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Erbert and Gerbert's

Erbert and Gerbert's
  • Street 540 University Avenue
  • City Madison
  • Region Wisconsin
  • Postcode 53703
  • Telphone (608) 467-7309
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  • Raging (16)
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Erbert and Gerbert's introduction
Estimated average consumption of $5.3 - $10.6 per person. We offer 26 menus, including Soup, Chili, Turkey, Ham, Sweet Chili Vegetarian, Avocado Vegetarian, Roast Beef and so on.
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Erbert and Gerbert's reviews

By Gina N. at 2016-02-27

Erbert and Gerberts.... Cute but strange name. Good subs great soups especially the broccoli cheese and spicy chili. They cut a little piece of the roll off the top and that's your soup dunker... Cute idea...I like it.

Many traditional subs like turkey, ham, Italian, but some originals too like my personal fav "The Pompeii ( sweet chili chicken salad) or "The Quattro" (cranberry wasabi chicken! A far cry from the genius of Cheba but a close second.
Give Em a try they deliver, or have take out or eat in. Good for soup and Sammie day!

By Ken K. at 2016-08-25

What a disappointment! A bunch of us ordered take out from here for lunch. I ordered the Apollo sandwich. It's supposed to have bacon on it. My sandwich did not. The bread was tasteless as was the sparingly placed ingredients of the sandwich. The only thing I could taste was the BBQ sauce. A far cry from the photos of subs on their website. My wife basically said the same thing about her sandwich.
The only reason I gave this two stars is because the Wisconsin beer cheese soup was delicious.
I would not go back for a sub there again. Too many other good sub places in town.

By Allie K. at 2016-09-23

This place hasn't changed since I was in college many moons ago...and that's not a bad thing. They still gut out the bread and the subs are still tasty. Are they as tasty as other sub places? Pretty equivalent overall, but the taste of nostalgia adds some extra zest. Staff was kind, service was speedy, and interior was clean. If I'm ever on state street, I'll be back!

By Pauline J. at 2016-01-14

I have a tendency to only get the lobster roll, but when you find something so good why get anything else? My friends don't agree and have ventured out to the rest of the menu. I've had a bite of their's here and there and they are amazing, but have nothing on the lobster roll. The only draw back is that it's not very filling. The staff is very quick so I haven't had much interaction, but fast is what you want from a sub shop.

Oh! Give the Snickerdoodle cookies a try. They're always soft and delicious.

By Cara F. at 2015-12-02

Not looking for a big expensive meal before a Badger Men's Basketball Game, we stopped at Erberts for some subs and a side of soup for me.

Quick and friendly service. The place was pretty quiet on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, but it was almost the holiday and a little cold/snowy out. Plus, it was way to early for any Thanksgiving eve bar goers looking for their late night snack on the walk home.

No complaints here. I ordered the Boney Billy (Turkey Breast, Tomato, Lettuce and Mayo) and a cup of loaded baked potato soup. I probably didn't need the soup and my sub, but hey I was hungry, it was cold out, and I like to eat.

It's not somewhere I would probably be a regular at, but a quick an easy stop for some food while downtown. Also great if you have young kids along who don't want to wait to eat when the local restaurants/bars are packed in the area.

By Jean S. at 2015-10-20

My first time there, the staff was very friendly especially the gentleman at the front counter. I order the Narmer, it was more than I could eat and tasted delicious. The best part was the pickle! Some places you can get a pickle on the side or couple thin slices of pickle on your sandwich, here you can also get both, but if you want it on your sammie they take the jumbo dill and slice it thick for the sandwich, and then wrap the rest for you to have on the side. They also give you the "guts" which was a little weird, but nothing goes to waste. I will be back.

By Andy J. at 2013-06-15

I tried this place out after seeing a friend order a sandwich from here. I looked up their menu and found some unique and delicious sounding choices. I had their buffalo chicken sub and it was about average.

The toppings and bread tasted fresh and the chicken good. However, I was a little disappointed with the buffalo sauce. It was not as tasty as some I've had and it was drenched throughout the sandwich. The service was fast and friendly.

I will probably return and try some other subs they have on the menu but I'll pass on the buffalo chicken.

By Erik B. at 2015-12-01

Great, quick place with lowkey the most flavor in Madison. Best sandwich in my opinion is the Boney Billy.

By Mel J. at 2016-06-01

Terrible experience...subs were not fresh and the manager kept yelling at the workers for not moving fast enough. If his fat ass could move fast enough on the treadmill then you wouldnt have to yell at those poor kids about speed. And i could smell him from across the room. Then a few moments after hes yelling at the workers again about handwashing...dude go take a fucking shower dont yell at the kids i should come up there and scream at his fat ass to take better care of his hygiene. Overall it could be better but just being in there hearing the manager scream and throw a tantrum almost took me out my body... Mcdonalds has better treatment.

By Paritosh B. at 2015-11-21

I went here as a part of an online deal $5.99 for a sandwich, cookie and chips. Turned out that I was not allowed to order any premium sandwiched in this deal. So I had to stick to the classic sandwiches which included around 6 options. I picked up Tuna with wheat bread and a walnut cookie (only the circular ones, you cannot get the rectangular ones on this deal). The order came almost instantly and the taste was awesome. Juicy Tuna with tomato, lettuce and ranch. Bread was fresh and the cookie too. The only downside was that the sitting place is right in front of the counter so the staff get an opportunity to keep staring at you while you're eating.

By Lindsey R. at 2015-04-25

Friendly staff. Cool rewards program buy 10 get one free and get a free one at first. Makes me feel better because we are spending our savings here for my preggo wife cravings. Probably got buy 50 so getting 6 free sandwiches pretty sugar tits.

By Miki Y. at 2016-05-29

delivery is fast,but sandwich need improve

By Sarah K. at 2015-04-21

Good subs. A little more variety than jimmy johns and a change from subway. Is open till 3 am so can be a good alternative to some of the crowded late night places.

By Brian S. at 2014-06-11

Finally visited this place and tried the Spartan which is peppadew mustard chicken themed. After visiting some other Madison-area sub chains, I wasn't expecting much. But E&G exceeded expectations. Friendly and fast service, and suuuuuper tasty sub, complete with actual crispy bacon pieces and non-slimy meat. Bread was fresh. Only downer is the inside seating is a bit dark and dim, but otherwise I'll be back to grab & go.

By Katrina T. at 2014-08-04

I recently ordered Erbert & Gerbert's online and got a sub, chips and a cookie for $5.99 as a part of an online deal. My order came at a reasonable time and the chips and cookie were great. The sub however was extremely disappointing. I ordered the sweet chili vegetarian sub and they gave me the wrong bread. I didn't mind that too much except the quality of the sub was mediocre. The sweet chili sauce, somehow, was hard to consume and soaked the entire sandwich. The sub was also horribly light, as there were maybe 2 cucumbers, one slice of cheese and a small handful of lettuce on it. I'll never order from here again. I'll stick with Jimmy John's!

By Laura T. at 2013-08-05

Good subs. Nothing exceedingly special in terms of the sub itself. Fun choices that are a little different from the typical subway/quiznos.

Super duper thing about Erbert and Gerberts is the fact that they have gluten free sub bread. And it's not like other places where your sandwich ends up half the size because the gluten free bread is tiny. This is like a true sub (maybe even wider than their normal bread). And delicious.

Not five stars only because it lacks more sophisticated stuff (sprouts, peppers, carmelized onions, hummus etc). Not really a great reason to dock them a star, because they aren't really that kind of sandwich shop, but hey, I can be fickle plus or minus a star.

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