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Elephant Thai

Elephant Thai
  • Street 4401 W Broad St
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23230
  • Telphone (804) 658-2146
  • Opentime
  • Raging (18)
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Elephant Thai introduction
Estimated average consumption of $7.94 - $15.88 per person. We offer 104 menus, including Fresh Roll, Crispy Roll, Fried Tofu, Fried Wonton, Curry Puff, Satay, Hoy Jow and so on.
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Elephant Thai reviews

By Dave T. at 2016-12-08

This place has really excellent Thai food right there on the buffet ready to go every day. Most buffets have obvious quality issues but at ET they seem to manage it quite well. I've had numerous dishes here and it's all tasty and authentic.

The service and mgmt are attentive and listen to customers, they make you feel welcome!

By Amber D. at 2016-10-17

So...firstly let me just be straight up with you and put it all on the table that this was a groupon. As you may already know, groupons can go either i right?! But this wasn't a total crash in fact it turned pretty good...if I do say so myself!

The server was friendly, she seemed pretty busy, so luckily we had her and another woman helping us with orders, refills, the bill, and the to go boxes. The place is right by a movie theater, so great location for those who want a Thai bite to eat, and then follow it up with a great movie....not a bad combo!

The food was pretty good. It was flavorful, tasted fresh enough (not too many veggies dancing around in our pallets fro these dishes....but still good), and though the portion sizes were nothing to write home about, I was pleased for my first time At Elephant Thai. Something about bringing home a yummy late night Thai snack for later pleases me to no end though...can you tell I am a bit of a late night snacker?! So there was a little sad sigh of disappointment at the end of this meal I must confess.

I am a Thai fanatic...and what I mean by that very bold statement, is that I LOVE Thai food with a passion that runs to the very marrow of my bones, and would pretty much pass up any other eatery nearby if I even had an inkling there was a good Thai joint even remotely's one of my many weaknesses I know...but can you blame me?! Thai is just where it's at! What more can I say?

By Adam B. at 2016-12-13

Just had lunch at the location on Broad. Had the buffet and all and all it was a good experience for a buffet. Nothing was amazing but all was good. Maybe I would have given it five stars had there been a bit more heat in the dishes. But I understand when cooking for the masses you can't go Thai hot.

By Katie A. at 2016-12-16

I've been getting good food from Elephant Thai for years now. There was a problem with my last order where an item was left off my delivery. The manager, Randy, gave me a call and offered to reconcile the issue. Additionally, the manager personally delivered my next order to ensure that everything was correct. Everything was there and my order was promptly delivered. I appreciate the incredible customer service and delicious food I have received from the folks at Elephant Thai on Broad. I will definitely continue business with them after they worked diligently to correct a mistake and maintain a positive relationship with customers.

By Noelle W. at 2016-10-04

Not only is this the best pad Thai in town, but I got it for pick up and it was ready in a short amount of time, but it's obvious that it was made fresh. The service was impeccable and everyone was so friendly! I'm glad I found this gem. Also the fried wontons were nice and crispy, and not soggy like other places.

By Ghia E. at 2015-06-11

What a rude place. They just hung up on my sister.

Here's the story:

My sister went on their website and called one of the numbers listed on the page. The picture right beneath the numbers represents the restaurant on Broad St. and the two numbers tied didn't indicate location. So what would you assume? That those numbers are for Broad.

And you would think that a restaurant would confirm that you are ordering for the right location.

Well, we ordered at the wrong restaurant. My mom went over to pick it up. At first Broad st. was being nice about it and even offered to cook the food for us. Well things took a quick turn for the worst. Some time after they said hey would cook the foods they decided they wouldn't. Hey claimed that my mom cursed. My mom is a tiny little 68 year old lady. She still reprimands me for cursing. Puh-lease, I find it hard to believe that she cursed. My mom was just waiting there with no food in the future.

They made her drive to the other location.
We would have done that in the first place if you hadn't offered then changed your mind.

So my sister calls them, and what do they do? They hang up on her.

No thank you.

No no no thank you.

Their counterparts on Cary st though are incredibly nice and professional.

By Brenda C. at 2015-12-19

The pad Thai in the area! I love the one down town more for the atmosphere then the Short Pump one but both places have great food. They are serving such a variety of foods and sure to please most palates.
I love their Thai fried rice too and they will add duck of you ask.

By Stephanie B. at 2015-12-29

Amazing Pad Thai and Green Curry. Fantastic service. Attentive Staff. I called in advance to see if they were still open and the moment I arrived they asked me if I was the one who called. They even stayed open an extra thirty minutes for us. Definitely will come here again.

By Leah S. at 2015-06-01

Food was a solid three stars but service left a ton to be desired at this location.

When we arrived the hostess/server had a mouthful of food. Now I understand everyone needs to eat but maybe finish what you have before trying to seat a party?

The appetizer that I ordered while waiting for the rest of our party came out quickly and hot. When our forth diner showed up is when we started to have some issues with service. We were the only partying dining in the restaurant but our server seemed to get a little confused.

One friend had to reorder because they ran out of duck. Another friend's appetizer didn't make it out and when we inquired (after our meals were delivered) we were told it had been placed and should be out soon. We did eventually get it but I'd bet money it was forgotten. The food was at least yummy. Pad Thai was a generous portion so I have lunch for tomorrow.

At the end the server seemed to have difficulty with splitting the check and remembering who had what. I remember her writing it down when she took out order. Overall I'd be more likely to order take out from here then to dine in again.

By Scott N. at 2016-10-06

Sweet staff. Nice price and portion. And what you really want in Thai . . . fresh, crisp veggies! Suggest a soup as a starter. If you are light eaters, you may want a soup and split the entree. Can't wait to try the buffet.

By Chuck H. at 2016-05-20

There is no better place to enjoy Thai in Richmond.
Their lunch buffett is always fresh and delicious!
The servers are polite and quick and everything is always clean.
I try to stop in every chance I get.
Give them a try and you'll be hooked too!!!

By Frank D. at 2016-01-02

Great service, quick seating, great food. Well lit interior, full bar & sushi available. If you're dining alone, there's projected television programming to keep you company.
I had the Mussamun Curry, creamy, spicy, delicious!
We will be back!

By Hill R. at 2016-05-07

Stuffed chicken wings! What more can I say? Well, I can say that they were great crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. I found the flavor alone a little bland until you use the sauce. It literally brought it all together. I'm always impressed when the pieces of a dish are well constructed separately and come together nicely. The stuffed wings are in that category. I also ordered the Tom Yum soup which I have to say that if you're not a fan of cilantro you may be a little put off by the taste in this soup. It's a bit strong and can come off like dish soap. The crying Tiger was my final item during this visit. The beef was excellently prepared and so tender and juicy again the sauce really kicked it off. The smell of the sauce is a bit strong so if you can get past that the flavor was heavenly.

By al p. at 2015-12-21

Yall are just crazy the food is awful just awful SALTY and No flavor. We started with the curry puff which were not bad. though OK this could be good. Then the green papaya salad.. OH OH OH. the salt, this was the start of the end... Dad had the pepper beef.. all peppers one or two meager pices of meat.. and watery, husband had the Pad Thai, come on folks if you cant do this you dont belong with a restaurant, Salty watery, bland.. I had the Massaman Curry my favorite.. BUT this was CURRY SOUP i think I am used to my curry being a smooth velvety conconcution this was just yellow orrange water with potaotes.. It did have a lot of pork but again SALT SALT SALT.. aint gonna go back EVER

By Jesse H. at 2016-07-21

Tried the lunch buffet for the first time and it was delicious! Great variety, and good mix of both mild and spicy options. The crispy basil chicken was perfect, and the tempura veggies were lovely. While they did run out of most dishes while we were there (about 1 pm), they were attentive and rushed to get more out there. A server walked around making lists of what was needed and we were notified when they replaced things we had asked about. We will definitely be back!

By Renada N. at 2014-12-27

The beef pad Thai was ok. I know it was just ok because if it were better my 15 year old would have inhaled it. The seafood red curry was ok but the seafood was SUPER chewy and tasted "freezery" ...however this is a new location and may need to work out the kinks.

By Eris P. at 2015-02-27

It's quick and tasty. Service (at the newest Broad St. location) is not always the best but when I want Thai in a fix this is my go to.

By Ivan A. at 2015-04-13

I'd give it 6 stars if I could!! Read several of these reviews for this and the Cary St/VCU locations... I must be extremely lucky every time i go bc it's always a friendly staff. Our waiter, Noom, is solid! Our party of 4 was starving. It all looks good so based on a little bit of info Noom was able to make suggestions that were delish and filling... WHOAAAA!! The Basil Chicken was tremendous. The Crying Tiger app is 2nd to none! Our friends ordered the Drunken Noodle plates. They have hands down the best Thai food in town. We've eaten at 2 of their locations and have found the service and food to be the best every time.

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