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  • Street 6 Saw Mill River Road
  • City Hawthorne
  • Region New York
  • Postcode 10532
  • Telphone (914) 592-5900
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  • Raging (80)
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Hida introduction
Estimated average consumption of $12.91 - $25.82 per person. We offer 258 menus, including Edamame, Shrimp Shumai, Szechuan Wonton, 2 Piece Vegetable Spring Roll, 2 Piece Summer Roll, 2 Piece Hida Duck Wrap, Sesame Tofu and so on.
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Hida reviews

By Rob B. at 2016-12-17

This place is amazing! Great service and food! We came for hibachi and it was booked. The staff was generous to comp our first drinks ad had soup on the house. Nice friendly atmosphere

By Rainy L. at 2016-11-05

Heard a lot of good things about this hibachi restaurant tucked away in Hawthorne. It's a lovely space but I left a little let down and think Hida is just over-hyped.

Service started out extremely poor. We waited a really long time just to get our drinks. The cooking started about an hour after our group of 10 arrived. Once the show began the service was much better.

The food is okay--typical of any hibachi place. I couldn't finish my scallops in the end because everything was just too salty for me. The noodles are the best thing on the plate. If you want fried rice, that's extra.

We had a good time but I wouldn't return for hibachi. There is a sushi menu and apparently a good happy hour but since this place is so out of the way I don't see myself coming out for either. Too many other options closer by.

By Shannon H. at 2016-09-13


Also the most mediocre food you can think of ever. The restaurant was completely empty on a Tuesday night. Yes we had a group of 12, but that does not merit food to take 2 hrs and 45 minutes. It took 2 hours before they even STARTED heating up the hibachi grill, and by that time we were so sick of waiting that we cancelled. Did I mention, that the restaurant was completely empty??

Additionally the food that managed to come out came 20 minutes apart, they forgot appetizers that we ordered but still managed to charge us, got our sushi dish wrong, and charged us for our cancelled hibachi.

Let me re-iterate, the place was completely empty. It's a shame because we were a really large party and were willing to order a lot of food, it just never came.

By Marc C. at 2016-08-31

Came here twice, once for hibachi and once for a regular dinner. Both times were disappointed.

My wife learned after the first visit to stay away from mixed drinks, even though they have a full bar most are made with concentrated syrups and nothing real. Second time she got a glass of wine and while it was expensive it was also very disappointed. Stick to a beer and you should be ok.

Hibachi was what you'd expect, the ingredients were of ok quality. It's really just a show and the cook was friendly and cheerful, something that must be hard considering how dead this place is.
The rest of the menu is just bland, sushi and the likes are just ok, fresh but tasteless. They should revisit where they source from. The other meals are just the same, bland.

The place at a glance looks clean but has plenty of flies and gnats that will come say hi while you eat. Tables are sticky...

Overall the service is the best place that this place has going and it's not amazing but still outshines the rest...

Wouldn't recommend which is sad as this has the building and decor of what could be a great restaurant.

By Doris P. at 2016-12-05

A little far for me but I'd go here just for the food! Ambience is great too for a date or even a girls night out. The service is excellent and the employees are professional and assertive. Their appetizers are delicious!!!

By Mercedes C. at 2015-11-23

What I love about Hida is that it's so freaking secluded. It's nestled in a small hilltop and surrounded by greenery- I love it. If you drive- let's say 45, you're definitely going to miss it. I noticed while driving up, how appealing Hida looks at night. The beams, the grooves of the exterior and their landscape. Other reviews mention how gorgeous it looks in the warmer months, where Hida has a pond with Koi fish.(This I would highly love to see).

Hida is gorgeous and freaking palatial. Front part of the restaurant is reserved for hibachi dining. No offense, but I intentionally wanted to skip the hibachi-styled dining and sit in another wing of the restaurant, just because, honestly, my daughter is 21, and she nor I didn't need the show and dance of a cook flipping vegetables and slicing and dicing chicken in 50 bite sized morsels- that's just me!

Service was on point, I wish I can say the same about dinner. Selections were great, flavors were awesome...but damnnnn food was extremely salty and got me on the jugular. I needed to down my dinner with tons of water. Besides that enormous wrinkle of eating overly salty dinner, our server, I must say, was great.

By Steven P. at 2016-08-06

Beautiful Restaurant with nice parking and back yard, well set up and good view from bar area.
I am not sure about the food,
Nice restaurant they have hibachi table.
It was empty on Saturday rush hour so I think there is red flag,
The sushi is not fresh but kitchen food is just ok.
I like the old wood and the traditional Asian building and decorate.
We will try one more time.
Food is so so
Don't worry sushi

By Michelle H. at 2016-12-05

We were fans when this was Gasho, but now the food is even better. I didn't like the dressing on the salad at Gasho because it was too spicy. Hida has the same kind of dressing but the taste is milder without being bland. My husband and I went for date night. The food was excellent, and the service was great. When we finished eating, the hostess offered us food pellets to feed the koi, which was a perfect way to end the night.

By Cenk S. at 2016-10-24

I'll have to agree with most of the comments here- charming although pastiche landscaping (something that can be used as backdrop for a 1970s kung fu movie, or a sequel to Kill Bill) but utterly terrible food. We came for lunch on a Monday and the place seemed deserted. It's got potential, but first they will have to focus in getting a new chef and delivering great food (failing that, working with the current kitchen staff to make sure they actually can taste what they make and that they use quality ingredients that don't taste moldy).

By Sherry L. at 2015-07-26

The HH deals are the best in the area!! Both for alcohol and food. The entire appetizer menu is 50% off between 3-6PM, as are the beers on tap. It doesn't really get much better than that.

The rock shrimp tempura and the Hida duck wrap come highly recommended by the servers. If you are looking for something a little heavier, I think the calamari and the cold sesame noodles are also good options. Other than that, I've also tried the chicken lettuce wrap, which is pretty much kung pao chicken served with a couple pieces of lettuce. Nice, but not all that special.

If you are in the area, I'd highly recommend it for HH! Especially if the weather cooperates and you can take a stroll around the garden in the back!

By Liana L. at 2016-02-19

2.5 stars, but I'm upgrading it for the beautiful ambiance.

At this point in my life, I'm not really interested in restaurants that have a million things on their menu - there's no way that they do every single thing well. Hida offers hibachi, sushi, other Japanese food, Thai food and Chinese food. I came here with my roommates after our first exam because it's the closest restaurant to campus, and since we opted for non-hibachi, we sat in a separate section of the restaurant.

Maybe it was just the food that we ordered, but everything was very mediocre. I don't remember how much my maki combo was - not too expensive, but not cheap either - and I sadly compared it to the amazingly fresh, super tasty maki combo that I was addicted to at Haiku (a sushi place in Bronxville that I ordered from for lunch several times a week). The fish was bland - nothing bad, but just uninteresting.

My roommates (who aren't Asian) ordered two very Americanized Chinese entrées (fried tofu puffs and shrimp with walnuts) and a Thai curry stir-fry. I guess I was just surprised to see this food (and quality) at such a high-end looking, beautiful place. As another Yelper said, it almost looks palatial. The pond and outside dining area was absolutely lovely - it's large enough for a leisurely evening stroll and a photoshoot, even. I've never seen anything like it in a casual restaurant.

I might be willing to check it out again for the hibachi, but I'm definitely not interested in ordering off the normal menu.

By Ray L. at 2016-06-16

Gorgeous, gorgeous setting. Beautiful koi pond and garden, great service, excellent deep-fried angel hair pasta appetizer, very reasonably priced lunch specials with great miso soup/salad.

We didn't get to try the actual hibachi, but heard that it gets really crowded on weekends-- and understandably so!

This was quite a gem to discover and I definitely recommend this restaurant.

By Colin M. at 2016-06-16

Had an excellent experience here.

Came with the girl for Japansese...

Seaweed salad
Miso soup
Sashimi @ 15 pieces++ eel hand roll
+ dessert, beer, tea etc

The outdoor seating was awesome, pictures don't do accurate justice. A great place to enjoy great food and our server was friendly, informative and professional.

Wherever there was a slight inadequacy something grander was around the corner that made up for it.

I will definitely be back screw the pretentious yelp haters- Hida FTW!

By Neal D. at 2016-04-07

Great hibachi spot in a cool building. Stopped in for lunch. Had the chicken and shrimp hibachi lunch. Standard hibachi chef theatrics ensued. Great aim squirting the sake!

Reasonably priced too.

By Greg N. at 2016-09-14

I was the only one in a huge restaurant on a Wednesday night at 6pm. That should have been a clue. The appetizer was ok. Some salmon sushi I with ground tuna in spicy sauce. But I ordered the happy family because I thought shrimp and scallops sounded good. Unfortunately the shrimp and scallops frozen food and tasted horrible. The texture was ruined be the frozen food. Total bill for one for frozen food - $45. I did also have 2 beers at $5 each, but that still made it $35 for the food. Won't be back.

By L B. at 2015-12-08

I was just visiting the area and came across this restaurant. I'm so glad I did. The food was incredible, ambiance absolutely amazing, and hospitality was quite welcoming.

By David K. at 2016-05-08

The garden and koi pond is beautiful. Watching the tall bamboo blowing in the wind was mesmerizing. But the food was unremarkable and even a bit unsettling. The front room is like the Chuck-E-Cheese of Japanese restaurants. The back room is has the grand view. I would return for a drink and the ambience, but I'd never return for a meal.

By DJ A. at 2016-10-23

Well, all the reviews are true. Nothing special here. Atmosphere kiddie-city and loud! Waitress barely around! Food very bland! No soy sauce or seagoing while cooking food! The filet Mignon wasn't terrible, was tender, but nothing special. The SCALLOPS were not fresh & were chewy! The Habachi FRIED rice was just bland plain rice! No peas or carrots or onions or seasonings! The noodles were fine.
The veggies fine. I just think our cook FORGOT to add all the usual seasoning we are used to at OTHER hibachi restaurants in the area! We won't be going back. Not worth the expense for mediocre food! (PLUS they charge EXTRA $3 ea person for hibachi rice! ?Who does that!!?)
Waitress no where to be found all night, practically had to chase her down for bill! ( then had to walk the check to the cashier since she never came back! !) Really disappointed! Our usual local place closed last week so that's why we were forced to try here!

By Melissa B. at 2016-07-08

Two words: FOOD POISONING. I'm sick as ever after eating dinner there tonight. I had the seafood combination hibachi. They must not handle their seafood correctly. I was here years ago when it used to be Gasho and wanted to give it a try. I'm never going back!

By Somp S. at 2016-06-13

Best sushi I've had outside of NYC. My fave place to get General Tso (shrimp, chicken or beef)! Actually, I have yet to be disappointed with the food here! Haven't tried the hibachi yet, but the loudness and the cheers coming from the hibachi room indicate that the hibachi chefs are pretty great and entertaining! I've learned I should always make a reservation if I want hibachi, especially on a weekend night! Great place for a romantic date because they have a beautiful garden with a koi fish pond. And if you ask your server they'll give you fish food to feed the koi fish! Cocktails are delicious and NOT weak! They have a blueberry honey ale draft that is awesome as well! I'd go there just to have a pint of that outside in the garden by the fish pond. Okay...I lied...I'd need some of the delicious food as well!

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