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Franklin Street Market

Franklin Street Market
  • Street 1711 E Franklin St
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23223
  • Telphone (804) 644-0151
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  • Raging (42)
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Franklin Street Market introduction
Estimated average consumption of $7.52 - $15.04 per person. We offer 88 menus, including Cape Cod Salad, Mykonos Greek Salad, Sonoma Valley Salad, Blue Ridge Caesar Salad, The Alamo Pizza, Ben Hur Pizza, Star Wars Pizza and so on.
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Franklin Street Market reviews

By Kelsey W. at 2015-07-31

Cannot give this place enough stars! Hands down, the Korean wings are the best wings I have ever had. When I lived in the bottom, the wings, with their Goodfella's pizze were my go-to options. The beer selection is always impeccable and you can't beat half-priced growler fill ups on Wednesday. Be advised - take out orders can have pretty long

This is one of my favorite hidden gems in the bottom.

By Melissa H. at 2015-12-05

It saddens me to take Franklin Street Market down a couple notches because when it first opened it started off so strong, but lately, it's brought nothing but sadness. I'm a big fan of supporting the little guys and on many an occasion I've stopped in to pick up something and the shelves have been practically bare and the produce section non-existent. The service has also deteriorated and there have been times we've popped in only to be completely ignored by staff.

But what really breaks my heart is the pizza that I once loved so much seems to change with every order. There is absolutely no consistency. The final straw came tonight when our pepperoni pizza arrived with this bizarre taste - I think it may have been parmesan cheese (something that I've never seen on a standard pepperoni pizza, anywhere, let alone at FSM) but I may have been wrong. All I know is that we can normally polish off an entire pizza, but this one tasted so gross ergo half of it sits discarded in my kitchen as I write this. But it wasn't just the strange mystery flavor, each slice had about one pepperoni on it. I've never in my life seen such stingy pepperoni dispersion anywhere. What gives? We also got a slice of cheese pizza with our deal and that, while soggy but with burnt crust, didn't have the mystery flavor.

As I said, I really was cheering for Franklin Street Market and gave them so many changes but I'm done.

By Kirsti A. at 2015-11-24

Awful awful awful!

Ordered delivery on the Eat 24 app and got a notification that the order would take 30 minutes. The order took an hour and a half, and all of the food was cold.

We ordered two sandwich meals, wings and the order came with a free piece of pizza. None of the food was very good. The wings were okay, but for $1 per wing there was almost no meat on the wings (pictured).

Overall, very expensive for a terrible experience and would not recommend them.

By A C. at 2015-12-22

I've been to Franklin Street Market several times but this last time was a HUGE disappointment. I went in with my lips set to enjoy the turkey, apple, brie (TAB) sandwich because I'd had it before and was pleased. I had a small issue with there being hair in it that last time :-( but the server was apologetic and got me a new sandwich. As I was placing my order, there was a memory trying to surface about why I wasn't a fan of this place. Since I couldn't remember, I ordered the TAB box lunch with great hope for another great sandwich.

Whoooaahoooohooooo!! Was I mistaken. First off, when I opened the box, I immediately noticed the croissant was very brown. Not a nice golden brown but on-the-verge burnt brown. Also the sandwich was hastily put together. The top of the croissant was all ripped probably from how roughly the brie was spread. There was barely any turkey, and there wasn't any mayo. I meeeeean, I was the only customer in the entire store! What's the rush??

Anyway, I expressed my disappointment to the young lady at the register and she made me another sandwich. I noticed that ALL the croissants were burnt brown so it wasn't from them toasting it. She said that's what was delivered from the bakery. Wait, so you accepted burnt bread from the bakery? Anyway, I thought, it really won't be that bad. Man oh man! The bread was in fact burnt, the brie tasted spoiled, the apples were mealy.. I could go on. The final straw was the swarm of gnats. As I swatted away one, another was already dancing on the turkey. THAT'S why I was hesitant about returning!

Long story short: the food is not appetizing; the cleanliness is in question; the staff is uninterested.. Now I've documented it, and can recall why I say never again...

By Diane H. at 2016-03-25

I really wanted this place to be successful. I live close and love supporting small businesses. However, what started as an awesome new local shop has seriously gone downhill. I'm a beer lover so I have gone in on several occasions to get a growler filled from their taps. The first time was fine and I enjoyed their Wednesday half off growler price. However on later visits the clerk working didn't know which beers they had, how to use the taps, how to fill a growler, nor how to ring up my growler. He fumbled his way through the process and I eventually left with a half reasonable growler fill, but I won't be returning. Why offer growler fills if you can't hire people to serve them properly?

Overall, I think this shop tried to do too many things all at once (i.e. delivery, groceries, bar, restaurant, etc) and didn't really succeed at any of them.

By Julie M. at 2015-11-15

An hour and a half for delivery. Food arrived and the pizza was cold. The sandwich wasn't right and the Mac n cheese went straight into the trash. At least the delivery guy was able to go and get the missing drinks. This used to be a great place to order from. It has gone completely downhill.

By Jon B. at 2015-06-29

While on my quest to find new and exciting restaurants that could deliver lunch in the downtown area, I came across Franklin Street Market. From first glance of the menu, I noticed that the store sells a variety of food. How did my experience go? To find out, read below:

The Good:

Speed of Delivery- I placed my order online and the delivery person came with the food in less than 45 minutes. It was very impressive given the traffic in the area during that time of day.

Price/Portion- Thus far, I have ordered the Three Piece Fried Chicken Meal, the Ruben sandwich and a side of wings. The amount of food that I received certainly justified the reasonable price.

Taste of the Ruben sandwich- In addition to this being one of the first restaurants that was not skimpy with their sandwich meat, the taste was pretty good too. The ingredients seemed fresh and I could only imagine how good the sandwich would have been if I had it in the restaurant.

On the Fence:

Taste of Korean Wings- When I think of Korean chicken wings, I think of Bon Chon where the wings are fried twice and brushed with sauce. These wings were fried once and had a slightly sweet sauce to them. It wasn't the best chicken wing that I've ever tasted, but it wasn't terrible either.

Taste of Mac n Cheese- I ordered the Mac n Cheese with my fried chicken meal. I am very critical of mac n cheese and the more arteries the dish can clog, the better I rank the dish. This dish was almost there but not quite. Definitely not as bad as some Mac n Cheese dishes that I've had from other places.

The Bad:

Condition of the Fried Chicken- I wanted to love this fried chicken so badly because the skin had a good flavor, but the chicken was dry and could not be revived. I would have loved to had tasted the chicken when it was fresh out of the grease.

Overall- Some of the dishes were a hit, some were a miss. But the prices were affordable, portions were good and delivery was fast. I could surely see myself ordering from this restaurant again. THREE STARS.

By Richie W. at 2015-02-25

Walked by a bunch of times and finally stopped in and tried it. We all got a lunch box, which for $9.99 contains a sandwich, small side, pickle, bag of chips and a cookie. I got the caprese sandwich, which was a little light on cheese and a little too tomato heavy for my liking. My coworkers sandwiches all looked a lot better. We will definitely be back.

The place has a nice vibe, but it is always dead. I hope they can generate some more customers and stay in business.

By Stephanie C. at 2015-11-22

I decided to order dinner from this place for me and my friend. We placed our order through Eat Street which sent us an email saying our food would arrive from 40 to 60min. After 70min order. So I call the restaurant and ask about my order. They said they had other orders before mine which is why it was taking so long (I'm sorry but if you don't have capability to serve patrons why are you delivering? Why are you on several delivery apps?) She said mine was already in and next one out so that it should come soon. 2hrs pass..nothing, I called again and the girl said it was almost ready and to be delivered very soon. I told her nicely that 2hrs is unacceptable but instead of apologizing, or offering extras she simply said the dough is fresh which is why it takes so long. The order finally arrives and at this point I'm not upset, just hungry and was hoping this to be the best meal ever...The delivery man apologized quickly and said he added extra fries. But


Just tasteless, everything texture flavor was horrible.

-Dough was excellent (thin crust)
-Cheese was not melted enough, it needed more time in the oven to be well cooked and crispy.
-Looked horrible, ingredients were randomly placed.

I will not order from this place again due to 2hr wait and disappointing quality of food.

By Alex W. at 2015-05-29

Lots of pros, but lately I've had some reservations and i leave the store thinking that there are more cons. I used to enjoy visiting and picking up eclectic goods. Owner is wonderful, but things have started to change recently. Over the past several months the prices have started to disappear from items. I brought a 6-pack unmarked to the counter and the clerk ran it for $17.26. It's a quality craft beer, but the fact that the 6-pack was 1) not marked and then 2) it ran so high at check-out made me want to leave the store.

The food is always wonderful and the boxed sandwiches and sides are always worth the price--this has remained relatively unchanged, but the other store products are all over the place. Coffee from Rostovs is over priced considering that one can go 2 miles down the road and pick up a half pound for half of what was marked.

It really is a shame that my feelings about the place that I had once recommended so highly have now changed. It's not the best feeling to be successfully "priced out" of the local market.

By Garrett Z. at 2015-12-06

Franklin Street Market has some of the best sandwiches I've ever had. That being said, the service is terrible.

Each sandwich takes about 10 minutes to make and they can only make one at a time, so do not come here with multiple people.

I ordered online to save myself the wait. When I showed up, 30 minutes after ordering, they saw me and began to make my order which took another 20 minutes. Also, when they are in a hurry they cut corners by not spreading sauces evenly, heating up the meat, or even assembling the sandwich properly.

Despite having been here more than 30 times, I think I've officially made my last trip because the service has been so consistently poor.

By Solome T. at 2016-04-04

Got the Korean Bulgogi and it was not good. Menu said it would come with 2 sides of cucumber salad and kimchi, I received two sides of kimchi which also weren't that great. The beef/meat itself was cooked with too many onions and took away the taste of the meat. Hope this review is helpful. I would strongly recommend against this dish.

By Maggie R. at 2015-12-04

Overall, our food was ok. Our sandwiches were the highlight (roast beef rooster and Italian sweet sausage) but didn't quite deliver as we expected. We ordered delivery and in addition to our food ultimately being cold, I was told by our delivery driver that "he could not come into the building" which is one of my personal pet peeves. When I order delivery, I greatly prefer it when brought to my unit; I order delivery *specifically* so I don't have to leave the comfort of my apartment. My boyfriend and I ordered the same side, mac & cheese, yet one order was a significantly larger portion than the other, albeit tasty. I also ordered a 16 oz side of greens and was given approximately half of that, and unfortunately they were terribly salty and had no other real flavor to them.
I was so excited to try Franklin Street Market's food. It seemed as though they were passionate about the quality, consistency, and origins of their food but overall I was sadly disappointed. I may try again in the future, but it will be a long time coming.

By Nehal N. at 2014-05-18

Turn your local store into a bar with a great deli and you've got franklin street market. Its a long time coming when shockoe can have such a good business.

They've got a great selection of sandwiches and pizzas, and open till late!
Get that know you want it.

Also they've got 5 craft beers on tap, which you can enjoy while digging into the monster sandwiches.

Feel like you need some local organic produce? They've got that too, with local meat and dairy suppliers. Mmmmm i love me some low carbon impact food!

By Jessica P. at 2015-09-06

Love these guys! Ordered wine and beer the previous night and they called the next morning to assure it was still good to go. Super friendly service, speedy delivery and great products! Also pretty awesome getting bubbly delivered just in time for brunch!

By Jessica A. at 2016-03-13

CREEPY OWNER, but he's never there. Super inconsistent service. Sometimes takes over 1.5 hrs for delivery! Several times I've tried to order and they call me 30 MINUTES AFTER ORDERING and tell me they're out of basically everything I ordered. Like, come on I've been sitting here for 30 mins hungry and then you tell me you don't even have 2 out of 3 things I ordered?? BS! The Greek Tuna Salad sandwich was really good, but apparently they took it off the menu (probably bc they never had it anyway). Avoiding this place. Overpriced, under-managed, inconsistent, the laziest staff, and overall just poor execution.

By Brian M. at 2014-08-21

Stumbled in this past weekend during the Brew-BQ shindig on 17th street. What drew me in was the sign broadcasting that this place made bulgogi tacos.

First, I am half Korean and grew up in Korea. With that said, I have high standards for what bulgogi should taste like. I felt like this was a challenge that I must accept.

The inside is clean, well organized, and the grocery part of the business carries some very good food items. The wine and bar area had a solid line of up drinks to offer anyone who was thirsty as well. I came here for these tacos.

They offer the bulgogi style tacos with your choice of beef, pork or chicken. I ordered the pork and chicken versions of the taco. I noticed that they make a mega burrito version of this and they also serve the bulgogi on a bed of white rice as well. The tacos were reasonably priced at 2 for $5.

From an appearance, the food is very simple looking. It was a two pieces of thin corn tortilla with some lettuce and meat. No additional toppings or sauces which in some cases may seem off. However, I was stunned when I took a bite into the tacos. The meat was so well flavored that it did not need anything else but the lettuce. The pork and chicken were very good!

I highly recommend that you stop in here and check this place out. I am very excited to come back and try some more.

By Tovah B. at 2015-06-17

I am so disappointed in this place. When they first opened I would have given a 5 star rating but it has seriously gone down hill. I loved the salads and for $10 I always felt I got plenty however the past two times I have ordered, my $10 salad has turned into nothing more than a side salad and took over an hour to get. The "toppings" are completely non-existent. This is frustrating since I am within walking distance and love big salads for lunch. I guess it's back to the Farm Fresh salad bar.

By Ryan L. at 2014-10-31

For the last month I've been frequenting this place about twice a week. The food is excellent and very reasonably priced. The tap beer selection is killer and such interesting choices that change frequently. I love tasting new beers and I'm always surprised when I go in that I wasn't previously familiar with several of them. The guys working are always super nice and the place is very clean (big plus in Shockoe).

I highly recommend checking this place out and having a drink or two while you wait for your food.

By Melanie C. at 2015-07-16

Got a box lunch and it had Doritos instead of chips specified and they didn't give me a cookie. My portobello mushrooms in my sandwich were burnt and gross. The Mac and cheese side was in a tiny container I would assume is generally used for sauces.

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