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Fushimi Japanese Sushi
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Estimated average consumption of $11.92 - $23.84 per person. We offer 108 menus, including Edamame, Shrimp Shumai, Pork Gyoza, Vegetable Gyoza, Shrimp Tempura, Fried Calamari, Coconut Shrimp and so on.
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Fushimi Japanese Sushi reviews

By Susan L. at 2016-10-09

We ate a late-afternoon dinner there today and everything about it was great. The buffet spread was quite sufficient and all of the food was very tasty. However, the sushi - which was, of course, included in the price - was *delicious*, and there were many different choices. We've eaten lots of Japanese food over the years and we lived in Japan many years ago, so I feel quite confident in saying the sushi at this restaurant was really good.

We were very surprised to read a few negative reviews about the service, since our experience was quite the opposite; our server was *very* friendly and attentive.

Also, everything was very clean (including the restrooms) - and the price for all of that food was a *steal*. Note that there's a decent-sized parking lot which is shared with an adjacent restaurant.

By Chris S. at 2016-12-17

After coming here for awhile I think it's time to move on.

Yes they have a lunch buffet which includes sushi and regular buffet items. Overall it's ok but nothing to write home about.

The sushi is rather lacking. The rolls have hardly any fish. For example the philly roll. This had so little fish you could even barely see it in the roll and the cream cheese was this huge glob that took over it all. Additionally the nigri sushi is on the small size and cut VERY thin. The ugnai would take at least two pieces on top of each other to even come to maybe about half the size of a normal serving.

While this is bad, the service is even worse. I've had issues here before with either never getting a bill etc but lately has gone even further downhill.

The waitress took over 10 mins to even come to the table to take the sushi order or ask about drinks. This followed by another 8 min gap for her to bring water. My gf had pretty much finished a plate from the buffet before she even showed up with the water.

Next when trying to get more sushi or water we waited. And waited. And waited. No one could acknowledge us or bring water so we ended up having to go up and grab a pitcher ourselves and serve ourselves. Plus they saw us do this and never came over to say anything. We tried to flag down our waitress which never came or even said sorry for the wait or anything.

After waiting at least 15 minutes since we finished we started getting bundled up for outside and to pay at the front. Finally the waitress comes over and ask if we need anything. Um little late. And I wanted to order more sushi but what's the point seeing we have to leave for work.

It wasn't like the place was packed. They had a large group leave when we were there and had 4 people on and the place was maybe half filled. It shouldn't be this bad or hard to help those people. Plus the waitress was always at the front and never the back part. The table next to us had a different waitress who actually came by a lot but never ours. Seems like the floor plan is off is that's the case.

I would rather pay 13 bucks, get good service and actual sushi somewhere else than ever go back here.

Ok, update. I have attempted to call and talk with management 4 times. The first time I was told she would call me back. This has not happened. The next 3 was she's not in and to call later but no one knows when their manager will be in. So, no one there during when bad service happened and now can't even discuss with someone? No wonder you have such terrible service, you don't even have someone to mange your front of house!

By Aubrey R. at 2016-07-06

First experience here and a little disappointed. The restaurant itself is beautiful and very clean, looked promising! The staff was probably our biggest let down which is not something I say often as a server myself. We were treated as an inconvenience from the get go, having two employees brushing us off as we tried to get seated, but I didn't think much of it initially.

Once seated, we were a little confused with the menu as it appeared to be buffet only and we were just looking for a few rolls of sushi to test the place out. Hoping we could ask our waitress whether or not it was ok to get a few rolls and how best to order she just said yes and rushed off to presumably get a bubble tea we had ordered, waited ten minutes to find out they don't have the flavor and an additional five or ten minutes to receive another (at which point we had about finished eating our two rolls). The sushi was okay, tasted fresh. The bubble tea was more of a slushy and a bit disappointing as well. We asked for the bill and waited another 15 minutes only to see we had been charged $50 for two dinner buffets we specifically asked not to order. We took the check to the front to be fixed since it didn't appear our waitress would be back anytime soon. Once we were able to speak with another 2 or 3 staff members, someone agreed to fix it but insisted 'next time you really should tell your server ahead of time' which was the real slap in the face. I can't imagine a time a costomer is asking me to fix a check on which they have been grossly overcharged that I would respond to them that they should do better next time.
I went here on my night off work, to relax and hopefully find a new favorite sushi spot, but I was uncomfortable the whole time. I understand that things happen and maybe this was an off night, but I have a hard time thinking I would want to go back. Based on my experience, I would say a more friendly staff could make a huge difference. If just one person had acted like they wanted to help us this experience would have been better.

By Aimee T. at 2016-12-02

OMG! AYCE! SUSHI! And a Buffett for $12. Waaaaaaa? And, it's good!!!! I thought there was no way. No way that these things could exist. But it does! Service was fast! Buffett was good! Sushi was excellent! Place was clean and nice looking! I'm still in shock.

By Maggie J. at 2016-12-17

Love their short ribs, yaki soba and spicy tuna rolls! Really reasonable pricing for the amount and quality of food. When you order main, comes with miso soup too! As an Asian looking for real good authentic Japanese food it's hard here in MKE, esp when we're not talking about sushi or fusion dishes. I always do take out or delivery here and have never been disappointed! Haven't tried their buffet but looks really good and fresh especially on weekends when there's crab and lobster!

By Daniel K. at 2016-11-10

Very nice all you can eat sushi experience. They have a buffet with non-sushi items and a fairly extension sushi menu to order from. Decent drink selection for a sushi joint. Service is very pleasant and very kid friendly. Would definitely recommend if you are looking for a all you can eat sushi place in Milwaukee.

By Brian S. at 2016-12-12

Had a Friday night dinner here with my wife and another couple. We enjoyed ourselves. Sake flight was fun, can't beat an all you can eat buffet and the sushi was legit as well. Service could have been better and they were not busy which is always kind of a flag for me, although, it was the polar vortex outside. I would go again and attempt to do it for less than $50 bucks.

By Peter H. at 2016-02-28

I'm going to skip over reviewing the buffet selection. There wasn't anything worth mentioning and everything tasted pedestrian.

What did make the lunch worth it was the sushi. The sushi rolls had to be ordered off a menu and it was still all you can eat. This wasn't "worth the money good", they were actually very good.

Godzilla Roll (back) & Dynamite Roll : We were skeptic on how good buffet sushi would be. We hoped it didn't taste "cheap". Let's just say we had one more each of these when all was said and done.

Philly Roll (back) & Spicy Santa Roll (front): I was also very pleased with these rolls.

You know we had to end it with a Sake Bomb.

By George T. at 2015-10-05

In this area they have what could be a great deal if you go for the all you can eat meal. Just be warned that it can bla if you had higher expectations. The server seemed to be quick and attentive.

The yelp check in will save you 10% over all its a basic buffet with a choice of all you can eat as long as its from the list from the two sections. I prefer the buffet in Menomonee falls as they have a pretty good selection of both hot and cold items. The sushi on buffet are 1/3 smaller in size. With a busy lunch crowd that means the food doesn't sit out too long. The staff are constantly replenishing the selections.

Other yelpers suggested not to dive into the buffet line and overload, good advice. I certainly will give this place good marks for cleanliness and decorations.

Food 4
Amb 4
Service 4
Location 3
Value 4


By Yess C. at 2016-11-29

I LOVE the sushi here! They have a wide variety, it's super fresh and delicious. I've come here many times and have not been disappointed. Their buffet is just OK, I wouldn't come here just for the buffet. It's a nice addition to the sushi but I also try to eat as minimal from the buffet. I don't like getting stuffed with that kind of food when you can wait for the real thing! SUSHI!
Give it a try!!

By Eric T. at 2015-10-19

I love / hate this place at the same time.

I love how great their food is, but i hate how fat I feel after stuffing myself.

Regardless, Fushimi has always been my go to Treat-yo-self spot.

It's price is reasonable, and the amount of food I put in myself more than covers the cost. Point is, I always arrive with anticipation, and I always leave with satisfaction!

Here's a tip, don't eat any breakfast and just head straight here for brunch. I guarantee the unlimited sushi will keep you coming back for more.

By Lori M. at 2016-03-23

Kind of disappointed in our visit to Fushinami. Our family LOVES sushi and since we were house-hunting in the area we jumped at the chance to try a new place in our future new home of Milwaukee.

As others have stated it is is a great price for AYCE and the buffet had a big variety of asian dishes to choose from. They did have oysters and clams which was impressive although we stayed away from the bar so we could eat more sushi. The atmosphere is eclectic and furnished in dark woods and was very clean. If you check in on YELP you get 10% off which is cool.

We were greeted right away and the the server was very good about making suggestions which was all great....until it wasn't. We placed our first order and it came right away. The rolls were cut uneven and kept falling apart. We tried the Santa and the Philly and both were lacking flavor, I know to expect a little lower of quality when doing AYCE but this really didn't have flavor at all.

When our server came back for our second round we ordered other rolls hoping the next round would have more taste. My hubby asked for cream cheese to be added to the roll and the server said no problem. When we got the bill we saw that she charged us for the cream cheese. Now it wasn't a lot of money but if it is AYCE and cream cheese is in your other rolls why would you charge us for it? It took a LONG time to get the second round. We didn't order anything complicated and it wasn't crowded, so not sure what the hold up was. The second round tasted like the first round. We weren't going to order any more rolls but our server brought us the bill without asking us if we wanted anymore. That really irritated me especially because we only had 6 rolls between the 3 of us.

I really do not like to give low stars and I try to overlook small things but the family was pretty underwhelmed. Not sure if I would come back, as there seem to be a lot of other places to try in Milwaukee. I did like the atmosphere and the location. Our server and food left us with a 2 star experience.

By Duccio M. at 2016-01-09

It's an all you can eat sushi place, so that already says a lot.

But hey, I love my cheap sushi! It's tasty, it fills you up and you can try so much stuff! I personally suggest trying their special rolls, there is some very interesting combinations over there.

I usually skip the buffet, since I want to get the best bang for my buck, but it'd actually worthwhile to try some of their stuff. The hibachi noodles are really good and so I'd the sesame chicken.

All in all pretty great sushi place!

By Alien T. at 2016-02-27

Great price for all-you-can-eat sushi.

All rolls Alien tried were yummy (Fantastic Rolls, Sakura Garden Rolls, Spicy Santa Rolls, Spider Rolls, and Outstanding Rolls). Nigiri was okay. You can eat better ones in Milwaukee if you pay more. Buffet foods were not the best but good enough for the price. They have fresh oysters during dinner time, and the oysters were good.

By Gabe S. at 2016-04-25

To start you out with a good indicator of my experience at Fushinami, I forced myself into a Denny's the day before out of necessity and had a better experience than I did at Fushinami. Surprisingly I left Denny's with superior service and food, unfortunately I can't say the same for this sushi restaurant.

The atmosphere is a little dark however, it was spotless and had easy parking. However, the promising surroundings set me up for disappointment.

When me and my mother walked in, we were seated immediately, but then waited about 10-15 minutes to be asked for our drinks. Annoying, but easily forgivable given it was lunchtime.

Our drinks came and we ordered three rolls for which we waited thirty minutes, (which I think is awhile for sushi, especially when we didn't order any fried rolls). I felt like they want you to fill up on their included ACYE buffet.

We were relieved when our rolls arrived, having waited for awhile we were anxious to see what this relatively well-reviewed sushi joint had to offer us.

Sadly our rolls were mediocre at best. They were rather bland and fell apart easily. There was very little meat and a ton of lettuce/cabbage, honestly they tasted more like vegetable rolls.

We found ourselves at the end of the meal bargaining over who would eat the last rolls to avoid their charge for excessive waste. (Leaving 5 or more pieces).

Among other shortcomings my mother asked for a soy sauce tray for which she waited 15 minutes, and a refill on her hot tea which never arrived.

Overall, the atmosphere and the server's personality saved Fushinami from a one star review. While she was really slow and not too attentive, she was very nice. Our rolls were not good at all, the buffet did offer fresh fruit, spring rolls, and desserts that were good.

This is my first Yelp review and I do not like to be so negative as I'm a rather positive person, but I would be hard pressed to find many things in my experience that would merit a return visit.

By Lynne S. at 2016-09-24

Disappointed! We've eaten here several times and had at least a decent experience. I should have reviewed it then, because now it's gone downhill. Not the food, the service. The waitstaff seems checked out. We ate there Friday night, and saw only four other tables of diners in the restaurant. We waited over 15 minutes to be approached. Each step took 15 minutes: drink order, drink delivery, ordering, food delivery, etc. The wait for our check was excruciating. In the meantime, our server was in the front rolling silverware and not paying attention to us. A task that I'm sure could have waited. She also seemed engaged with another server who was probably ignoring her tables as well. The food was good, and worth the wait, but the wait made it not worth the price. Not planning to return.

By Ted G. at 2016-07-29

The service food and atmosphere was absolutely outstanding. I read the reviews where they had a slump in service and food. But our visit to in Late July was quite the enjoyable and we will be back.

By Patricio D. at 2016-04-14

Not as good as i thought it was going to be. Service took way too long and it wasnt busy what so ever. Food was ok, sushi wasnt that well. Everytime i ordered more sushi the waitress -when i was in mid sentence- left and i had to get her attention for me to continue. And when we asked for the check we waited 20 minutes. My girlfriend went to the bathroom while waiting and our waitress was cleaning in the women's room. My girlfriend told her we were waiting for her.......

I will not be going back. :/

By Nivya R. at 2016-09-03

Just had dinner here .. one of the worst sushi experience I have ever had . The food in the buffet was stale, esp the crawfish and teriyaki salmon. The rice for the sushi rolls tasted pretty stale and weirdly crispy. The weirdest part of the evening was when I decided to open a roll ( don't ask me why, I was simply toying with my food ) and I found the avocado all dark and yucky! Def something you don't want to put in your mouth.Definitely would not be going there again.

By Allison K. at 2016-09-27

If you're looking for decent sushi at a good price, this is it. 4 stars is for quality of the food and bang for your buck. Unfortunately the service was pretty awful. Was never sure who our actual waitress was and had to ask several staff members for our check. Still felt worth it for the amount of sushi I consumed though. Would go back.

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