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Estimated average consumption of $6.06 - $12.12 per person. We offer 221 menus, including Nachos Locos, Nachos with Chicken and Beans, Nachos with Chicken, Nachos with Beans and Beef, Nachos with Beef, Nachos with Beans, Nachos with Cheese and so on.
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By Darren B. at 2016-12-09

Great food and a great atmosphere. The staff is all very welcoming and the food is great. I have lived in Central America and this food is as I have had since moving back to the U.S.. It was prepared to perfection. The right amount of every ingredient. I will highly recommend this place to anyone looking for good authentic Mexican food. Not to mention the price is great.

By Matt A. at 2016-12-16

Tasty food, great service. The only negative was the size of my burrito, no pun intended. When I pay $13 for a burrito I kind of expect it to be sizable. I got a beef burrito and honestly, it was smaller or the same size as a bean burrito from Taco Bell, and much smaller than many of the bells other items.

By Crystal D. at 2016-05-23

I would say the service at Azteca is great. The drinks are pretty good too. The food is kinda basic Mexican food. I had lunch here for $10 which included an appetizer and entree. I chose the queso dip and chips for my app and fish tacos and guac salad for my entree. Great deal. But I had to douse my tacos in hot sauce. Their food could definitely use a lot more taste!

By Carrie Neal W. at 2015-09-28

Rorshach test.

That is all I could think when I looked at the Sunday buffet, yesterday. Not sure what anyone would make of my psyche but I'd guess some version of complete overload.

My friend Mary Locke M and her girls adore this Sunday feast and I happily joined in. My verdict - this is one of the most confusing buffets I have ever seen. Watermelon and pineapple? Check. Chicken flautas? Check. Bresaola? Yep. Pudding? And so on....if you like variety and a deal (I think it's $14 or $15 for the obscene amount of food you can eat), check it out. Personally, I think the options are too odd and not so tempting (see below); the girls have been in love for awhile, and like to each get a couple plates with a little bit of different stuff (basically equating to a big yet still reasonable treat-meal) and decided things weren't quite up to par this day.

Hence my point of writing an update: everything is unpredictable.

Much as I (still) love their "queso" (c'mon, we all know it is micro'd cheese product) and endorse the chicken fajita quesadilla (when they get my order right for just cheese and chicken- which they did perfectly when I picked that over the buffet) and the carne asada tacos (when they are brought with still-hot-meat) just never know.

Back patio - tends to be ignored, like with my lunch a few weeks ago. Everything is slow- refills, food (never know whether your order will come before or after the table next to you). Slow like... that day my friend and I took our food to go by the time it was finally ready.

Inside, there always seems to be one server that isn't yours "supervising" that group of tables...but not doing anything. I'd get so busted for this if I did that at work.

Bottom line- classic, divey Mexican that I enjoy but never need to visit when order-correctness or time is a factor.

By Janine A. at 2016-09-12

This place is really good and the staff are really nice. Great Margaritas. Had amazing shrimp and steak quesadillas. The chips were hot and fresh and that salsa is amazing. We ate here twice during our recent ATL trip and once last time we were here.

By Marisol D. at 2016-04-16

Great margaritas. You gotta try the chile rellenos

By Neha G. at 2016-06-05

I hate to write a bad review, but this place is awful! I read reviews before going and I still wanted to try it! But it's worst Mexican I have had ever! The salsa is actually ketchup! Food made from tin or frozen food! Had smell in the chicken- spinach enchiladas was tasteless - don't ever go !! There are so better places than this!

By Brad B. at 2015-08-09

Guilty pleasure. I grew up going to Americanized Mexican restaurants, in fact me, my
Mom and my dad used to go to Monterrey every Saturday for lunch when I was younger. We would do the crossword puzzle together at lunch, so places like this are nostalgic for me.

There is never a reason to get crazy at place like this. Stick to the basics, tacos, burritos, enchiladas and chile rellenos. This is the ultimate comfort food to me.

With an unassuming exterior, the restaurant has a surprising amount of space inside. For a Mexican restaurant like this, it has a decent bar too. Kelly does not necessarily love this food, so we don't eat it too often. However, I'm a big fan.

That's my word and I'm sticking to it.

By Katie S. at 2016-09-18

Always delicious, and there are several healthy options on the menu. The drinks are strong, the service is friendly, and we never have to wait for a seat. If you're looking for standard Tex mex around the city, this hits the spot!

By Tracey S. at 2016-10-07

Last night was my first visit. I will most definitely be returning soon. I had a light dinner of the chicken soup, of which I could have eaten a trough! The wait staff is very efficient, very welcoming, and so attentive. I called the restaurant a few minutes ago and spoke with the manager, Victor---just a very nice man. I love the atmosphere and highly recommend this as a nice, casual date night place.

By Jeanette B. at 2016-05-05

If I could give it a zero I would. Worse Cinco de Mayo experience EVER all due to the valet and due to the valet I will never go back.

By Thi T. at 2014-07-02

There's an entrance to parking that is north of the restaurant. I was pleased to find so many available spots. You have to stroll past the patio to get to the restaurant. There were plenty of seats available during one weekday at lunch. The servers were prompt to provide chips, salsa, and ask for a beverage order.

The menu is extensive but I asked for a fish recommendation. The server directed me to the grilled tilapia with rice. The fish is tender and there is a hint of the smell of the grill as I bit into the crispy outer edge. It was decently marinated.

Rice was soft and fluffy but I would like mine more fluffy and flavorful.

Salsa is good. It has a bit of a spicy kick to it.

By Susie H. at 2015-02-08

3 stars. Yes. The Sunday brunch buffet is good at best. The food gets cold and sits under heat lamps.
Their patio gets 4 stars though. Lots of tables that you can rearrange as needed.
It's cheap. Easy. Parking isn't always ideal. Margaritas are good but noting great.
I'd be willing to try fajita night on Mondays.
The one plus is everyone gets their own salsa dish - so no worries on double dipping.
My friends adore this place. But I've been for the buffet several times and am just not convinced it's that good.
If you're going there, try a regular time or just not the Sunday brunch buffet. Not worth the $15.

By Daniel B. at 2014-08-05

El Azteca is a small chain of Mexican restaurants with four locations in metro Atlanta. This location, just north of the Brookwood Interchange, has been popular with folks in the neighborhood for years. It's a good place to come for reasonably priced Mexican food and drink specials.

This place is slightly nicer than the typical casual Mexican eatery. I'd say it's on par with La Parrilla, another Atlanta Mexican chain. Because the restaurant is often busy, the atmosphere is energetic, lively, and sometimes loud. A lot of Tech students like to come here. There's an outdoor patio which is a good place to eat when the weather is nice. I like it because it's tucked away in the back, away from noise of Peachtree Rd.

I've been for dinner on a few different occasions. At dinnertime, you can expect to spend about $10-15 each for most entrees. Lunch specials (Monday-Friday, 11am-3pm) are no more than $8.50 apiece and there's a Sunday brunch buffet that starts at 11am and lasts well into the afternoon (4pm). The restaurant always seems to be running various specials, such as $8.99 fajita night (normally $13+).

I've tried a handful of items including some dips (cheese, beef & cheese, and guacamole), fajitas, Tampiquena steak, and some of the combos involving tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and tamales. In general, everything is decent.

I do like the chips and salsa. The chips seem fresh, aren't too oily, and the salsa isn't runny. The cheese dips are flavorful and rather thick. I probably like the guac dip the best. It seems freshly made from ripe avocados.

The fajitas are very filling. I like to get the steak fajitas. Chicken and shrimp are available as well. The steak strips are served still sizzling with onions and green bell pepper. Sides include shredded lettuce, guac, sour cream, salsa, rice, beans, and corn or flour tortillas. I prefer flour tortillas for both taste and texture (smoother and softer).

The quality is the steak is OK and isn't rubbery nor old. The same can be said for the Tampiquena steak, which is an 8-ounce ribeye. The steak is marinated well so it's quite savory and sufficiently tender. I ordered it cooked medium. It'd be nice if the portion size for the steak was bigger, but only because it tastes good.

The combos are par for the course when it comes to Mexican food. The combo plates come out super fast and are loaded with melted cheese. While not bad, I'd steer clear of the combos menu and order one of El Azteca's specials instead. You'll probably be happier as the combos tend to be pretty generic.

Service is fine. It can get slow on busier nights.

Free parking is available in the rear.

By Tori H. at 2015-06-16

I've definitely had far better Mexican food, but this place is convenient with good parking and ample patio sitting. And for those reasons, and only those reasons, I will probably keep coming back. If you want better than average food and/or margaritas, I would go elsewhere.

I most recently came on a Saturday evening and they were slammed! The hostess who seated us warned us that they were very busy and it would be a while before a waiter could take our order. We said it was no problem as long as we could have chips and salsa and order drinks. She obliged, and very quickly someone took our drink order and brought us chips. It was easily 30 minutes before we got a chance to order food, which wasn't the worst part. We were pretty much ignored once our food arrived at our table. We practically had to flag someone down to get our check, which then took forever to arrive back to the table. It wasn't the most terrible experience of my life, but I wouldn't go here on a weekend evening when they are too busy to handle the rush, which happens often.

By Anthony T. at 2016-03-13

Victor makes the best ORGANIC MARGARITA IN ATLANTA - great patio great food -warm and friendly staff! Did I mention the awesome organic margarita- must try !!!!!

By Mr B. at 2015-04-22

F----G GROSS! Awful! The salsa is ketchup and chilli, the chips are OK.

The vegetarian enchiladas are nasty, the cheese was stale and the "secret sauce" was a pile of secret bull shit. What a turd

Then, I tasted the cheese enchiladas, those sucked too. Waaaaay to much salt, and the sauce was sucky sucky blow blow.

Beans- GROSS! Not even canned, probably powdered.

I can't believe this place was slammed! It was dirty, waitstaff is nearly brain dead and the parking lot is dangerous and needs to be reconfigured.


By Danae G. at 2014-10-15

Not bad. Not great...but decent. The food & drinks are relatively cheap for the area. I've had better Mexican food but I'm not saying I wouldn't come back. If you're looking for cheap and quick Mexican food...this is your place. I usually order a chicken quesadilla with a side of cheese dip. I like it. I hear it gets loud on the weekend. I went on a weekday so I can't speak on that.

They have different specials throughout the week. So double check the website.

Parking is free which is a plus. I went on a weekday so I was able to park myself. I went a while ago and they had valet on the weekends but I'm not sure if they still do that.

By Judith B. at 2016-07-23

Their pineapple margaritas and shrimp cocktail in ceviche sauce are wonderful along with their salmon tacos. Prices are very reasonable!

By GD M. at 2015-09-07

Good food! This was actually a consolation to Neighborhood Eats that everyone raved about on Yelp. I couldn't find it and it seemed closed for Labor Day. This was close and I didn't want breakfast. The staff was very pleasant and polite and the lunch menu was a wonderful price. The chicken enchilada want what I was expecting but was pleasantly surprised. I'm used to cheesy style and this was more saucy. I actually enjoyed it once I got over the different flavor. Great spot, glad I stopped in here.

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