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Fiamma Pizza e Vino

Fiamma Pizza e Vino
  • Street 1308 Buffalo Rd
  • City Rochester
  • Region New York
  • Postcode 14624
  • Telphone (585) 270-4683
  • Opentime
  • Raging (99)
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Fiamma Pizza e Vino introduction
Estimated average consumption of $14.67 - $29.34 per person. We offer 38 menus, including Scamorza al Forno, Portabello Caprese, Zuppa di Mare Bianca, Parmigiana di Melanzane e Zucchine, Cuoppo Fritto, Insalata Mozzarella e Prosciutto, Caprese and so on.
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Fiamma Pizza e Vino reviews

By Geneva P. at 2016-07-31

It has been a year or two since we last came here for dinner. It's such a nice, cozy atmosphere so I was happy to be back. We were pretty hungry and ordered way too much food.

Starting with a variety of fried foods, we thought we just ordered arancini. Instead we got 4 large fried balls stuffed with different things - risotto, mushroom spaghetti, one was fried dough...too much food! In addition to the super delicious bread to start the meal, this was already too much food! For our meal we split a pizza and pasta and barely ate any! The pizza was prosciutto, mozzarella and balsamic. The pasta was potato, sausage, light sauce and mozzarella. Both very good but enjoyed the pizza the most. The crust was nice and chewy.

Overall a good meal and we plan to be back for more pizza!

By Mary Z. at 2016-10-15

I met my sister at Fiamma for her birthday dinner. It was 6:45 on a Friday. We had been there a few years back just for a drink at the bar.

The first thing we noticed is that the restaurant had been rearranged. This allowed for more tables in the dining area. However, they've put too many tables in the dining area. The table next to us was mere inches away, and the wait staff kept bumping into the back of my chair as they worked their way around. They've allowed a large space for a glassed-in wine cellar. Perhaps that space would have been better for giving a bit more space to the dining area.

Our pizzas were good, and I liked that it was up to us to cut the pizza, as I like to slice smaller pieces when I'm dining out. They were no better or worse than any other wood fired pizzas I've had.

The service was attentive. In one case, it was a bit overattentive. The bus person kept trying to clean off the table while my sister was opening her gifts and even asked her to lift up her take-out box from a glass so she could remove it. We were mid-conversation at the time, and preparing to leave, so she could have waited a minute.

There is one huge problem with Fiamma. It smells like you are IN the wood pizza oven instead of in a restaurant. The smell of smoke is overpowering. At one point in our meal, an overwhelming hot chemical smell was emitted by the kitchen (kind of like lighter fluid). It really put us off our food, and we had to cover our noses with our napkins until the stench passed. When I returned home, my husband exclaimed "Phew! Where have YOU been?" I had to take a shower before retiring for the night. I've never experienced this problem in any other similar type of restaurant. In fact, in the old Gate House location, my husband's and my favorite spot was at the bar watching the choreography at the pizza oven and in the kitchen. No smells except for the food.

Fiamma's is a popular place. It was busy, and I know several people who dine there often. I'll be freeing up a table for them.

By Edward K. at 2016-12-22

I've made three attempts to go way out of my way to try their pizza and ultimately it was very disappointing. First I went to the centro location wanting to sit at the bar and was told there was only a limited menu. So I decided that the next day I would go to the buffalo road location for lunch. I got there at 1:30 (12/20) and was told they were no longer selling pizza! Very frustrating since I had just driven 30 minutes to eat, was starving, and now I had to drive back. Today I was extremely excited to finally get to try the pizza! I even timed it so I could get in a good workout and buildup a strong appetite. The problems started from the get go...

There was no hostess to greet you and seat you. The servers were doing it themselves so I just sat at the bar (since this location lets you order a full menu at the bar!). Then it was not at all a warm welcome from the server. Another person walked up (supervisor?) and she started complaining to him w me right there about how aweful it was to work w other people there (not a good sign!).

I get a drink (it was ok) and am having a hard time trying to decide what to eat. I asked her recommendation and she says the margherita, I asked if there's any other pizzas she recommends and her response was 'just order what you like'!!! Zero help. She disappears and after a while another server asks me if I'd like to order. I order a pizza. Now bear in mind that I got there right when it opened and it's now 12:15 (30 minutes). My food comes out at 1pm!! 45 minutes since I had ordered and not once did anyone apologize or try to explain during that time. The server mumbled something when she finally delivered the food that I'm assuming was an apology.

Awful service ruined the food.

By Gil O. at 2016-01-11

We were a party of 6 there on a Saturday night. of course, the place was packed and the staff busy.

Service was OK at best, but the food was great. My wife had the Margherita pizza and enjoyed it tremendously. I had a garganelli dish that is not showing up on their online menu. Again, extremely tasty with cauliflower, garlic, prosciutto.

I felt that the lighting was a little low. I understand "atmosphere," but I'd really prefer to be able to see what i'm eating.

By Lea B. at 2015-07-06

Sat at the bar. Liked the happy hour.
$4 beers
$4 house wine
$5 sue vial wine
$10 pizzas
Server and bartenders (Gianna and Samantha) were knowledgeable... And answered all of my questions.

The owner will not allow you to add/subtract toppings to his pizzas.... He is a stickler, and will not allow it, period!

Also no real outdoor seating. It has a few tables and chairs outside, but it's not exciting or spacious.

I ordered the Diavola pizza:
tomato sauce, mozzarella, spicy italian soppressata, basil, spicy olive oil...... It was not spicy at all. Found myself adding lots of red pepper flakes to make up for what I expected.

By Jennifer O. at 2015-07-04

Nice place, great happy hour. The Regina margarita is my favorite pizza. Half price bottles of wine during happy hour! And half off pizzas! 4 dollar beers. Their happy hour is from 4 to 7. I love 4 to 7 happy hours! My gripe with the place is that they won't let you add anything to their pizzas, you can only get on the side. This is silly to me as most restaurants will cater to their guest within reason. I was only asking to add garlic.
You also need to try the chicken cutlets! They are huge and come on a bed of arugula. The perfect balance of mozzarella, tomatoes and balsamic vinegarette give these perfectly cooked pieces of chicken some pizazz!
Oh, and they only accept CASH at happy hour

By Andrew A. at 2015-07-18

Was drawn here today by the great Yelp reviews. This ended up being one of the most disappointing places that I have been to.

To start with, the place was littered with flies. The constant buzzing of the flies around our table and food was distracting and annoying.

Oh, and the door to the entrance is on backwards, btw.

Secondly, the hounding employees - it was aggravating that at any time 5 different employees were watching our every move.

Thirdly, the place is overpriced. The quality of the food was lacking in comparison to the cost. The pasta was overcooked, and my calzone was all bread with little filling. For these prices, the place could've at least had some ambiance, but there was none. Our table was sticky, and there were mismatched chairs everywhere.

Sorry, but for these prices, there are tons of better places. Same goes for the food. $55 for 2 dishes and a soup? Sorry bruh!

By Aar B. at 2016-03-30

It's in a somewhat dodgy looking strip mall in an industrial part of town but once you are inside, the ambience is quite nice. The low lighting made it ideal for a date night.

I saw some reviews on Yelp about less than ideal service but my experience was quite opposite - our server made frequent rounds to the table and was very helpful with her suggestions.

Now the main part - the food. We got the Diavola wood/fired pizza (tomato sauce, mozzarella, spicy italian salami, basil, spicy olive). It looks great and it was as good a pizza as you would get in Rochester - at par with Tony D, Pizza Stop and Joe's Brooklyn pizza. And it was unique in its own way - very thin crust in the middle and puffy on the outside. The cheese was delicious and the salami was perfectly spicy.

The meatballs I thought suffered from being a little too meat-y. Too much meat in meatballs shouldn't be a bad thing but I felt the meat was packed too tightly and could have used some 'breathing room' which I believe is achieved via bread crumbs.

Everything on the dessert menu (see photo) looked so good - it was hard to pick. Our server suggested the profiteroles since there aren't too many places in Rochester that have them and that ended up being a good choice.

Pretty good prices:
$14 for pizza
$14 for meatballs
$7 for profiteroles
$7 per glass of Montepulciano

Definitely one of the nicer Italian restaurants in Rochester.

By Richard K. at 2016-04-21

The best homemade Italian food in Rochester. I've had so much over a lifetime. Most places offer " Rochester" Italian. This place serves "Italian" Italian. Like I had when I was in Italy. The pizza oven was imported from Naples. The Pizziolas we're also imported from Naples, and you can hear them chattering away in Italian. The housemade house perfected octopus with beans was a surprisingly filling and delicious appetizer. We had a focaccia with that, that was made in their woodfired oven. Simple food that was just amazing. The Burrata salad featured fresh cheese , olives and arugula. The seafood dish had ample seafood and house made pasta, that was delicious, perfectly seasoned and imaginative cuisine. The wine list is also impressive. You can get an Amarone by the glass. Imagine that. The Space is eclectic and Intimate. It feels like a traditional Tratoria. Lots of activity, lots of food, and lots of people really having a good time.

By Jan N. at 2015-03-28

Crust is usually not a good thing, except when it comes to pizza and boy, the crust here is mindblowing! Soft. Fluffy. Scrumptious. It's tasty by itself.

The bf ordered the Diavola which was mostly spicy Italian salami, basil with additional sprinkles of red pepper flakes in a red sauce. I skipped part of my meal, the rigatoni al forne, to munch on the crust of the pizza alone. I couldn't stop!

The rigatoni al forne was okay, a little hard for my liking, but it's baked in the pizza oven. Because of this, not only was the extra large rigatoni hard, it was also dry. It just wasn't my kind of dish, that's why I was picking on my bf's pizza.

I definitely want to go back for pizza! They had a stack of pizza boxes near the oven so I believe they have pizza takeout.

P.S. They have a pizza crust/Nutella dessert. There's HUGE Nutella jars near the oven.

By Claire B. at 2015-10-20

The good:
They had a great selection of craft beers on tap. I was happy to find Pumking (which is a rarity where I'm from). I did enjoy my pizza and my coworkers really enjoyed their pasta and pizza. The crust on the pizza is the perfect thickness and everything warmed up well the next day. The service was friendly and food came out in a reasonable time. The atmosphere was nice for a dark, chilly night.

The bad:
I ordered a dish with anchovies. They were the salty, hairy, dark kind. I can't stand those anchovies because the little hairs make the back of my throat itch. Considering the prices, I assumed they would be the light, pickled kind without the little hairs. The prices were quite high, although I've heard that to be true for much of Rochester. The mixed cocktail I ordered was just meh, which was a letdown considering the yummy beer I started with. Also, we had to wait 10-15 minutes to be seated in a restaurant with multiple open tables. What's up with that?!

The ugly:
They will not let you do additions, substitutions, etc. If you don't like what's on the menu... too bad. I'm sorry, but this is not the Ritz or fine dining. I understand the menu has been put together with care, but I'm not a child and I know what I like and don't like. If I'm paying $15 for a personal-sized pizza, give me what I want.

I ordered a pizza that doesn't come with cheese normally and asked if they'd add a couple of slices of buffalo mozzarella. I wouldn't have balked at an upcharge, but nope, they couldn't accommodate. They suggested that, if I wanted cheese, I could use the dry parmesan shaker on the table (yep, they couldn't even spare some decent parm from the ktichen). Annoyed, I went ahead and ordered the pizza. And lo and behold, it could have really used some cheese to balance those super-salty anchovies. Parmesan didn't help because it made the pizza gritty and even saltier. So, by their suggestion, I took a pizza that I liked but didn't love and made it worse with the cheese they provided me. I just feel like that is terrible customer service right there.

By Tim M. at 2016-04-09

Came back after a long layoff. Past 2 visits were really disappointing. Glad to say that Fiamma found its mojo again. Very good visit. Much better service and good to see owner engaged with customers and kitchen again.

By Max S. at 2016-03-15

Food was great, service was sub par.
Started with meatballs which were good, sauce was awesome. I ordered the breaded chicken cutlet over arugula. The portion was huge and the chicken was tasty. Party of six and five of us ate while one waited about ten minutes for her food. The cook apparently burnt her dish. Menu is authentic Italian without the normal Americanization. They do not have butter or coffee but as the server said they serve "exxpresso ." I'd go back for the food.

By Megan S. at 2016-01-17

The food is great but the service is atrocious. I once purchased a few groupons for Fiamma that only had stipulations regarding the day of the week they can be redeemed. No problem. I intended to use them to order take out as I have two small children.
I called to order take out, only to be told you can't call ahead. You literally have to go in, order the take out and sit there while they make it. Can't understand that rule at all. Anyway, I drive there, order and wait. I was literally the only one there. The bartender brings me my food and tells me my total. I hand her the groupon voucher and she flipped. She said it can't be used for take out. There was NO STIPULATION on the groupon saying that. She and I went back and forth but she refused. She called the owner on the phone and he said she'd be in trouble if she redeemed my groupon (according to her).

That's not the only time I've experienced poor customer service. The food is good but I can't stomach the way I'm treated there. I feel like a second hand citizen.

By James S. at 2015-07-17

Fiamma's is a small Italian restaurant located on Buffalo Rd in Gates that specializes in wood fired pizzas. In my opinion, they're one of the best pizza establishments in the Rochester area.

The pizzas are prepared quickly, and damn do they taste amazing. The dough has a unique toasty flavor that you don't find anywhere else in the area, even among other wood fire pizzerias. Fiamma generously applies their tasty tomato sauce. Mmm it's so good. My favorite varieties are the margherita, napoletana, capricciosa, and diavola. They have a number of exotic offerings too, such as a butternut squash pizza. Sounds weird to me, but every review I've read of it has been positive.

My one and only quibble is that they won't allow you to phone in a takeout order. They offer takeout, yes, but you must come in, order at the bar, and wait 5-8 minutes for your pizzas. When the bell goes DING, your pizza is ready. I wish you could call in ahead (if someone from Fiamma is reading this, please make it happen!!! You'll see me phone in orders all the time). Regardless, I love their pizza and highly recommend Fiamma to any pizza aficionado.

Seriously, go there now.

By Sharon F. at 2016-09-06

Fiamma is priced high end but it isn't. I gave this review a 3 for two reasons: our server and the appetizers. The "hostess" didn't say hello to us upon our 5pm arrival and seated us in the center of the restaurant and walked away! No greeting or asking if the seating was adequate - nothing, So we moved! She didn't even notice! The server didn't introduce himself but he was very attentive. We chose the house salad for two and it was very good, we also ordered the mussels fra diavlo, very nice flavor but 4 were empty and we didn't find the meat in the sauce. We mentioned to the server and he brought four more. I ordered the chicken with provolone, escarole and spek. Oh my gosh the presentation was so unappetizing! The chicken Marco Polo was tender but had no color and the provolone was totally white and melted with a small amount of escarole, way too much spek (prosciutto) on top of the provolone topped chicken, yuk! I had two bites and sent it back. My husband had the porkchops, poor presentation but he liked the flavor. We each had two Titos & tonic and they were in two different sized glasses! Who does that? It wasn't worth the $89 bill. Won't be going back. It's too bad because we live close by.

By Pat F. at 2016-08-25

I'll start by saying the food was delicious! So why only 2 stars then? Service! Our party of 6 had a fairly nice time until it came to the end of the night. The manager came over to inform us that the credit card machine wasn't working. So, we have to scrape together our pennies to pay our $300 bill?! Yep, that was their expectation. They told us to go find an atm to take cash out. Why should we have to drive somewhere to go get money?! The owner apparently didn't want to deal with it and stopped taking the manager's calls. We offered to give our credit card information and have them charge it and they wouldn't even do that. Not only that, they didn't even offer to compensate any of the bill for the inconvenience. The lack of customer care is inexcusable.

By Mike S. at 2016-02-06

DONT buy alcohol there unless it's happy hour. We were just fleeced. $16/ tall tanqueray and tonic? $10 for a Well Manhattan? Good lord. That's atrocious.
Great food, a way too dark in there, people at surrounding tables were using the lights on their phones to be able to see the bill.
I really liked the food, it's a shame they were so overpriced. The waitress suggested a little side of sauce for the food, told us its a bit dry, ok! Then they even charged for a little side scoop of sauce. Really?
The pluses- again, good food. But needs to be much more realistic on drink pricing. Well, I guess the jokes on me because I paid it, and the place was packed. Good for them!

By Jen P. at 2015-06-21

Ate here a second time a couple days ago (Fri night), this time just for pizza. The place was packed and we were glad we had made a reservation! Every table we saw seemed to be eating pizza too and they all looked good!

I ordered the San Daniele pizza with imported prosciutto, two kinds of cheese, cherry tomatoes, arugula and a balsamic cream sauce. Flavors were great, but the crust was soggy and could not hold up to the toppings. I was so disappointed. The crust around the rim was cooked well, crisp and nicely charred, but the slices were so limp that all the toppings just slid right off. I was looking forward to a stiff crunchy bottom crust, but maybe this was because of how thin the crust was??

Next time I would eat it with a fork and knife....but beware if you are looking for something firmer/crunchier - we've had better luck finding that consistency at Napa.

By Thomas B. at 2016-07-08

This place is like a trip to Naples Italy! Homemade pasta done perfectly and the staff were great! We live on the east side of town but will definitely back!

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