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Homestead Bar and Grill

Homestead Bar and Grill
  • Street 6275 N Linder Rd #100
  • City Meridian
  • Region Idaho
  • Postcode 83646
  • Telphone (208) 898-9595
  • Opentime
  • Raging (54)
  • Website
  • Cuisine American
Homestead Bar and Grill introduction
Estimated average consumption of $8.75 - $17.5 per person. We offer 49 menus, including Idaho Homestead Nachos, Buffalo Wings, Cod Sriracha Bites, Breaded Dill Pickle Spears, Jalapeno Pretzel, Hummus Plate & Tzatziki, Homestead's Cheese Sticks and so
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Homestead Bar and Grill reviews

By Justin E. at 2016-12-23

Getting right to it: fantastic heartwarming service, awesome people; delicious food, great drinks, fun menu items, a cozy bar, sweet deals, plentiful seating... I'm running out of adjectives!!!

I went here with my mom to try the epic Bloody Mary and it didn't disappoint. What we weren't expecting... phenomenal wings!!!! I love wings and these wings were so friggen well cooked!! I need to come back and try all the flavors. The mango was so tasty, and the whiskey BBQ was quite savory and sweet.

My favorite aspect... as always, was the service. Genuinely kind and thoughtful people made this a 10 out of 10 experience; I highly recommend a visit.

I'll be back for more wings... please don't change the way you're making them!!

By Sarah B. at 2016-10-30

The good, the ok, the ugly..

The good: Been here twice and had consistently good food and service. It's a seat yourself kinda place and they were packed, so my first instinct was to just leave due to no hostess. They quickly remedied that and put us on a waiting list.

The ok: Atmosphere is loud. The bloody Mary/ beer list is odd you have to look at a tv? Menus in our first visit were dirty, like really dirty, not a big deal but I kept wondering how clean the kitchen was.

The ugly: I ordered a virgin Bloody Mary, even double checking with the waitress because she brought me the side beer, they changed me alcohol price. I asked her to correct the tab and she said no that was the price. She gave me a weird explanation that that was the cost, but if you spend any time working in the bar business you know what she said was bs.

Upon my first visit I plugged the address in my phone and it sent me to Kuna, told same waitress she said couldn't be because the address was clearly on the menu. Meh, I guess everyone has a bad day. I did see that there is two locations of this address on Linder the difference is if you put "N" or "S".

All of the "meh" experience I had was the first visit, didn't experience any of this in the second. All and all I would go back, seems like they're getting their sea legs.

By Dick F. at 2016-09-27

I'll keep this one short and sweet.

We waited 45 minutes for our food and when we got it it was cold. We never saw our waiter between when we got our sodas and when the food came 40 minutes later. When I asked to talk to a manager our waiter spent 90 seconds saying how busy he has been and trying to talk us out of talking to his manager. We got tired of it and gave up and asked for our check, then waited another 5 minutes to get it. It was the first time in my adult life that I did not leave a tip.

It was almost certainly a reflection on this particular server and not on the establishment because the food was pretty good for being cold and the portions were generous.

By Michele R. at 2016-03-18

Vibe, eats, service all add up to we're glad we tried it. But my husband and I wouldn't make it a destination left to our own devices. The vibe here leans heavily the sports bar direction. I knew that going in but expected, based on reviews, good food would be the hook. But the food wasn't quite the quality expected. Service was unerringly friendly but not quite on point for details. Still, worth a try to see how it works for you. There is a lot here to appreciate. Especially if you live in the neighborhood.

Eleven TVs. Count 'em! OK...maybe even twelve. Each tuned to sporting events.

It was LOUD at lunchtime, maybe not so much the TVS but from the fact that at 1:45 on a weekday it was nearly a full house. Including fifteen or so of the maybe twenty four-ish seats at the bar taken by folks drinking beer...who were all still there doing the same when we left an hour later...and having the congenial back and forth between themselves and the bartender that made it seem like this might be a regular thing. ("NORM!" You know what I mean. :-))

The tempo was 'neighborhood place' with people ranging from a few grade school kids to seniors to all ages in between and included a bunch of (cute) guys who seemed off the construction crews for the residential building boom in the area.

Sparkling clean. Industrial look with exposed duct work above and what seems like a garage door on one side that likely gets rolled up onto a sidewalk / patio for seating in nice weather.

We were invited to seat ourselves. The only open options were a handful of stools at the bar or standard height tables along the wall with chairs on the outside and a hard wood bench on the wall side. We chose the wall tables. Besides the hard bench, there is a downside to these seats worth noting that is this: every time the door opens the cold breeze blows straight down that line of tables, even if you're sitting down the line as far as the bar. Which we were. Now you know.

There are also high stools at high tables ringing the dining area and some more low tables that seem trapped in the middle of the ring with a tight squeeze to get to them. If I could wave a magic wand, I'd rearrange those low tables to the outside so they don't sit in that "canyon" of high tables. Good design for "people traffic" flow is low to high.

Thumbs up that the stools have backs!

Good enough. Better than mass market chain fare. And here's a tip: sharing is a great idea because portions are generous.

We split a Cali Club sandwich, chose garden salad as our "comes with" and were enticed to an order of onion rings on recommendation of the server.

Half of the order of onion rings were disappointingly 'doughy' as if undercooked and remained uneaten. The rest were crispy on the outside but flavorless. Tip: There is great Sirachia Ketchup on the table. Highly recommended.

The sandwich was good and easily shareable.

The romaine in the salad was crispy but it came with sliced black olives of the canned variety and bland cheese that seemed as if packaged pre-shredded. Tip: Avoid the House Italian which was devoid of flavor but for oil. Fortunately it was served on the side and happily replaced with the Yogurt Green Goddess (a winner) when requested.

Friendly, "thanks for coming" server who knew the extensive menu well. Nice job. He demonstrated Saintly restraint with the table next to us, folks who like us were new to the restaurant but who seemed unable to navigate the menu. He answered every question patiently although he was swamped and the answers were printed on the menu. A couple of service misses were in a small saucer delivered for 'share plate', no question why half the onion rings were left in a doughy pile uneaten and the check delivered shortly after the food without asking if we wanted dessert.

Very fair across a range of options, in particular for the size of servings. Our lunch which amply fed two lighter eaters was $13.00.

Looked like more than a couple of dozen beers on tap. They also have a full bar and a specialty cocktail card was on the table. Soft beverages. I noted a Root Beer Float was only $3.75. Would have ordered one for dessert had I been asked if I wanted dessert.


1) PARKING: Private lot front and more in back of this newish mini-strip-mall location.

2) ACCESSIBILITY: Accessible parking in lot, but shy of the number to meet ADA rules. Mall owner's issue. Level in the door. All on one floor. Some standard height seating accessible at wall but overall most standard height seating here would be impossible to get to given the place doesn't follow ADA rules for clear aisle spaces.

3) HAPPY HOURS: Two times a day. From 2-5 and then after 9p.

4) BREAKFAST on WEEKENDS: Saturday and Sundays. See the website.

By Jon M. at 2016-08-30

Nice friendly greeting
Great beer and liquor selection
Nice atmosphere
Amazing food

By Annelise R. at 2016-03-14

The newest addition to North Meridian, Homestead is sure to surpass your expectations for a "local" joint you can go after work with the guys or take the family to for a nice meal. It feels as if our whole neighborhoods stops in after the workday to catch up, watch sports and enjoy a few brewskis. It is the kind of place you want to be a "regular" at.

Food: For a basic menu, the food is very good. We tried the Cod Sriracha Bites, which came to our table SUPER fast. They had just the right amount of kick and were perfectly bite size. My husband and I shared them... the portion was just right. We also shared a hamburger. While the burger was cooked well, it seemed as thought it was under-seasoned and not too flavorful. We also had a side salad with their house-made Italian dressing, which was also rather bland and flavorless. We'll have to go back to sample more food, because as far as the nosh goes, we weren't thoroughly impressed. HOWEVER, we watched several dishes of their mac & cheese go by, and it was a HUGE portion that looked super creamy and delicious. Their nachos also looked really good, too. We are looking forward to going back.

Drinks: Over 40 beers on tap, with printed menus that are always changing. They also have a full bar. They have brewery nights on Thursdays, so be sure to stop in for samples if you're into that!

Atmosphere: I think the atmosphere is what seals the Homestead deal for me. There's no bad seat in the house, as there are TV's pretty much at every single angle they could think to put them. There are low tables, high tables, big high group tables, and wrap-around bar-top seating. The tables feel a little snug, but it's homey! It was rather loud and very lively when we stopped by Friday afternoon. We loved it!

Service: Super fast and genuine. Our server was patient with us as we looked over the menu and offered great recommendations! Very happy with the service.

Happy Hour Offerings: Daily drink happy hour from 2-5, with beer, wine and well drink specials. No food happy hour, bummer.

Healthy Hack: Their salads are pretty healthy!

Tips: n/a

By Jacqueline T. at 2016-12-20

I have been wanting to try this spot for awhile since it's around the corner. I made the mistake of going on a Thursday night during football season so it was really busy. My husband and I both ordered burgers which were pretty good. I took off a star because my fries were cold. I will give it another try soon!!!

By Karl F. at 2016-09-18

We've been there three times, and each time just weren't really impressed.
The first time was their grand opening so I expected some hiccups, bur when we sat at the only high table (4 chairs) one of the wait staff first asked if we could move to a low table along the outside wall for two. I asked is there anything else? ...he said "Well OK" and we sat at the high table. Their beer selections seemed great, if they weren't out of what I wanted. I can't recall what we ate, but it wasn't memorable. This day all TV's had one show showing, which I overlooked as a hiccup. I don't come to a place like this to watch a game I really want to see.
Another couple next to use had about the same experience as we did, 2 Stars!

The next time we went a few weeks later we had the same experience with beers I wanted they were out of. Again the food we had wasn't memorable. We saw a couple order a pitcher of beer, when it was delivered it was more than 1/2 head! The lady looked at the server with a puzzled look, asked if he knew how to pour beer? They sent that back. 2 stars!

The third time we were there we went with a group and it was picked by one of the guys. We didn't eat only had beers once I found one they had. Everyone else ate and found the food to be decent, and beers were good. 3 Stars!

Service: 4 Stars (except that first experience)
Food: 2 Stars.
Beer: 1 Star. (mainly because of the 3 times they never had my first choice, and I think the beer prices are higher than average, $1 more for the beers I like)

We may try them again and see how it goes, only problem is there are too many other option!

By Mark T. at 2016-11-23

This place is so noisy, it should be required to wear hearing protection. Concrete floors and all other surfaces are reflective. Add in about 8 TVs and screaming patrons and it is impossible to talk without shouting. My hamburger was charred and cooked well done and was dry as a bone. They only have coated French fries, so you better like them, because that's all they have. Service took an extra 30 minutes because the kitchen was backed up.
Almost any burger restaurant in the Boise area is better.

By Stacey P. at 2016-11-21

Customer service Is always curious & friendly. They have a great beer menu that rotates everyday. I also recommend the bacon blue cheese burger.

By Tony C. at 2016-02-12

North End Meridian Rejoice !! We have a legit bar and grill in our area now !! Went there for lunch on friday. Service was excellent. I love how they have good music playing in the pub at just the right volume !
1. Wings are hot, flavorful, juicy on inside and crispy on outside
2. Fish and Chips Are Rad ! Perfect batter and light and flaky on inside.
3. Bbq burger was juicy, big, full of flavor. Try the onion rings with it !
4. Club sandwhich is huge. Lots of flavor.
5. The pints on tap are awesome. And the mixed drinks are perfectly executed !
My Hats off to my new local pub by my house !

By Stephanie D. at 2016-08-09

I'm torn!
Pros - nice variety of food, friendly staff, I like the outdoor seating in the summer, I've had the Greek Pita, Club sandwich, pasta salad and Caesar salad. All really good!

Cons - slow service to get drinks and food, a lot of waiters I've had there always seem new and questioning everything, sitting inside is SO loud, the nachos suck. Just a mound of chips with just a little bit of stuff on top. If they did layers of chips and toppings, then they would be amazing!

By Dawna R. at 2016-11-09

Tried it out this evening with my daughter. The food was awesome, has a bar vibe. My only complaint was it was colder inside than out. After making a comment to our server, who was very cold, I told her don't be afraid to say a customer has complained about the temperature.

By Rach G. at 2016-10-24

Very slow service every time I've gone. I've tried it a few times because it's near where I live. Food is pretty good. Burgers are huge though, hard to get a realistic serving. Turkey on sandwiches is dry. Also, I've found hair in my food on more than one occasion! Multiple times in the same visit! Very difficult to get refills on sodas, staff doesn't pay attention to when your beverage is low and/or gone. The one thing they have going for them is the French fries- they are excellent.

By Mike G. at 2016-05-31

We were anxious to visit this new bar/grill. There's not much out in this part of town so we were hoping it was good. It is OK. Not great.

Big selection of beer that scrolls down a flatscreen TV. Nothing in writing, so you have to sit there and wait for her to scroll through several times to make your selection.

We came on a Tuesday evening and the place was half full and they had lots of staff, but poor service.

The ambience is good with over a dozen big flatscreen TVs. Not sure will be back anytime soon.

By Robyn Q. at 2016-06-11

New place in the neighborhood so we tried it for lunch on Sunday. They were busy but seated us right away on the patio. Staff friendly and accommodating as we swapped tables with another party. I was happy to see gluten free options so I ordered burger and fries. Gluten free bread isn't amazing and choices limiting but Homestead serves good quality. So gold star for GLUTEN FREE options.

I'll be back for beer as this looks to be the speciality. I didn't count the TV's but there more than I had fingers for.

All in all, it's basic but the neighborhood needs this place.

By XXyoungfoodieXx S. at 2016-08-31

Great food great bar great decor when i went there i had the nachos and theywere great and the people there were really freindly if you ever want to binge this is the place. The food is HUGE the have an all you can eat spagatti and a make your own burger menu with hundreds of options they do have lots of flies though but i dont want to be a jerk because the flies are beyond anyones control

By David D. at 2016-09-24

I was really excited about a sports bar that serves brunch by my house. Was first breakfast menu had 5 items which still fine if 5 descent items I ordered a breakfast burrito and 1 pancake the package was actually really good but the burrito eggs that were definitely out of a box weren't cooked and the honesty let fries they put in it over cooked and over seasoned I sent back dish and ordered 2 over hard eggs. They came out over easy and when I told them no I want over hard the guy who brought me them said they were rang in over easy and walked off. I then found my server who replaced them with over well eggs and again I sent back saying I ordered over hard and my yolks weren't don't the third time it came back over hard and the server told me they do there over hard eggs with the yellows runny.

By Barbara L. at 2016-07-18

It's to hot to cook in the house, so off to try a new place, Homestead Bar and Grill. Short review, service was very friendly, food was ok, but details and cleanliness were what was lacking.

We were greeted upon entering and told to find a seat anywhere. As others have pointed out, the tables are very close together. They have a small space and are making the most of it. It was not terribly busy, but it took some searching to find a clean table. Perhaps we'd just missed a rush, but most of the tables hadn't been wiped down and the floor was scattered with stuff from hastily wiped tables from earlier in the day.

We sat down and our server came up to the table and presented menus. They were smeared from dirty fingers and mine had dried ketchup or some type of sauce on it. The waiter was very polite and friendly but seemed a little distracted and when we asked about some of the beer selections, he wasn't certain what they were. He did bring samples of a couple of things, which was good, because the descriptions on the pad presented (dirty pad) didn't really help to figure out which of the 40 beers on tap to try. We figured out what we'd like and gave our dinner order.

The service was slow. It took a while to get both beers and the food took even longer. The food was mixed. The burger was a large patty cooked to a medium-well. There was just a very small squirt of mayonnaise on it. Ketchup was on the table. There was a generous portion of fries included and my husband was not able to finish everything. My salad was okay. Chopped greens with a generous amount of cheese, but the dressing was oily and not pleasant. I'm glad it was on the side because I only had a couple of bites with it.

When I went to the restroom, there were no towels in the dispenser, so I had to wipe my hands on toilet paper.

We may try it again. I would hope to see it cleaner than it was. Given there were 5 people on the floor and only about 10 tables filled, you would think they could attend to cleaning menus and items that customers handle, checking the floor, doing a better job of wiping tables (and not just hurriedly swiping stuff on the floor with a damp cloth), attending to the bathroom, and just giving the place a once over.

By Casey S. at 2016-07-17

The food here is excellent and reasonably priced! I ordered the pita gyro and fries.. It was delicious and the fries are the crunchy kind! Yum!! They also have 40 beers on tap and everyone that I tried was good. Great service too!! I would say that the only negative thing was that a pitcher of beer was $ 18 dollars.

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