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Fishermans Market & Grill
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Estimated average consumption of $12.37 - $24.74 per person. We offer 124 menus, including Alaskan Halibut, Ahi Steak, Rock Lobster Tail, Salmon, Stuffed Salmon, Swordfish, Mahi-Mahi and so on.

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Fishermans Market & Grill reviews

By Dan W. at 2016-10-04

Went into Fisherman's Market again after not being here for so long. I almost forgot about this great fish place. We went in for dinner and the line was very short when we got here. We ordered the special for $14.99. You get a salad and a drink with the dinner. Not bad for the money right...

We got our drinks and a table. The salads came right our. Wow, I am always amazed with the salad that you get with the dinner. I got the Cesar. It was really good. the dressing is creamy and rich. This has to be one of the best salads around. Really, that good.

We had just finished our salads when our dinner came out. The Mahi-Mahi was hot and grilled just right. The veggies that you get with the dinner are really good to. They have a few sauces you can get at the small bar area including more Cesar dressing if you need. The tarter is really good. The fish did not need much on it because they grill it with lemon butter. Very tasty...

All in all this visit was just as good as the last one. It has been a while and I was worried that they might have changed, but no, they were the same old Fisherman's. The service was great as usual. The food was great!!!

I would recommend the Fisherman to everyone that like great fish! They are really one of the best places I have tried. Way to go Fisherman's!! Always great!!!

By Sarlyn P. at 2016-08-12

First time here.
On the way to Morongo Casino.
Near the 10 freeway.
Party of 2 to have a simple birthday dinner.

This place is a nice seafood restaurant if i don't want to eat at Morongo.

Food was good! Check out the photos i uploaded. I can honestly say that their food is worth tasting here especially if you love seafood!

Service was outstanding! You could order in the counter before seating your self then you get your own drinks but after that they'll serve you with a smile and always make sure everything is okay.

The restaurant was clean and decent size, not small but not big.

They have a drive thru!!!!!!!

By Tess N. at 2016-07-26

So... Not sure where the 4 stars came from. We spent $46 and some change for a basket fried clams, bowl of chowder , 2 fountain drinks, jumbo shrimp basket and Baha fish taco plate. Sounds like a lot of food? Meh.
Basket fried clams- where's the clams? We were consuming batter deep fried in oil.
Jumbo shrimp (grilled)- there was a total of 6 with a side of butter. We paid $12 for 6 medium sized shrimp with 0 flavor.
Baja Fish taco plate- fried cod fish, with cabbage, mayo wrapped in a bright orange tortilla with a slight funk. Again... No flavor. What's with that smell?
Bowl of Boston Clam Chowder- yes, lots of clams, but the flavor was no where near Boston.
Service is friendly and that's where they get a star from me.

By Lucie G. at 2016-12-02

This is my go-to place for fast, fresh, delicious food! Fisherman's Market has several locations in and near Palm Springs, but this one is a gem because there are only a few really good restaurants in Banning. This eatery is located just off the 22nd St. exit, which is the busiest exit for food and gas on the Interstate 10 route between Palm Springs and LA. If you want seafood grilled, Hawaiian, or cajun; fish tacos, or a super healthy low-calorie selection of fresh fish prepared to your specifications, come to Fisherman's. Their rice pilaf and coleslaw are amazing--it's hard to choose just one!They have excellent, moderately priced specials. There's a great selection of beer and wine, free wi-fi, casual atmosphere and a drive through (i can't believe this great restaurant has that, but WOW--you can take it with you!). Service is super-friendly and helpful. If I could improve this place, I'd expand it and offer real lemonade!

By Missy R. at 2016-04-04

We decided to stop here based on the reviews. I'm not sure why it is given 4 stars. The food was so-so. Nothing to write home about.

When I came into the restaurant I got excited to see fresh seafood in a display case. I thought to myself that the fish should be really good.
They were out of the catch of the day so I ended up ordering salmon.(I'm sure previously frozen) It was alright but lacking flavor. The coleslaw tasted 'Costco' prepared, not bad, but not homemade. The dressings were mediocre and the shrimp we ordered was definitely pre frozen due to freezer burn marks. The steak my boyfriend ordered had, as he said, the Cardinal sin of knife cuts on top. Yikes!!!

I'm sure at one point it might have been good but they need to step it up a bit to get a four star from me.

By Diana H. at 2015-09-08

How did I end up in Banning? Welllll my family and I were driving back from Palm Springs and wanted to eat lunch on our way back to LA.

I went on yelp and looked for a good seafood restaurant along the 10 freeway and boom found this great spot. I ordered the Cajun tilapia that was so darn good with rice pilaf. I got to try their calamari and baja fish tacos - all of them tasted great. Prices are a bit higher, but hey it's seafood I think it's worth it. They have a lot of seating inside and some outside. They don't allow dogs inside unless their a service dog, but they let you put them in the patio.

By Ralph H. at 2015-09-09

Well, it is not often I find myself in Banning CA. Went here with the family after spending the long weekend in Palm Springs for fun. Yelp this place and thought we would give it a try, we were glad we did. They have plenty of seating in doors and outside patio as well. We made our order, grabbed a table and they brought over our food. Yes the food takes a bit but its because its freshly made I think, which is a plus for me.

The staff were also very patient and friendly with us, since we had never been here we had a few questions regarding the menu. This place is also very conveniently located next to the freeway so you don't have to go out of your way much to come eat here and then hop back on. The food was very tasty. I got the Cajun Tilapia with coleslaw and rice which all was real good. Their calamari was nicely breaded and not too greasy.

I would definitely recommend making a pit stop here if you are on the 10 going east or west. its worth the stop here for sure.

Until next time Banning!

By Wendy H. at 2016-11-28

Meh. First time here. Wanted to check it out. We ordered the fish and chips and fisherman's platter (fish, clams, shrimp, calamari, scallops) and iced tea and soda. They use large chips. Pretty decent, but not my favorite. I did not like the coleslaw or the tarter sauce. Fish was pretty good, but I didn't love the batter. Kind of tasteless. I would order fish and chips again. I would not order the platter again. If I return, I would try some of the other fish dishes.

By Tiffany D. at 2016-11-02

Love this place! Great quality seafood. Also love the potato wedges and rice! Services is friendly. Sauces are yummy. All in all we have never been disappointed.

By Dr. Donald R. at 2016-11-16

This place is awsome great food,prices are unbelieveable its the best kept secret in california

By Sheila F. at 2016-08-28

Friendly staff you go up to the counter and order they have a real hot deal special I had the reel hot trout it was yummy you pick the way you want it cooked comes with two sides a glass of wine and a salad for 1499 and surprisingly good also tried a couple of the clam chowder it was yummy and Cajun basket of shrimp for an appetizer all super good my partner had a catfish again the reel deal no complaints we will come back again. This is like a place you would find at the beach definitely recommend they bring your food to the table after you order at the counter. Taylor was very friendly and helpful.

By Ellen L. at 2016-12-16

This was my first time here. Was welcomed by a friendly cashier with a big smile. When I informed her that this was my first time, I was offered a menu and return when I was ready to order. My husband and I ordered the fried catfish, I would have to agree with most who didn't give a 5 star rating....NOTHING WAS SEASONED. YOU GET A LOT OF FOOD BUT NO TASTE. WILL NOT RETURN!! When leaving no one said anything or checked on us the whole time we were there.

By Jessie L. at 2016-09-16

Seriously the best! Poke is my favorite! We also buy fish here to make sushi at home! Delicious!

By Jim G. at 2016-10-10

Killer fish tacos(grilled not deep fried). Had an excellent experience . Great food, great service. Just a really nice time. Thank you..

By Angie N. at 2016-10-04

Nope..never again. Ordered the Cajun grilled shrimp. Nothing about it impressed me. Tasted bland and was overpriced. A 6 year old kid could have cooked this dish. Seriously, it tasted as though they threw the shrimp on the grill and tossed some cheap Cajun seasoning on top. You would think at these prices, they could at least "MARINADE" the shrimp with maybe some garlic butter and flavorful Cajun seasoning beforehand. When I go out to eat, I'd like to enjoy a meal that tastes completely different than something I can "throw together" at home. Save your money

By Amber S. at 2016-10-20

I ordered the baja tacos and was very excited but I found the baja sauce to be completely inedible. It was just awful. I ate about 3 bites and couldn't stomach anymore. No one bothered to ask us how to liked our meals. I took Rachel Ray's advice on this one and got burned! Perhaps I just don't like baja sauce . . . this was my first time ever trying it. I wouldn't recommend getting that particular dish. My boyfriend got fried shrimp and they were pretty good.

By Jennifer F. at 2016-07-01

Great food. Loved the batter on the fish and chips. Great selection of fish. Loved the coleslaw. The clam chowder was good too.
Convenient. It's right off the freeway. Also they have a drive through!

By Gordon P. at 2016-10-13

They know how to cook fish here for a reasonable price. Their specials can be outstanding. The staff is always hustling whether it's cleaning tables, delivering orders or clearing tables. We were there once when it was slow and the cook was out front cleaning windows. It can be hectic if you want to eat at rush hour but the staff quickly creates order from the potential chaos.

They also sell fish just like at the market. I see another review gave them 1 star. I don't understand that but I guess there is no pleasing some people.

Highly recommended

By Mary C. at 2016-05-15

This was a surprise we found driving home from Joshua Tree to LA. Good seafood and nice, affordable options for kids and those eating heathy. Fried options available, too. Get there between 4-6pm for the Early Bird Specials.

I ordered from the healthy section of the menu which consisted of your choice of fish, shrimp or scallops, steamed broccoli, and salad for $12. Similar options on the regular menu are around $20. Tip: ask for melted butter and save $$.

By Fran'ik B. at 2015-12-09

Service with a smile.

Something about sea food in the desert. I was shocked at how good the calm chowder was considering I'm from new England I have high standards. The Cajun catfish was exceptional with the rice side. The is a define second visit next time I'm in town.

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