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Estimated average consumption of $0.19 - $0.38 per person. We offer 190 menus, including Asian Pork Roast, Awesome Pot Roast, Barbecue Chicken, Barbeque Pork, Barbeque Pork Spareribs, Bourbon Street Chicken, Broccoli & Rice and so on.
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Golden Corral reviews

By Brandi P. at 2016-06-15

Let me just start by saying what we are all thinking: Instant stinky juice, after eating at this place....

I come here for three things: Steak, Chocolate Fountain, and the Rolls. NOM NOM NOM. I don't eat here often, but when I do I eat those three things.

This particular establishment has at least updated their carpet recently, because for the longest time it was smelling like mothballs and mildew. Also, I have never had an issue with the service, the workers are always courteous.

By Christina C. at 2016-11-27

Ambience: C+
Cleanliness: C+
Customer Service: C+
Food: C-
Overall Rating: C

-Like most buffets it is cheap if you are a big eater, not worth it if you aren't.

-The Golden Corral is never "fancy" but this location wasn't even all that clean. I can deal with grungy as long as everything is somewhat orderly and neat. Perhaps if it were the morning or evening rush I would have given them more leeway, but when I came things were in disarray and the restaurant wasn't even that crowded.

Customer Service
-It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. Obviously the waitresses don't do a lot at a buffet, but it would have been nice if they came around once in awhile to refill our drinks and take our plates (our waitress came once).

-Dry city! I'm guessing because when we went wasn't that busy the food had been sitting out for awhile. I've been to GC in Florida though, and they are always neat and busy, so my guess is the lack of cleanliness and customer service might be while they lacked customers and therefore had food sitting out for Lord knows how long.

-I love Golden Corral but not this location.

By Curtis W. at 2016-04-15

Went here about 2 hours before closing on a Thursday evening. First off I believe our section was dirty because the waitress for our section didn't want more people sitting there. She was a nice waitress and always asked us how we were doing and asked us if we needed refills. As people were leaving our section, she wouldn't clean the tables and people who were coming in were going to other sections.

Food: the food was good for the most part. The salad bar and the fresh fruits were superb. There was a line for steaks and ours were too well done and burnt. Not good at all. Desserts and chicken were good, especially the new garlic parmesan wings.

I heard the bathrooms were terrible from other reviewers so I held my bladder until I got home lol.

Overall: Had a real nice time and had some good food. Would come back to this location

By Bryan B. at 2016-09-18

Around 2:00 pm Saturday, 17 Sep Saturday, 2016, my GF, her kids and I had a late lunch at the Golden Coral. The food was horrible, the service was good, but the worst was the grillman. My gf asked for a mr sirloin steak, but when the (black) "chef" saw that I was white and my gf was black, slapped a burned half sirloin steak on my plate and said rudely, "that's all I got" and glared at my gf. Well, that's all we need to give this place one star. Bad food, against interracial relationships, etc... We'll never, EVER, come here again. This place is garbage.
Oh, and by the way, I also spent the night vomiting from food poisoning. So, yeah.

By N B. at 2016-08-19

Nothing but left overs when I arrived. Got dessert waited a while went to check again still nothing. Not really a lot of options. The food didn't look very appetizing either, burnt corn bread, hard burnt Texas toast, everything else just looked poorly made looked like a soup kitchen for the homeless. Would never come back.

By Kevin M. at 2015-07-21

This place is a quick easy and cheap resource for families and people with great hunger and a limited budget.

I have come in here a couple of times, mainly because my nieces absolutely are beside themselves with the idea of all you can eat food, even though they eat one plate and just want the ice cream. i do bring them here for their little heart pleasures.

i have never had a problem here, i do find that the food quality and food selection seem to be off now a days, the steaks are not good, they just are not quality cuts of meat so they are very fatty and chewy and the lines to get them are extremely long and the cooks really do not cook to the requested temperature, it is more of a rounding, ballpark temperature, it is close but not what you would expect for steak.

the desserts are my favorite because i love sweets and who doesnt love chocolate on their fruit? so i do enjoy that part. the service is what it is the server is there to make sure you have a drink in your possession and it full.... they are really good about clearing plates, i never have an abundance of plates sitting on the table.

I will keep returning as long as my nieces find this place to suite their needs, when that day comes i probably will not make any effort to come to golden corall I will miss their honey butter, that is some good butter!

By Carrie W. at 2015-03-26

Say what you will about Golden Corral, but it's quick food on the cheap, and it'll fill you up. Unbelievably, this location stands head and shoulders above the one in Glen Burnie - the food is actually a bit better, it's better stocked, and the drink servers are nicer.

That's not to say that there aren't problems, however. The "stand here and wait while we find you a table" is weird, to say the least, and this joint (like Glen Burnie) is CROWDED as hell. I'm standing there with my pregnant belly out to HERE, and watching people trying to dodge me while holding my drink and tray at the same time, all at once. Awkward!

The bathrooms are HIDEOUS. If you can possibly hold it, do so. Looked like they hadn't been cleaned in a month.

Then, of course, you have the fact that it IS a buffet, which means lots of grubby hands everywhere. Bring sanitizer - they don't seem to have any available, and I NEVER go to places like this without it.

The salad bar is sublime. VERY good. I could fill up on that and nothing else. Steak was okay - a bit salty, though. Fresh fruit was DELISH and replenished constantly, can't ask for more there.

Not bad. Just take it for what it is - it's a popular, crowded buffet with millions of people storming the trays like they're the Normandy beaches. You'll get your money's worth, certainly, and they have a LOT more on the "healthy" side here than at the Glen Burnie location.

By Sherqueena L. at 2016-06-15

This place is very unsanitary. The bathroom was disgusting their was a little girl in there that peed in her mom and ran out into the Resturant with her panties at her knees. The food was all over the counters, floor were not clean. They give you drinks in a cup as you come inside and the lady was really rude. Worst yet the plates a extremely filthy and there was food in the forks that were place out for people to use. Horrible do not waste your time or money.

By Vernon S. at 2016-03-07

This is not a corporately owned store and it looks like a beat up franchise. First of all there is no military discount here, they just don't care. There is a sour odor on the left hand side of The restaurant. Yuck! The chairs are all old. Food is marginal at best. Will not return for sure.

By Shané W. at 2015-11-18

What a terrible experience we endured at this place on November 17, 2015. Not only were we asked to leave when we asked about a service charge, we were spoken ill of by a very unprofessional manager. Eric was so rude and nasty to our party. He did not want to explain the gratuity to us when asked and he flung the receipt back to me and told me that I could take my money and go. We did and had an even better experience at the Red Robin in White Marsh. The only bright spot in the entire experience was that Mike dealt with our refunds and he was so kind and helpful.

By Robert K. at 2016-08-03

THUMPA, THUMPA ,THUMPA..........THUMP! That was the incessantly penetrating NOISE of a big Hobart drum potato peeling machine in the salad bar section. By the time we realized that the noise was non stop, we had eaten about 2/3 of our capacity. Complaints to both managers elicited the same response - move to the opposite side. Sorry, as I am disabled, that was not considered an option. This noisy machine should be located in the back, in the kitchen/prep area. Initially had asked our waitress, "IBE" (pronounced E-bah) what the NOISE was, and she stared as if I had three heads, then turned and walked away without any answer. (was told later by another server that IBE had limited language skills, but that does not explain the look she gave me, or stating she can not speak English.)
There seemed to be an initial rush at 4:30 on Friday July 29, but there were only about a dozen people in front of us. We had to find our own table in the salad bar section.

Was really interested in the prime rib, looking for medium rare as in current advertising. The manager cutting the beef told me I would have to wait several minutes for a less well done portion. When he returned with a new piece, he seemed to make a show out of putting on TWO pairs of gloves on each hand. However, rather than cut from the middle, he cut from the end. The lighting that shines on the beef seems to show a cut that is nicely pink, but when given the plate, regular lighting revealed a well done cut of meat. This is the second time to this location that they were unable to provide other than well done prime rib.

The butterfly fried shrimp were excellent, and the fried fish portions were really good, abut an inch or so thick. My dinner guest said that the mashed potatoes were very good. Apple pie was very good, it was warm and had cinnamon, but the blueberry pie was low quality, light on berries and heavy on thickened syrup.

Bottom line, do not sit by the salad bar section with its annoying, almost constant noise. Do not expect anything other than well done prime rib.

I will probably wait several months, perhaps a year, before a return.

By Camille S. at 2015-11-19

I have never been so dissatisfied with the service and professionalism in all of my life. Recently, I attempted to dine with a small group of friends to celebrate. 1st of all, no one is tipping before service is rendered; just not happening...ever. The manager in training was horrific and I am convinced that he was somehow threatened by a person wanting to know WHY it's standard to pay gratuity before I even eat. My being a smart African American had something to do with it too. Mike told us we can take our money & leave. So, we did! Won't be back and called the DM on EVERYONE! #TERRIBLE

By Nicole S. at 2016-06-27

My son had a friend over and I took them here because I had seen a commercial earlier in the day advertising that kids eat for $3. However, this location doesn't honor that advertisement

By C B. at 2014-10-27

Don't judge me because I like this place...OH who cares, judge all you want. Golden Corral is a SPECTACULAR value. People what do you expect for $9 or $12? That is only slightly more and a whopper/big mac meal...

Do you have to pick the right time to go eat there? Yes. This is what happens--Sunday after church seems to be very busy. Also, just before the dinner price hike in the afternoon is a popular time for seniors.

There is a good variety of entrees...and while, the food isn't stellar or phenomenal; it is certainly good. Sometimes you have to steer clear of some of the less "good" entrees but in general, everything is edible and tasty.

I like coming here, because sometimes, I want a homestyle American meal like steaks, burgers, fish sticks and I don't feel like cooking. I'll come here and they'll have vegetables and salads that I won't have at home or easily at home--and it makes it a joy to come here plus a cookie or two for dessert.

I will agree that this is not a high end restaurant nor even a high end buffet. But the offering here is different than the Chinese buffets (which I go to as well) and certainly better than the cactus guy. The plates and silverware aren't very classy and feels institutional. The servers that I've had, have always been professional and the service acceptable for this type of establishment.

By Dan A. at 2014-10-01

This location has been on Rossville for well over 10 years now, and in that time I have had a wide variety of experiences. Most recently I have seen both ends of the spectrum. Experiences that deserved a 1, and experiences that deserved a 4, so I will simply average this and rate them a 2, and will just provide feedback for my best and worst visit within the last couple months.
Best - We came to this location before my buddies bachelor party on a saturday night, and the host was able to get us a big enough table and get us all in, without any wait at all. The food was awesome that night. Just wonderful! The guy cooking the steaks did a perfect job, and my steak was perfectly Medium, just the way I liked it. All the buffets were stocked and lines moved quickly. Refills were a little slow, but we were a big group on a busy night.
Worst - Took my 2 nieces and my daughter here also on a Saturday night, and it was a disappointing nightmare. The restaurant was not full, yet when the hostess said to wait while she found a table for us, and then disappeared for 10 minutes (of which I counted more than a dozen empty tables within steps of the chasier). They were having a terrible time keeping the buffets stocked that night, and after 20 minutes of having no french fries on the buffet, I asked our waitress, who told me that they only put french fries out at lunch time (which is false, because I only come during dinner hours and there has always been french fries on the buffet). We also had an incident where the woman behind the salad bar screamed at my niece for mixing up the seafood salad before scooping it onto her plate. Her exact words were "What are you doing!? ARENT YOU OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER THAN TO PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD." um, what?

By Erika F. at 2013-04-02

Ok. A decent selection for most people, but nothing gourmet for those looking for that kinda thing. No sushi, not yet anyways. They serve salads, fruit, tacos, homestyle foods, Asian entrees, steak, chicken, shrimp during dinner, and desserts.

Most people I know enjoy it. They do have a breakfast buffet set at a certain time in the mornings. I have yet to experience that.

I always arrive around or after 4pm during dinner for about $10 all you can eat. It's really a lot to explain unless you just's a long short list of what you can enjoy....

Crunchy fried chicken, steak cooked to your liking, pizza, sauteed shrimp cooked to your liking, meatloaf, pot roast w/ gravy, potatoes and carrots; spaghetti, orange chicken, stir fried rice, variety of fruits, make your own salads, make your own tacos, several soups, baked varieties of fish, pit items sometimes, mac & cheese, beans, string beans, mashed potatoes and gravy and so on... And the best fresh, soft, hot buns ever!

There is also a dessert section that consists of a variety of cakes and pies, not 5 star but most times it's at least with a try. Chocolate cakes, peach or apple cobbler...Also a self serve, soft serve ice cream machine with vanilla, chocolate or mixed. I'm not a fan of their ice cream especially because it melts so fast and looks watery, but kids seem to like it. As well, there are various toppings for your ice cream like chopped nuts, gummy bears, bears, m & ms and chocolate syrup.

During my last visit, I experienced the divine chocolate fountain of heaven located in the dessert section too. There were fresh strawberries, macaroons, marshmallows for dipping in the fountain. Yummy. Even when the strawberries ran low, the helpful staff in the back replenished them in no time. I went crazy in the fountain snatching 8 huge strawberries, lol. I was polite enough to leave enough room for the old lady behind me giving me the evil eye!

There are designated waiters for the area you sit in, they replenish your drinks and offer slight assistance for questions like, "where is the bathroom?" No one ever says to tip these workers but, it's the right thing to do I guess unless they don't wait on your table at all.

I try to avoid weekends if I can help it because the regular crowd is still hectic. But do what you want and I say check out GC.

In all anyone I go to Golden Corral with enjoys theirselves and definitely leaves having gained at least 5lbs..Unless your really particular or on a dietary plan, even still you can grab endless salads, you shouldn't have many issues with the place and remember it may be a crowd. Woooo all for $10...

By Sherry A. at 2015-09-25

Stopped for an early dinner (or a late lunch) and the $7.69 Senior Early Bird special. Everything was excellent. The food was plentiful, hot and good. I always like the pot roast here. It is excellent. The service was good, atmosphere pleasant, and overall a relaxing meal. I love the senior early bird price!!! I'll be back!

By Sam K. at 2014-08-01

VILE. Disgusting. Gross. First three words that come to mind. Garbage is another. From the families who allow their brats to run and put their hands in the food to the just lack of anything resembling giving a damn on behalf of the staff. So many empty spaces where food should be. Don't ask when its going to be restocked. No one knows nor cares. When I asked when they were bring out mashed potatoes the clearly irritated employee said "Shiiiiiiiiiiit, I don't know, eat rice". Nice. Try and talk to a Manager about the brats who are running around, screaming and throwing food and you get called a racist and to "Sit your ass down or leave" Go to the one at Arundel Mills, they care LOL

By Ashley W. at 2015-01-29

I don't mind this place. I am obsessed with their rolls and honey butter. A bit pricey, but I can't eat a lot. There was a nasty fight between a large family once. Food was flying, thrrats of stabbing, cussing, screaming, fist fighting, in the table section. I was caught right in the middle, but it wasn't GC's fault. Manager and staff worked quickly to settle the situation. Made for some funny entertainment, though.

By Lauren S. at 2013-04-20

It's a buffet. It's not a five star place, nor is it so horrible that it deserves one star. It's an ok place to grab an ok meal. I've never gotten sick here, and they do attempt to keep the food fresh.

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