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Domino's Pizza
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We offer 45 menus, including Wisconsin 6 Cheese, Honolulu Hawaiian Pizza, Philly Cheese Steak Pizza, Pacific Veggie Pizza, Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza, Fiery Hawaiian Pizza, Buffalo Chicken Pizza and so on.
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Domino's Pizza reviews

By Kim N. at 2016-07-30

Great service, good pizza for a super cheap price. Ordered 14 pizzas for work and the were ready and waiting for is when we got there. They even threw in extra napkins and plates.

Super friendly, they helped me carry all the pizzas out to my car and stack them so they wouldn't slide around.

We'll order from here again for sure.

By Polly L. at 2016-12-19

The pizza itself is good, its the customer service and delivery where they drop the ball. They have messed up our past 5 orders. Tempted to order from a diff chain next time. They have an area if you order online to add special instructions, but they don't seem to ever look at it. Last 5 times we asked for square cut pizza and it ends up the normal triangle cut. Not a big deal in terms of taste, but we have little kids and easier for them to eat square cut. If you're going to put a link for special instructions, then read them. They also forgot to deliver our salad on the last order so delivery guy had to go back and get it. By the time he arrived, pizza was cold. He was very apologetic, but think there could have been some sort of compensation for the error.

By Randy R. at 2016-07-18

One of the better franchises for well made pizza. But the delivery is MADDENING. When the app shows you that your pizza is done and AN HOUR LATER, you don't have your pizza, it just plain stinks. Good pizza, but it's at the bottom of our list due to the horrible delivery problems.

By Bob K. at 2014-12-09

Domino's is one of those pizza delivery places that has so much potential, but seems to drop the ball a lot. This store can be a little hit and miss. Recently we thought we'd give them another try. We haven't ordered from Domino's for a while, but we remembered that the new crusts and stuff were kinda tasty. Thought we'd change it up a bit.

We received our order, but were quite disappointment.

I received a coupon in email just now, which reminded me why we wanted to try them again. If my pizzas had looked like those in the picture, I'd probably be ordering frequently. Sadly, the "handmade pan crust" of one pizza was under cooked, the toppings were not evenly distributed and there were parts of both pizzas that didn't have toppings. It wasn't really a tasty experience.

The garlic bites (or whatever they were) actually were the best part of the meal, and quite enjoyable.

I want to like Domino's, but it just seems to be too much of an inconsistent experience.

By Mike O. at 2015-12-25

Called in tonight on Christmas. When I got an answer which was unexpected, I had to ask the lady on the other end to hold on one moment while my buddy told me what he wanted. Then they proceeded to hang up on me so I called back no answer. Call back again they answer proceed to purposely feedback their phone then put me on hold then hang up. I find that highly non-professional.

By Debbie F. at 2014-12-13

Pizza was great. Customer relations poor. When I entered the store to pick up my order, I was completely ignored; so ignored I became uncomfortable and even embarrassed. Counting 7 employees, I could hardly believe that I couldn't get ONE employee to even glance up at me. Finally, after a wait, I was addressed. To end on a positive note, the 50% off pizza deal was great!

By Naveesh B. at 2015-03-24

I have 1 favorite, 80% of the times they do it to my liking. All my orders have been online, I like to get a handmade crust extra marinara with pepperoni and sliced italian sausage. with a garlic dip. BOOM.

By Sarah P. at 2014-10-12

First time ordering from here (delivery). Ordered Coke with the pizza and when it arrived they had Pib. We were told they had called and we had said it was ok (they had not). Didn't take the Pib but of course the credit card had already been charged so we were told to call the store. Were placed on hold twice for an inordinate amount of time and the third call were told they were "swamped". Will never order from this place agin.

By Erin W. at 2012-09-09

Yes this is a chain, but wow. I love the crust, I'm pretty sure they add garlic to it, but it's just great. After being frustrated time and time again by Pizza Hut, this location is a breath of fresh air. The pizza is at my house SO quick. I use their tracker to show exactly what stage your pizza is in and am always surprised how quick it is. Pizza arrives fresh, the delivery drivers are nice, They have a new loyal customer in me for pizza delivery especially with the great specials they have!

By Spencer B. at 2013-06-19

Stone hard crust and long waits

By Marcia T. at 2014-10-24

Ordered $50 worth of food and got an estimated delivery time of 50min. Waited 1 hour and called in. A rude and misinformed employee told me that they were out of a dough for one of the pizzas I had ordered and had tried to call me (my phone was next to me and I kept looking at their online tracker throughout the ordeal). They never called and cancelled my order. I was told that I'd have to order online again, they could not put the same order again manually. I spoke with the manager after calling in a third time - she told me they were understaffed and that they always had high demand in this area - which will prevent me from ordering from them in the future, since they cannot handle the volume and I'd hate to be waiting 2 1/2 hours to eat again. She ended up giving a discount and being able to put my order through again, without me having to do it all myself. That is the one reason why it is 2 stars and not 1. I will not order dominos again unless it is from a different store.

By steve f. at 2011-12-07

Great Attitude.... Great Pizza... Great Value. 3-topping Large for $7.99!! Papa John's is $10 and is bad.

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