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Far East Restaurant

Far East Restaurant
  • Street 471 5th Ave
  • City Brooklyn
  • Region New York
  • Postcode 11215
  • Telphone (718) 369-2010
  • Opentime Mon-Thu: 11am-10:30pm Fri-Sat: 11am-11pm Sun: 12
  • Raging (9)
  • Website
  • Cuisine Chinese
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Far East Restaurant introduction
Estimated average consumption of $6.21 - $12.42 per person. We offer 328 menus, including L1. Chicken Chow Mein, L1. Pork Chow Mein, L2. Shrimp Chow Mein, L2. Beef Chow Mein, L3. Chicken With Broccoli, L3. Pork With Broccoli, L4. Shrimp With Broccoli and
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Far East Restaurant reviews

By Carolyn H. at 2016-11-20

My husband and I stumbled upon this great restaurant about two years ago. We absolutely love this place and will only order here. They have the best chicken in garlic sauce. I order it almost every week. While my husband switches between their General Tso and sweet and sour chicken. My two year old son loves the vegetable friend rice too. We will never stray away from Far East. It's a shame that more people don't give them positive reviews on here.

By Adithya P. at 2015-01-25

My first takeout in the neighborhood leaves me wanting more but not that excited.

Ordered an Egg Foo Young that tasted pretty bland despite the sauce given. The duck sauce does help.
shrimp toast was good but a little bit burnt and tad oily.
But portion is good and is a good value for the price

Will try to go back when I feel like ordering chinese.

By Adam R. at 2013-06-26

Saw that this place recently opened up, and wanted to check it out. The quick verdict is that some of the dishes are good, and others have room for improvement.

The veggie General Tso's was very good. The pieces had a lot of flavor and weren't too overcooked/dry. For whatever reason, this dish varies wildly from place to place, and it's a pretty good benchmark.

Sesame noodles were alright, but nothing special. I did like the long cucumber slices. They always add a nice touch.

On the downside, the curry chicken was really bland. I'm not exactly sure how you take something as pungent and flavorful as curry and make it bland, but they did. Oh well.

The delivery was fine, and the rice was alright as well. It's worth checking out for their good dishes, and if they get it all together, could be a decent go-to Chinese place.

By Julia Child .. at 2014-08-02

Some dishes were AMAZING! Some were heinously vomit-worthy.

Fried half chicken- best fried chicken in the hood, for reals.
Steamed veggies- yum, fresh, great variety, good garlic sauce on the side
Hot & Sour soup- super fresh, hot and yummy!

Roast Pork Bun- Ew. Threw it away. Almost threw it up. Imagine dipping a hamburger bun in water and then mashing some leftover pork fat inside.
Singapore Mai Fan noodles- disgusting. The flavor was rank, way too much black pepper, and it didn't look or taste fresh at all.

But it was really really cheap (5 dishes for $27) and came in 25 minutes. Lots of extra fortune cookies and crunchy cracker thingies. So I'm down to order from here again.

By Daniel D. at 2014-06-12

The white meat sesame chicken and the vegetarian general tso's/sesame taste very fresh. Not too much batter, decent amount of protein, tender.
You can pick which/how much sauce you want.
Vegetarian dumplings are not green vegetables which was disappointing. Looks like cabbage.

By M L. at 2015-09-19

Disappointing. Too greasy, overall. Veggie dumplings with super thick dough. Scallion pancakes with no scallions inside. Sauteed veggies swimming in oil. Garlic sauce too sweet. Will not order again.

By Karen M. at 2014-02-03

I ordered take-out from Far East today and the delivery guy had a bad attitude, I'm a regular at Far East since they reopened and I must say I was highly disappointed, I ordered a normal chicken wings w/ pork fried rice, and my colleague ordered chicken wings w/ french fries. The delivery guy came and we proceeded to tell him that our order was miscalculated, he stood there and then began to demand that we tip him or we weren't going to receive our food. Anyway we handed him the money and when he saw we did not include a tip, he dropped our money and took off running with the food.. lol.. now some of you might agree with this and others might not, however I have to say if I can afford to give you a tip, I will. I've always believed that given a tip is at the discretion of the one being served, so with that being said if you display good service then I will tip away, on the other hand, if you demand a tip, I will ignore you. The turn around happened when me and my colleague went over to Far East, in which we should've done in the first place. Nicely enough our complaint compelled them to remake our food and charge us justly. Overall the food is not bad at Far East but the delivery guy needs to learn a tip or two about being tipped! It's not a demand you earn it!

By Janet C. at 2014-02-16

Don't ever order from them. The delivery guy doesn't know the meaning of service. Made me come down to the front even though they know they're supposed to go up to your apartment. Wouldn't have tipped at all, if Seamless didn't have you do it ahead of time.

By Shoufang Y. at 2015-01-16

i like the dishes they have in this chinese restaurant. all of you guys should try their food someday!!!

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