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  • Street 2635 W. Fond Du Lac Ave.
  • City Milwaukee
  • Region Wisconsin
  • Postcode 53206
  • Telphone (414) 374-4379
  • Opentime
  • Raging (4)
  • Website
  • Cuisine
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Fryerz introduction
Estimated average consumption of $8.52 - $17.04 per person. We offer 142 menus, including Freshly Hand Squeezed Lemonade, Milkshake, Smoothie (Pickup Only), 16 oz. Soda, Water, Calypso Lemonade, Everfresh and so on.
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Fryerz reviews

By Local P. at 2015-02-08

I ordered delivery through grubhub. I made several special orders and everything came right. And everything arrived! A great start. The food was still hot and fresh, crispy french fries, good poppers and cheese curds. The gyro I ordered was tasty. Cheesesteak was tasty.
Basically, I'm happy. I will order from them again.

By Maxwell G. at 2015-06-22

Very rude staff, i called to ask why my order was cancelled i made with them, they told me to far then just hung up while i was in mid sentence to see if i could do a pick up instead. never ordering there again

By Erin G. at 2015-03-26

Fool me once... Ok, I knew my the low prices that I wasn't expecting gourmet, but I went for it... Twice. The nachos are made on Doritos, which was unexpected, but fine in my slightly (very) buzzed state. The burgers (fresh, never frozen!) are marginally better than fast food, and only slightly more costly. Honestly, if I had never learned about food safety, I *might* have given three stars due to munchie goodness, but I ordered banana pudding. The banana pudding could be homemade, or it could be scooped out of a tub from Costco. I'll never know, because the handwritten date sticker says 4/12. Today is 3/26. If you know anything about food safety, you'll know that 16-17 days is 9-10 days out of code by law, and 11-12 days out of code if you have a conscious. Seriously? Gross.

By Damon R. at 2012-08-27

I would never in my life go here again. I wish i could truly give less than one star. This place is on the corner of 27th and fon du lac where John's Red Hots used to be. The renovation of the building looks nice and secure unlike how Johns used to be.

Now, I'm all about supporting out local businesses and all, but now when its not right. The cashiers, cooks, owners all of them were so rude. While i was waiting on my food there was music being played in the lobby so to speak that was extremely profane. What if i had my kids with me? Is that age appropriate? Is it courteous? I think not.

The final straw was that i waited for nearly 25 minutes on 6 pieces of chicken. To make matters worse when i asked the cashier guy what was up with my food he said its coming up right now, i looked over his shoulder to take a peek at the cook and i was shocked. The cook took his bare hands no gloves and stuck in the fry basket and put in on a tray for me to eat. Right away i asked the cashier why would the cook do this? He look surprised and said "uh what? You want some more fries" I said shit no! gimme my money back.

Never again...... and you shouldn't either.

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