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Golden Corral
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Estimated average consumption of $0.19 - $0.38 per person. We offer 190 menus, including Asian Pork Roast, Awesome Pot Roast, Barbecue Chicken, Barbeque Pork, Barbeque Pork Spareribs, Bourbon Street Chicken, Broccoli & Rice and so on.
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Golden Corral reviews

By Joe B. at 2014-04-27

Hey - do you like eating chicken that someone has sneezed on? Or, perhaps, a cookie that two different toddlers have handled? This is the place for you!

Seriously, though, unless you're in a buffet kind of mood (read: stoned), avoid it. The service is ok, but the food (and fellow chronically depressed patrons) is terrible. I was raised on the kind of southern-style coalfield cooking they try to do here (green beans, mashed potatoes, casserole of every genre), and even I can't stomach this place. Leave the Golden Corral to the jean-skirted grandmothers and dirtycheek sticky-finger kids - for whom this place was intended.

By Eric S. at 2015-12-21

Oh my god this place is so gross. It makes me want to throw up in my mouth. I always swore I'd never go to another Golden Coral/Shoneys/Ryans but I got talked into it one night with some out of town friends. I can't describe how awful this place is. The buffet was an absolute train wreck. Food of all sorts was mixed together with mess all over the place. It's like someone used a gravy spoon to scoop up green beans. Half the items were below recommended temperatures and I just didn't trust eating it. The place is 1 sneeze away from a major e-coli outbreak. Some of my favorite eaters look like dive joints but this literally is a mess and needs to be bulldozed. Never again...... Never again ......

By Dan W. at 2014-04-25

I can confirm that this place is absolute garbage. All the food is terrible. Disclaimer: the chocolate fountain is behind glass so you have to sneak your food under the glass to dip it in. O wait they already have stuff with sticks in them so you can only dip that crap in the fountain you cant dip just anything in it.

The commercials are tempting but stay away or at least from this location.

By EJ A. at 2014-02-28

This is literally the biggest dump of a buffet I've ever experienced in my life. Have come here twice when visiting friends and both times it has been equally awful.

The steak is rubber, the things that tend to be "safe choices" at most buffets do not apply here. The only, and I mean ONLY edible thing I encountered here was the pulled pork, which is borderline impossible to mess up. The salad bar looked solid but I did not pay $13 (all day dinner on Sunday! makes no sense) to eat salad. I honestly do not know how this place fills up, but it does, and the food is horrendous.

If you're not from the area, and you come from an area known for food (I come from the NYC area), steer clear of this joint. Best bets in Mo-Town are the Rusted Musket, Dirty Bird, and Chico's Fats. I prefer the student center to this place. Maybe even high school cafeteria food.

Tips: These are the details of the Golden Corral, This restaurant is located in 3515 Monongahela Blvd, Morgantown, WV
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