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Imperial Wok Restaurant

Imperial Wok Restaurant
  • Street 7353 Pecos St
  • City Denver
  • Region Colorado
  • Postcode 80221
  • Telphone (303) 920-9247
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Imperial Wok Restaurant introduction
Estimated average consumption of $6.4 - $12.8 per person. We offer 188 menus, including 3 Piece Roast Pork Egg Roll, 3 Piece Vegetable Egg Roll, BBQ Pork, BBQ Spareribs, 10 Piece Chinese Donuts, 4 Piece Teriyaki Chicken, 12 Piece Crispy Fried Shrimp and s
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Imperial Wok Restaurant reviews

By Gloria K. at 2014-09-01

No so authentic Asian Food. The Twice Cooked Pork was okay, ordered it with House Special Soup. The soup was great, the simmering soup let out a delightful aroma of spices, the scent wafting through your nose leaving a tingling yet burning sensation. It filled the room joined by other scents, like bamboo, mushroom, and other sorts of delicious things.

Would love to recommend their soup. Love it very much!

By Owen M. at 2015-09-18

Tasted like everything was made with dirty water. Fried items were better. Doughnuts were good. All over not really worth it.

By Alfred J. at 2015-02-16

Better to head to Sheridan Cafe located on Sheridan for Chinese. This place looks like crap from the outside and the food is disgusting. Save your stomach and head elsewhere.

By Susanne D. at 2014-11-16

Hands down the worst, most pathetic, stay away type of food! !! I've ordered a couple times thinking possibly the first time was just a bad day for them. Shrimp fried rice is literally basically the fake canned baby shrimp. ..disgusting. Food seems to be coated in who knows what type of weird residue and not to mention they are beyond rude. Chicken wings first time were so old like they sat hours so the 2nd time I made a point to make sure ask for fresh...shouldn't have to even request fresh in the first place, but I ended up with rude attitude and raw wings. ...hmmm on purpose I assume? They are located less than half a mile from where I live so over an hour delivery each time for old disgusting not even half decent quality ingredients is absolutely not excusable. How they remain in business is beyond me

By Kara M. at 2014-03-14

I have only tried the rangoons/wontons, chicken fried rice and egg rolls. Maybe needs more salt...

By Duy D. at 2014-03-06

The food isn't very good. I've ordered from there twice. Their chicken chow mein (crunchy noodles) is like chicken soup with vegetables and a small bag of Fritos looking things on the side. I called back and ask if I got the wrong order and was told that is chow mein.

By Polly P. at 2012-03-26

Seems like these guys caught-on in the neighborhood as we now see a new driver almost every time (whereas there used to be only 2), the delivery orders take longer and the prices went up about an average of $1.50 a dish.

Still good, and still cheap - even w/ the increase. The combination plates are the best value and always tasty. Be very clear on the phone when ordering a combo vs an entree - they are easily confused by the person taking the order.

So, in spite of the "growing pains", they still are able to maintain consistency so ... cool.
Keep the kung pao coming!

By Rebecca E. at 2012-09-01

My boyfriend and I ordered food from here a couple of weeks ago and while delivery was quick and the food was okay, he woke up in the middle of the night vomiting and had an upset stomach the entire next day. I do not recommend.

By Matthew B. at 2011-12-08

Got a flyer in the mail yesterday and decided to give Imperial Wok a try. Delivery Chinese places in Berkeley and the Highlands are sorely lacking. All the food was delicious, especially the sesame chicken.

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