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Helbachs Coffee House

Helbachs Coffee House
  • Street 410 Donofrio Dr
  • City Madison
  • Region Wisconsin
  • Postcode 53719
  • Telphone (608) 577-6108
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Helbachs Coffee House introduction
Estimated average consumption of $5.58 - $11.16 per person. We offer 33 menus, including Espresso, Macchiato, Latte, Affogato, Cappuccino, Mocha, London Fog and so on.
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Helbachs Coffee House reviews

By Meghan D. at 2016-11-24

I've come through Madison a lot recently and stopped here with family for breakfast. Brunch- quality food in a relaxed, friendly environment. It's family owned, and the staff is really friendly. The food is all from scratch and really unique! The SEC sandwich is my favorite, and if I'm feeling indulgent, the bourbon sticky bun is amazing.

Don't plan on dashing in and out if you stop here; since the food is from scratch, relax and enjoy the experience! They do have a drive through, so grabbing coffee would be quick.

Speaking of coffee- they have their own house blend, created from Just coffee. Cool to support local businesses on all fronts.

All in all, highly recommended.

By Kristine N. at 2016-09-07

I have read great reviews about this coffee shop and driven by it several times, so I though I would drop by for a late lunch.

I came into the shop around 4 and was immediately greeted by a friendly worker. I ordered the Chicken Cashew Croissant ($8.50) and the Pure Health Smoothie ($5.00). The sandwich came on a fluffy croissant with a generous amount of filling. The spring greens were fresh, the grapes were crisp and sweet, chicken and the dressing were delightful. The smoothie was my personal favorite. This Pure Health smoothie contained papaya, beet greens, berries, and protein powder. I wasn't expecting much, but this smoothie was one of the best I had. You could tell they used real fruit and it was not too sweet.

The bathrooms are tucked away in the corner, and they were very clean.

Although the price was a bit high, the quality was worth it. All in all, it's a great place for small gatherings for lunch. I will surely return to try other items on the menu.

By Zane B. at 2016-08-30

This is a very easy to miss coffee house, but don't let that fool you. The interior is very cozy, and for lack of a better word, quaint. They hanging lamps with mason jar lamp shades (that's not a lamp shade style, they actually have bottle green mason jars over the lights) are a really nice touch. They have a faux fireplace, and nice cushy chairs placed artfully around it. Speaking of art, they have stools with hand-painted city scenes on the seat, such as the Eiffel Tower with Van Gogh's "Starry Night" in the background. They croissants are really well done, but just don't order the chocolate chip cookie. I love a soft cookie, but these mush piles were a sin. I couldn't even finish mine and got nauseated later.
Aside from that low point, everything else was near perfect. They have a large selection of bakery goods, which were nice and fresh, nothing seemed stale.
I got the liquid gold hot chocolate, which scrumptious, and it even came with a mini Snickerdoodle on the lid!
They also have a drive thru, which was very surprising given the old-fashion feel of the place.

By Beth W. at 2016-08-16

Absolutely adorable coffee shop. And locally owned to boot! It's tucked behind KFC and across from Pier One. It's a bit hidden and while I drive past quite often, I'm not sure I would have ever noticed it except for the Yelp reviews that kept rolling in.

The decor is very cute. Don't miss the Mason jar lamps-very cute touch. It feels like it should be in Door County or somewhere vacationy like that.

The breakfast sandwiches were enormous and served on a most excellent Madison Sourdough brioche (it actually tasted more like a croissant. Score!). Everything tasted surprisingly fresh.

There is always a wide assortment of baked goods. The cranberry coffeecake was delicious.

They offer the standard coffeehouse drinks. Their chai is on the spicier side which I really enjoy. The liquid gold hot chocolate is house made and can be made "dirty" with a shot or two of espresso. The liquid gold lives up to its name :) And it's served with a mini chocolate chip cookie on top of the cup. Hooray!

Wifi code is listed on the board to the left behind the bakery case.

By Andrea V. at 2016-12-26

They are always very nice, always professional, and the coffee is always very good. If you go inside, it's warm and friendly and they have a fireplace. Great place to have a conversation, read or write. Absolutely one of my favorite places in Madison.

By Christina C. at 2016-07-15

It's a cool coffee shop. It has a concise menu, which works for me, since I'm so indecisive and want everything. I can't remember now the local roastery from which Helbachs gets their beans, but the roastery custom roasts Helbachs beans, so I thought that was pretty neat.

I got a croissant while I was there. I'm pretty sure it's not made in-house, but it was still delicious. No toaster to heat it up though.

My one complaint is that this is not a great place to bring your laptop! There are NO outlets. There was one, but it was by the condiments (not sure if sugar, milk, etc. for coffee counts as condiments, but oh well). It would have been extremely unfortunate if someone tripped over my cord. So... I asked for a to-go cup and left.

By Ali E. at 2016-05-10

This is where the old Victor Allen's used to be off of mineral point Rd. Its across from Peir One and next to the KFC. I hope they do some advertising, have customers from the old VA or just plain old word of mouth. This location, to me, isn't the greatest and not very visible from the road.

Upon walking in I noticed the interior is super cozy and they have a big fire place which was very nice. They have a bake case with cookies, sticky buns, and a few other items. They also had some croissants and brioche, which looked like Madison Sourdough brand but I couldn't be sure, I'll make sure to ask next time. They also have other breakfast and lunch items on their menu.

The staff was super friendly. This is definitely a family run place. The young man taking orders was very nice and made a flavored latte just fine and was perfectly hot. I ordered a small which wasn't very small, maybe 16oz? Not sure if that's really their small or it was made larger by accident. Either way that's fine with me. I also ordered a sticky bun with a Bourbon sauce they melt on for you. This was delicious and homemade I can only assume. The sauce was nice as some rolls and sticky buns can be dry. This was not the case with this one.

I will definitely be back to try other food and drinks. I am also excited to have a friendly, local coffee shop to go to. Hopefully others try and tell their friends too! And I am looking forward to enjoying the fire place come fall and winter.

By Jessica G. at 2016-12-16

Went through the drive thru and had their hot chocolate spiked with espresso. Super rich but super delicious. Fast service! I will be back.

By Michelle D. at 2016-07-26

I really enjoyed my stop here with a friend. I had the chicken and broccoli Caesar salad. It was a generously big salad with very fresh ingredients. It really was big enough for two servings. My friend got the Reuben . I got a few bites of that sandwich and it was very good.

I enjoyed the fresh brewed ice tea. I enjoyed reading the menu and can not wait to explore it some more.

The pastries all looked incredible. I had something that was a small loaf of a cinnamon like cake. It was good but I am dreaming about my next visit and getting that sticky bun. I will update once I get a taste of that.

By Rob C. at 2016-07-22

Coffee to go with a miniature cookie on top,
blood-mary mustard that makes my heart stop,
décor that makes me feel right at home
with super tasty breakfast sandwiches as big as a small garden gnome.

Well I tried, but it does sum up a great experience.

By Mark W. at 2016-06-06

What a great little hidden gem! EXCELLENT food and service.

Helbach's is new and located on the West Side, but don't think that means they aren't as trendy or high-quality as our Capitol coffee shops. I seem to have hit a streak of awesome coffee shops in Madison and this one was definitely one of them.

I had seen that they were new on Yelp, so I decided to try them out for lunch on the West side. The first thing that struck me as awesome was the interior of the place (along with the furniture). Helbach's is a family business and the interiors were done by their uncle. While we were there, they were also constructing a garden box out front to compliment the outdoor seating (which was also pretty cozy).

I got the fetish breakfast sandwich and loved it. The eggs were fresh and it came on a Madison Sourdough roll. My friend got the chicken salad sandwich on a croissant and also really enjoyed it. To drink, I got the peach roibos iced. Again, quite good.

The location is a bit off the beaten path, it's back behind the West Towne Mall on the road that Pier 1 is on, but totally worth the visit.

I'll definitely be back and passing the word onto my friends. The only complaint I have is that they're not closer to downtown where I live!

By Jeff M. at 2016-05-17

I'm not sure how this is a coffee shop, it should be Hellbach's Cafe - I thought the coffee options were rather limited. Their food menu was far more elaborate! Semantics aside, I ordered an ice mocha and it was comparable to Starbucks or another chain coffee shop. I found the rest of the coffee options to be 'standard' - a shop for those that don't need a fancy coffee.

The decor was an assortment of furniture and the paint on the wood paneling at the order counter seemed like a rushed after thought. Like it was the first D.I.Y. project the employees tried for a team building exercise.

I think Victor Allen's was here before and I'm not sure if this new tenant's coffee stands out enough to last longer than the previous owners. Time will tell.

By Nancy W. at 2016-05-07

This place opened where Victor Allen's used to be and glad to have them in the neighborhood! The inside is welcoming and cozy, nice place to spend some time. The coffee is good, but the bakery...oh my, the bakery! Everything is homemade and from what I have tried it is all excellent. They also have breakfast and lunch sandwiches. The people that run it are nice and friendly, hope they make it. Support this local business, you won't be disappointed!

Edited 7/25/16 - I finally decided to order a salad from here as all of the bakery items I have tried have been to die for. I ordered the Broccoli Chicken Caesar for $8.99. Big disappointment. Lots and lots of lettuce, a couple sprigs of broccoli and some chicken. In with the chicken was a large piece of cartilage covered with skin, that I picked out. It was also drenched in dressing. If you order a salad, I would recommend the dressing on the side. I think I will just stick with the bakery items.

By Cathy H. at 2016-11-19

Great coffee house. We had a chai, mocha and delicious breakfast sandwiches. Cozy interior, friendly service. We loved that it wasn't chilly or noisy!

By Matt W. at 2016-05-29

The owner of Helbach's did a fabulous job of updating the old Victor Allen's space on D'Onfrio Drive. By using repurposed wood and employing a blue and brown color scheme, they have given the location a rustic chic vibe, which was reinforced by the soft jazz playing in the back ground. There is plenty of plenty of seating options, including a group of comfy chairs around a fireplace. There also is a pleasant patio with outdoor seating. The Wi-Fi signal was strong and steady, despite a large lunch crowd when I visited. There also is a drive through window for those of you coffee achievers requiring caffeine on the go.

Helbach's offers the usual arsenal of coffee drinks, as well as teas and smoothies. There is a display filled with a tempting variety of homemade pastries. There is a small breakfast menu and a variety of sandwiches and salads for lunch. I tried the Patagonia Beef sandwich and absolutely loved it. It was both well designed and superbly executed - the roast beef was hot, tender and juicy and the homemade chimichurri sauce subtly boosted the ensemble's flavor. Every great sammie needs a steller bread component and the grilled ciabatta from Madison Sourdough did not disappoint. The lightly dressed greens on the sandwich would have benefited from being served as a side salad, as the heat from the beef turned them into mush by the time I consumed the second half of my sandwich. While the sandwich was on the smaller side, I felt it was a solid value at $8.50, given the quality of the ingredients.

The staff was friendly and efficient. I received my sandwich about ten minutes from the time I ordered. While no own checked in after I received my food, I was thanked for coming in as I departed.

In an area dominated by chain restaurants, Helbach's provides an oasis of homemade deliciousness. I'm certainly looking forward to exploring more of the sandwich menu as well as enjoying some time on their patio this summer.

By Kati R. at 2016-10-22

Just tried breakfast sandwiches this am and they were VERY delicious!!!! Perfectly crispy bacon!!! Ordered coffee twice now and its been fantastic both times!!! I HATE overly sugary/sweet coffee drinks and these are a perfect balance of coffee and sweetness!! Hubby and i will have to make this a regular place!! Great locally owned place!!!

By Valerie B. at 2016-10-30

Their coffee and friendliness would get a 5, but having to wait half an hour for food and then having to ask about it only to find out they lost my order and no longer have all components is unacceptable.

By Jenny S. at 2016-05-20

I am so thankful that this place opened because I work right up the street. Although I've only gotten my items to go at this point it has a very warm and inviting feel to it! Both times I've been I've given in to my temptations and ordered bakery items. (They look too good not to!) I love when things are homemade and these items are. They do not disappoint! I can't wait to try their lunch items. It is a family run shop and when I say that, I mean it. Both times the kids have been there helping! I think it is wonderful.

By Michelle L. at 2016-11-07

Stopped in on an impulse this morning and was very glad I did! I had not been to this spot since it was a Victor Allens and couldn't believe it when I walked in, this place is absolutely adorable. I wish I hadn't been on my way to work cause I could have sat here all day. The decor and atmosphere are wonderful. They also have a drive-thru if you are looking for something quick! The staff was also friendly and I enjoy that it is locally owned. There is a nice selection of both baked goods and breakfast and lunch sandwiches, and of course a variety of different drinks. I ordered the Beam'r sandwich to-go and it was delicious. Sandwiches are all made to-order and it was surprising and refreshing to be able to eat a breakfast sandwich that didn't include a microwaved egg! I am excited to return to try some other menu items and spend more time inside. I definitely recommend anybody try this spot out!

By Lukcy C. at 2016-05-10

Wonderful place. Great comfy atmosphere, friendly people, delicious coffee and homemade baked goods. It's a really nice place to come and work, or have a cup of coffee and relax into your thoughts. Either way, I recommend it.

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