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Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza
Domino's Pizza introduction
We offer 45 menus, including Wisconsin 6 Cheese, Honolulu Hawaiian Pizza, Philly Cheese Steak Pizza, Pacific Veggie Pizza, Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza, Fiery Hawaiian Pizza, Buffalo Chicken Pizza and so on.
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Domino's Pizza reviews

By Michelle H. at 2016-12-05

We order online and the delivery is always quick and accurate. Love the food, love the many options. The desserts are overpriced, but they are yummy enough that we get them anyway sometimes.

By Comm E. at 2016-12-25

It's always a 50/50 chance either they deliver really late or come at the time their supposed to. Theirs another 50/50 chance of it being cold and not tasting good and being hot and being yummy

By Aaron W. at 2015-12-31

This is just a bad Dominos. The order handling is sloppy and the pizza is just not well made. The pepperoni tasted rotten. Literally like rotten meat. And twice in a row now I paid for extra garlic butter and they didn't include it. I called and the girl answered the phone in mid laugh as I interrupted some hilarious conversation. She said she'd send someone with multiple garlic butters when I complained but they never came back by with them. It was just a pacification to get me off the phone before they closed. They've also forgotten drinks and gotten drink types wrong. They're just a really poorly run operation. Never again. Bye Ossining Dominos.

By Azha D. at 2016-01-14

Well. I'm not one to judge a place off of one experience but this experience was really annoying and I'm hungry so here's the bad review. I ordered off of the dominos app like always and after waiting 40 minutes I called to see what was taking so long and I was told my order was cancelled because they tried contacting me (not true, I put in all my info correctly; they probably just misdialed) and I was also told no one answered the door (also not true). I had to reorder and then had to wait another half hour. They apparently cancelled my order because they didn't have green peppers. But who cancels orders without telling the person! I rather get the wrong order than nothing.

By Fernanda M. at 2016-01-02

This pizza is always late, I've gotten it cold a few times and the drivers yell at you asking for instructions on how to get to your home. Ridiculous

By Monique M. at 2016-06-23

im so hungry so im writing this review. i ordered through the app 30mins ago and food still not here so i called and was told its going to take 15 minutes more because the delivery guy is running deliveries. are you serious?? didnt even apologize or anything. bad customer service

By Lesleigh E. at 2015-06-29

We ordered around 6:30pm and it took half an hour to learn that our card had apparently not gone through. At 8:30 we were called to let us know that our food was finally on the way. Half an our later we called since our food had yet to arrive. The delivery man rolled down our driveway with his music blasting. We could hear his obscenity-laced music from inside our house even with his windows down. I had two younger children in the house. Very lucky they were not outside to hear the horrific lyrics. When our family finally sat down to eat, the pizza was decently cold and the cinnastix were subpar. Extremely disappointed.

By Rev3 M. at 2014-10-23

I have not ordered Domino's in a while...ordered through the app...all so far...then delivery 3:05pm....I had to call after 30 minutes...still waiting then I see the order tracker set as delivered already...what??? Where is my pizza? and finally 45 minutes for the delivery! I live up the road 1/2 mile max. Yes I know, it is Domino's. ..yet come on! I gave a 10% tip when I usually give 20%...above their "delivery charge"....get your act together people or people will go elsewhere!

By Lawana R. at 2015-02-09

The service here is terrible. They need to all be retrained. My pizza was wrong and cold, and my reorder took an hour. No one here has knowledge of what's going on. They messed up my order and was rude to me.

By Patricia J. at 2013-06-05

The most unknowledgeable people work at this location. Each time I've ordered, they manage to screw it up.

By J Philip F. at 2011-07-01

I'm giving them a 5 in comparison to other Domino's outlets, not in comparison to to other choices for Pizza.

This location has been here for about 25 years. We order from them weekly, they know us, and they never disappoint. When Domino's changed their recipe, they continued to make our orders "old style" by request and it has gotten to the point where they know us by our number. Delivery is always prompt, they've never messed up an order (and with 4 kids we can get varied) and they act appreciative of our business.

Very reliable food and service, week after week

By Sina N. at 2010-12-24

Whatever you would expect from a Domino's restaurant :)

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