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Dickey's Madison-Annamark Dr

Dickey's Madison-Annamark Dr
  • Street 4833 Annamark Dr
  • City Madison
  • Region Wisconsin
  • Postcode 53704
  • Telphone (608) 249-4205
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Dickey's Madison-Annamark Dr introduction
Estimated average consumption of $10.52 - $21.04 per person. We offer 54 menus, including Complete Easter Meal, Barbecue Honey Ham, Side of Green Beans with Bacon, Side of Baked Potato Casserole, Assorted Whole Pies, Gallon of Tea, The Lil' Hoagie and so
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Dickey's Madison-Annamark Dr reviews

By Jen M. at 2016-07-01

Stopped for lunch and it was delicious! The restaurant and restrooms were clean. The staff was quick and friendly. Our food was great! We loved the spicy BBQ sauce and afterwards wished that we'd purchased some to take home - next time! We will definitely stop again.

By Kris D. at 2016-08-21

This was our next stop on hubby's on going tour of brisket in the Greater Madison area.

Today the brisket was served chopped instead of sliced as he previously recalled. This seems to be a way of hiding or masking the fat. When sliced, he can easily work around the fat, it was more difficult dealing with it as a chopped meat.

Overall though, he didn't have to pick out too much excess fat and the taste was pretty good. He chose green beans as his side and thought those were very good.

I got a half rack of ribs which was really too much for me. They do have a rib plate option that comes with two sides that may have worked better for my appetite. The ribs were good.

The final rating for Dickey's would probably be more of a 3.5 as the experience as a whole was a good one. While the weather is still nice we'll likely hit up our favorite BBQ food cart and maybe get to Dickey's more once they close up for the season.

By Lauren H. at 2016-03-22

This place is legit. A native Kansas Citian is telling you this, so trust me!

I moved to Wisconsin in 2009, and needless to say, it's difficult to find Kansas City-style barbeque around here. I only know of one restaurant that touts itself as "KC-style," located in Waunakee, but it falls short on several levels.

Dickey's is a fast-casual, quick-eat sort of place, and it surprisingly serves tasty KC-style BBQ! The smoked turkey is just wonderful. I also really enjoy all of the side dishes and like the mac & cheese the most. Beware of the green beans, though: they are a very salty side dish.

At Dickey's, you also get free ice cream. That's just 5 stars by itself.

You're not going to find KC Gates/Zardas-quality BBQ at Dickey's, but you'll get pretty close.

By David H. at 2015-12-11

Always great, quick service and delicious food. The bathrooms are clean with outside seating in summer. My only reason for bot giving this a 5 star is the lack of seating and parking. Many times Ive been here and just grab the last spot to sit or a few times in summer was forced to sit outside. A handful of times I drove in the parking lot with no where to park so kept on driving and went elsewhere.The lack of parking and seating is costing them business but Ill be back.

By Jennifer D. at 2015-12-23

Customer service was awesome! Our first time at a Dickey ' s and they walked us thru the menu! The lady ahead of us was even raving about the pulled pork. She was getting 10lbs. for Christmas Eve dinner! Another gentleman said everything is good but he gets the brisket! To die for!! And he goes to a lot of BBQ places on his travels. We were very impressed and would be back again soon! And FREE ICE CREAM CONES!! how can you beat that!!

By Mike P. at 2015-08-17

Good bbq if you in a pinch it's not Texas bbq but it's good . The sauces are good . Place was clean very helpful Friendly staff all around good place I had a pulled pork brisket sandwich with Mac and cheese was good

By Ken B. at 2015-07-23

This place was very good. We went at lunch and got the special for that day, it was a large sandwich deal with side and a drink. Good price and it did not take very long.
They did miss one order as we were getting everything togo and I had ordered for a friend that was going to meet us. But were able to get it right away for us.
I will return to try more items.

By Patrick M. at 2016-01-02

Their ribs were really good with a good amount of heat and flavor. The Mac and cheese and baked beans were really tasty as well. They had my order ready right when I got there and the staff were friendly.

By Chris R. at 2016-01-05

First time here, and I'd probably say my last, if you need a bbq fix, it will do, but it's nothing that will knock your socks off. I had the big bbq sandwich mad and cheese and a salad. All of which were ok, nothing that was over the top delicious. I'd agree with another reviewer, the meat to bread ratio was off and the meat was barely warm. It was fairly tender. Price range was acceptable but the staff was very friendly and helpful with any questions. The sauces were ok, nothing compared to Kansas City, St. Louis, Memphis or any other bbq joint down south. Overall not a bad place for lunch, but don't expect the best bbq in your life.

By Joshua B. at 2014-01-11

This place did not deliver... By that I've heard my "okay" things about it. I wasn't impressed. It seemed over priced for the little food you could get. I ordered a bbq sandwich and that alone was $6.xx. It wasn't very big, the bread tasted way too processed.

I won't be back...

By Elizabeth R. at 2014-03-18

Solid 3 stars. This is my first time at Dickie's and I might not be a repeat customer. It was $9.50 for the manager's special of a pulled pork sandwich, two sides and a drink. The special was basically a free drink.

I could have used more meat on my sandwich. I felt like they proportion of bread to meat was on the low side. That being said, the meat was good. Not overly greasy and decent flavor.

Now the sides. Mixed reviews here. I ordered the mac and cheese and green beans with bacon. The green beans were fantastic. They were a little watery but the flavor was so delicious. They were seasoned and cooked well. I could have eaten a whole other side. Yum. Unfortunately, the mac and cheese was awful. It was no better than the noodles you get in a frozen dinner.

You do get free ice cream, so for kids this is a great place to eat.

The barbecue sauce set up is awful! There are only three tubs, each holding a different kind of sauce, set-up between the soda and ice cream in the main thoroughfare. Wow, poor planning.

The original sauce is perfect. The sweet barbecue is good but definitely sweet. And unfortunately with short people problems, I could not read the spicy sauce to try it otu.

By Jesse M. at 2013-11-04

I do not normally eat bbq out. I lived in South Carolina and know what bbq is suppose to be. But this place has some descent "q". I have eaten at the location in Madison, WI and Wheaton, IL., neither disappointed. I prefer the brisket and recommend it. The food is southern inspired as such you must remember that Mac and Cheese is a vegetable in the south. That said I enjoy the okra and green beans. They have good sweet tea which is known as the house wine of the south. They also have a soft serve ice cream machine, although the fresh peach cobbler is missing (at least I miss it).
If you are looking for some southern bbq this is very close to it. Enjoy your "q", try the sweet tea, get some extra sauce, and don't forget the wet naps.

By Cindi E. at 2014-10-18

Dickeys catered our wedding, and everything was awesome! The brisket and chicken we soo good, and all of the sides were delicious!
Our guests had lots of good things to say about the food and the service!
I can't thank Nick enough for all he did! Working with him was so easy, really took the stress or of the meal part of our special day.
I would encourage everyone to choose Dickeys to cater any kind of event!

By Jason B. at 2015-06-09

Tasty. I love the relaxed atmosphere. This is my third stop at a Dickie's, and my first time at this particular one. I love the format of these restaurants... very relaxing once you know how to order. Bad beans were a bit spice but the BBQ sauce is great and the pork was stupendous. Onion rings (I forget their special name for them) are excellent.

By A.D. M. at 2014-06-18

I like going to Dickey's. The food is consistently good, the service is outstanding (the guys behind the counter are always friendly and gregarious), and who can hate free ice cream?

The only thing that keeps my review from being five stars is their pricing. For the portion size, they seem to be a tad bit high. I only go when I have a 2-for-1 coupon or something like that.

By Michele W. at 2015-10-02

Great food! Love the pulled pork. Good casual atmosphere and the restaurant was very clean. Staff was very friendly.

By John W. at 2014-12-06

Great quick service. Slightly hidden behind potbellys but worth finding. Never been disappointed and like the free ice cream at the end.

By Craig W. at 2013-06-23

If you read all my Yelp reviews so far, you will find that the majority of them cover barbecue joints. Yes, we like barbecue. My wife and I each have a sibling living in Austin, Texas, so we think we know the real deal when we taste it. Dickey's isn't quite that, but it's a nice addition to the Madison 'cue scene and I hope it's here to stay.

The meats have a good smoke flavor and they're tender, if sometimes overcooked. But that's to be expected in a fast-food/fast-casual place where I'm not sure the meats are smoked in-house daily. They might be smoked elsewhere and delivered, but for the price, that's OK. The ribs and brisket are worth ordering. The chicken is a grilled breast you can get anywhere.

The sauces (original, spicy), are served hot, just like in Texas, and they're of that thinner, Texas consistency. I like them. The option to top your meal with jalapenos and onions is also very Texas-like, but the smoked sausage isn't. The slaw and potato salad are decent sides; the others are unremarkable.

Dickey's offers free soft-serve ice cream where the most clever among us can make a root beer float in our big yellow drink cups. Kids eat free on Sundays with each adult meal purchased. We are always satisfied when we leave. What more can you expect for under $20?

By Chris Z. at 2014-06-15

My wife took my daughter and me here for a Father's Day lunch. It was fantastic. I got the 3 meat platter, my wife a pulled pork sandwich, and my daughter got chicken nuggets. I got beef brisket, pulled pork, and spicy cheddar sausage. I had fries, and macaroni and cheese side dishes. It was delicious. My daughter had vanilla ice cream for dessert. Every thing was so good. It was all what I wanted. We will return some day soon.

By Seth K. at 2014-07-04

For a quick BBQ fix this is the place to go! Meat is consistent, sauce is good, I had the brisket, pulled pork and ribs all very good! It was almost as good as some of mom and pop joint in VA. The only thing I suggest is STAY AWAY FROM THE POTATO SALAD. The consistency was not that great and it tasted like mashed pickles. Overall delicious place I am going back as soon as I get a chance.

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