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Hibachi Box

Hibachi Box
  • Street 411 N Harrison St
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23220
  • Telphone (804) 204-1844
  • Opentime
  • Raging (88)
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Hibachi Box introduction
Estimated average consumption of $3.98 - $7.96 per person. We offer 24 menus, including Mexican Coke, Foco Coconut Juice, Sweet Tea, Coconut Ricewater, Lemonade, Fountain Drink, Pork Gyoza Dumplings and so on.
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Hibachi Box reviews

By Emily M. at 2016-10-21

I LOVE hibachi box. It brings me back to the times where I was lucky enough to grab a dinner at Sakura where the chefs cook in front of you. The food tastes exactly like that if not better.

You get a lot of food for what you pay for. It's $10 for a salad, and a huge box with noodles, rice, your choice of meat, and veggies. They also let you choose two sauces to go with your meal. I recommend the ginger sauce and the yum yum sauce.

I have trouble finishing the entire box and I usually can pile down some food. However don't plan on doing an active things after eating this food because it makes you super lazy/ fall into a food coma .

By Jahnay M. at 2016-11-06

Hibachi box was in my bookmarks for places to try and I am glad I tried them out. The place was kind of small, but cute. This was my first visit here and I was satisfied. Although finding street parking was a little bit of a hassle we managed to finally get there to order our food. The prices are pretty reasonable. They offer chicken, steak, salmon, shrimp, and more.

All of their boxes come with veggies, noodles, two sauces, and a side salad. My mom and I order two chicken boxes. The portions are pretty large and you get a lot for $8.95 for each box. The staff was pretty friendly. Definitely a popular place on a Saturday night. Walking distance to VCU's main campus.

Only thing I didn't like about here was the fact that we had been waiting for our order and one of the guys that worked their offered two people fountain drink cups while they were waiting, but he never offered us one and we had been waiting longer than both of them. I found that a little rude. They would have gotten five stars if we would've been treated the same and given courtesy cups as well. Other than that this place seems to be good.

By Lia G. at 2016-10-16

This place is awesome! I went for the first time and was extremely impressed. I got the steak hibachi and added shrimp. You also get a side salad which is just your typical side salad with the ginger dressing. The steak was a perfect medium rare which was impressive. The veggies were great as well. The only thing I wasn't a huge fan of was the noodles. It was just too much starch for me and I like the rice much better than the noodles. There are options so next time I would ask for no noodles and I would add move veggies.

I am definitely going to be a repeat customer!!

By Kamille P. at 2016-08-15

I love Hibachi Box. I always order the shrimp hibachi box with yum yum sauce and I'll usually split it with my sister. It's super tasty and also really satisfying.

The shrimp, veggies, fried rice, and yum yum sauce are delicious as ever. 10/10 would recommend.

The noodles aren't as good as they used to be. They were my favorite component of the meal because they were super saucy and flavorful but now they just taste like a rubbery mess of disappointment. (For lack of a better description.)

As for the salad...I usually don't even touch it. I throw it away when I think nobody is looking. But I know I am not alone. I have actually witnessed other customers throwing away their untouched side salads on more than one occasion.

I still love the ambience because of the cool decor and the fact that they always play great throwback jams. Staff is friendly too. I also like that there is a random sink next to the soft drink machine so I can wash my hands before I eat.

...And that's about it. I am a big fan.

By Tina K. at 2016-11-22

You pick a protein (or stick with veggies) and they add grilled veggies and onion over rice/noodles. I agree with many of the other Yelpers in that they give you a TON of rice/noodles but are pretty skimpy on the protein. That said, the food is pretty darn delicious and you get to pick two dipping sauces--definitely try the yum yum. Each meal also comes with a side salad with a tasty ginger dressing. You can definitely get two meals out of one visit. Well worth the price!

By Ashley S. at 2016-02-01

Finally!! A quick, affordable place to eat hibachi! They are located in a prime spot to walk on campus and definitely give you quite a lot to choose from! You can choose from four sauces, four to five different proteins, and you even get a salad with your meal! Even the atmosphere is catered to a modern, woodsy design that any college student would find appealing.

The hibachi consisted of grilled onions, zucchini, fried rice, and noodles! The portions are a nice and it's packed nicely if you need to take it to go! I did, however, tried the coconut milk drink they have and it was not what I was expecting. That was the most disappointing part of the meal, but other than that you do get what you pay for and the people there are super friendly.

Definitely stopping by here when I want a quick hibachi fix!! They also had a goatacado option and definitely need to taste this one as well!!

By Lizzy H. at 2016-01-14

Ive been eyeing this place since I saw the construction starting. For months I would check to see what it would become and now finally its here. I convinced my office to order and I have to say everyone is impressed. We ordered at the registed and waited for our food . The staff was very nice & fast.

The restaurant is small but has plenty of seating , we had to find street parking but its expected when your near VCU. I LOVED how easy and fast it was to order. Its like the Asian chipotle as far as menu set up except easier. You start with the protein which ranges from $8-11. You can get chicken,steak,veggies, shrimp , or salmon & the meal comes with veggies (zucchini &onion ), rice, noodles, and salad. You get to choose two sauces that comes on the side and dont forget to ask for some housemade chili oil . They also have house made juices, I tried the melon and ginger which I would get again but its more ginger than melon . They also sell beer but no liquor.

When we first opened the boxed meal its seemed like alot of carbs and less meat but maybe my eyes were bigger than my stomach. It was definitely plenty of food , i even have leftovers for tomorrows lunch. I loved the way they packed our meals. Since it was an office order everything was mixed up but it was very easy to figure out who got what without making a mess. I know were gonna be back !!

By Kayla W. at 2016-07-11

I had heard of Hibachi Box and had it on a list to try. However, our recent dining experience was totally unplanned! Edo's was closed when we tried to grab dinner and so being extremely hungry, we popped next door to Hibachi Box. I'm so glad we did! It might have become a box on a list that never got checked due to our infrequent visits to this area around VCU.

The food was great! We both did a hibachi box, chicken for me and steak for my husband. They include the meat, veggies rice and noodles + two sauces. I would probably do without the noodles next time and double up on veggies. The noodles were good just the idea was weird for me. The yumyum and white sauces were both really good.

This is a perfect fast meal that is easy on the wallet and pleases the pallete!

By Sun J. at 2016-01-26

I ordered the yaki noodles with steak for take out. Came out to a little over $10.

I didn't need sriracha since the seasoning had a light kick.
I love the snap peas and fried onions and the steak is easy to chew.
Cool, modern interior with adequate seating but better for groups.
Nice side salad with dressing- is it ginger?

For my personal taste I think it was too salty or too much soy sauce.
I dislike warm/hot cucumber.
I'm not a fan of the paper bowls as they did not hold up for long.

Overall, I ordered from the vegetarian menu so there were more vegetables than noodles. I would try from the regular hibachi menu next time.

By Samantha B. at 2016-11-25

I had been hearing such great things about this joint and decided to try it out. WOW. Great value for a ton of food. Freshly made and so delicious. Definitely plan on returning!

By Joshua V. at 2016-12-01

Hibachi box is fabulous. The food is hot, fresh, and quick. The flavors are great for the food. It's always busy when I'm there and the food still comes quick. Great for lunch.

By Alicia E. at 2016-12-08

I really don't like to sound ungrateful but this was not AT ALL what I was expecting this to be. The food looked like it was thrown in this "box" and put in a small size, what it appeared to be a garbage bag or I should say a small black trash bag. I want to say that I understand the food industry can get busy at times but in this case it wasn't busy when I arrived or left. So for my food to look like it was being thrown out instead of picked up is a pity and a shame. All and all, this is and will be the first and last time that I ever spend my money there. Sorry for the review. Smh, IJS...

By Josh R. at 2016-12-04

Great food! Great service! My friends and I love it. Walked in and got served right away. Workers were nice and a lot of them were students just like me. Definitely reccommend it!

By Veronica N. at 2016-12-01

Hibachi Box is one of my favorite RVA to-go places. If you like Asian food that's delicious and not greasy and gives you a lot for your money, definitely check it out!

By Janae D. at 2016-11-19

I really like this place and the food tastes great. I've gotten both the chicken and the shrimp boxes and both were good with huge portions. However I do have a complaint about this place. They give you soooooo much rice and noodles (I really don't understand the purpose of serving both in the box) but the boxes really seem to be lacking in veggies and meat. And that's really what you pay for. This place could be so much better if they gave you a fair portion of meat and veggies and maybe held back in some of the rice and noodles. But I have no complaints about the actual taste of the food. Love the yum yum sauce and salad dressing

By Kici C. at 2016-04-10

Let me preface this by saying my favorite hibachi place in Richmond is Sakura on Broad street. I tried hibachi box last week because I always pass by the sign and I was in the mood for some.

It's really cute inside, modern and pretty spacious considering its location. The price is very moderate as well.

I ordered the chicken hibachi which came with a salad (no soup even though the sign said soup) and I would say it was mediocre at best. The lack of vegetables really threw me off. The only veggies were zucchini and onions and there were so many onions. There was also noodles in the hibachi which threw me completely off. The taste wasn't bad. I think my expectations were just too high.

By Mona B. at 2016-05-06

Ordered two chicken hibachi boxes with yum yum sauce. Delivery was super fast and good packaging. The food was okay. Chicken was dry, rice good, yum yum sauce tasted nothing like the kind at real hibachi restaurants, and the noodles at the bottom of the dish really threw me off. I would suggest cooking the chicken at a higher temp and quicker so they don't get dry, get rid of the noodles, and get a yum yum sauce recipe from a hibachi restaurant. Then you'll be in business! :)

By Paul M. at 2016-04-19

I ordered Hibachi Box the other night and was pleased with the food quality and substance. The box includes rice, noodles, veggies, and a choice of meat (chicken, steak, shrimp, salmon). You are also given a side salad and have the option of choosing two sauces. The yum yum sauce was good, similar to other Asian restaurants. The white sauce was my favorite, it is deceivingly spicy! If you are a fan of onions, like me, you will enjoy the veggies- the veggies include lots of onion and some zucchini. The noodles are on the bland side, but you can mix them in the sauces to liven them up. I think it is exciting to have a place like this in Richmond, no longer do you have to hit up the Asian buffet to get some fresh, inexpensive hibachi.

By Looksorn '. at 2016-11-06

Very easy to find and not too far from VCU library. They gave you so much food in a really nice box. Totally worth your money and time. I'll definitely go back again.

By Jonah P. at 2016-02-16

This place is suited for a shopping mall food court. Generic iceberg salad, flavorless, greasy noodles and rice, overcooked, under portioned proteins, and dipping sauces that are nothing more than mayo and sugar. Starting at $8, I expected a lot more.

Not sure what the relationship is to Goatacado, but HB is the antithesis.

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