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Fan Noodle Bar

Fan Noodle Bar
  • Street 2301 W Main St
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23220
  • Telphone (804) 358-2514
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  • Raging (77)
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Fan Noodle Bar introduction
Estimated average consumption of $8.28 - $16.56 per person. We offer 58 menus, including BBQ Steak Kabob, Beef Bulgogi, Thai Spicy Chicken Taco, Seawood Salad, Edamame, Grilled Squid, Veggie Dumpling and so on.
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Fan Noodle Bar reviews

By Na Lee K. at 2016-12-20

Had an amazing experience here with my friends tonight. If you're looking for fun drinks and amazing food in RVA you have to try this place out. It's owned by Sunny who is the son of the owner of Mom Siam's, and his super sweet and fun wife Vow, who are some of the most gracious hosts in Richmond. I like sweet fruity drinks, and got a "Hello Kitty" and it was seriously like drinking a sweet Asian strawberry popsicle. It's like drinking juice, but the alcohol sneaks up on you, and I got the warm, fuzzies from the rum before I even finished my first drink. They have a variety of awesome drinks so I definitely suggest you try one, or two, or three with your meal. We also ordered the calamari appetizer which was crispy, light, and perfectly cooked, and had an kick ash drizzle of some spicy mayo with a side of sweet and tangy dipping sauce. I could probably kill that whole dish, but my friend and I split each calamari ring until the end (We were trying so hard to be classy, but it's hard to be when something is that good. I may have popped a few extra calamari rings in my mouth while my friend was talking to her friend and wasn't paying attention to the plate like it deserved to be paid attention to. Muahahahaa.)We were craving something with a bit of heat and open to trying anything, so Vow suggested something that they hadn't put on the menu yet. You have to ask for this secret dish when you go there!! A beautiful plate of shrimp coated in spices, chopped garlic, thinly sliced onions, peanuts, cilantro, and a delicious Tom yum sauce, on top of a bed of crispy romaine lettuce, was pretty #FaaaanFreakinTastic. That's what they should call this dish of they put this gem on the menu. Super light, spicy shrimp with a nice balance of crunch from all the veggies. We also got some pad tai, which is some of the best I've ever had. Super thin noodles, a lot of heat in some stellar sauce that coated all the delicious veggies, noodles, and chicken. We ended our dinner with some tiramisu shooters and it was the perfect compliment to a great meal.

If you are ever in the fan, and are looking for a great place to get dinner with a buddy or two, this is the spot for you. If you've had a night out, and have the munchies and are craving a delicious meal different from the same hum drum spots in Richmond, def. hit this spot up. The kitchen is open until 1 am and the restraint stays open until 2. Great atmosphere, a chill vibe with cool lighting, great service, an awesome mural from a local artist, and beautiful attention to detail in the food and drinks. Everything here was on point, and I hope you get a chance to experience this wonderfulness too.

By Jim T. at 2016-12-05

Good Steamed Dumplings, But Stay Away from the Seafood

My spouse and I stopped by for a late lunch and were greeted by very friendly staff members. Since this was our first visit, we wanted to sample a variety of items - so we ordered several things from the Appetizer section. The "Fusion" Spicy Fish Taco, Shanghai Dumpling, Squash Dumpling and Grilled Squid.

First the good news - the Squash dumpling was amazing! The Shanghai dumpling was good, but probably fried a bit too much. Next time I'll get the steamed version. The Fish Taco was very fishy tasting and we stopped eating it after one bite each. The size of the Grilled Squid surprised us. Very large and the meat was very thick and probably was just barely cooked enough. However, the taste was extremely fishy leaving an unpleasant aftertaste. We had one bite each and stopped.

We noted to the waitress that the squid was extremely fishy and were compensated with a free sweet sticky rice and mango desert. It was delicious and helped to clean the fishy taste out of our mouths. However, I don't think we should have been required to pay for the dish.

We plan to return to check out their happy hour deals, but will definitely not order any seafood items. We will give the noodles and other steamed dumplings a chance.

By Kamille P. at 2016-10-20

I had tried the veggie dumplings from Fan Noodle Bar after a friend of mine brought them to a meeting and I loved them! They're really good (and also vegan friendly!) Since then, I have found myself craving them and have been tempted many times to get some delivered. Needless to say, I finally caved and ordered through my precious vegan dumplings through GrubHub.

The minimum for delivery is $15 so I also ordered tom yum spaghetti with shrimp and iced green milk tea. The spaghetti was really tasty. It probably would've been even better if I had it prepared fresh for me in the restaurant, since it tasted like it had been sitting out for a while before being delivered. I also enjoyed the iced green milk tea.

Overall, the food is great. The only down side is that it's on the expensive side, especially for delivery. I definitely want to dine in at the restaurant some time soon to try some more of their dishes.

By LeAn H. at 2016-09-16

First time eating here tonight. Came here after Oktoberfest and do not regret it.

The shanghai dumplings tasted like any other dumplings. It was tasty, but nothing too unique. I will say that I enjoyed the hell out of my husbands broth in his ramen noodles soup and I got the sukkhotai Noodle soup. My husbands ramen had amazing broth but the noodles weren't ramen-ey. My Sukkhotai noodle was great with some chili sauce and the noodles were super thin and easy to eat. It was pretty good and I def see myself coming here again.

They have a patio to eat at as well and it was so nice to eat outsit. Pretty good noodle place.

By Vicky V. at 2016-12-23

Me and my boyfriend both ordered different types of noodle soup and it was AMAZING. Service wasn't bad, but the reason why it didn't receive 5 stars was because the atmosphere was really bad. One of the employees decided to blast loud techno music on the stereo. They had bright neon lights flashing everywhere. It seemed like a dance club and it gave me a huge headache. I couldn't wait to get out of there

By Tyler W. at 2016-12-23

I ordered the Shanghai Dumplings and the Pho, dumplings were great, but the noodles in the phó aren't that great. It was supposed to come with beef in the phó, but apparently since I paid $3 more to add shrimp the beef is no longer included. Honestly I couldn't finish the Phó, it was pretty gross.

By Laurie L. at 2016-10-17

I've been here once in person and ordered delivery last night through grub hub. The delivery is always super fast! That's one of the reasons I order if I'm really hungry. I got the green curry soman noodles with chicken. It was SO delicious and the perfect amount of hot, not too over powering. My BF got the woonsoon noodle dish with chicken and his was really good also! We also ordered the shanghai dumplings which were still crispy when delivered. They also gave us 2 free sprites, which I didn't order so I thought that was a mix up or maybe it's free when you order over a certain amount? On grub hub, they have a coupon for a free Cheesecake if you order over $25 dollars, which we did. It's not the best Cheesecake but it's free! Overall, pretty good noodle place and fast delivery!

By Christina P. at 2016-07-28

I came here last night for dinner with a friend. We arrived around 7:45pm and the place was rather empty with just three other parties in the restaurant. My friend and I decided to just sit at the bar to keep it casual. The restaurant was pretty dark and the music is fairly loud. I could barely hear the bartender and had to have her repeat everything she said.

My friend ordered the milk stout and I had ordered a glass of Sauvignon Blanc which she was extremely quick and prompt. But when it was time to order food she sort of disappeared and we ended up waiting about 15 minutes to order our food. I ordered chicken broccoli ginger which was really good. The sauce was delicious and had the right amount where it wasn't overpowering the dish. My rice however tasted a little old and cold. My friend ordered the Salmon Teriyaki and was really happy with his dish.

This restaurant was nothing extremely special but I'd go back and try something different next time. There are just other better restaurants in Richmond that does the asian fusion a little better in my opinion.

By Michael W. at 2016-08-30

OK, so here is my rating methodology; Food - 5 stars, Service - not quite 2 stars, so they get 3 stars. My girlfriend and I went on a Monday night around 7:30. We were one of two couples in the entire place which which by my observations made it one employee per customer. The employee to customer ratio made it particularly difficult for me to understand why it took so long to get our food.

First the good; I got the spicy noodle salad and some squash dumplings and she got the Drunken Noodles with tofu. It was all beyond delicious! Everything was very fresh and perfectly cooked. The tofu was probably the best tofu I've ever had and I'm not much of a tofu fan to begin with. The noodles were big and chewy and not over sauced. The squash dumplings were sweet and savory and I probably could have eaten about a hundred of them.

Now the bad; the young lady who was out in the dining room and apparently the bartender came over to us and gave us our menus and got us our drinks. When we were ready to order, she never actually walked all the way over to us to take our orders so I had to talk to her over the very loud music. I ordered what I wanted and then she turned away from me to put the order in to the kitchen and I had to call her back so I could finish ordering what my girlfriend wanted.

So everything was fine but the young lady that took our order just kind of disappeared for a while and then she took a seat at one of the tables and was playing on her phone or something for a while. There was another guy wandering in and out of the kitchen who I am assuming was the delivery guy who was just leaning on the wall playing with his phone. And there were two people back in the kitchen. One person just kept walking in and out of the kitchen while another young lady was doing what seemed to be all of the cooking. The young lady doing the cooking was doing so so slowly and so meticulously that I thought she might be trying to defuse a bomb or something.

My food came out in a fairly reasonable amount of time. But I did not want to start eating until my girlfriend's food came out. So at least 20 minutes went by and they finally brought out her food. At no point during that 20 minutes did anybody say anything to us nor did any other customers show up. So the food was very good but unfortunately the service kind of ruined it. I'm sure we will go back again eventually and hopefully they were just having a bad day.

By Ghia E. at 2015-11-10

What an incredible surprise

We ordered drinks, and we're disappointed by the mojitos - they tasted like Robitussin. Please reconsider the Mojito mix you use.

All was redeemed when we switched them out for Merlots, the FOOD CAME and we experienced how amazing our server would be.

OH EM freaking GEE!

Great food, late night??? YES PLEASE

Thanks to our incredible waiter, Alan!!! You're great! Keep being as attentive and friendly as you are!! You're the kind of waiter I'd like to have everywhere I go.


By Jules D. at 2016-11-14

Meh. We ordered for delivery. Hubs said his pad see ew was a 3 (although the noodles were mushy), but the rest was a solid 2. Delivery time was reasonable given that we ordered right around 6pm, so that was nice.

Veggie dumplings were chewy and had corn in them. Corn was an odd little flavor addition.

Pad see ew was fine, but the noodles all but fell apart on the chopsticks.

Pad thai tofu was not one I'd get again. The noodles were a little thinner in width and thickness than any other version I've had and had very little flavor on their own and there were no pickled veggies (carrot or radish) to help out the flavor of the bland dish. The tofu didn't seem like it was seasoned with anything.

By KC W. at 2016-07-31

Just ordered delivery through Yelp and everything is still fresh and warm and SOOOO DELICIOUS!!! Totally on-point!

What I ordered, and you should too:
Seaweed Salad (if your into it, some of the best ive had), Sexy roll, and Green Curry.

By Ipek S. at 2016-02-13

I picked this place taking the Yelp reviews as a reference but I was very disappointed.
We ordered veggie dumplings and white pizza during happy hour; they both were very bland tasting. I got a noodle soup with meatballs although the meatballs were processed meet, tasted like sausage in mc Donald's breakfast sandwich. The broth itself was not tasty, it had a strong sugar taste. To sum it up, everything was edible but not tasty.

By Leila P. at 2016-09-20

This place has the most AMAZING food. Their pattaya noodle is to die for and I can't find anything like it elsewhere. Their fried rice dishes are also amazing. Unfortunately, I don't live in Richmond anymore and I always miss this place.

By Amanda P. at 2015-07-27

Very tasty food and I enjoyed the white table settings! Service could be friendlier, but overall I would definitely recommend if you're in the mood for Pan Asian.

I ordered the Pad Thai with chicken and enjoyed it at first bite. It was on the sweeter side, with I slight hint of acidity at the end of every few bites. Portions were definitely enough for two or to take home.

I had a couple bites of the Pad Se-Ew with beef and that also had great flavor. The noodles in both dishes were cooked very nicely and held the sauces well.

Thai tea also on point, but that's usually not hard to mess up.

I have to say there was a bit of an odd odor when we first walked it, that may have been cleaning supplies, but eventually was unnoticeable and didn't affect my meal. Server did the typical server prompts asking how or meal was and whatnot, but didn't seem very welcoming or excited to be there.

Overall, I would definitely go back!

By Esther E. at 2016-06-10

I've never dined in at this restaurant before but yesterday, I made a delivery order here for dinner. I ordered pad Thai and tiramisu through Eatstreet. I had an awesome experience with the delivery. The driver was friendly, and gave me two cans of soda for free to go with my food. There was also a small container of soup in the bag. The pad Thai tasted amazing with the right amount of noodles and chicken. The tiramisu was also very tasty. Thank you Fan Noodle Bar for a great first experience! I would highly recommend this place to others and I hope to be able to dine in soon!

By Brendan O. at 2016-11-27

Nice staff, but pad Thai and veggie dumplings were pretty bland. Papaya salad with shrimp was tasty which motivated 3 rather than 2 stars.

By Kelly M. at 2016-03-11

This place does not get enough praise.

Everything I have had there is so good.

Their Sukiyaki is my favorite.

Other great food items are: seaweed salad, veggie dumplings, drunken noodle, and Singapore spaghetti.

I must say though, the grilled squid was not good. That is my only complaint. Still giving 5 stars because everything else I have had there is too good.

They deliver! Sometimes they even give you a piece of cake, for free!

By Ryan W. at 2016-09-11

This is the weirdest place I've ever been. We came here when it was slow but no one seemed interested in helping us. The waiters are not very friendly and said "your pizza is probably taking a while because they get burnt easily". Come here for the noodles and that's it- but even then I would not recommend it.

By Michael E. at 2016-08-28

So far this is my favorite Thai/ fusion restaurant in Richmond. I had the Chicken Pad Thai (I'm basic, I know) but it was amazing! The portions are generous, the food is delicious, and the service is remarkably fast. The time from ordering to eating was literally less than ten minutes. Combine all of this with a good bar and this place is a grand slam.

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