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Dudley Cafe
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Estimated average consumption of $4.33 - $8.66 per person. We offer 43 menus, including Cappuccino, Americano, Latte, House Coffee, Macchiato, Espresso, Cortado and so on.
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Dudley Cafe reviews

By Jenn A. at 2016-09-22

Delicious food, friendly staff, awesome ambiance. What more could you want?

The tacos are the best, though I wish the portion was bigger!

By Tricia M. at 2016-11-14

Good food! Beautiful place with a great ambience. Second time here and sadly I'm not too happy with the cashier, she had such a sucky dry attitude, kind of brought down my mood(she has glasses and didn't ask her name). Not the same welcome I got the first time I was here. I'd definitely get a new happier more bubbly person. I'll still tell my friends about it..

By Pamela R. at 2016-04-25

...How is the food so good? Everything from rice bowls to sandwiches to pastries have been great. Relatively spacious interior that's nicely furnished without being twee. Again, how is the food so good? It's good. Just try it.

There's also an excellent comedy open mic here every second and fourth Monday. Lovely people and a supportive environment. 7 PM, everyone from award-winning comics to first-timers go up and try out material. Highly recommended.

By Arne K. at 2016-10-19

Great coffee, the muffin display looks delicious and wonderful taste in music (Ray Charles. Yai!). Having my quick coffee in the morning here but definitely plan on hanging out here on weekends as well. The barrister was not only super friendly but extra cute

By Tara M. at 2015-12-02

No lie, I ate here every single morning for four days straight during my trip to Boston. I loved everything about this place! A pot of tea with my french toast, lovely. The cinnamon rolls, epic. The breakfast sandwich was delish. The art work BEAUTIFUL! I just wanted to pack this place up and transport it to Atlanta, but those Spirit Airlines baggage fees tho...

By Ashley B. at 2015-12-29

I wish I still lived in Boston because this place is great! The food was delicious (I got the Ms. Davis bowl) and the space is awesome, with big windows and cool artwork. Will make this a regular stop on future Boston visits :)

Edit: just got a bomb cappuccino! Ruined the artwork because I started drinking before I took the pic

By Liz O. at 2016-03-23

In between meetings I needed lunch, wi-fi and a tabletop. Dudley Cafe was the perfect solution. Michelle's Bowl (chicken curry dish) was delicious and the staff couldn't be nicer, faster, friendlier.

Easy free wi-fi and generous workspace with no guilt even at the height of the lunch hour (not a very busy day here, no fight for space). There was even easy, free street parking. Love the artwork and the floor to ceiling windows for people watching in Dudley Square.

Thanks, Dudley Cafe!

By J R. at 2016-08-24

Went to their Jazz Brunch last Sunday with a good friend and had a nice Sunday summer brunch accompanied by some pretty decent music from an odd looking musical duo. I really liked the bento box style brunch meal with the tasty double cheese quiche, thick french toast and well done healthy strips of bacon along with a generous serving of strawberries. Yummy! Only complaint it took too long to get our meals. This is a gentle complaint because I saw how the chef/cook was humping it to get through all of the customer's orders. It was okay though cause my friend and I shared a sweet sticky bun as we drank our cinnamon flavored coffees. I would definitely do this one again. Way to go Dudley Cafe!

By Michael D. at 2016-10-18

Wandering around Dudley square,stopped in and had a fabulous gluten free blueberry square and really great coffee. Looking at the menu, would return for lunch and be well fed :-).

By Sasha K. at 2016-10-21

I like the atmosphere of the Cafe but I was really disappointed with the staff's lack of sensitivity to people with allergies (ie. gluten). The menu at the class register had abbreviations for vegetarian (v) and gluten free (gf) options at the bottom of the menu, but there were no meal options that were listed as gluten free. I asked the cashier to tell me what the gluten free options and he did not know. So I asked him to inquire with the cook. She did not seem to know the options either. He said that I should go to another restaurant where they have gluten free options. That was NOT helpful. SMH. Why do they list gluten free symbols on their menu and say to inform the staff of allergies when the staff are not aware of the gluten free options? I am sticking with the Haley House in Roxbury. They care about the community and are sensitive to people with food sensitivities.

By James I. at 2016-07-06

So I'm going to be honest with this review. I ordered "The New Edition" full sandwich today which came to a total of $8.40. I thought the sandwich tasted good, but for it's size and lack of ingredients on the bread, it was NOT worth the price I paid! I will not eat here again, but I will take their idea and make my own sandwiches at home. This is why people who eat healthy usually don't eat out, because the healthy options are usually always overpriced and skimpy!

By Stephen M. at 2016-04-16

Wow. Dudley Sq has really come a long way. I was in the area for jury duty recently and stopped by Dudley Café for a snack. Knowing the area, where did all of these people come from? So many young professionals and "coffee shop" types. I felt like I could have been in Harvard Sq or JP. I bought a coffee and "The New Edition" sandwich. There was nothing wrong with the coffee, though I'm pretty easy to satisfy on that front. The sandwich was great, though a little small (I got the half). I don't really like these a la carte places where you have to buy a drink, chips, etc separately. It really adds up quickly. During my visit there was also a pop up bagel shop in the corner. I don't recall their name, but was told they were very popular. The line proved that. There was also this crazy woman yelling at someone (who?) trying to pick out a kombucha. She was screaming "what is this shit?!?". Everyone just stared and she left, announcing that she'd never been to a fancy place like this before. I shouldn't have laughed. Overall, Dudley Café serves its purpose. It's a local coffee shop and hangout.

By Natalie M. at 2016-03-20

Great little spot to eat! Needed something close to our hotel for breakfast. Had a Delicious breakfast sandwich. The atmosphere is super cool and they even had live music! Free wifi too!

By Jennifer S. at 2016-04-20

Dudley cafe is the perfect, non-pretentious neighborhood coffee spot. The owner and the staff are always super friendly, the food is consistently good, and the atmosphere is always relaxed. One thing I really appreciate - the clientele is as diverse as the neighborhood around it. Haley House is amazing as well, but the people of Dudley deserve some options!

Wish they would stay open a bit later, since it would further encourage a bit of night life in the slowly revitalizing Dudley Square.

By Matt R. at 2015-09-19

I'm pretty high on this place early on. As a Fort Hill resident I'm happy to have another option I can walk to. I've stopped by three times for coffee but haven't tried any food. The staff is great. The vibe is more Brooklyn than Boston but it's a really comfortable room and they had good music playing. I wish this place was open when I was in school as its where I would have gone to get work done.

I judge an iced coffee by whether I can drink it black or if I need to add milk. I can drink this coffee black. I'm very excited to have them here.

By K. H. at 2015-09-14

What a great cafe they have rice bowls, salad, sandwiches,coffee and a bakery
I ordered the no.34 sandwich Roast beef, pickled carrots, pickled cucumbers, radish, cilantro with housemade mayonnaise on baguette really good flavor my wife got the pacman Pulled pork, mango chutney, sriracha mayo, cilantro and tomatoes on brioche roll. also very good. Super friendly Service can't wait to try the whole menu
Definitely a place I recommend

By S T. at 2016-03-03

Walking in you feel like you are in a cafe in the South End. The space is welcoming.. large picture windows that flood with light and local art all around. We ordered a chai latte and two sandwiches - sweet potato and tandoori. Both of them delicious!!! The chai latte was so good too! On the weekends they have a live jazz band playing. The band is pretty awesome. We were in a rush but it would be easy to spent a lot of time in this place.

By Nick D. at 2016-02-21

The latte was fantastic. Cool vibe. There's jazz on Sunday's. It's got a laid back, modern feel to it.

By Sarah L. at 2016-09-01

Inviting atmosphere, good location, friendly staff -- this place has it all!! There aren't many places in Boston that have good sweet iced tea, but Dudley Cafe does offer it and it's very tasty as well. I wish I had more time during my visit to order more.

By Lynn N. at 2016-03-07

I love this place!! I always order Ms.Davis's rice bowl which is delicious. The sweet tea and chocolate croissants are really good too. The prices are bit too much but for the quality and the fact that everything is homemade makes the price worth it.

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