.75 rounded up to a 4. Now why did I knock them a star and a quarter? Well, the space is slightly confusing in terms of flow. For hot sauce, you can't just pick up a bottle off a shelf, you have to special request it from one of the aforementioned chefs who will prepare you a tub. For a fork, it's not just set out with the napkins, you have to ask at the check-out counter. The sandwich line cuts off half way at the salad line. It's not quite laid out seamlessly.

By James S. at 2016-09-27

YUM!!! Tuna salad is to die for, believe me. Friendly staff and very quick service. Definitely a solid "go-to" when you're caught in the DC lunch rush.

You will not be let down with their different options either.

Just go!

By Tom K. at 2016-03-22

Don't know how I could survive without a daily dose of Devon and Blakely. The lines seems intimidating at first but I've never seen such speed with civility in checkout! A plethora of healthy salads and sandwiches await.

Recommend the grilled portobello - a massive amount of vegetable goodness. Crabcake another solid option although better in other spots in town. Hard to secure with the easy salad sandwiches they offer, and the staff aim to please. Only complaint is that in in going for volume business crowd, there's little room for a custom order, so over time the routine gets. ...routine.

By Monica J. at 2016-05-19

Ok, given that I've been there many times and the food is good...I wonder about their food handling vs labeling. Today is the third time I've ordered the turkey chili there only to get back to my desk to see that it is in fact steak. I've even made the walk back to return the soup the second time this happened and told them the reason.

Each time I order, I'm pointing to the correct soup label and the server is ladling soup from the container marked "Turkey Chili". I do not eat beef and it's extremely frustrating to order one thing and get something different that I cannot eat. There is a significant different between Turkey and Steak and with this being the third time over the course of the past month its safe to say that they do this on purpose. This makes me wonder what else is served under the guise of something its not. Is their gluten free really gluten free? Vegetarian?, etc. I won't even bother to return the soup this time...moving forward I will eat elsewhere.

By Rachel N. at 2015-04-02

I came here at lunch during the week and the place was really busy and it was very unorganized. There were no clear lines and the workers kept yelling "who is next?".

I got a half of a Thai chicken wrap which was really good and reasonably priced. The salads looked pricey as you pay per topping.

When I finally found my way over to the cash register to pay, the lady before me hadn't even gotten her credit card back before the cashier yelled 'who's next?'. I politely wait for the lady to at least put the card in her wallet before I move up and the cashier asks a second time 'who's next?' - sorry I don't want to shove this lady over.

I go to hand her my Discover card and she was very rude and said 'we don't take that'. She scanned my card 3 times and after the third time she handed it back to me, didn't say anything else to me then yelled 'who's next?'. I had to request a receipt because I was nervous I had just gotten charged 3 times.

The wrap was good but not good enough to make want to put up with these people again.

By K. L. at 2016-04-06

Just got overcharged for my sandwich. The amount seemed higher than I usually pay for the same sandwich, but when I asked about it the cashier said the price of the sandwich had increased. So....I just looked it up on the website and I was indeed overcharged (the price for the sandwich is what it used to be! For nearly 10 dollars, there are better sandwich options in the area. D&B was always my choice when I was feeling cheap and wanted a decent, but not outstanding sandwich, but getting cheated on price really removes any incentive to go there.

By Sean W. at 2016-04-12

A little pricey for a soup and sandwich ($14+) but what do you expect in Metro Center? I love this place, the variety of soups and sandwiches is vast and the quality is great. I am a creature of habit, so I get the same thing every time for months at a clip, but every time I have changed favorites, it's worked or great! Don't be intimidated by the long lines, because this place is about as efficient as any I've ever seen.

By Kim S. at 2014-03-28

Great soups.
So many to pick!
Don't forget your bread from the cashier as you are paying. Go early if you want cream of crab or lobster bisque-those go fast on the days they serve them.

By E. G. at 2016-08-01

Friendly staff, but at the end of the day, the sandwhiches leave you desiring for more. Too $$$ and too little 'meat' in the bread.

By Danielle P. at 2013-07-01

I am most definitely a fan. I have ordered delivery from D&B twice and it has been very good.

My first order was a prosciutto and arugla panini. I don't remember what kind of cheese came with it but it was really tasty. I also got a bag of chips and was very full.

My second order was the turkey and hummus wrap. It arrive quickly and looked so pretty I took a picture (posted here on Yelp). I got another bag of chips to save for later and also a pickle. The pickle was not as sour as I would have liked, but that happens.

Their delivery is super fast (the minimum amount for delivery is $10) and everything arrives really fresh.

By Rachel C. at 2015-06-30

I eat here for lunch regularly. I like it, but took a star off for being a little pricey. To be fair, you can work it out so that you get more bang for your buck (get a large container of chicken salad for $18 and you have enough for about 3 sandwiches, so it'd work out to be about $6 per lunch/sandwich), but basically, it is pricey.

I like the soups a lot. Most of the food isn't at the level of "Oh my god that's amazing!" but it's good food with fresh ingredients and is pretty healthy for relatively low prices for DC. That combination is hard to find in DC.

By Janae H. at 2014-03-28

Many of my co-workers in here and were raving about this place so I had to check it out, lol

I came over here only morning break to check out the delicacies and to my surprise they had a full range of foods that ranged from pastries to wraps; everything looked yummy so I decided this would be my lunch stop for the day.

Soup: Seafood Chowder---very creamy with chunks of scallops, fish & crab w/ a few potatoes sprinkled in, it was really tasty & really hit the spot on this cold snowy afternoon. The soup comes in small & large and they also give you a piece a bread with your soup; I got a small which was just enough.

Sandwich: Turkey panini---it comes with turkey, mayo, lettuce & tomatoes but I added avocado...this sandwich was so huge that I could only eat half. I had the other half for dinner.

Dessert: Carrot Cake---the carrot cake was very moist & yummy!

Price point: it's a little on the high side but what isn't in DC & some if it ain't that good but this place hits the spot

Seating: not very much seating but the few seats they have are premium for people watching

I think I've summed it up but try it for yourself, you won't be disappointed

By Sara R. at 2015-01-29

I come here when sweetgreen bores me. Great options for salads although I swear the salad guys just make up random prices once they've made your salad. This last time I actually questioned his math but didn't want to seem petty over a dollar :) also the free bread is nice but it never seems fresh. Worth it if you can beat the line but certainly not an experience worth waiting for.

By B J. at 2015-11-30

I will NOT be patronizing Devon & Blakely on G Street NW any longer!!!
Today, I went to purchase a small container of (my usual) tuna fish w/ a piece of day old bread which is usually $5 -- when I noticed that the server priced it at $6 (a 20% hike) since the Met Café closed a couple of weeks ago.
I Got It -- they are definitely trying to take ADVANTAGE of their customers.
Let's let them know that they are NOT THE BEST OPTION on "G" Street N.W., DC

By Caiti S. at 2014-03-09

This is the place to come when you want to treat yourself or someone else... because the food is damn good, but you will pay through the nose for it.

It is pretty chaotic at lunchtime- there is no wall menu or written menu that describe what is available. You simply approach each 'station' (soups, sandwiches, sides, salads) and peer through the window at the available items and make your request. A small soup ranges from $4.50-$5.50 from what I saw. A panini was $9.00. Everything looked amazing.. it was so hard to choose.

No one that worked there was particularly friendly... too busy to care?

There are only a few tables there so it's the best bet to take your food back to work, or to eat outside, etc.

Everyone I are with enjoyed their food, ranging from like to love. I'm sure I will be back - but this is definitely a place for people with corporate credit cards.

By Julia G. at 2013-10-30

Best place to go for soup in Metro Center. They have over 15 different soups daily, however if you go later in the day they do run out of some types. I find a large soup fills me up for the whole afternoon. They also have a salad bar with fresh ingredients. They always have a few kinds of vegetarian soups-- my favorite is the lentil. The three bean chili is also delicious! It gets a little crowded, but the service is fast.

D&B is best to carry out from. They have a small seating area, but it is usually full during peak lunch hours.

Decent prices, fresh and healthy options. D&B is a solid downtown lunch destination.

By Oksana T. at 2014-11-20

There are only few places you want to come back to... This was my favorite soup place while I worked near by in DC, and still favorite. I go there for lunch every time I visit DC. Everything is made fresh. Big selection of soups and you can get a sampler to try a soup, if you are not sure what you want. Then you get fresh bread for free at register. I love and miss this place

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