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Double Dragon
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Estimated average consumption of $6.51 - $13.02 per person. We offer 122 menus, including Teriyaki Chicken (Spicy), Seafood in Bird's Nest, Walnut Crispy Chicken, Hong Sue Fish, Sizzling Beef w/ Black Pepper Sauce, Sizzling Scallops w/ Black Pepper Sauce,
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Double Dragon reviews

By Lori G. at 2014-11-29

The place may not look that appealing but the food itself is great, and the owners are really nice. Love the chop suey soup and egg rolls. We order carry out regularly now and everything is always hot and the portion sizes are big.

By Steven T. at 2013-10-23

I wanted some beef fried rice and an egg roll for lunch today so I went here. This is now my favorite beef fried rice as of now. The egg roll was good also and I will have to try more of the menu. The small beef fried rice was pretty large and I wonder if they gave me a large by mistake. When I crave beef fried rice only this is where I'm going. There was a good amount of that tender all most melt in your mouth beef that only Chinese places perfect. I can't believe I have driven past this place for two years and never checked it out.

By Jordon H. at 2014-10-17

No just no...

I'm from Atlanta where there are more chinese restaurants then there are ppl (not really) but close. Competition breeds quality which is something the Asian culture in Milwaukee seems to be missing.

Look I read the good reviews just like you but let's be honest. I am in no way Asian and I could cook better chinese food at home. For god sake Walmart sells better frozen chinese then this place.

Maybe 10 years ago the food was good but last night I had 1 bite of my food and then proceeded to ask for the bill. It was that bad!

By Matt A. at 2015-07-27

I read the reviews on here and many of you are rediculous. First off you can't find an establishment ran by better people... Peter, Lilly, and their son. Secondly the food is consistently fantastic. I've been going here for over 15 years and have yet to find anything in our area even close to the authenticity and quality. This Atlanta guy.... are you kidding me. The type of person who hates his life so he has to rate everything negatively....get a life!!! Double Dragon is a must try establishment for sure!!

By Kristy K. at 2012-04-28

This is still our choice for carry out when we are craving Chinese food. Keep up the good work Lily and Peter. We'll be back again soon.

By Cierra M. at 2014-10-26

Appetizer choices- Tomato juice or chicken and rice soup?? Omg no, that is not Chinese. I should have known this was not good when the menu read chicken with sesame, instead of sesame chicken. I paid 2 extra dollars to have broccoli added to my meal. The inside of this place smells like mothballs and the birthday decor threw me off. Very nice staff, but this place is a no go!

By Theresa B. at 2013-09-09

My favorite chinese since high school (a few years ago). Peter and Lily care for customers! I always order for take out and drive across town to get it, wont eat anywhere else! Best potstickers EVER!

By Paul C. at 2012-10-31

The only sit down Chinese place I will go. Chicken Lo Mein for me every time. Large quantity of food for left overs. Floor plan a little tight for wheelchairs but worth every bite.

Tips: These are the details of the Double Dragon, This restaurant is located in 3411 S 108th St, Milwaukee, WI
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