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Golden Corral
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Estimated average consumption of $0.19 - $0.38 per person. We offer 190 menus, including Asian Pork Roast, Awesome Pot Roast, Barbecue Chicken, Barbeque Pork, Barbeque Pork Spareribs, Bourbon Street Chicken, Broccoli & Rice and so on.
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Golden Corral reviews

By Ken K. at 2011-07-09

My family took us to Home Town Buffet for our birthdays as kids. This place totally brought me back to those days. The food was surprisingly tasty. The best part of the meal was the steak BY FAR. I liked it more than Outback.

The salad bar was a little iffy in terms of freshness, but the cherry tomatoes were very sweet.

The pan seared seafood was OK. Too salty for my tastes.

Either way, I'll prob go back just to fill up on some steak goodness.

By MeMe K. at 2016-09-16

When I think about dinning in and eating somewhere I don't picture smelly carpet floors , a very poor food selection and table waitresses with cold sores aka (herpes outbreaks ) on their lips or face but I guess that's what you get when you eat at THIS Golden Corral . Very disappointing this place :(

By Paige J. at 2016-07-23

A lot of the dishes were empty and the workers didn't seem to be doing anything to refill them. The cleanliness of the bathrooms were subpar at best, and the food, despite tasting ok, gave me and my family food poisoning. I'm never going back there again. 0 stars out of 5.

By Jennifer G. at 2015-10-11

The food that was stocked tasted good. When I went to get dessert there were only two bowls out and they were both dirty. Tasted fine but overall disappointed in what was available to select from.

By Ee Vonn Y. at 2012-10-19

The cashier girl was super nice in giving me a discount for my to-go box. I filled it up and she only charged me $1.49 for all of the chicken in the world, souffles, and coleslaw.

The best part was trying all the different chickens they had. The worst part was that I threw it all up 4 hours later and had to go to the ER.

By Collin P. at 2014-12-30

First thing I found 3 roaches within 10 minutes and then told the manager and she said she has been seeing them all day needless to say I won't be going back until they have changed management.

By Anthony D. at 2012-10-27

I havent ate at a Golden Corral in a while. This place was a dissapointment. Not much selection compared to what I remember in the past. The food was ok at best. The only thing that was good here was the desserts and even then nothing to write home about. My recommendation: go somewhere else.

By David B. at 2008-08-23

Deadly! Deadly! Deadly! Nitrates, nitrites, sodium's, refined sugars & carbohydrates, fats, solids, triglycerides, cholesterol, caffeine, corn syrups, lards, grease, untrimmed meats. Once you step inside this cornucopia of culinary sin you surround yourself with angels of obesity and/or heart disease. If only Golden Corral would open up a franchise in New York City. Our liberal Mayor Bloomberg would concentrate all of his powers of morality in outlawing Satan's buffet instead of going after America's gun dealers. Golden Corral spits in the faces of all you Gorilla Coffee drinking hipsters and Park Slope Food Coop Stroller Mommies who wander in here looking for an iota of nutritional value.

Want to end the Iraq war and the War on Terror? Place a few of these puppies in Tikrit and Torah Borah along with a few XXX DVD stores. We'll kill 'em all through heart disease and peno-urethral injury due to chronic masturbation.

Christ! My chest is tightening up right now just thinking about all the fatty ham and cheese grits I scarfed down. To all you diabetics, it's worth the amputations.

Dieu vous bénisse Golden Corral! Vous avez gagné ma loyauté ainsi que mon âme!

By Eric H. at 2010-09-10

Food was passable, but service left a lot to be desired.

By Dan R. at 2008-09-03

I have to agree with david B, the food was great, really filling. the buffet cost was around 7 dollars per person for lunch. You pay first as you go in and there are several selections to choose from: beef, meats, fish, mashed potatoes, mac & beef, pot roast, potato salad, seafood salad, etc. This is a meat-lovers paradise, The whole restaurant was clean and staffed, everyone was warm and polite. Having never been to one before I totally enjoyed it!

By donald c. at 2010-12-13

i went to the flagship restaurant in raleigh and i thought it was so good and delicious and very clean. although i don't like buffet food i thought the place was very well managed and was impressed by the food. so when i moved to auburn, i was a bit happy there was a golden corral in opelika. i went there with some family member on a weekend night. the place was crowded and we sat in the section where the bathroom was. i couldn't help but noticed the stench of the bathroom and i couldn't even eat. i told this to several people and they all say the same thing...whenever they go near the salad bar there is stench odor from the bathroom. don't people who work there notice this? does the management know this and have it scrubbed down and clean it? i haven't gone back there in 4 months now, so i hope they had this problem resolved. i wish the place was like the flagship restaurant in raleigh (i would give 5 stars there). the reason i gave 3 stars instead of 2 star is b/c for budget minded people this place is a heaven. for less than $10, you can eat and eat. the food is good but they really need to clean up the place.

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