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Feng Asian Bistro

Feng Asian Bistro
  • Street 110 Albany Turnpike
  • City Canton
  • Region Connecticut
  • Postcode 06019
  • Telphone (860) 693-3364
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Feng Asian Bistro introduction
Estimated average consumption of $10.51 - $21.02 per person. We offer 88 menus, including Miso Soup, Aged Miso Soup, Spicy Egg Drop Soup, Korean Style Seafood Soup, Bamboo Steamed Edamame, Seaweed Salad, Simple Salad and so on.
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Feng Asian Bistro reviews

By Morgan C. at 2016-07-30

Update 7/30/16: I have always loved Feng and come often with my family and friends when I'm visiting home. However our most recent visit was a bit uncharacteristic. Our waitress was incredibly helpful, friendly and personable, although I did not catch her name (she has a 5 month old adorable son)! My dad was the first to point out that there had been some changes to the menu- particularly his favorite "spicy soup" had been removed (although when he asked our waitress said they still had it). My mom ordered pad Thai which had to be sent back twice because it was completely bland and had no taste. I also had ordered seaweed salad that never came, but we weren't charged so I didn't say anything. I was able to use a $10 off coupon (thanks Yelp!) and my special sushi roll was quite good, but something just seemed a bit off tonight.

I've been to Feng many times for Hibachi, as well as to eat off the main menu in the dining room. The hibachi is nothing special (same as everywhere else), but is always tasty. I highly prefer their main dining menu, and everything I've had is delicious. I always enjoy their creative sushi roll specials. Always a reliable choice for good food and drinks, and I've never had to wait for a table.

By Drew B. at 2016-07-06

Tucked into the Shoppes of Avon there is a fusion/sushi/chinese restaurant Feng, with it's bright inviting lettering out front, and what would seem as an amazingly upscale place to relax and enjoy some good food.

Well, you're not far off, it is very upscale and that will reflect in the menu (and your bill). But as for the food, Meh is exactly how I would describe it.

This is actually the second time I've tried this place, the first time, I thought, it was ok, maybe the chefs were having an off night, maybe it was the take-out aspect of it, and a thousand other maybe's crossed my mind. So I decided to take a seat at the bar (bad move), and try some of the food while I'm there. A few pieces of sushi, and some hot food.. And after seeing the amount of fruit flies dancing around I decided perhaps just a water would be a bit safer.

All in all, for what you get, and what it's priced at, there are many other places that are much better. But if price really isn't a concern of yours, this may be a great place, but for me, if I'm spending that kind of money on 1 meal, it really should be something a bit more "out of this world".

By Emily C. at 2016-12-08

Still a great option for either a leisurely dinner or a quick cocktail and snack. Tonight, after an evening event, my friends and I stopped into Feng for a roll and drink. The efficient service had us in and out within half an hour! I started with a refreshing lychee mimosa (lychee puree, bubbly & a splash of grenadine) and ordered the Autumn in Connecticut sushi roll. With spicy crab, white tuna tempura, shallot, tobiko, and honey wasabi, it totally hit the spot. Feng is up there with Flatbread as my favorite spot for a bite in the shops at Farmington Valley.

By Garrett S. at 2016-06-21

Had a good experience here. The service was good, felt a bit rushed, but overall it was good. Clean and pretty nice inside. Came on a work outing and we were all happy with the restaurant and had a good time.
To be honest, the hibachi cook was a bit tacky and seemed to not really be doing anything tricky. Just a bunch of moving the cooking tools fast to make it seem like it was. The fire he created when cooking was pretty cool though. I was able to try some various sashimi and sushi which were all great... standing out was the white tuna sashimi and the Irene's Paradise Roll. The miso soup was also delicious. I ordered the $39 Emperor's Deluxe hibachi with filet mignon, lobster tail, and shrimp. It was... ok =/. Definitely not worth the price. Taste was decent. Drinks were pretty good, decent selection. I hear the one in West Hartford is the one to go to. Not that I didn't enjoy my time here, but it makes me want to try the WH location to look for that 5th star.

By Jeremy I. at 2016-08-18

This is my favorite sushi place in the area. The spicy egg drop soup is great but it's not always on the menu. The sushi is consistently fresh and the menu alternates which is nice too.

By Annie A. at 2016-02-26

I suppose we'll go back to try it again. The sushi was good, but we didn't try many. It's the type of sushi that is made small, with minimal rice. Not bad. Our server was prompt and fine. The man who filled our water was absolutely drenched in cheap cologne that smelled like Axe Body Spray. His "fragrance" was left on our glasses. The appetizer was not good. I can't remember the name of it, but it had two chicken satay, beef satay, two ribs and two rangoons. The rangoons were fine. The chicken satay was ok, although neither satay were pretty because the ginger strings were all over both and it made them look hairy. The beef ribs were absolutely inedible. We had to spit out our bites because the meat was glossy and tasted very old. At that point there was no appetite left and we couldn't eat the beef satay, which felt very dry.

We think we may try it again, but we're worried because we ordered cooked sushi. We're wondering if their meats were old tasting if we got raw fish if it wouldn't be fresh? Who knows, but we might give it another go at some point?

By Alvin G. at 2016-12-02

Huge problem with this restaurant only Japanese restaurant that charges $3 for tea.. shocking. Served with a tea bag and hot water. Not exactly what one expect from a upscale restaurant. Food good but other restaurants as good with no charge for tea. Strong suggestion change that policy.

By Eric T. at 2016-04-11

Another great dinner. Dim sum platter to start...careful spring rolls were very hot, scorched inside of my mouth!
Sur n turf roll was a special and therefore necessary! So good. Had few other hand rolls which we dipped in the delicious accompanying sauce from the s n t roll.
Good and prompt service, used a Yelp $10 for $20 gift certificate, which is always a plus.

By Margaret J. at 2016-04-10

Atmosphere is comfy and welcoming. We were greeted and served water immediately, followed by our drinks. The sushi was fresh, great presentation, and staff was most accommodating.

By Jean C. at 2016-08-24

Food at Feng is very good. Service is very sloooowwww. Here at 3, not busy at all. So very slow. Waited over 15 minutes for appetizer to arrive.

By Rachna B. at 2016-02-26

Came here for the great happy hour deals! The mango Mai tai was great but too sweet for my taste! However, the pomegranate sangria was fantastic! The sushi rolls were good but nothing extraordinary! Overall great food :)

By Brian E. at 2015-07-23

Went for dinner on a Thursday and had a pretty good meal. I tried the Peking duck spring roll which was hot, crispy, and full of nice fatty pieces of duck meat along with your usual spring roll filler. This was a good start to the meal. You get 2 rolls, 4 pieces total for $7. We also got a spicy tuna avocado roll which was one of the better spicy tuna rolls I've had in a while. The filling was pretty consistent with tuna tartare which was finely chopped tuna mixed in with some crunchy bits of tempura to add a nice layer of texture. The avocado really elevates the roll; adding a nice touch of rich and velvety flavor.

Lastly, we tried the wok stir fried rib eye. Although the server did not ask how we wanted the steak, it came out medium and very tender. The dish was seasoned perfectly and was filled with delicious chunks of red onion, red and green bell pepper, and those crispy white noodles you get with lettuce wraps that you can never find in stores. If you get a chance to check this place out, definitely take a peek at the specialty rolls. There are a handful of rolls that sound amazing. Definitely looking to get back here and try the whole menu.

Only negative takeaway was the overabundance of flies and gnats in the restaurant. Primarily because the patio was open. It was just super annoying to have bugs flying around your face the whole meal.

By Mark B. at 2015-10-11

Had a great meal and great service from Eric on Sunday, October 11th 2015. My wife and I were celebrating our 13th anniversary and we had one of the best meals we've had in a while. We started with 2oz of the Kobe beef and the quality on the beef was excellent. We also had a dim sum platter, which was quite good, but the star of the appetizer round was clearly the Kobe beef. My wife had the Chilean sea bass entree and I had the sushi dinner. I tasted both and although I enjoyed the sushi, the sea bass was the more excellent choice.

We will most definitely return as the food quality and service quality were both up to speck. Thanks for the excellent meal.

By Dawn Z. at 2015-09-28

Excellent service, amazing food and relaxing atmosphere. Love going back here because there are always new specials to try. Wine selection is good and staff are helpful with pairings and making suggestions.

By Sarah M. at 2015-08-26

I wish I could give this less than one star. My visit to Feng today can only be described as a disappointment.

The first strike happened when my friend and I sat down at the hibachi grill. I look over and there are ants crawling under and on top of the grill, and I'm not talking about just a few ants. Many many ants.

Disgusted and close to walking out, me and my friend tell the waitress and get relocated to a new table. I decide to order sushi but my brave friend feels hopeful and orders hibachi at this grill, hoping there aren't any ant surprises like the other one.

We finally order our food and our male waiter makes various comments about the amount of food we order, saying that us two women are ordering too much. Not the right kind of message to send a customer. He then makes sexual innuendo comments towards us.

As we leave, we demand to speak to a manager to tell him about our experience. He walks out, says "sorry for that", turns around and walks away.

This is just an expensive place that chargers too much and can't back it up with their service or quality of food. I do not recommend this.

By Jane M. at 2016-03-29

I've only been here for Happy Hour sushi, but boy is it ever good! Best quality, fresh fish, and they do not skimp on the serving size just because it,s less expensive for Happy Hour. Their cocktails are out of this world, and expertly prepared. Their bartender really knows what he's doing! To top it off, the entire staff are very friendly and helpful. I can do nothing but rave about Feng!

By Lindsay J. at 2015-02-15

My boyfriend and I ate here a few weeks ago and loved the sushi so we decided to make reservations for Valentine's Day - this review is based on our Valentine's visit.

Once we were seated in the back room, our waiter came over and took our drink order. He explained the special - both my boyfriend and I thought he was either brand new or just off his game that night because he was super nervous and kept stumbling over his words. My boyfriend's exact words after he left were "I didnt understand a word of that and have no idea what the special is..." It sounded good, whatever it was...

We ordered Miso soup and Wonton soup. I went with Wonton this time because I had the Miso before and delicious as it was, wanted to try the Wonton.

Soup comes and I'm liking it (maybe a LITTLE seaweedy tasting for me) but good until I bite into something hard and almost break my tooth. I spit it out, looks like a pebble and immediately call our waiter over.

He apologized and told us he would tell the owner and chef. Came back over 10 minutes later and told us the owner would give us a dessert on the house. Ok. Situation rectified, I'm not out for a free meal but figured what looked to be a rock of some sort in my soup should be brought to someone's attention.

Our main courses come. My boyfriend ordered the Spicy Tuna Roll which he loves. I ordered Shrimp Teriyaki. Again, it was okay until I start biting into what tastes like twigs in my dish. The asparagus they served with the dish was not cleaned properly and bits of leaves and parts that shouldnt be eaten were at the bottom of the dish.

The dish itself was a little too sweet, the shrimp was seriously overcooked and bits of charred teriyaki sauce were caught up in everything. The tails are still on the shrimp so for as good as it was, it was not the easiest meal to enjoy. After bringing it to the waiter's attention AGAIN, the owner came over this time and apologized and took half off everything on our order.

The bottom line is this: he did a GREAT thing by apologizing, fixing the situation and trying to please us. I feel horrible because I KNOW that this is not the level of Feng that I have experienced before. The quality of the food just was so off for some reason. Busy for the holiday absolutely. But, the execution shouldn't be lacking...

The decor and ambiance is fabulous, our service has always been wonderful and the food is always exceptional. I just think it is important for the chefs to practice uniformity and make sure what is plated is as near to perfection as possible. Things happen and what makes a good business stand out from the rest is how they treat their customers so while our visit wasn't what I had hoped, we will be back based on the way we were treated when something unpleasant happened.

But, a big thank you to the owner/manager and the waiter for making things right. You guys know what good business is. Kudos to you.

By Chelsea D. at 2015-07-18

Every time I come here, I have fabulous service and great food. I've been served by Eric numerous times and he is always kind,
knowledgable, and excellent. He always tells me exactly what's good on the menu and the most popular drinks. I keep coming back because of the service, not just the food! 100% recommend Feng.

By Elise D. at 2016-02-08

We went here this past Friday for dinner. The restaurant has a nice atmosphere but I will say that the front desk staff isn't very welcoming per say. We were in the back room which was rather drafty. We ordered the calamari which came out within minutes of ordering it and was delicious. We ordered three rolls for dinner - those took over 50 minutes to come out. The waiter came over and handed us dessert menus and we were like "uh no, we haven't even had dinner yet," at which point ( over 30 minutes from putting the order in ) he went and checked on it and came back and said they were having problems cooking the brown rice (?) but honestly I felt that it shouldn't have taken half an hour to check on that. Clearly there was an issue with the order. Also there was a water waiter who kept poking his head in the room, my water glass was empty, he would survey the room, and walk out. This happened five times before my boyfriend flagged him over to ask him to bring some water over at which point he poured it so quickly it spilt on the floor. Overall the food was good, atmosphere was good but service was very lacking.

By M. D. at 2015-12-02

*gluten-free diner*

Feng has a decent gluten-free dining menu, which I appreciate (though not for the hibachi side of the restaurant). The rolls are consistently good and the fish is nice quality (albeit a bit over-priced) and they have gluten-free soy sauce to offer. I do wish the servers/hostesses were consistently knowledgeable about gluten-free options though-- one server I had was very helpful one time, but on another visit the hostess was clueless as she took my take-out order.

Overall a good option for people looking for higher-end Asian and sushi in the Avon/Canton area.

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