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Ginza Japanese Restaurant

Ginza Japanese Restaurant
Ginza Japanese Restaurant introduction
Estimated average consumption of $10.82 - $21.64 per person. We offer 194 menus, including Edamame, Harumaki, Shumai, Gyoza, Yakitori, Age Tofu, Cheese Wonton and so on.
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Ginza Japanese Restaurant reviews

By Colleen S. at 2016-12-13

I had such a wonderful time at Ginza and I can't wait to go back! The food was great, our service was friendly and timely and the price was right. This might be my new favorite sushi place! Also, this place is a BYOB! Woo!

Our server, Bin, took wonderful care of our 6 person table. He was courteous and very attentive to us. My boyfriend and I went for the Maki for two, which was the perfect amount for us--Two special rolls and two regular rolls. Let's us each pick our favorites and have some to share! We went for the Strongman roll, Rainbow roll, spicy salmon and California roll. That menu selection also comes with two soups or salads. With two miso soups, an additional seaweed salad and the 4 rolls, we were very satisfied and full after our meal! Can't wait to go back for more.

By Dan F. at 2016-07-23

I've been here twice and the food and service have been consistently good both times.
Most recently we ordered the Maki for Two which comes with either salad or soup. The ginger dressing they use is really good so I wouldn't hesitate to get the salad. As for the Maki for Two, we went with salmon, tuna, Zen and Tiger rolls. Good portion sizes make this a pretty good deal, plus everything tasted really fresh.
Living within walking distance is an added bonus but for the quality and value this place is also worth the drive.

By Jess S. at 2016-07-21

I ordered take-out from Ginza on a Sunday so I cannot speak to any aspect of eating in the restaurant. I walked in to order from the menu and the front staff told me it would be able 30 minutes. I returned 30 minutes later only to be asked to wait an additional 5-10 minutes. I decided to wait at one of their outdoor tables. After 20 minutes, I returned inside to ask if my food was done. It was not and the front desk staff explained that it was very busy and the kitchen was backed up. When all was said and done--it took about 60 minutes for my order to be ready.

That was a bad start. When I got home, I found the sushi to be fresh and tasty so that did redeem Ginza in my eyes. I enjoyed all three of the rolls I had ordered. I really liked the spicy sauce they use--its a bit spicier than other sushi restaurants which is preferable for me.

By Ming X. at 2016-07-14

Kind of disappointed by my experience ordering from Ginza. Today was my first time at Ginza, and I ordered the lunch roll special to go plus an appetizer. I wanted to try this place given its good reviews, but was let down. I ordered the 3 roll lunch special (california roll, tuna roll, salmon avocado roll) which comes with a soup or salad, and also ordered an age-tofu as an appetizer. My overall bill came to around $17-18.

I order age tofu at every "Japanese" restaurant I go to because it is a litmus test that reveals whether the restaurant knows its craft. The age-tofu today revealed to me the unfortunate truth: that Ginza is not worth the hype and that they don't really know what real age-tofu is. The age-tofu that I received looked like deep fried pieces of medium-firm tofu (real age-tofu is made with extra silken tofu), served with a spring roll dipping sauce. Real age-tofu is served with a shoyu sauce, drizzled over the tofu thus masking the fried texture.

The rolls from my lunch special - california, tuna, and salmon/avocado - were decent. Better than supermarket sushi, but really nothing to praise. The rolls here are at about the same level of craft as the ones at Oishi Bento in Oakland.

By Mike D. at 2016-12-02

Really good fresh sushi with a nice variety. Great service too. This is our go to sushi restaurant now.

By Shelby S. at 2016-10-06

This place had some great rolls and some okay rolls. Thy are also BYOB and no wait to get a table. Overall I was satisfied and full. LOVED the strong man roll because I love soft shell crab and spicy tuna put together! Pretty disappointed with the spicy tuna roll because as I love me some spicy tuna, this just wasn't spicy. I had to ask for sriracha on the side. Also the harumaki, which are their veg spring rolls, were delicious! I would come back to try different rolls.

By Kaylee A. at 2015-11-08

Went here last night for the first time. It's BYOB and we brought two bottles of wine. The waitstaff is extremely friendly and the service is just the right pace. Not too fast, not too slow. The atmosphere is nice and relaxed. TV for those who want to watch the game.

I ordered the edamame for an appetizer. It was good, but not great. May have been a little older than I would've liked. The sushi was very reasonably priced. The fish was fresh and delicious! The pretty girl roll was my favorite. Sweet potato roll was an interesting one too! See mt picture for the whole plate! Can't wait to go back to Ginza.

By Lillian T. at 2016-04-17

I love Ginza, its my go to sushi place in Pittsburgh. I think its the best sushi deal for the quality and quantity you get. The fish is good and fresh, granted its no Umi so don't expect that, but its a step up for sure from some comparable priced places (Sushi Too comes to mind, but I still order from there because they deliver). For the best deals on fresh fish, the sashimi appetizer is 10 pieces for $9. They also have a dinner for 2 special which is $40, comes with 2 soups or salads and you get to pick 2 special rolls (which are $11-15 each) and 2 regular rolls (also $6 each). If you do the math, its a great deal and you feel like a king when that much sushi is brought out to you. Generally, I ask for less sauce on my special rolls, I don't particularly like masking the fish flavor. Their tempura is also great, nice and crispy, and the appetizer is sizable.

Its BYOB if you are dining in, and the bulk of their business is takeout so there's never a wait for a table. Outdoor seating is available when the weather is nice, but Liberty Ave isn't the most pleasant view. If you're ordering takeout, give it 25-30 minutes for your order to be ready, sometimes 45 minutes if its peak takeout time. I do really wish they would deliver, I'd order more often!

By Lily W. at 2016-04-30

My go to for sushi I love everything I've tried there so far, oh and it's BYOB! I always bring my out of town friends to Ginza if they're down for sushi. Good price, good atmosphere, good food, and good service. The only reason I didn't give a five stars is that they're kind of slow, but it really depends on the day. I went during the day once and they were fast. Anyway, my fav sushi place near me (:

By Sherry S. at 2016-02-04

We had the ginza roll, octopus sashimi, and shrimp sushi. The sushi was good and fresh. The service was also nice and it was relatively fast. It was not very busy, but we were there on a Wednesday night.

By Caroline L. at 2016-10-11

I love Ginza! The service is amazing, and the sushi is so fresh and delicious! The sushi is very inexpensive and extremely good. I've been here a few times, and look forward to coming back. The BYOB is a plus too!

By Nathan W. at 2015-04-10

More tests are needed, but I've been here at least twice, and never left disappointed. The service here is great - very attentive without being annoying. It is quite a small place though, so it's probably not hard.

If you're into salads... The Japanese ginger dressing is the s***. The iceberg lettuce you put it on is just meh. But the dressing - for real.

Miso soup. Pretty good. Opaque in color, and keeps you wondering what else is in there. I think for this reason it seems a little more substantial since it's not completely clear.

I've had the Ginza roll, which is freaking huge, and I also had to resist calling it the Yinza roll. I think it's about 12 pieces. It's got tuna, salmon, yellowtail, and Kani for the meats and among other things some delicious spicy mayo.

Besides sushi, they also have a nice selection of other rice, noodle, and hibachi dishes.

It is BYOB and I hit myself on the forehead every time I forget this before going.

My favorite thing is the cute little orange they give you at the end. It's the perfect ending.

By Tyoko B. at 2014-12-07

This is a cute little restaurant in a kinda hipster neighborhood near the city. Parking was a bit of a challenge and it's to be expected in these parts but after 3 laps around the block, we found a space.

Upon entering, we were greeted by a very friendly lady at the desk and seated in a location that was away from the door which was very thoughtful on her part.

The place was pretty empty with only one other table occupied by a gentleman reading a newspaper and eating sushi. This concerned me but I do trust my Yelp buddies as you guys have yet to let me down. After gazing over the menu a few times, I opted for sushi and my fellow diner chose the pan fried chicken udon.

It's kinda cool that this is really a hibachi spot without the popular Benihana or the other spot I will never mention (ahhh Ichiban choooo). Ichiban in the Waterworks/Fox Chapel area is horrible...can you tell I'm still mad at them? Sorry, not sorry.

Okay, back to Ginza...

The noodles came with a side of soup or salad. My fellow diner didn't care for their miso. It was originally thought the soup option would be the regular clear broth so the waiter happily offered to replace it. A few minutes later, however, the waiter returned with a salad. I wasn't sure how the waiter missed this with an empty restaurant. Although the salad dressing tasted more like thousand island with a bunch of mayo added, we decided not to complain because he was so very nice and's just salad anyway. Shortly after that, our selections arrived. The sushi was pretty good and the price was fair in my opinion. Tempura shrimp were cooked well and the fish tasted fresh. The udon was just okay but the chicken had that nice rich grilled taste.

While I probably wouldn't return here for a salad, soup or entree, I definately would come back for more sushi! (3 stars for sushi!)

By Sarah S. at 2016-08-05

So so delicious, and they actually had toro and new style sashimi appetizers which in Pittsburgh, to my knowledge, only Umi has!!! The waiter was very knowledgable and kind and its BYOB whats not to love!!!

By Nicole D. at 2016-06-09

Ginza has, by far, the BEST sushi in the Pittsburgh area. The quality of the fish is excellent; no "fishy" taste. I ordered (take-out) the Aloha Roll, the Naruto Roll, and the Alaska Roll and all three were delish! The host was especially helpful as I chose which rolls to order; he asked what I liked/didn't like and made recommendations based off of my input. They have a large selection of sushi to choose from as well which I really liked. The prices for the rolls are pretty comparable to other sushi restaurants, and ranged from ~$5 to ~$17 depending on the ingredients included in the roll. I'll definitely be back!

By Lizzy A. at 2016-08-12

Came here for the sushi and it was AWESOME. It's now my new best sushi in Pittsburgh. There were so many unique rolls, loaded with ingredients and reasonably priced. We came on a Saturday night and didn't need a reservation or anything. Best meal I've had in a long time!!

By Jaime K. at 2016-01-04

I still like Ginza! I've now eaten here a few times and I really appreciate the kind, helpful service. When dining with a friend, they have some awesome deals on sushi combos to share. My friend and I had soup, salad and 3 rolls. It all came to about 25 bucks each (tip inclusive). The BYOB element with no fee is also a plus. Worth a visit, for sure.

By Kristin B. at 2014-06-24

I recall watching the documentary film "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" (highly recommend for anyone wanting to learn a little more about sushi or about sushi master Jiro Ono himself) on Netflix a couple weeks ago and immediately realized that it had been months since I had some sushi. The next day I purchased a LivingSocial deal for Ginza, and then the day after that my husband and I made dinner reservations and redeemed the deal.

The atmosphere was very relaxed, unpretentious. Service was efficient and personable on a busy Friday evening, just the right mix of casual and professional. There was a steady influx of new dine-in customers during the nearly 2 hours we spent at Ginza, a relatively small establishment, as well as a number of take-out customers who came and went. The reason for our lengthy dinner was a large party that received all its orders ahead of us. The server and manager handled the situation well though, apologizing for the busy sushi bar and bringing over a complimentarily heap of edamame to help pass the time.

Really loved the Ginza Roll and would order it again in a heartbeat. Tuna Mountain was also very good, but next time--and there will be a next time--I think I'll pass on it in favor of a Rainbow Roll or a Dancing Eel. I'm a big fan of eel rolls, and to be honest my terrific but eel-less dinner at Ginza still left me craving some eel. The 2 simple rolls we chose as part of our "Marki for Two" order, a Yellowtail Roll and Boston Roll, were so-so; really simple rolls rarely wow me.

Western Pennsylvania obviously isn't exactly a sushi hot spot, but Ginza was satisfying indeed. We were very pleased with our meal and the service here.

By Kevin I. at 2016-01-02

I just enjoyed a delicious meal of fresh sushi with my family. The service was friendly and accommodating. The Naruto roll is refreshing and healthy. I highly recommend Ginza.

By Zhetao W. at 2016-01-17

We ordered Tako Yaki, Lobster Tempura, and Chicken Hibachi. The takoyaki was a little too soft. The interesting thing about lobster tempura was the wrap was not dry seaweed. It was Sakura pink! Chicken Hibachi was good. I like the chicken taste.

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