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We offer 66 menus, including Pollo Bowl, Chicken Tostada, Grilled Chicken Salad, Ultimate Pollo Bowl, Chicken Tortilla Soups, 2 Pc + 2 Sm Classic Sides, 3 Pc + 2 Sm Classic Sides and so on.
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By Jojo73 T. at 2016-09-26

Having lunch at Pollo Loco Woodruff/ Firestone . In a matter of 15 minutes I saw about 5 homeless people coming in and out of the Bathrooms. At the same time they were going into the trash digging up cups and helping themselves to free soda. Now as a human being I understand their situation being a hot day and just observed and minded myself. Then one came over and asked if I was going to eat my Tortilla I said take it. Then I asked him are u hungry he said yes then I proceeded to go buy him a meal. He then said Can I keep the change after you pay and I said No! He then got upset and said fine The chicken will just have to do. I then stopped and said you know what you must not be very hungry I'll just save my money. Went back to my table. I let the Manager know but it seemed like they just put up with it. Pollo loco needs to do something about the homeless here it's getting out of hand. They also left the restroom all dirty.

Also posted on Downey Crime Watch.

By Mahya J. at 2016-09-20

The food is okay. The service sucks so that could use some improvement. The place inside feels a bit cramped , so be aware of that. You can watch them prepare the food, but the horocata is a bit too cinnamony for me.

By Franco M. at 2016-04-10

I like the Beans Rice and Cheese Burrito. It's a pretty good meatless option and I live nearby so I like to pick one or two of these up for dinner when I'm too lazy to cook. Definitely wouldn't go out of my way for it, but when El Pollo Loco is a few minutes away and the burrito is less than two bucks...Sold! I'm not a fan of the chicken though. Don't know if they still have it but I use to get their flan and it was pretty good for a fast food joint. Drive thru isn't as bad as the comments would suggest during the weekdays. It does get pretty bad on the weekend though, but like any true American, I will stay in my vehicle and wait it out and then complain online instead of hopping out and placing an order inside the store. That would just be unpatriotic ;)

+ Beans Rice and Cheese Burrito
+ Mac n Cheese
+ Mashed potatoes
+ Cilantro sauce
+ Flan

- Long wait time
- Overpriced chicken (for the quality)

By Carmen M. at 2016-08-14

Didn't mind the drive thru long wait, except I get to the menu board to place order only to be told we have no chicken, just legs and thighs. They could have put a sign out or send an employee to notify customers? Main staple is chicken, right? Can't stock up? Been waiting forever so figure to switch my order to shrimp tacos, and soda. I pay and realize it is a disgusting mess. They hand me the tacos, no sauce or napkins...and no avocados in the very salty shrimp tacos either. Managed to take photo of counter to post. It's been hit and miss, several bad experiences within past 6 mos. Don't know if it's management or what, but after tonight, I am skipping them for a while. Employees need to groom themselves. They don't look that much cleaner than the kitchen.

By Jannie M. at 2016-01-29

Fast, Accurate, & Amiable.

I cannot get tired of saying that when an order is given which accuracy, plus the quality of food was very good. I ordered a poblano avocado burrito, I appreciate the fact that the burrito was wrapped up well and tight, so the food will not fall.
I went around 330 pm, there were not many cars in the drive-thru which was great.
I will come back.

By James L. at 2016-10-10

This is the worst el pollo loco.
How does a chicken restaurant
Run out of chicken? And the
Management is the worst. They
Dont have any experience.

By Tanya F. at 2016-10-06

This is by far the worst el pollo loco that I've been to. How do you a) run out of chicken? And b) then you say, "oh we only have legs and thighs, but I can only give you half chicken". Lol. This place is ridiculous. Maybe there should be an employee standing outside warning customers of their shortage. Instead of making us ALL wait in this non moving line. Get it together!

By Jenni M. at 2015-03-18

El Pollo Loco in Downey on Firestone was the first of this restaurant chain I've ever tried (3/16/15) for Bookmark Monday.

Unfortunately I wasn't that crazy for it.

The good:
- the girl at the window allowed my coupon for a $7 ultimate double shrimp bowl
- aside from the shrimp, the food tasted mostly fresh and hot
- Normally this bowl is $8.49, but with tax of $.63 I got a very large portion of food (just food, no drink) for $7.63.

The bad:
- drive-thru is a horrible wait... people think other cars are trying to cut the line when they are just trying to find a parking lot.
- the shrimp was kind of rubbery and the flavor was a bit too lemony or something for my liking

The ugly:
- The parking lot can be a disaster for people who want to dine-in because cars waiting for drive-thru basically magnetize to the car in front of them and sink into their oblivion...
- It took me a long time to try this place, but I'm glad I did. It has potential for a nice lunch, just not this location for me guys. Sorry.

- Go before the rush hour lunch crowd (but even then people block the intersection and do "crazy" things in their cars for El Pollo...
- Your receipt details ways how you can get free food. Perfect for those hungry kids, teenagers, braindead college students, and alike. For instance, sign up for My Loco Rewards and get free chips and guacamole. Also, tell them how they did with the toll free or online survey and receive a $1 off your next purchase of $5 or more (pre-tax).

Review #344
Yelp challenge 2015 25/100

By Angel S. at 2016-09-25

This is the worst pollo loco ever DO NOT COME HERE the service sucks the place sucks and they always run out of chicken how can a place run out of its main dam food that they serve and they always give you your order wrong not to mention the chicken is burnt there as well it should be closed down what a waste of a location

By Christopher D. at 2016-02-11

Terrible...second el pollo loco here near Norwolk, CaI stopped by and they ran out of chicken. No need for any other details or reviews when the main reason people go to el pollo loco is for the chicken. Common, stock up.

By Jeannette P. at 2016-08-27

Fast service and food looks yummy people are friendly and place looks clean I will probably come back again

By Hank V. at 2016-09-25

Ahhh...managment sucks. How could you have a 1 hr wait for white meat..but then go down the street to another El Pollo Loco and they have it ready for you with now wait.

By Mayra E. at 2016-04-15

The worst EPL location I have ever been to. Dirty floors, dirty counters, dirty tables, not the friendly customer service offered at other locations. Two thumbs down.

By Fred L. at 2016-02-26

Now I know why its called Pollo Loco. It's because you would have to be crazy to eat here. I ordered one thing got complete opposite as I ordered chicken bowl an received shrimp instead. Did not realize until I got back to work. Not worth my time to complain to them or go back there so here I am complaining on Yelp. Would have given one more star but food was bland so go at your own risk. Read all the reviews on here. You have been warned.

By Raquel C. at 2016-05-03

Considering I worked here years ago and understand how the food is made I was highly dissatisfied. I ordered a chx tostada with easy lettuce and I hardly got anything at all. No rice or beans, little lettuce (like I asked) hardly and chicken. Plus the little chicken I did have tasted charred and it was cold. I live in Downey but every time I come here something goes bad. I rather drive the extra distance to south gate because they seem to get everything on point.

By Priscilla A. at 2015-07-12

How in the hell do you run out of chicken?!

I was waiting in the drive thru line for 15 minutes, and when I drive up to the speaker, she tells me that they don't have chicken. WTF?! How does that happen?

Then I told her I would wait outside and have her bring it to me because I can't get off the car to wait inside, and she tells me she can't bring it to me because she doesn't know how busy she's going to be.


By Cindy B. at 2014-12-12

Nothing out of the norm for a Pollo Loco.

Ordered their mango grilled tostada. The tostada was stale but other than that, the food was good. Their mango salsa is just delicious.

Never been inside the restaurant, therefore I can't say anything about it. Their drive thru is not the fastest and their customer service is not the greatest.

Would I go back? Maybe if I'm around the area, feeling lazy not wanting to get off the car, and craving their mango salsa, maybe I'll make an exception.

By Ana C. at 2016-03-09

Lady handing the drive thru named Yolanda was rude, after messing up on my transaction... Disappointing, then wanted me to lie that I forgot to give them the coupon on a paper so they would not get in trouble.

By Mikey M. at 2016-03-17

My overall complaint is the location. If you want a fast and easy place to go in grab your food or hit the drive thru and just go home then do not go here. When kids get out of school and when there is rush hour this place is a nightmare. I've spent 40 minutes just trying to get in and they the drive thru, deciding to park and get the food is impossible if there's no parking cause this spot is smaller than an average fast food restaurant. Love the food and everything but the waiting game kills it for me.

By Mariel O. at 2015-10-28

I live close to this location so it's the first place I think of when I'm in the mood for chicken. All three times that I've been here I've received horrible service. Seriously, I've worked fast food before, the easiest thing you can do is give customers good customer service. Even worse that this place is literally always out of something. Don't think I'll be back.

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