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Heavenly Hookah Lounge

Heavenly Hookah Lounge
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By Kostas P. at 2014-12-31

This fairly new establishment in Bloomfield has the potential to become a focal point in the area but it needs some improvements for sure. What it does not improvement is customer service; the people that run it are friendly and helpful. What needs to change a bit is to create a more warm ambiance. Right now is practically an empty room with chairs and hookah service. On the positive side there is a bluetooth speaker that customers can connect too through their mobile device and play their favorite music (of course it is a first-come-first-served process for the music). The pricing is also a bit on the expensive side (compared to other local hookah places) and be aware that as you might expect is a BYOB. Overall it is a nice addition but it could use some improvements (imo).

By Eric G. at 2014-02-09

From what I've heard, this place is a fairly new branch from the original over in Wexford. I brought a Groupon to go here after being pleasantly surprised to find out it was just 3 or 4 blocks down from where I live in Bloomfield (on Liberty Ave). I think the Groupon was $20 worth of hookah while you paid $10. A friend and I met up there and the guy who was working there was really chilled back and helpful. I called beforehand to see if they had food and he said it was BYOB- he even told us that we could come in and get food sent or delivered to the place. They have no food on the menu- just hookah and a fridge with pop in the place. We ended up bringing a six pack and some hummus and chips and plopped right in. In regards to the decor, I was pretty disappointed. You walk inside and it looks more of like a diner muddled with couches and tables. There was no cohesive theme or colors, no sitting areas with pillows, or anything you would expect and see at other hookah places. There's a big screen TV on the wall that's blasted up- we had to ask the guy to turn the volume down. And it doesn't seem that they're doing good business, because we stayed for a couple hours and were the only people in all night. While it was nice to not have to deal with unruly patrons, I also enjoy going to places where other people from the neighborhood hang out. The quality of the hookah and flavors were very good, though. We tried something on the menu that was tropical with a bunch of cool flavors, blueberry, mango, etc. The guy behind the counter gave us some suggestions and refilled our coals a couple of times while we sipped some good beer and stuffed our stomachs with hummus. I'd have to say that the hookah was significantly more expensive than other places I've been. It took the entire Groupon to pay for the hookah for two and a tip for the guy ($20). Overall, while the hookah and service were good, I didn't enjoy the vibe and decor and deadness of the place. I'm hoping that as they get established, it will become much more of a hot spot and they'll fix the place up a bit. I would definitely not recommend going unless you have a Groupon, and I'm on the fence as to whether I'll go back or not.

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