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Estimated average consumption of $6.06 - $12.12 per person. We offer 221 menus, including Nachos Locos, Nachos with Chicken and Beans, Nachos with Chicken, Nachos with Beans and Beef, Nachos with Beef, Nachos with Beans, Nachos with Cheese and so on.
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By Jennifer R. at 2016-10-20

I love everything!!! The food, the service, todo!!!! But they need to be more attentive at the door.

By Scott F. at 2016-09-10

By far the worst margarita I've ever had at a restaurant. I'm fairly certain it was comprised solely of tequila, water and lime juice. Also, ordered a combo plate and I'm not expecting the best food I've ever had, but the "chalupa" was a fried tortilla with a thin layer of beans and them a mound of lettuce on top.

I came here about ten years ago and remembered it being better than this, so not sure if I had lower standards or it got worse since then.

By Gigi F. at 2016-08-01

though I wouldn't say this is the most impressive place but to eat for the specials you get what you pay for. my nachos were soggy they were filled with so much liquid cheese that when they were saturated with cheese that you couldn't enjoy reading the nachos. I have to take this meal to go so that I can put the real chips in my to-go box and put the chicken and avocado in order to enjoy my meal it's a good atmosphere for kickball team or sports teams to come visit. they give him great discounts but if you're looking for something that is going to awaken in your palate this is not the place. Great hang over spot after the club

By Howard K. at 2016-12-02

It's another one of those Dunwoody places that's so busy they don't have to try, and they didn't. Friday night they were busy, I'll spare the details, waiter couldn't have cared less if we enjoyed our experience or not, lost our credit card, my soup was cool, my wife's was splashed all over the plate, it was a nightmare. My stuffed poblano was ok, my wife's combo plate was ok too, nothing to draw you back. Service was awful, waiter was there for his money, not us. You would think when you tell a business that they lost your credit card it would inspire some sense of urgency, but it didn't. Food would probably be passable on a weeknight when they're not so busy, but I doubt the service would be any better. You can do better, go somewhere where your business is appreciated. They did eventually stop what they were doing to find my credit card, and they did, but it wasn't urgent to them.

By Carrie S. at 2016-07-09

My husband and I come here every weekend and we love their outdoor patio, fish tacos are excellent and their margaritas rock!! They put tons of alcohol in them!!

By Rachel H. at 2016-05-22

Not good. Edible I guess... Everything is under-seasoned or canned tasting. The salsa is very generic and flavorless-not even cilantro or onion in it, just tastes like tomato. I got a lunch special with a chile relleno, taco and beans. Beans are obviously canned, relleno had a tiny piece of green pepper as the chile, and all the meat used in everything was not seasoned at all. Cheese was kind of weird tasting too.

I will not be returning.

By Lee Z. at 2015-11-07

Service was pretty good. Food was not bad, but not authentic. The atmosphere was ok

An average overall experience.

By Nancy K. at 2016-09-18

This places give you everything you pay for ! Buffet has lots of selections. Family oriented ! They never run outta food ! Fresh fruits and fresh everything I LOVE THIS PLACE AND THE SERVERS ARE SO FRIENDLY!

By Sreenivasan N. at 2016-05-13

Food is good. Priced average.
Ambience - not great. Old restaurant. Needs some renovations.

By Troy D. at 2016-08-09

A mainstay in Atlanta. The Chipotle Chicken was delicious. The margaritas are some of the best in Atlanta and reasonably priced with specials throughout the week. Regulars are welcomed like family.

By Yasmine B. at 2015-03-31

Went recently around 9pm. As my party walked in we were ignored at the door for about three minutes (there were employees watching us- engaging in their own conversations). We sat down and ordered Texas margaritas - the margarita seemed like it was just mix and tequila with no fresh lime. Being that I went for a good margarita this was slightly disappointing.

The server was friendly and her service was good, she spoke to us in Spanish. Our food came out fairly quickly and was okay, not good but not bad either. Steak was alright. Seasoning was light. The salsa was spicy which I enjoyed. I eat authentic mexican food regularly so the food was slightly disappointing.

The experience was overall 'blah'. I wouldn't make it in my first 5 choices to go back but if it was my only option I would eat there.

By Austin F. at 2016-05-30

Great atmosphere. Good prices! We had the fajitas for two, and they did not disappoint. Chicken, steak, shrimp all cooked incredibly well. Wasn't a fan of the queso, or salsa however. Chips were fresh, margaritas were strong, and service was attentive! Just moved right down the street and will be frequenting here for sure!

By Ashley G. at 2015-08-13

Several of the staff members are rude. They often tell you different times of what time they close other than the time posted. There is one waiter in particular that is ignores and condescending to women, but buddy buddy with any men.

The last time I went, it was posted that they closed at 10 and it was 9:30 when I walked in and joined a group that was already there. The waiter ignored me, never asking if I wanted anything. I finally flagged him down and he told me he wouldn't serve me because they were closed. He wouldn't even bring me a water. The group I was with had just gotten their food. It was a ridiculous situation.

By Chullan N. at 2015-07-17

Bad service

This was my second visit here. The food was OK, not great, in my first visit. Went there again since they close later than other restaurants in the area.

Walked in around 9.30pm for dinner. Requested to be seated at a booth as I was experiencing some back pain and the bar chairs weren't comfortable. I was told that the booth section was closed even though I could see 3 tables occupied ( so maybe they had just closed the section).

I walked out. No attempt to offer any other option and keep me as a customer. Won't be going back.

By Daniel B. at 2013-08-25

El Azteca has three locations in metro Atlanta: Buckhead, Alpharetta, and Dunwoody. I've visited the Buckhead location a few times and am generally a fan. My feelings for this Dunwoody location are about the same except the atmosphere is drastically different at night. The Buckhead location always seems hopping. On my Wednesday night dinner in Dunwoody, there were maybe two or three other tables. It was eerily dead. The good news is the food was good (and that was my main concern when we stepped inside).

El Azteca is a bit nicer than your typical local Mexican joint. They have both indoor and outdoor seating, TVs, and large, comfy booths. The menu is pretty standard of a Mexican restaurant: tacos, burritos, enchiladas, tostadas, chalupas, chile rellenos, tamales, soups, salads, and specials like seafood (shrimp, scallops, tilapia). Most of their dinner combos run between $10.50 and $11.50 each. You can also create your own combos. Lunch specials are $2-3 cheaper. The portion sizes are generous to be prepared to take leftovers home.

One of my favorite items to get at any Mexican restaurant are the fajitas. At El Azteca, fajitas for one are $13.50 and for two are $22.95. The fajitas come with any combination (your choice) of steak, shrimp, and chicken with grilled onions and green bell pepper. The aforementioned ingredients are served still sizzling on a black iron skillet along with an additional plate of shredded lettuce, guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, Mexican rice, red beans, and three soft flour tortillas.

I thought the fajitas here were pretty good. The serving "for one" was definitely enough for two (though you'll probably have to ask for extra tortillas). I'm allergic to shrimp so I only ordered the fajitas with steak and chicken. Not surprisingly, there seemed to be more steak than chicken served. Both meats were of good quality, cut into thick chunks, and tender and flavorful. The steak, presumably skirt, was chewy, but still not bad. The plate of veggies was fresh and crisp.

The chips and salsa weren't bad either. The salsa was a little on the spicy side. I recommend ordering an extra side of guac.

Our server was James and he did a marvelous job taking care of our table. He was attentive and polite.

If you're in Dunwoody and looking for a casual Mexican eatery with comforting food, El Azteca should fit the bill.

By Kellie F. at 2015-09-28

We love this place. The staff is entirely welcoming and they completely cater to us and our toddler. You can find us here at least once a week enjoying magnificent margaritas (my favorite is the Organic) and yummy fajitas. Anjelica and Adrian rock. Great service, great food, quick as you need it or, as Adrian says, "stay and relax, my friends"!

By J F. at 2015-03-14

We eat at this location fairly often - tonight we had a party of seven and a $140 bill. When we sat down somebody came over and offered us a coupon for a free cheese dip. We ordered two cheese dips, two guacs and a beef and cheese dip plus entrees for everyone Then a restaurant employee came over to our table and said she understood we had a coupon. We said yes and she informed us they wouldn't accept it, I asked why and she said because it was from another table and oh by the way she had to take it as well. It was an awkward moment while my father had to find this coupon in his pocket and surrender it to the waitress.

Seriously, it's worth making a scene in front of my out of town guests over a free bowl of cheese dip? Would it have been so tragic to just give us a bowl of cheese dip?

By Sandeep G. at 2015-05-31

This was our go to place for all Mexican food, before we discovered La Botana and El Tarerro. The food is good and the portions are huge.

By Felicia C. at 2016-05-28

Went there last night with hubby and 7 year old son. Poor service lacking ambience. My husband had 3 combo meal. Portions undeserved. Canned and not seasoned at all. I got taco salad. Not enough toppings. We're from California and know real authentic Mexican food. This place not! Also my husband had bad stomach ache from the time we left at 8 until 7am this morning. We will not be coming back.

By Tania L. at 2015-01-17

This place doesn't have good service. It took an hour to get our food. When the hostess dropped the salsa on the floor the salsa splashed on my blouse and on my stepdaughter's dress. they were slow to respond and apologize. I asked for the manager who never came. After we waited about an hour to get our food, that's when the waiter apologized. Theres no genuine concern for the customer. We weren't the only ones that were waited this long.
I had come to this restaurant four years ago, now I remember why I never came back. By the way, the food is not good.. came back cold.. and to top it all, they ran out of rice. We couldn't even have one of the main side dishes
I do not recommend this restaurant. Go to a Mexican place that has better service and food. This one does not.

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