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F.W. Sullivan's Fan Bar & Grille

F.W. Sullivan's Fan Bar & Grille
  • Street 2401 W Main St
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23220
  • Telphone (804) 308-8576
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F.W. Sullivan's Fan Bar & Grille introduction
Estimated average consumption of $8.56 - $17.12 per person. We offer 70 menus, including Mediterranean Hummus Platter, Bangkok Shrimp, Cheddar Ale Dip, Buffalo Chicken Dip, Coastal Crab Dip, Beer Battered Chicken Tenders, Buffalo Wings and so on.
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F.W. Sullivan's Fan Bar & Grille reviews

By K B. at 2016-11-29

We have been here a few times to watch a game during the weekends and we always enjoy it. The service is so friendly and attentive our large group all agreed it was some of the best service we have had in a while. They have a great deal on a bucket of beers, and wings for $15. We will most definitely be back!!

By Pia C. at 2016-11-07

Happy Hour $1 Bangkok shrimp tacos are so, so good but the service is sub-par. Either understaffed and very slow getting around OR the wait staff completely forget to acknowledge you after 30 minutes waiting to be spoken to upon arrival.

It really depends on the day but love it all the same just because the tacos are bomb af.

By Taelor P. at 2016-10-14

The greatest place to be on Thursday nights!! Heard of dance candy ? WELL YOU NEED TO! This beautiful mesmerizing group of musicians go by the name Dance Candy. Stop bye Thursday around 10 and enjoy the sultry and dynamic songstress is accompanied by a fluid trumpet player , an epic drummer , a dynamic pianists, and a mix of passionate guitarists. There's a patio area in the front of the bar that's bricked in. The food is amazing !the best tacos I've had to date! The bartenders can drum up just about anything your taste buds desire and the tacos are a solar during happy hour from 3-7. My only small complaint is the lights that re upfront make it very hot. But that might not be a complaint when the winter months come. DANCE CANDY ! Oh ps I've heard rumors of the 10$ mimosa pitchers for their Sunday brunch .... :D

By Collin T. at 2016-05-22

I throughly enjoyed my visit to F W Sullivan's. My girlfriend and I went with a group of friends for brunch. It was a last minute decision, yet they were able to accommodate and adequately serve our party of 10.

The decor/ambience of F W Sullivan's was pretty cool. A member of our party describe it as being very "bro-y". I definitely could see it as a prime destination to bro down.. the food being good & drinks strong.

My girlfriend, her roommate, and myself split a mimosa pitcher. $10! Great price & we all got at least two & a half drinks. Strong too! There was ice in it which watered it down slightly, but not too bad.

For our meals my girlfriend ordered the Chocolate Chip Pancakes and I had the Big Breakfast. The Big Breakfast consisting of 2 eggs, a choice of meat (bacon, sausage, pork roll, or ham) pancakes & a bread (Biscuit, Texas Toast, & one more I unfortunately can't remember, croissant maybe, sorry!) and potatoes.
I had my eggs scrambled well with cheese, sausage, and a biscuit. The eggs were okay, not very impressive. The biscuit tasted great, but was a little on the cold side and the sausage patties were very tasty. Highlight of the plate goes to the potatoes, they were so good! I was very surprised with how flavorful and season those potatoes were. And our pancakes were very good! All other 8 members of our party enjoyed their food as well!

Our service was good. Nothing very spectacular, but I'd chalk that up to our party size. Our sever was helpful and pleasant. Could have did a few more check backs, buts it's cool we were all fine.. Overall we were very satisfied and would come back to try more of their menu.

By Samira C. at 2016-07-04

I don't usually think to eat at Sullivan's but it was one of the few spots open on a holiday. I was pleasantly surprised to find that their tacos were super flavorful! I would definitely come back to get my taco fix here.

By Sam L. at 2016-08-29

Came here for a brunch with a big group (about 10 people) late Sunday and they were able to take care of us immediately which was surprising. The atmosphere is nice, it wasn't loud either considering it was a bar which was full of people. We ordered three pitchers of Mimosas which were pretty decent and not that bad of a price. A few of us even ordered beers while we were waiting for some people to arrive. Our waitress was friendly and helpful when informing us about their menu along with refilling water drinks and placing orders. I don't remember the name of what I got but the food was really good. Over all everyone was satisfied with their item and plates were cleaned. My friend next to me liked her Bloody Mary and bagel with lox & smoked salmon granted she said the could have held back on some of the cream cheese. There was even an outside area to sit but since it was raining when we were there isn't wasn't occupied except for the occasional smoker. Overall I would come back here for brunch and a brew.

By Tokyo F. at 2016-05-17

I've been here many of drunken nights & have always had a good time. Even if there are "douchebag" people who come here as most people always point out, it's a neighborhood bar that feels like home away from home. Anyways, haven't eaten off the actual menu but the HH menu.

Ordered the Shrimp Tacos because M-F, it's 1$ tacos from 3pm/7pm. Shrimp Tacos remind me of the bang bang shrimp from BFG. Not bad at all. Fish Tacos were pretty good but wish it had a kick like the shrimp did. The Chicken Tacos was the least favourite of mine. It was bland. Now I just order the Shrimp Tacos & I'm never let down with those. Just the right spice to them.

For 1$, it's a pretty damn good taco. Sorry Little Mexico, they have you beat on this one. Now just add some flavour to that chicken

By Kristen C. at 2016-10-27

$1 TACOS MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY FOR HAPPY HOUR WUT?!?!?! This is crazy. They are legit Tacos too. I'm also pretty impressed with the rest of the menu. I've had quite a few items from here and you can tell that the chef really put love into the food. I've been very satisfied with each meal I have experienced at Sullivan's. Drinks are reasonably priced. I've slowly transitioned into more of a day patron than Late night patron as Ive blossom into my 30's and I still find great entertainment here.

By Alex T. at 2016-01-10

Awesome brunch menu. Great bar scene. Staff is enjoyable, professional and friendly. Mimosas are excellent! Brunch is Seleucids, menu is great with wonderful variety. My favorite part is that the patio is dog friendly!!

By Jordan H. at 2016-05-19

Sullivan's has absolutely stepped up their food game lately! I had the salmon special (Blackberry teriyaki) and it was delicious! I've also had the mac n cheese on a different night with a friend and it was so good! Monday nights are especially fun here because they have late night trivia and pretty awesome prizes for the top 3 teams. Love the patio and the fact that you can bring your puppy too! I'll be coming here all summer and eating here more often as well!

By Sarah S. at 2016-09-17

This might be the trashiest bar I've ever been to in my life. When I was younger, I could have seen this as a pro. Being somewhat older, I just watched the shear...chaos in amusement for a bit, then left.

A waitress/ bartender did as us if we needed anything, which is nice, that they actually care about the customers.

The clientele

By Carli P. at 2016-03-31

I've been here multiple times and I have never been disappointed with the quality of the food. Everything I've had on the menu has been amazing. The portions are great too. The only problem I've ever had with the place is that the food takes a while to come out after you order it, but other than that this is one of the tastiest places I've eaten in Richmond.

By Steven D. at 2016-06-04

The male bathrooms smell like fresh dooky the security guard was drinkin alcohol and you can definitely be over served cause I've looked at a few suspects...I'm leavin now

By Lisa G. at 2015-09-13

The servers at FWS are very attentive and nice. FWS was voted as having the best appetizers by Style (I think), and they're not that great. I tried the fish tacos, and have definitely had better. The grilled vegetables (squash and zucchini) were really good, though. Decent beer list.

By Susy G. at 2016-01-01

I ordered through eat street at 1:37 pm. No call and no food for an hour and a half. I call eat street who tells me to the call the restaurant. I do. A very rude woman answers the phone, cuts me off as I am asking about my order and yells to someone else didn't we turn off eat street today. She then tells me to call eat street to get a refund and hangs up. I call eat street and they say they were never notified to turn off eat street. I won't ever go to this restaurant or recommend it. I live in the fan and know everyone. Will go and talk tovthecmanager tomorrow. Waitress should be fired for her behavior.

By Alex F. at 2015-06-26

Arrived and was told of a 25 minute wait. As the time grew on, we saw people were walking in and getting seated without waiting. After asking the hostess how much longer of a wait we had, it was clear she'd forgotten about us. She told us we could have sat at any of the tables outside, something we weren't told.

After finally sitting down 40 minutes after arriving, it took another 15 to get waters. When our burger week burgers finally arrived, the fried egg as cooked all the way through and dripping with grease. It was wholly an unremarkable burger which only added a final touch to mildly frustrating and completely unsatisfying experience of F.W. Sullivan's.

By Lakeisha W. at 2015-12-22

I brought steak and cheese sub, Mac and cheese, bacon burger, fies and chicken caesar salad. My total was 35 and some change that was no problem. The steak and cheese had no taste to it. The Mac and cheese was burned. After eating half the food I got sick instantly. I believe it was Food poison. My husband refuse to even eat his food so that was a waste of 35 dollars. Also they left the chicken off the Caesar salad needless to say I will never order again.

By Hunter D. at 2016-03-02

I am a regular at Sullivans and had a burger there for lunch yesterday for the first time. I got the Sully burger and it was phenomenal! Cooked perfectly, bun was delicious and the special sauce was on point. All of their food is good but the burger was the best I've had in the fan area in quite a while, highly recommended!!

By Jonah P. at 2015-05-15

FWS is near to my heart. In a city of mostly pretentious bars and restaurants, this place embraces being the classic neighborhood spot. Now, to be fair, the tap list beats out most in the city, and the food is consistently good pub fare. That said, it's dingy and dated, but that's oddly refreshing in this town. When it comes down to it, sometimes you just need a place to have a delicious, cold pint and a juicy burger. And so it is, in few words, uniquely and perfectly normal.

By Megan L. at 2015-08-06

Ordered take out from here this evening, and was sorely disappointed. Granted, take out is NOT the best way to try an establishment's menu, but this was a huge let down. Not only was the bun on my burger sopping wet, the mealy tomato was less than desirable. The patty it's self was VERY rare, where I ordered medium rare. If you want to charge a little more for your adequate burger based on using fresher, better ingredients, then use fresher better ingredients. The fries were unremarkable and mostly raw still. I had to finish them off at home on my stove. Whoever was doing the expo on this either forgot to throw in some condiments, or the restaurant straight up doesn't offer them in their take-out.

I'm not got to say much about the nachos, because I knew going into this exchange that it's not a travel safe ordering item. Whatever. I was craving nachos. The major complaint has to do with the up-charge for adding protein; $3 for 5 (I counted) slim, unsatisfying slices of steak on top of an $8 appetizer? Come on...

Delivery time was around an hour, which was fast given that this restaurant uses Quickness and there was a surprise summer shower around the delivery time. So, if anybody deserves 5 stars it's Quickness. Based on my experience I doubt I'd give them an in-person try. Very disappointing.

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