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Fox's Pizza Den

Fox's Pizza Den
  • Street 5646 Brook Rd
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23227
  • Telphone (804) 553-1137
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Fox's Pizza Den introduction
Estimated average consumption of $6.23 - $12.46 per person. We offer 62 menus, including 20 oz. Soda, 2-Liter Soda, 20 oz. Lipton Iced Tea, 20 oz. Water, Wing Ditties, 6 Mozzarella Sticks, Potato Wedge Fries and so on.
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Fox's Pizza Den reviews

By Kia D. at 2016-07-28

The slowness of their delivery is a bit annoying BUT their food is good. The Big Daddy pizza can feed your whole family! The potato wedge fries are my favorite.

Reasonable price. I honestly recommend them on a lazy day when you want something to eat and don't feel like cooking or leaving.

By Robert K. at 2016-12-08

Went in to order dinner and here's what I was greeted with... a young man sitting in a chair with the door propped open smoking a black and mild and rolling a blunt. Stood at the counter and was greeted by another lady in the store that said "oh he's out there somewhere running around." One of the other "cooks" went to the door and started cursing him out using every explicative in the book. Management didn't seem too concerned about anything because when I asked why they weren't wearing gloves his response was "Oh, the pizza is hot enough. We don't need to."

By Amy A. at 2016-12-06's fine, but again...a half step up from Little Caesars...for more than double the price. Perhaps it was the unique 'kick' to their sauce??? The reason for the third star? The staff was INCREDIBLE & super friendly, although I could tell they were slammed!

By Indira M. at 2016-08-03

Pizza is pretty good. Much better than some others in the area. The chicken wings are different, kind of crispy but very flavorful.
I ordered from them about ten minutes before they were closing, and I was really surprised that they actually delivered so they get extra kudos from me for that. I also had pizza they donated on national night out and I was impressed.

By Kimberlee Z. at 2016-04-17

This place is not so bad for a small pizza joint. The Philly Cheesesteaks were actually pretty good. The pizza is okay, and the cookies were terrible. The pizza had minimal flavor, but it was nice to not have pizza that always tastes the same like Papa John's or Pizza Hut. I know not to order desserts from fast food pizza places, so that was my fault.

I would only recommend for the Cheesesteaks!

By Erica B. at 2016-02-28

Found my new favorite place to get pizza! My mom and I got pizza from here the other night and it was pretty awesome, so I decided to try them out again yesterday. I got a chicken breast wedgie sandwich with potato wedges. Everything was so good. The crust on the sandwich was PERFECT and crispy around the edges. The wedges were flavorful and came with a honey dijon dipping sauce that made it 10x better. I will definitely be ordering from here again.

By Teresa C. at 2015-05-30

This is seriously the WORST delivery service I have ever received in my life. It took approximately 2 hours for it to arrive AND the pizza was cold upon recieving it. The pizza isn't even that good...I tried to give it zero stars, but yelp wouldn't let me

By Casey E. at 2015-07-06

Absolutely the slowest delivery service I have ever experienced. It shouldn't take 45-60 minutes to get a sub living only a few miles away. The only reason I am giving them two stars is because their food is usually still very good. Occasionally, I receive a sub with items on it that I asked not to be included, but still tasty generally. Hoping they figure out their delivery service!

By Ann T. at 2015-03-11

I had some of the Gourmet Champ Pizza and a tossed salad. Not very good, doesn't compare to other places in the area. Got the worst food poisoning I have ever had. Couldn't keep anything solid in me for 3 days, and now (several weeks and many probiotics later) my system still doesn't feel normal. Sticking with Belmont Pizza for delivery.

By William M. at 2015-04-20

This place is so cool because if you give them a day in advance you can order a 30" pizza! Amazing stromboli. Another great place to get pizza, I highly suggest you order one of their huge pizzas for your next party or get together. PERFECT for super bowl parties.

By Phoebe P. at 2015-04-26

I am so happy Fox's delivers and delivers relatively late. Always a great hogie and excellent pizza. Nice drivers, too.

By John P. at 2015-05-31

We pick up Fox's once or twice a month. But, we go for the salads and subs. The salads are fresh and creative. Unlike most places, Fox's will customize your salad. The Taco and Buffalo chicken are our favorites. They also have salads with steak and fries that are excellent. Just don't try to justify it as healthy.
The subs have very good. They have fresh bread and have great variety to choose from. They also allow you to add a large number of extras, just like a pizza.
Now the pizza. My wife likes it. I think it is average at best. It ordinary. The crust has no real flavor. The sauce is just sauce. I will say the toppings are fresh not the pre packaged looking stuff you can find out there. Unfortunately, nothing memorable. Nothing to make me want it again.
Now we come to the wings. I am a little torn here. They do have great foavor. Unfortunately, every time we tried them, they were swimming in a pool of sauce. If you like that, give them a try. If you are like me and want just the right coating for flavor, pass on these.

By Pam W. at 2014-01-28

This review is for the Gayton location. Ordered two pizzas and a ham and cheese hoagie. Just okay...nothing that makes them stand out in my humble opinion. Hoagie was soggy with bread that was not good. Pizza sauce was decent, cheese was clearly good, but toppings were hard to find. Also delivery took an hour and everything was lukewarm. Don't think I'll order again. We tried them twice now with similar results.

By Uniqua B. at 2015-04-16

THE pizza was fresh and Delicious! It was delivered in a timely manner and still steaming. The Cinnamon sticks were eh.. but it's not a bakery it's a pizza place, and they do pizza very well.

By David E. at 2014-06-03

I'm amazed that a place like Subway is so popular when the hoagies and wedgies from Fox's are SO much better. We wish there were a Fox's Pizza Den closer to where we live, we'd be eating steak hoagies all the time. These are THE best hoagies ANYWHERE. It's too bad people don't know just how good they are.

Anytime we are traveling through Richmond, my wife and I make it a point to stop here for the steak hoagies or wedgies. What a treat! Everyone we've taken there agrees, they are absolutely delicious!

By Nicole M. at 2014-09-14

Oh holy pizza heaven. I can't tell you how happy I am to have found Fox's Pizza Den! I grew up in South Jersey with memories of thin, soft crusted pizza with gooey cheese deliciousness. Having since lived in the South for last 15 years, I've been continually disappointed in local and chain pizza. Until now. This pizza is so amazing. Hot, melty cheese, good sauce, tasty toppings, perfect crust. We've ordered twice now and will absolutely order again, and soon. Delivery has been on time and takes about 45 minutes, but that's understandable. Do you really think fresh, quality pizza should show up in less than 20 minutes? I don't. So I'll happily wait for my perfect pizza. Keep it up, Fox's.

By Robbin W. at 2012-10-15

Fox's Den opened in the Brook Run shopping center last Wednesday. Friday night I decided to order pizza, and thought it might be a good idea to try this new restaurant. I ordered a large 1/2 cheese 1/2 pep pizza, a deluxe stromboli, and a steak and cheese hoagie. So, the food:

Pizza- This was the shining star of the meal. The crust really set it apart- it's flaky and soft, kind of like a biscuit texture, but it tastes like a pizza crust. Yummy. My kids said it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

Stromboli- Was pretty good. Had the general toppings in it that a deluxe pizza would. I mean, it was really pretty standard as far as strombolis go. Definitely tasty. The only complaint I have about it is the marinara sauce. It had a weird after-taste. I am not sure if it's the same sauce they use on the pizza - couldn't taste it in the pizza but I could taste it by itself. No big deal, it was still worth ordering and I am not subtracting a star for it.

Steak and Cheese- this was ordered for my husband- but I tasted it so I could review it. He ordered it with everything. It was really delicious. Nothing much to say about it other than that it was just a good sandwich. :)

Overall the experience was great- food was good, ordering over the phone was a breeze. Pickup was easy (they deliver too). They were gracious about accepting my coupon on my phone since I was out when I ordered and didn't have it printed. Friendly employees, clean store.

***They have a HUGE 52 slice, 30" pizza called "The Big One"- it's only $35 and I definitely plan on ordering it for our next football gathering...***

By Mike G. at 2013-05-06

Pretty good pizza and they deliver to the north side/VCC area. Not as good as Belmont Pizza but its up there

By R T. at 2013-05-10

Good to great pizza! One of the few GOOD places that delivers to Northside. The owner is very invested in the quality and reputation of this establishment! Which in today's time is rare! This is a very good pizza place that will only get better.

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