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Hoffbrau Colorado

Hoffbrau Colorado
  • Street 7699 W. 88th Ave
  • City Arvada
  • Region Colorado
  • Postcode 80005
  • Telphone (303) 422-7755
  • Opentime
  • Raging (63)
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Hoffbrau Colorado introduction
Estimated average consumption of $7.12 - $14.24 per person. We offer 141 menus, including Brau Trio Sampler, Famous Brau Chips, Chicken Wings, Chicken Tenderloins, Chicken Quesadilla Full Order, Chicken Quesadilla 1/2 Order, Jalapeno Poppers and so on.
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Hoffbrau Colorado reviews

By Amie B. at 2016-12-23

Great venue! Large space, great sound system, bug dance floor, good food with the kitchen open late and great wait staff.
Celebrated birthday here & Aubrey took amazing care of us. She went out of her way to ask if we could move tables together & made sure we had food & drink. For those drinking water, their glasses stayed as full as those having alcohol. Thank you so very much, Aubrey!!!
Will we be back? Yes. Do I recommend? Yes. Aubrey is now our go to gal.

By John M. at 2016-10-31

My wife and I went to meet some friends for the Denver Bronco game. What a great atmosphere for sports. Great HD tv's and the customer service was outstanding. I forgot the name of our waitress but she was on point. What I mean is very good.
The large chicken nachos were Awesome. A very generous portion of chicken.
$2.00 COORS and COORS light not bad either.
Very, Very good experience.

By Tiffani H. at 2016-11-18

Its a good place to go to for live music and if your from this area, you are sure to run into an old high school friend. An older crowd is to be found here but I fall into that category (in my 40's) so I don't feel like the old lady here as apposed to the bars downtown Denver. If your looking for a casual night out with friends, this is a great place to go. Its definitely not your Cherry Creek night out at Elways scene! I would like to see a better wine list. At least one decent red or white on the menu would be nice and they always seem a little understaffed.

By Mario G. at 2016-09-25

This place is usually great. Disappointed about the food quality today. Eating a little half bite piece of chicken and all bread.

By Sheila G. at 2016-11-19

This place is amazing. Great food. Fun atmosphere. Live band on Fridays and Saturdays. Pool tables. Shuffle board. Fun times!

By Jim V. at 2015-12-30

I will make this quick. I never send food back. I've just sent my food back here though. I got the NY Strip. Bite one: kinda gross. Bite two: even more so, something isn't right.

From this point I've edited my initial review so I'm not making scientific claims that I cannot support. What I will say is that I was served food in this restaurant that should not have been allowed out of the kitchen, and I will not be back.


And here is where I edit my review again and share the whole story after being insulted in a message by the ignorant, most likely drunken GM of this restaurant. I WAS SERVED ROTTEN BEEF! ROTTEN!!!! The waitress was embarrassed/humiliated, and we felt bad for her because it wasn't her fault. The Shift Manager was also embarrassed and we paid a total of $10 for two-drinks, an app, and my wife's food ($50 value, allegedly) due to the Manager's embarrassment. The meat smelled heinous, and my 1.5-bites only left me a little bit sick later that night. To top it off, I ordered something else after the apologies from the waitress and Manager, and 45-minutes later I had not received my food, so we left.


By Bella G. at 2016-10-28

A great place to listen to live music, watch sports or grab a bite to eat! Food is pretty average but that's to be expected with a huge bar... will definitely return!

By Amy D. at 2015-10-21

I miss the old Hoffbrau space, but this location is huge and does offer a lot of options. There's pool and tons of TVs and an almost entirely separate bar in the very back.

It's a pretty easy/convenient place to meet and the food selection is pretty good. The Cuban sandwich was decent, though I would have preferred it more crisp/panini style. The guy had the Reuben and said it was passable.

Overall an okay spot for a brew and some food.

By Jessica M. at 2016-05-13

This place is easy going yet really fun. Crowd of all ages. Lots of middle age peopls. Tv's for the game, a couple pool tables, a nice stage and dance floor to the side that is still a part of the bar. Great prices! The band was great! Very talented and played hits from all the decades that you can dance to. I only ate bar snacks like nachos and fries but they were really good. It is the perfect place to party without having to go downtown.

By Tracy S. at 2016-08-15

I was not sure about coming here to see my favorite Denver band, Wash Park. Thankfully, the reviews didn't stop us! It is a great venue for live music or just hanging out. Super nice crowd with a good mix of people. The place is huge, with a sports bar feel up front and club in the back. Drinks were great. We had chicken wings after dancing and they were fab! Would definitely come again! Check it out for yourself - don't let the location (strip mall) scare you off!

By Adam N. at 2016-04-29

The only reason I gave this 2 stars was for the food, the quesadillas were good. But as soon as I ate I was gone!

Went to go watch the draft last night and since this is a "sports bar" I figured it'd be on. Well it was on except they wouldn't put the sound on as I was told by the manager the jukebox money was more important. The draft is already boring enough, to not have sound makes it that much worse, especially when Tom Jones "Lets go pussy cat" is playing in the background on the jukebox. I like the bar but I won't be back unless they start playing the sound from the TV's. Oh and the draft was on 90% of their TV's so it's not like they didn't know about it.

By John A. at 2016-02-21

I was surprised and delighted by my experience at Hoffbrau. I expected a sub par bar dinner for some freinds' birthday celebration, but got much more than I was prepared for.
The exterior of Hoffbrau looks like you are walking into a liquor store and not a sports bar, but upon entry your senses will be overwhelmed by a wide open layout, many pool tables, and an eclectic array of classic and current athlete jerseys in frames all over the walls. The interior decor is cool, but what made the visit special was the array of games and the availability to the many patrons. There were lots of pool tables, multiple dart boards and a shuffleboard table. The shuffleboard table made my night.
The hosts were dumb, but the servers were attentive and nice. And the food was surprisingly high quality bar food. I will probably return to Hoffbrau again, but I will need a special occasion and a large party to not choose other restaurants first for my meal.

By Valve G. at 2016-10-24

Nice new place, more room for plastered doucheboys to act up. I witnessed 2 female bartenders serve a drunken patron (whom they knew) until he was shirtless & accosting other patrons, including myself. My wife & I had to move to the front bar before I had to have a violence fight. The bartender up front had to go back & get control. She booted the idiot out, scolded the stupid little bartenders & comped our next few drinks. On weekends this place is a haven for adolescent jerk offs & terrible live music, hit it on a weeknight. The food can be good & you can have a nice quiet drink & a meal if you get lucky.

By Michael S. at 2016-07-30

Hoffbrau is a great typical American restaurant and bar. You will find good food, good people, and lots of TVs with sports. I bet you can't go just once. I can recommend fish and chips but they have a great menu for choices and great bar food and live music. The service is very very good. Hoffbrau is a great place to meet friends and visit. Easy to find and plenty of parking. I approve this message.

By Brandon R. at 2016-07-15

The food is great, but my real issue is with the servers! They are extremely slow, they don't check up on you, and the worst part is that they stand around and chit-chat with coworkers or bar goers while you're sitting there watching them in need of something. I have been there three times in the past month and it's the same case each time. I go back for the food and the fact that i live less than a mile from there, but the service is terrible. They don't even have a greeter to sit you down and acknowledge you. You just have to hope that when you walk in that someone happens to see you do so and these reasons alone make the experience a very unpleasant one each time. This place needs new management or needs to have some changes done real soon because these are issues that should not occur ANYWHERE! If any management sees this, fix this problem, now, because it's highly unprofessional.

By Salochin R. at 2015-09-14

Monday nights or any other night, mainly to have a beer, meet people, play some pool. Food is good; over priced for the amount you get. I Don't go for the band's or thursday/saturday nights but it seems to draw a crowd from time to time. Customer service does really well. I've seen where it can get out of hand, but the staff take care of business and everyone is there to enjoy their time and the staff achieves that goal.

Pros: happy hour pricing, free pool after 8 on Mondays(pool in general is great here), have the occasional crowds on a monday night or Tuesday night.

Cons: food is over priced for what you'll end up receiving.

By Stephanie A. at 2016-09-10

For this particular experience I called ahead to see if a specific football game was showing on one of their MANY Tv's. The person who answered the phone said "yes we have it on, but downstairs only. But yes it's on." "Great" I say. When I get there I ask where the game is so I can watch... And I'm told "Sorry, we aren't showing it". Really!? I even called before going. Just because I came does not mean I'm going to stay if you don't have what what you said you did. Poor customer service to say the least.

By Lissa G. at 2015-07-05

So very disappointed. I came to see a particular band play and excited to try out the new place. The place is huge and the stage set up is fantastic. I was a little concerned to see two staggering drunks walking around with black x's on their hands. My friend purchased 3 beers and set them on the table. My friends went to dance as i watched the beers. Drunk X guy stole one of the beers and then cursed at me when i looked at him. I couldn't find a server anywhere and went back to the bar to simply let them know that someone who is cut off had acquired another drink. She snarled at me and said she was aware and rushed off. I then asked a guy behind the
bar if he was aware. He held his finger in my face to tell me to wait while he poured Jaeger and did a shot with two other employees.

I returned to my seat only to watch drunk X girl vomit on the floor while the drunk X guy felt her up. I again found staff and was told again that they were aware. I told her about the vomit and the girl rushed off to tend to the situation.

The beer was finally removed from drunk guy and they were asked to leave.

Probably won't be back. I suggest that the staff learn more about liability.

By Allie G. at 2015-06-09

Amazing, amazing service! (Kristen was our server). It took us probably 30 minutes of chit chatting to actually look at the menu, but she casually stopped by to check on us at appropriate intervals with no pressure to hurry, yet was prompt at noticing when we were finally ready. She took our next beer orders perfectly at the tail end of our first drinks.... She is absolutely great at her job, couldn't have asked for better!
And for those of you not fortunate enough to get this lovely lady as your server, it's still worth stopping in - the food was great, chips were great, salad was amazing (they make their own ranch!), delicious buffalo burger, and a decent selection of tap brews.... I'll be back!
Thank you Kristen!

By Jeff L. at 2016-01-27

I've been here several times in the last few years, always on weekends. I have had a great time every time. Always had good food and never had a problem getting a drink. This place is super crowded for a reason. If you go to a bar like this feeling entitled to a beer within 60 seconds, then yes, you'll be disappointed. If you're going for fun with a diverse crowd out here I the burbs, then by all means come on down.

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