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Estimated average consumption of $4.9 - $9.8 per person. We offer 29 menus, including Rosemary Rosewater Lemonade, Dill Basil Mint Limeade, Rishi Summer Lemon Iced Tea, Rishi Hot Tea, Anodyne Coffee, Crimson Juice, Goldie Juice and so on.
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By Amanda S. at 2016-07-10

My boyfriend and I shared the quinoa salad, beet falafel sandwich, and fried cauliflower, and cucumber-mint limeade. Everything was exceptionally delicious. Very good quality food, great flavor and fresh ingredients.

It's a little pricey considering the fast-casual ambiance and counter service instead of table service, but the food quality is worth it. We paid $29 for three courses (one serving of each course to share) and it was plenty for us for lunch, but the portions might be a bit stingy for dinner. There is a patio but when we asked to sit out there we were told it wasn't open. Not sure if it was closed that day or if they just aren't using it. I would love to see them expand the seating and let diners take advantage of Milwaukee's beautiful summer weather.

Hello Falafel uses disposable containers and flatware (again, I feel, too casual for the price), but gets a pass because they use compostable containers for both food and drinks.

We'll definitely go here again, so many great vegetarian choices!

By Gary H. at 2016-09-25

The food at Hello Falafel could likely get a four or five star review on its own. Perhaps if I lived close by or just ran in for carry out, that would be my landing spot for a review. But it isn't, and here's why:

The menu is not ambitious in any way and does not help diners as much as it does someone taking a menu home for carry out. The menu is oddly printed on black -- weird choice in terms of looking appealing. I was there recently with a friend who has a nut allergy, and this place was sort of toxic for her because so much of the food has nuts in it that there is very likely cross contamination in the very small and highly visible kitchen. She opted for the lentil soup and loved it -- hoping the whole while that it would be safer bet than the salads.

The menu was augmented by an almost unreadable blackboard and by a suggestion from the counter clerk who suggested a drink not otherwise on the menu. I love tart drinks and the lemonade didn't disappoint. It was said to have lavender in it, but I got no taste of same in mine. I sampled a carrot salad, classic falafel, and eggplant fries. Each was fresh and very good. The fries were really good, but some moistened wipes should come with them. A good scrub in the restroom didn't remove the stains from my fingers after having enjoyed them. In fact, it took several minutes of scrubbing with a brush when I got home to remove the paprika (?) coloring.

I don't think the disposable container and foil wrapper issue is a small one as suggested by other reviews here. This place generates a lot of junk per order. If this stuff is all biodegradable, I am somewhat impressed but not mollified. It is still a lot of trash.

Finally, I read other reviews after visiting Hello Falafel myself. It was only then that I read it is connected to Odd Duck. My first thought was, "That explains it." Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the food at both places, but like Odd Duck, Hello Falafel has a vibe that is tough to describe. It isn't quite unfriendly as it is -- I don't know -- smug? In my imagination the owners think "We nailed the food and the rest doesn't matter." For me, it actually does matter.

By Joshua B. at 2016-08-19

Casual and relaxed, but fresh and vibrant. The food is fresh and benefits from the simple menu (4 salads, 5 falafels, 5 apps). Has an array of fresh juices that I'd wanna try, but the price point ($6) is a bit dear if you're just looking for a quick casual bite.

It's pretty adorbs inside with a nice vibe.

While the location has struggled to find a stable tenant, I hope this sticks around.

**Date Rate**
It'd be a good option for a first date with limited expectations or a crazy new date place for a long term relationship.
Great for quirky romantic lovers.

By Cat J. at 2016-08-18

Hello Falafel is the perfect addition to the Bay View food scene. It's delicious and adorable. I was a little worried when I learned where it was going (the cursed corner of Lincoln and Howell), but if anyone can make that spot work it's the crew behind Odd Duck. The first time I went I wasn't blown away - the falafel was a little dry - but it was right after they opened so I attributed it to growing pains. I've been back twice since and both times it was much better. I also got a juice the last time I was in, I can't remember the name of it now but it had all sorts of green veggies, it was delicious.

Our service has always been friendly and the food comes out pretty quickly. The decor is very cute and I'd like to lift all their planters. It is close quarters, though, and on a busy corner, so it's a little noisy. Not where you'd go for a quiet and intimate tête-à-tête, but perfect if you want to feel like you're grabbing a quick bite in a bustling neighborhood. The menu is small, so I can see it getting old kind of quickly, but as long as they shake things up on a semi-regular basis they'll do fine. In my humble opinion, Odd Duck puts out the most delicious and exciting vegetarian dishes in the city. I'm excited to see what they can do given an entirely vegetarian restaurant.

By Rachel F. at 2016-07-26

Falafel has always been my jam, and Hello Falafel is pretty dang great.

Brought to you by the people who brought you Odd Duck, this is a no-booze/cozy dine-in or lunch/dinner takeout kind of spot, nestled in one of those weird locations that can't seem to retain the same business for more than a year, if that.

That said, if anyone's going to make that corner of Lincoln and Howell work, it's Hello Falafel.

Their lentil soup may be the best I've ever had - not too smooth and not too chunky (great texture), just enough lemon, great flavor, garnished with parsley and some sort of creme fraiche. I could seriously maybe live off of this stuff, you guys. SO GOOD.

I also ordered the "classic" falafel bowl atop carrot rice :: pickled veggies, falafel, hummus and carrot rice. So freaking good.

They also have salads and fresh juices.

I see them getting a lot of my cash money in exchange for foodstuffs in the future. They're right down the street from my house and their lentil soup/falafel bowls are the stuff veggie/Mediterranean-lovers dreams are made of. Get thee to there and get yourself falafel'd, Milwaukee!

By Liz A. at 2016-08-04

Definitely a fan of Hello falafel. Since my visit, I've been unable to say the word philosophy. I keep pronouncing it, "falafosophy". The place looks great! Upon entering, I knew I was going to have a good experience. The place is clean and bright. It seems like everything there is biodegradable.
I went with the beet falafel with rice. The goat cheese was what sold me. Delicious! My friend got the classic with bread.
I do wish they had later hours. They were open until 9 and we had plenty of time. But since they are located in such a great area, would be nice to go there later in the night.

By Suzanne O. at 2016-06-12

I want to like this place so bad, but I'm really disappointed with the food.

I had high hopes since I'm a fan of Odd Duck and I like falafel, but the food was just medicore. I tried both the red falafel and classic, but the falafel itself was just too dry and dense. It needed a lot of sauce and fillers to make up for the dryness. I also had the Moroccan carrot salad which I liked way more than the falafel. The roasted carrots rocked, but the portion was pretty small.

I honestly probably won't be giving the falafel another shot, but the salads all sound pretty good so I might go back to give those a try.

By Brian M. at 2016-05-19

Well, hello there, falafel. Nice to meet you.

First off, I'm not a falafel guy. Quite frankly, I've never met a falafel I've truly enjoyed. Today that run has ended. I ordered the "Red" sandwich which contained a roasted red pepper spread. It contained some oil cured olives, feta, radish, pickles, and tahini; lots of things in a little package and all in perfect harmony. Owned by the fine Odd Duck folks, you can expect quality and attention to detail.
The menu is small. Not sure if that's the model going forward or just because it's soft opening week. Currently there are four salads, four sandwiches, and five sides to choose from. My group had the hummus and the eggplant fries. Both were solid, but didn't blow us away. Sadly their juicer wasn't working today so we had various lemonade varieties and teas; nothing special there.
On the whole, this place is very good. Once they get the kinks ironed out, I'm sure it'll be great.

By Daniela C. at 2016-05-23


After GTO left this space, several different restaurants took its place only to close a few months later. I truly hope that Hello Falafel is here to stay, and by the looks of it so busy at an off time on a Saturday afternoon - Bay View looks like it agrees!

We stopped by mainly because we knew they had just opened and have been big fans of Odd Duck, which the owners also own/manage, across the street.

Very different from it's predecessor, Hello Falafel isn't upscale, small plates with a little bit of everything. It's definitely healthy and FRESH fast food that you can eat in or take to go. They also have a juice bar!

When we walked in, we were warmly greeted by the young woman behind the cash register. If I am being honest, she seemed a little aloof and we had to repeat our order a few times for her to get it right. While I waited in line to order, she did have a good knowledge of the different ingredients as she answered plenty of questions for the older lady in front of me.

They don't have a menu board, it's mainly paper take out menus. They are absolutely recycle and compost friendly, which I appreciate as a person who lives on Planet Earth!

Now to the good stuff (food!):

I ordered the Sabih - which was an eggplant spread with falafel and other veggies --- CAN YOU SAY YUM!?!?!? It was everything I expected, with a little spice kick to it. I was very happy with the portion size and cost.

Boyfriend ordered the Beet ---- which he also seemed to really enjoy.He also ordered the Crimson juice, which was delicious and while not thick, it wasn't a thin juice, either.

We ordered a side of the Halloumi cheese and I can honestly say this was the winner for us -- it came with tomato chutney and cucumber and was just so breathtakingly amazing and delicious. Ughhhh, I could eat plates of that!

Overall, we are super happy that Hello Falafel is in the neighborhood and we will absolutely be back. Here's to hoping they deliver downtown for the work day!

By Torrie B. at 2016-11-06

Amazing addition to the Bay Z View food scene. Cozy, comfortable, and oh so fresh! Stopped in with a friend and spent 2 hours talking and enjoying our amazing falafel sandwiches. I had the classic and my friend had the red. The pickled veggies on the classic took everything to the next level. My friend ordered the eggplant fries, which I was excited about, but they were way too sweet for me. Excited to come back and try the soup and salads.

By Lori L. at 2016-07-24

Yet another restaurant on this corner. There have been some great successes and many failures; however, I have a feeling that this one will be here for some time.

Obviously you are hitting a falafel restaurant that has a vegetarian menu. They have a very good crisp falafel that has a light salt on it with incredible flavor. You can get the falafel by the piece and not indulge in a full sandwich.

I opted for the 3 falafels with green tahini and the cucumber salad. The green tahini (spinach tahini) is INCREDIBLE and I would definitely order it again. The salad was good but they killed it with too much dressing so order dressing on the side.

Our friend had the eggplant fries which are delicious but messy. The turmeric will stain your hands so use a fork! I can't wait until it is colder out to try their lentil soup and get some fried halloumi cheese.

This is incredible tasty vegetarian food. I hope they open the back patio so I can kick back with a juice. PS - The juice specials are fabulous too!

By Molly W. at 2016-09-12

Great falafel and to DIE for eggplant fries! Everything is spiced to perfection. The tahini is tasty, though this basic B was missing tzatziki for my falafel. Can't wait to try the rest of the menu!

By April B. at 2016-06-08

Checked out this place last night with a friend and we both loved it.

Ambiance: Place was open, bright, and comfortable. Lots of blue hues and subway tile. Cheerful and polite staff who accommodated a split check with finesse despite a long line forming behind us. Our order got messed up but we didn't even notice--they fixed the issue that quickly and stealthily.

Food: We split a sabih falafel over saffron carrot rice, an order of fried eggplant, and 3 falafels with lemon tahini. Everything was outstanding, so vibrant and full of flavor. But we especially adored the eggplant fries which were covered in turmeric, mint, sesame and honey. Each fry was crispy and mushy in the best way possible. It's a must order if you like eggplant--hell, it's a must order if you like good food. The tiniest of complaints we had was that the falafels were a little cold. Other than that, A+!

Drinks: I got a rosewater lemonade and she got the basil limeade. Mine was too tart for my blood but the limeade was a proper blend of tart and sweet.

Overall, this is a fantastic addition to Bay View. Can't wait to come back and try the rest.

By Baber M. at 2016-07-25

So this is not your regular falafel sandwich place. For that, go to an Arab restaurant.

This is what a falafel sandwich would be if imagined by a stereotypical Starbucks toting white girl. And I gotta say, I love the results.

Food evolves in relation to where it is being made and who it is being served to, incorporating the local sensibilities and ingredients rather than ardently sticking to tradition. And this place is a great example of the evolution of a traditional Arab food in the American milieu.

Definitely give this place a try, it's worth it. The only downside is that their seat area is small and get easily crowded during Lunch Hour and at other high traffic times.

By Francisco C. at 2016-10-21

I tryed the mushroom special, it was ok, but the fryed cheese nailed it! Probably a great option for vegetarians.

By Ryan H. at 2016-08-07

Important: They are not open on Monday's, I should know, I've gotten all the way to their door at least twice on a Monday before I remembered.

This corner space on Lincoln & Howell has been like 15-ish different businesses in the 3 years that I have lived in Bay View & the first moment I stepped food into "Hello Falafel" I knew that this locations curse of "musical restaurants" (think "musical chairs") was over. I'm calling it, they'll be there forever. At least I hope they will be.

Living just down the street I can tell you that the area is in need of some more variety in the quick but non-fast-foody lunch department. One can only eat at Sven's/ Outpost/ Hi-Fi / so many time's before you've eaten through their menus.

I love that Hello Falafel has fresh juices & that you can watch them make them, no particular reason other than I particularly like watching people make my juices. They've got 4 different juices to choose from & so far I think I'm digging the "Jade" the most, this juice has cucumber, collared greens, cauliflower, celery, parsley, jalepeno, & green apple. A delightful combination if you ask me.

Their lentil soup & eggplant fries were both pretty delicious as well, if I could change anything about either of those items, it would be to have the eggplant fries a little more on the crispy side. Maybe thats not possible with eggplant without frying the crap out of it, but these were just a little squishier than I had anticipated, the flavor is on point though with the little bit of Turmeric salt, honey, & mint that they put on them. The lentil soup is consistently the perfect consistency, not too thick, not too runny, & it comes with a little yogurt sauce which I am also a fan of, 3 cheers for the yogurt sauce. Hip hip hooray! --- ok, maybe one cheer is enough.

As for the falafel options themselves they are all great so you're either going to have to come back 4 times to try them all or go with 4 friends and play bite - bite - pass with your friends. If you're only coming in once & want to try something unique I'd suggest you go for the beet falafel & you can get all of these in the Laffa bread or on a bed of rice, the decision is yours.

By J. M. at 2016-10-21

Not super thrilled unfortunately. Flavor profiles are not fully developed and everything tastes like one note. Staff is friendly and ingredients are fresh. Will stick with the falafel from halal guys or Apollo. Have no need to return.

By Drew L. at 2016-08-04

I'm just happy...the happiness is overpowering and it's hard to write well. I didn't know I needed a falafel/fresh juice bar/exotic-side-dish-counter-service restaurant in my life. I didn't know I needed love, either, and then I met my wife. I'm about to drink a drink with cantaloupe, strawberry, green grape, cucumber, line and mint. Hello Falafel is the restaurant equivalent of Frank Ocean's Channel Orange. This restaurant is one of my best friends in Milwaukee. Do you ever need to grab takeout food and have the odd desire to feel better about yourself afterwards? I love Bay View now.

By Joel P. at 2016-09-13

Worth a try, but I'm definitely not rushing back.

Just went there for lunch with two other people. Collectively, we ordered two classic bowls, a classic pita, the eggplant fries, and the lentil soup. The bowls were smaller than anticipated. We thought it was kind of weird that a falafel restaurant didn't have pita. We weren't a huge fan of the honey on the fries. The lentil soup was good, but pretty heavy.

Overall, the food was decent -- definitely worth a try. All kind of weird mixtures of food.

By Nivya R. at 2016-07-15

Been here a bunch of times. Quick service and a short and sweet menu. I have had their falafel wraps ($8)- classic hummus, red pepper, beet versions of it. All three were really good. The sauce was just right and wasn't drippy or too messy to eat. The fried cauliflower appetizer ($6 I think?) was decent too but I thought it could be more crispy. They serve fresh fruit juices too and it seemed to be popular among the patrons. Overall, the food quality was fresh, flavorful and just the right quantity for a person. It does have limited seating ( about 3-4 tables in addition to a bar type seating. Not much of ambience but perfect if you want to grab lunch or grab a quick bite before heading for the bar scene. They are open from Tuesdays to Saturdays, which is atypical.

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