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We offer 55 menus, including Buffalo Shrimp, Oysters (Steamed or Raw), Curley (Q) French Fries, Fried Pickles, Lotsa Tots, Onion Rings, Classic Wings High Fiver and so on.
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Hooters reviews

By Howard K. at 2016-09-18

My waitress was A 5. Prompt kind and courteous and helped explain the menu to me as I am a diabetic. Food was awesome and even though it was busy the young manager was on point

By Callie B. at 2016-10-25

Food was good. Service was terrible. I guess it was a Monday night.
I had the Baja tacos which were much spicier than I thought. Still yummy.
Definitely do not recommend.

By Breanna J. at 2016-12-20

If you want to receive poor service and sit in a restaurant that's about to fall down, this is the place for you!! We were sat at a dirty table, the booth falling apart and our service was horrible! Our food was served cold , beer tasted funny and it took forever to get drinks from the bad bc the server wanted to sit and talk to her tables instead of serving

By Gracie L. at 2016-11-19

Came on a Saturday at 2:30 and the service was slow and forgetful. They don't carry everything that a normal Hooters carry, like tobasco sauce for oysters . The beer was NOT nice and cold like other Hooters. One bartender 2 waitresses and 55 patrons. Under staff. Disappointed

By Maria Z. at 2016-11-20

If I could leave 0 stars I would. This is the second time we've walked out of this location due to a complete lack of service. After the hostess seated us, we sat there for about 10 minutes watching servers go from one table to another around us. Not a single one even spoke to us. This is not a review about bad service. It's more accurate to say there was no service whatsoever...

By Casey F. at 2016-08-31

Well, first we ordered sweet tea.. 5 minutes later she came back n said they were out of sweet tea.. Ok. We got something else. And we also ordered deep fried pickles. And our meals. 10 or 15 minutes later she comes and tells us that they do t have what we ordered and we had to order something else. Then she comes back with the "deep fried pickles" and I eat one and it's like eating charcoal. They were so burnt they just crumbled apart. And this is only half way thru our dinner...

By Elizabeth S. at 2015-08-23

I was kidnapped & forced to come here. Not my kind of atmosphere. My friend loved his wings but I couldn't say the same. It took forever to get a refill. I mean our server was nice but it was so dead that day that everyone was standing around on their phones looking extremely bored. This is my first time here & as far as digging the place, I really don't. I'd rather go to BWW but then again that's my opinion. Spicy garlic is fiery so make sure you're willing to commit to the heat. I might give this place another chance another time. Oh & they have a jukebox.

By Carl S. at 2016-11-11

Complete fail. Service less than acceptable in any country. CEO shut this one down. They need new management, more staff and restructure. Remarks complete!

By Jennifer W. at 2016-02-08

I came here last night to watch the Super Bowl. It was my first time at this Hooters location.
- - -

Food: The boneless wings are a good price, but very small. Given the circumstances of an incredibly busy kitchen, I will excuse it because the food still tasted great and came out in a timely manner.

Price: Fair

Atmosphere: When you go to Hooters, you should know what to expect. If you feel threatened by being around beautiful women, that's not the restaurant's fault. The place was clean and the atmosphere was upbeat. Everyone was having a grand time for the superbowl.

Service: My drinks came out quickly even though there was a crowd.

Final Thoughts: I came here during the Super Bowl. The place was packed, but very well managed and I had a good time.

By Matt B. at 2016-08-02

We walked in and everyone at the bar was on their phone, including the wait staff. The place was like a funeral home. The only person that engaged us in conversation was a portly gentleman eating, what I can only imagine was his dinner. He did have a hooters polo on, so may have been the owner because he knew about the new sauces they had. Other then that......nothing!!!

By Candy S. at 2016-10-18

Utterly disgusting. This is by far the worst Hooters, perhaps even the worse restaurant, I have EVER eaten. Mind you I have never been to a "bad" Hooters until this. The waitress was as helpful as possible, but it is almost impossible to please a customer if the customer's primary objective is to eat and drink and the food and drinks are disgusting. I visited this establishment Saturday 10/15 at approximately 9 pm. We'd spent the entire day doing softball activities. Most of the team, players and parents, visited this establishment. Most adults wanted alcohol (beer) and some chicken wings. I saw how greasy another family's chicken wings and boneless wings were and how unsightly another woman's salad appeared so I opted for a quesadilla. I did not fare any better. The quesadilla was DRIPPING grease. I am not a beer drinker, but the beer drinkers had NOTHING but complaints. The beer was bitter, flat or simply "didn't taste right". I would not recommend this location.

By Robert M. at 2016-06-20

I just stopped by here for lunch and the food was great and I got it fast. It was not busy and it felt nice and comfortable. I also put a positive review on Facebook.

By Joshua B. at 2016-04-22

Stopped in for a quick bite and beer while out riding. Service was slow and upsale attempts were offputting - no, I don't want a side of fries with my fish and chips. I would like my beer to arrive before my food though. First time here - not impressed.

By Tiffany + Dee T. at 2016-06-02

Well Dee and I went to Hooters last night for dinner which didn't turn out to be as good as I thought it would be. First they wanted to seat us right on top of other people at the bar when there were plenty of empty tables. Then we ordered our drinks and the shots we ordered took forever to get to out table. Our food took a really long time to make as well. Finally when we got our food they only brought out 4 of Dee's 6 wings that she ordered. How in the hell does that happen!? The French fries were good but the wings weren't my favorite. We both agreed that Buffalo Wild Wings has better wings. We definitely won't be going back.

By Slim D. at 2016-03-03

How is it that we had to wait 30 minutes to get a refill and our checks and hooters was dead empty? Service was horrible and I never experienced that here until today. It's so bad that I had to write this before I even left and I always do my reviews later on. I will probably never come back to this location.

By Yamil C. at 2016-04-25

The food was barely edible, the beer was cold and the service was good. I come here if I'm drinking there is no other reason, sadly. I wish this place would improve there food, they could really do great if so. No offense to the chef but if you under cook chicken you should understand if i dont have anything else.

By John V. at 2015-05-28

Had lunch there today it was pretty empty only about 6 to 10 tables the whole time I was there. The waitress wasn't very pleasant she gave off the vibe of yeah I'm just here to get my paycheck nothing more. The fries were not fresh the wings however were good as always. The waitress didn't check on us until I asked another waitress for what we needed. I asked for extra ranch which took about 15 mins to get that.

By Jason M. at 2015-02-07

I don't know what happened but the quality of the food, customer service and the good looking chicks are below standard. I'm very disappointed. It's been a few months since I been here but this place fell off the map.

I had 10pc Lemon Pepper and Daytona Wings. Horrible and the chicken must have been from Africa cause they were all bones.

One of the waitresses that wasn't even my own was rude when I asked for plates. Also she was talking mess about another employee that was our waitress. Very unprofessional and he entire appearance was not what Hooter Girls should be like.

I think this location dropped due to Twins Peaks opening up a few miles away.

I hope management works the food, customer service and quality of women real fast cause this place is extremely short of what it use to be less than a year ago.

2 Stars but that's cause I had good times here before and I don't want to act like a heartless customer. Times are tough at this location now.

By Kevin T. at 2016-05-30

This place sucks. We spent an hour just waiting, just waiting. For drinks. Yes, for drinks. They forgot about our drinks, brought our entrees out, forgot about the appetizers. The food was alright, but it's not worth the money, the wait, or the truly piss poor service. The girls are decent looking, but they fail at service. The least they could've done was make it up to me later, but nah. First and last time I done at this hooters, actually, last Hooters I'll go to ever. you want a tip, oh, I'll give you a tip, nothing but.

By Chris H. at 2015-10-04

I love going to hooters but this hooters sucked. The food was great as always but the service and atmosphere was the worst I've ever seen. First off you had to seat urself because nobody was at the hostess booth . We stood there forever until other customers told us you might as well seat urself like we did. There were people in here so drunk one guy fell out on the floor and not a single manager or waitress went to check on him or ask him to leave . So he and his other drunk friend just staggered around the whole place wandering around. This was my friends first time to a hooters and it was not a good first impression . I just moved to this area and I will never come back to this place again.

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