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Dickey's Duncanville

Dickey's Duncanville
  • Street 106 E HWY 67
  • City Duncanville
  • Region Texas
  • Postcode 75137
  • Telphone (972) 584-9099
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  • Raging (14)
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Dickey's Duncanville introduction
Estimated average consumption of $10.29 - $20.58 per person. We offer 53 menus, including Complete Easter Meal, Barbecue Honey Ham, Side of Green Beans with Bacon, Side of Baked Potato Casserole, Assorted Whole Pies, Gallon of Tea, The Lil' Hoagie and so
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Dickey's Duncanville reviews

By Karen E. at 2016-06-29

Let me start by saying I have never really been a fan of Dickey's or anyone's BBQ for that matter. I make my own rub and "KKQ" sauce so I'm spoiled to a particular taste that I've grown accustomed to. Usually, I'd prefer to do BBQ from the comfort of my own home, where I know it can't go wrong.

My other half on the other hand loves him some Dickey's and would eat there every night if able. That being said the Dickey's closest to our house has never, ever, hit a home run in my opinion and it's been quite a while since we've been there because they were always falling short of HIS expectations as well as mine (and that's saying something because his expectations are nowhere near as high as mine are). A few nights ago, we decided to give it another try, I was tired, didn't want to cook, didn't want to go too far and so...Dickey's it was...and here I am sitting and writing a positive review!

The new owner, Shawn, has obviously poured his heart and soul into this franchise because it showed. The restaurant was CLEAN and the food...the FOOD was OUTSTANDING. I ate every...single...bite, including all of the bun and I NEVER to that. I ate all the okra, I ate all the left over fries my boyfriend could not eat, really - every last bite!
I highly recommend this establishment and props to the new owner and his staff...YOU ARE DOING IT RIGHT!


By Kari S. at 2016-09-28

I ordered a sandwich, two small sides and a drink. The owner left me standing there while he answered his personal cell phone, wandering off in the process, and the other employee didn't step over and finish for him, just let me hang out and wait until the owner decided he was done taking on his cell phone. The place is picked up, but there's layers of grime everywhere. Along the back wall, what I can only assume was the office manager appeared to have moved out of her office and there were files, used newspapers, and accoutrement everywhere. It looked like a paper hoarder had set up shop. In the middle of the mess was the woman, working on a laptop.

My sandwich, two small sides, and drink were 16.00. This isn't olive garden, positanos, campuzanos, jonathon's, Sam's, etc, but dickies sure does charge like they are. The food is acceptable, very small amount of sauce, nothing spectacular, but it sure cost a pretty penny. Will definitely not be back.

By CJ C. at 2016-10-05

Awesome Nice Dickeys barbecue place. Great place to take the family. Kids eat free on Sundays. Great food, people are friendly. Big portions!
Owner is right there since its a franchise and they care!! You'll love it too.

By Otis B. at 2015-10-03

This is the best Dickey's around. Under new ownership. The new owner I met name is Shawn, cool guy, great customer service. The old owner gave this store a bad wrap.
I recommend you try this location one mo time!

By Shae R. at 2016-11-02

Our first time and we are beyond impressed with Dickey's! The mac and cheese is the best I've had in years! Omar absolutely exceeded on costumer service and always made sure we needed anything! Way better then a sit down restaurant like Applebee's! Must go! I'll definitely be back!

By Brian H. at 2015-10-28

It had been a while since i eaten at Dickeys and my wife told me about the good experience they had so I tried them. The staff was very friendly and the bbq was good and fresh! We went there actually about 30min before closing and it was still good!

Don't let some of the negative reviews deter you from this location. I am not sure what happened with their experiences but to be honest there are plenty of restaurants that can mess up orders, etc...they all will at some point, but you have to give them a chance to make it up if you have a bad experience. Let them know..chances are they will get it right after reporting it. That's what good service is all about. I WILL DEFINITELY BE GOING BACK TO THIS LOCATION!!!

By Michael C. at 2016-01-17

I've been watching the two sons for the past few days and decided we needed to go out for some good food. We hadn't tried this location of Dickey's Barbecue Pit yet. They're under new management and ownership. And they seem to be doing a great job. Kids eat free on Sundays! We took advantage of that and the food was delicious. The BBQ beef brisket sandwich was my choice.

By Shirley B. at 2014-05-15

The barbecue is tasty, but it never seem to be fresh from the grill to me. The people are nice too, but I long for the smoked hot off the grill down to the bone flavor. Believe me it's very hard to find around here... #Still looking

By Jonathan E. at 2013-07-18

Dickey's is Dickey's. Wherever you are in the Metroplex. I like it.
This locations is always friendly and never that crowded.

By Ben C. at 2014-11-10

If I can offer -5 stars I would. Unhelpful employees. No utensils and BBQ sauce for take out. Even a baboon knows to include that basic stuff.

By Jason H. at 2013-04-21

Well I love Dickey's Barbecue. Until recently the nearest one to me is in Cedar Hill and it is great! We usually go there. But this one opened locally so we gave it a try tonight. The staff seemed extremely disinterested, the food was heat lamp warm but not fresh, the ice cream machine was empty, the sweet tea was empty, overall just not a good experience. I may give it a second try because it just recently opened, but if this continues I will resume the trip to Cedar Hill. If it were close to closing or at a busy time I might understand but this was just a little after 8pm.

I did notice one difference, in Cedar Hill there are adult managers working every time I've been in, in D'ville there were only teens. Could have something to do with it.

By E.j. H. at 2013-10-29

Place was empty. Even for employees. There was only 2 people working. That's fine but if you are going to run with a small staff, they better be on it. The bread to my sausage and beef sandwich was cold(I'm not sure if it was supposed to be but I like warm bread for a hot sandwich, makes sense now because the food wasn't hot either). The good tasted ok for cold food. They completely messed up my friends order, he had a baked potato with meat and cheese. They proceeded to give him everything they could think of on his potato. The only reason they get 2 stars is because the staff were friendly. Not on it. But friendly and knowledgable. Won't go back to this location.

By Peggy V. at 2014-10-11

This is a much longer review than normal for me, but here's why: I have to agree 100% with Jason H's review, and I'm so sorry that's the case. We drive by this location frequently, and there never seem to be many cars in the parking lot. We've been there a few times in an attempt to support local business, and decided last night to give it a return visit for the same reason. When we arrived at about 7 pm, there was a group of firemen from the nearby station (who had already been served), but no other customers. My immediate impression on walking in the door was to wonder "have I walked into a cave?" It was dim and unwelcoming, and we weren't greeted as soon as we walked in. The position of the menu signboards in relation to the overhead lights made it very difficult to read the top of the sign without shading my eyes (no light problem there!) I ordered a pulled pork sandwich plate, then happened to turn around toward the front door and saw an easel displaying the daily specials - the Fri. special happened to be a pulled pork plate, including drink, which was a better deal. Unfortunately, the easel is facing the kitchen, so you can't see the specials when you walk in the door. When I turned around and saw the easel, I also saw that there are plenty of overhead lights in the entrance - but they were all off. Was someone careless in forgetting to turn on the lights, or are all the bulbs burned out? My husband ordered a brisket plate with a side of Caesar salad. We headed to the cash register and stood there a couple of minutes, then one guy came back from the kitchen and said "unfortunately, we're out of lettuce. Would you care to order another side?" Okay, changed sides, we still kept standing there at the register until I finally asked "May we have our cups so I can get our drinks?" When we ordered meals with drinks, shouldn't we be given cups without having to ask for them? When we turned to enter the dining area, the first thing I saw was a table with a torn table covering, certainly not very welcoming. All told, it took about 10 minutes to get our meals, which isn't inordinately long except that we were the only people being served. Although the menu says the plates come with onions and pickles, there were none on the plates delivered to us, and the condiment area doesn't offer them. The food was fine, and the portions adequate. I decided to get a cone since I haven't had one in years, but the machine wasn't working. Since I see from other reviews that this appears to be the norm, I can't understand why there's even an ice cream machine in there at all. The three employees we saw were all young and need training in how to be more outgoing and proactive in customer service. The former barbecue place at this location also struggled, and I wonder if part of the reason is the difficulty of getting back on southbound Duncanville Rd. But if the dining experience is good enough, I believe customers will find a way to get there. This place needs a hands-on manager who can look at the entire picture objectively and do justice to the Dickey's legacy.

By Richard W. at 2013-07-24

I've gone to various Dickey's in the Metroplex over the years, and generally been very happy. A few years ago they built one in Cedar Hill, and while it wasn't quite what I remembered from the other Dickey's I'd been to, it was still decent. Then came the Dickey's in Duncanville, very close to my home, in part of the old Red Hot and Blues that closed a while back. I should have noticed that they only occupied half of the old Red Hot and Blues location, and not the half that had the smokestacks from the smoker. That might have given me a bit of a warning what to expect. The place was almost empty, one table was occupied when we arrived. The meat's were wrapped in saran wrap in a glass doored cabinet that I assumed was their warmer. The baked potato casserole was some lukewarm mashed potatoes that had some onion and cheese sprinkled on them. The green beans were fine. The ice cream machine wasn't working, when I put a cone under it and pushed to dispense, half liquid mush poured out all over my hand.

If this is the direction the Dickeys chain is moving in, to cooked off-site meats and mediocre sides, then I won't be back. They used to be a great barbecue chain, but they seem to be getting progressively worse over the years, not better. There are a number of really good barbecue places in the area, and I can't see this one surviving very long.

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