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Famous Yeti's Pizza

Famous Yeti's Pizza
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Estimated average consumption of $3.65 - $7.3 per person. We offer 22 menus, including The Julius, Marco Polo, Greek, Shangri-La, Cave Salad, Pizza, Each Topping and so on.
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Famous Yeti's Pizza reviews

By Michael P. at 2016-12-17

So much flavor can only come from fresh ingredients.
I got the Bumble's Best deep dish pizza..... and it did not disappoint at all!!

I was stuck at a truck stop waiting for the snow storm to pass over. I pre-ordered the pizza but I did not have a ride to pick up and I was too far for delivery. I struggle to get an Uber or a taxi ride out to get the pizza. When the pizza was done the guys took pity on me and delivered the pizza (6 miles away from their location) to me. I happily compensated the driver for delivering pizza in such hazardous weather.

I wanted to eat the whole pizza but could only take three quarters. Normally my body would make me regret for eating so much.... but not this time. Which tells me they took the time and care to do it right (FRESH Ingredientsand not excessively greasy)...
I imagine that's why they would rather risk driving through bad weather then to see an Awesome Pizza go to waste.

Thank you Guys at Famous Yeti's Pizza!!
You made my day..!!

By J D. at 2016-08-20

The best pizza in the Madison area. Homemade sausage, fresh veggies and friendly service. A warning about the stuffed pizza, you better have a large group all with big appetites. They are huge! So far no one has finished the spaghetti stuffed pizza alone.

Sandwiches are sharable and the lads are very fresh. Dressing is made on premises by the owner.

You can't go wrong with whatever you order! You can take home a movie from their free shared movie library if you are staying home.

By Stacey L. at 2016-01-07

Two words: Yeti Spaghetti.

The Yeti Spaghetti is one of the craziest pizzas I've ever had. Spaghetti, small and flavorful meatballs, and a spicy sauce get wrapped up in a crust galette style and then topped with a layer of melty, browned cheese. The spicy sauce is everything - it gives it the kick that keeps it from being too heavy.

I've had this pizza a couple of times as a to-go order and am still shocked by its heft when I pick up the box. It takes about 30 minutes to prepare which is perfect for the drive from Madison. The large is truly a ton of food - a small is enough for two people with leftovers; the large will feed two people for days.

The interior of the shop is cute if small - I've never dined in so I can't speak to service, but the counter workers are always kind and have me in and out in a few minutes.

Someday I'll have to branch out and try another pizza, but it's hard to turn down this delicious spaghetti monster.

By Allie K. at 2016-03-24

Famous yeti AKA hidden gem. Picked this place to meet a friend at entirely based on Yelp reviews. We got there and it's sandwiched between a citgo and a liquor We decided to give it a shot since neither of us were familiar with stoughton and we were so glad we did!

The decor was hilarious, I haven't seen that much "yeti" decor since the Everest ride at Disney. It was unique to say the least and very fun. Tables and restroom were very clean. We had the stuffed yeti spaghetti pizza and the cheese bread. To be honest, the combination of spaghetti and pizza didn't work for me, but I have yet to stop thinking about what the garden or margarita stuffed pizzas might taste like (and will totally trek out there to try them). The cheese bread was delicious and reheated well. The beer was AWESOMEly priced! 3.50 for a spotted cow!? Yes please!

Finally the service....such nice guys! It's counter, but they were very patient and courteous to two twenty-somethings who caught up on life (very loudly at times) at one of their tables for three hours.

I can't wait to bring my husband here in the future, it's great!

By Eel G. at 2016-05-21

Not much to say other than they serve the best pizza in Stoughton. Great crust, sweet sauce and if you're willing to make your meal even less healthy, try dipping a slice in their homemade ranch dressing. Sounds a little gross, but it's not.

The staff is really laid back and friendly. Sometimes we joke that at times, they seem just as baked as they're pies, but they have never provided anything but exceptional service.

Other menus items are really good, and the garlic bread is soaked with butter and is wonderfully bad for you. But we don't really give the other items a chance because we like the pepperoni pizza so much.

By Emilee M. at 2016-10-26

Oh my God, really good. We ordered the Yeti Speghetti stuffed Pizza and a thin crust pepperoni. Both were great. Light crispy crust, great sauce, fresh stringy cheese. Highly recommend.

By Cianna .. at 2016-05-08

Went here for my first time on "two slice Tuesday" and it was the most magical pizza I have ever eaten. The sauce is super unique and a little peppery I loved it. Defiantly wish i would have gotten more than 2 slices. I would recommend getting the pink lemonade with your pizza. So magical.

By Rocky F. at 2016-04-15

Best pizza place in town! Not even a question, go here if you want the best pizza! It never disappoints and the people are kind.

By Jess T. at 2016-04-17

Sauce is a little spicy for my personal taste, the Yeti Spaghetti is unique and delicious!

By Robert T. at 2015-09-18

You know...I was kinda super excited to try Famous Yeti's pizza. It sounded unique, I heard great things about it, and it was off the beaten path and almost hard to find (thank god I have GPS). What started as excitement turned's ok.

No, I am not going to bash famous Yeti's for their was good. Was it the best....oh hell no. But, it was not bad and if I was in the area...would probably go order form time to time. Order take out!

While I love the "Yeti" theme of the place and some of the funny decor...the atmosphere sucks donkey balls. if you go in the summer and it is prepared to be hot since they have no air conditioning....or at least it was not on. That makes for some not fun eating with the kids. On top of that the place needs a makeover and do not expect table serve or happy workers...they have no table service except bringing your pizza out to you and staff is rude, loud, and just ehhhhhhhh.

I feel bad because I know this is a small business owner just making pizza and trying to make it but when I cannot comfortably sit and eat, have a rude wait staff, and then it took forever for our food to arrive....just not willing to give a decent review.

As I said..the pizza was good...the atmosphere sucked...I miss Marsala's Pizza in Stoughton.

By Joel T. at 2016-07-20

Famous Yetis is our favorite place to eat in Stoughton if we don't want to make the trek into Madison. They have good pizza and we are from the Chicago area! Love all their basics and their yeti spaghetti is fun. We have also tried their meatball subs which were tasty as well! Cute place and good service.

By Mark L. at 2016-01-01

They have really awesome grinders (big toasted sandwiches). I recommend the meatball, but the others are great, too.

By Crystal D. at 2016-07-11

All I have to say is if you happen to be in the area and like spaghetti you have got to try their yetti spaghetti pizza. Two of my all time favorite foods combined perfectly. I loved it.

By Smitty J. at 2015-10-06

One word outstanding both the food and the customer service. Order the cheese sticks they came with both pizza and ranch dipping sauces and plenty of them. The cheese sticks are basically a cheese only 12 inch pizza. We had the stuffed pizza and it was excellent. We drove 2 hrs to try this and would do it again.

By Daniel B. at 2015-08-26

Checked in to Yeti's for a slice for lunch. Immediately noticed the chill music and casual ambience. Had two slices of the vegetable - thin slice, big piece of cheese, mushrooms, artichoke, and feta. Their sauce had a bit of heat. A+ on food and setting

By Patrick R. at 2015-03-18

Excellent food! Great staff! All around a great experience. It's hidden in a strip mall attached to a gas station. Who on earth would think this would have been one of my favorite pizza joints in the country? The flavors were amazing. Had the Guido and Zen Garden. I loved them both. I'll defiantly be back. Go try it, you'll love it.

By Jennifer S. at 2016-05-29

I like their pizza. But honestly I really love their meatball grinder. It's delicious and HUGE. The Caesar salad is also very tasty.

By Frank K. at 2015-07-31

The pie is okay, the sauce is on the spicy side if you like spicy you'll enjoy it if you don't you won't. Felt they were a little bit chincy on the toppings got like two pieces of sausage per slice but overall it's not bad

By Brittany K. at 2015-11-07

This is an AMAZING place to gut pizza. And they even rent movies out of the store as well! Neat. The only downfall is that they do not serve single slices after 2pm. Which is normal, but there needs to be more piazza places that sell by the slice in Stoughton and yeti's would be genius to make that an all day thing.!!

By Ginger S. at 2014-09-06

We found ourselves in Stoughton & decided to give Famous Yeti's a try. So glad we did! The food was fantastic!! We ordered a small Marco Polo salad & a 10" Spaghetti Yeti for the two of us. We had plenty of leftovers! The salad was amazing, a small would be a meal in itself but we shared. The pizza was perfect. The sauce had a slight spicy kick to it and the crust was excellent.
I highly recommend giving this place a try. Well worth the drive if you live in Madison.

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