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Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza
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We offer 45 menus, including Wisconsin 6 Cheese, Honolulu Hawaiian Pizza, Philly Cheese Steak Pizza, Pacific Veggie Pizza, Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza, Fiery Hawaiian Pizza, Buffalo Chicken Pizza and so on.
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Domino's Pizza reviews

By Gina O. at 2016-02-26

We keep coming back to this location because you can't beat the price ($10.98 for 2-two topping mediums!! Delivered no less.) They are consistently timely with their delivery times, pizza is always simple and good. What caused me to write the review tonight is that we had pizza at our door literally 20 minutes after I placed the order!! It was steaming hot and delicious! This dominos location is simply excellent!! Wish they were all this way. Way to go Dominos on Lehi Main!!

By Brent S. at 2015-05-29

5 stars bc it's a great price, consistent, and way better than a few years ago. I used to be a Papa Johns snob, but I'll eat dominos anytime. If you haven't had it in the last 5 years, you should try the new recipe.

By Eric H. at 2015-11-07

I have had one bad experience after another with this location. Unfortunately, they are the only pizza place that I know of delivering to my neighborhood. Delivery is always slow. I can usually count on at least an hour wait. The pizzas are pretty good, but I have been delivered the wrong order twice this year.

By John R. at 2015-10-13

So I call in for a pizza for Carry out. This has been a consistent theme since opening (new Eagle Mountain location) I ask how long it will take and the answer I get is 10-15 min. So I show up at 15 min and end up waiting another 25 min. I live 5 minutes away- just tell me it's going to take 40 min and I'll leave later. No one likes to wait, or feel their being lied to.

By Jeremy D. at 2015-05-25

They usually do a good job making pizza. It always could use some additional seasoning on the crust. Delivery times have sometimes been 20 or more minutes after the pizza is done which made for a cold pizza. Delivery guys always cool.

By Cara B. at 2015-10-07

This is now the third time they have gotten our delivery order wrong. I can understand once but three times is unacceptable, especially when you pay for toppings you never get. They have no attention to detail. Their delivery service is also very slow, don't expect you pizza quickly.

By Justin C. at 2014-12-16

They always are on point and punctuality is an emphasis with them. Not to mention my pizzas are delicious! #Boom

Tips: These are the details of the Domino's Pizza, This restaurant is located in 115 W Main St, Lehi, UT
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