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In A Pickle Restaurant

In A Pickle Restaurant
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Estimated average consumption of $6.75 - $13.5 per person. We offer 104 menus, including Cheese Omelet, Ham and Cheese Omelet, Supreme Omelet, Shady Omelet, Veggie Omelet, Mexican Omelet, Santa Fe Omelet and so on.
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In A Pickle Restaurant reviews

By G. U. at 2016-12-12

I love In a Pickle! It is a must try with great options and fabulous french toast. A local favorite and always busy make sure to get there early on a weekend morning! Lots of college students from Bentley and Brandeis, and definitely has a youthful atmosphere.

I got the eggs Benedict which was really good, and i got the potatoes which were great, a little salt heavy but still delicious. The place is known for their specialty crunch french toast and while i have yet to try it, i certainly will on my next visit!

By Noosh M. at 2016-12-23

I've been wanting to try this place for over a year now. I walk with my dog by them everyday. The line is always so long, this has discourage me to go in. However since today is my daughters birthday I instead on checking this place out.
Since it was mid week they were not that busy. The hostess / manager made me very nerves with her manner. She looked and sounded very unprofessional.
We asked to seat at a location close to door. While we waited for the table to clear a waitress sat another group of people at the table we had waited for.
Had seen a chocolate pancake on their website which was not on their special board. When asked the waitress she said she can have the chef do that. I asked her to put a candle on the top and she said she would. After a while she brought over their other special which was apple and cinnamon. And said the chef made you this instead. I said but this is not what we had ordered! Now this sat in front of us for few minutes and nothing is more pleasant when you are hungry then smell of cinnamon. The waitress took the dish away from our table with out a word and offered it to the next table who were just sitting! I said how come you didn't offer it to us? She went and brought over the hostess / manager. She in return explained that the waitress had a language problem and misunderstood, and she is going to send us the food we originally had ordered. Now if you ask me it was the manager with the poor English and not the waitress. After a longer then expected time our order came. It was way too sweet and soggy! Of course the candle was also missing.
Will I go back here? Absolutely not! Will I recommend this place? Again absolutely not. There is nothing special about their food.

By J P. at 2016-11-18

I've dined here since it was a hole in the wall on Main St. before moving to its larger location on Moody St.

Food is always good, friendly service, and as much coffee as you want! My only complaint is that parking can be a challenge in the Moody St. area.

By Rick K. at 2016-09-21

Excellent breakfast stop - passing through last week after flying in on a red-eye to Logan so took the opportunity to grab my daughter at school and set out to find a much needed hearty breakfast after a long week of travel. She recommended In a Pickle (her having been there once before) and off we went.

They open early (6:30) which was great as other than a Dunkin Donuts, it seems harder and harder to find places open that early for breakfast anymore. We were there just after 6:30 and the place was bright and ready to go, with just a few others wondering in around the same time. We were cheerily greeted by a nice young lady who was way too happy for that time of the morning and I instantly felt better. A nice hot and fresh cup of coffee as we poured over the menu and I slowly started to regain human form.

The food was great - I had a 3 egg omelette with ham, bacon, spinach and salsa. Eggs were cooked perfectly - not over or underdone as they so often are in an omelette. Great flavor and a generous serving had me completely fueled for the day despite my approaching 26 hours without sleep (I made it through to 8PM before crashing and could never have done it without this breakfast!).

Since the food at Bentely is apparently pretty awful, Jillian loaded up and went for the Ringer - 2 eggs, home fries, bacon, and 2 pancakes which she of course upgraded to the chocolate cookie dough pancakes. I of course had to sample the pancakes with were part breakfast and part dessert And just delicious.

The service was great and cheery throughout and I can see why this is such a popular spot, and now my official go to breakfast spot in the area! The menu is extensive with lots of great options so it will be a long time before I run out of things to try.

By Umar T. at 2016-11-20

Located on Moody St - the downtown of Waltham - In a Pickle is a fantastic spot to drop by and grab a hearty meal. In a Pickle's breakfast selection runs the gamut with options ranging from the most decadent of sweets all the way to savory! Be prepared to walk away with leftovers too because portion sizes are ENORMOUS. I came here three times for my short stay in the neighborhood. The first day I ordered banana chocolate chip pancakes which I literally didn't know what to do with there was so much. Delicious, simple, and topped with a mountain of whipped cream. My second day I ordered their Nutella french toast with strawberries - another decadent breakfast I couldn't help but to eat. The only time I was able to finish my meal was when I had a waffle - well-sized without being over kill (and I had help from my coworker at the time). Great place, fun vibe - definitely worth checking out!

By Jessie C. at 2016-11-14

I really enjoyed my pancakes here - the price was a little bit high for lunch, but I got a lot of food. While the food feels like it should be from a diner, the place really isn't a diner.

The reason for the 4 stars and the decor honestly - which usually doesn't bother me, but for some reason, this place felt a little stark. It just needs a little more of an inviting touch to make people want to stay. Not sure what that would be (maybe some fun local artists would be a good touch perhaps?)

I'll certainly be back.

By Nicole Y. at 2016-08-09

Yum yum yum! The mixed berry French toast is heavenly but also very HEAVY! Be prepared to overindulge because it's definitely off the charts in terms of daily sugar/calorie intake. Also ordered the Coconut Banana French toast on another visit, which was just eh - nothing special tbh (though it was much lighter). Tried the cookie dough pancake from my friend, and it was delectable though very sweet as well.

This place seems like you must go all out (aka order something sweet) in order fully enjoy your meal. Another friend who ordered a make your own omelette seemed less than enthused with her plate. Regardless, a great atmosphere and quick service!

By Cristina V. at 2016-10-21

Disclaimer: portions are HUGE.

The menu is just amazing. My family of 5 went for breakfast and we all ordered a plate of our own with the intention of splitting. We ordered the m&m pancakes, the cookie dough pancakes, the Reese's pancakes, banana coconut French toast and caramel crunch French toast.

The food was great, but service could be a little better. Our waitress seemed to be a bit moody and in a rush - we had to ask her for water multiple times. Overall a pleasant experience.

By Olga D. at 2016-12-26

This place is a lot of fun and it always feels like a real treat to come here. Very over the top menu, absolutely gigantic pancakes loaded with various candies, and the bloody Mary comes with an enormous pickle stuck on the rim. The food is delicious every time, definitely come here if breakfast is your favorite meal of the day. The wait time can get pretty long on Saturday morning though.

By Mark T. at 2016-09-29

I was here quite a while ago, and had something sandwichy, i remember that it was pretty good... it was a long time ago, but it was a pleasant experience nonetheless.

I was here yesterday, craving their caramel crunch french toast,I was looking forward to something absolutely amazing, but got something unfortunately less spectacular... not bad, but not great.

I was expecting a soft, hot piece of bread, a little gooey on the inside, and just the right of firmness on the out, with a coating of caramel that was as crunchy as a butter finger.

The bread however was a generally soft point, but did not have the awesome waves of textures I have come to expect from spectacular french toast. The caramel crunch coating was not particularly crunchy, it more resembled a pie crust. It was very pleasant, but with the consistency of the toast it did not add the appropriate dimension to the dish. What I was really pleasantly surprised at was that the caramel coating was not outrageously sweet, it was very pleasant, and did not overwhelm the dish at all.

Coffee was solid.

Service was great despite the fact that it was a little overwhelmed that morning. Food/coffee still came out without an long wait, and I didn't find myself looking for a waiter to get a refill on my coffee, my bill, or something else.

Wish it didn't close at 3PM though, but I realize they are more for breakfast, lunch, and of course brunch!

By Elizabeth S. at 2016-05-06

This was my first time coming here and definitely won't be my last! My husband and I each ordered an omelet. I had the Zorba and he had El Diablo. The Zorba was delicious and packed with feta cheese. El Diablo was really good too and had some nice heat to it. I look forward to trying their other omelets and they sweet griddled items!

One thing I had never had before and absolutely loved was the grilled breads. I had an English muffin and my hubbie a bagel, both grilled. Oh my goodness, they were amazingly good--the butter, salt, and pepper perfected the flavor added from grilling the breads. Yum yum yum.

Parking is on the street (free), but there is also a larger parking lot towards the middle of Moody St and it's pretty cheap. I can imagine this place gets really crowded on the weekends. We came on a weekday and it was easy peasy.

By Michele J. at 2016-10-31

This was by far the worst breakfast I've eaten in a restaurant in a long time. The waffle was bland, and just tasted like cardboard. The eggs were over easy when I ordered over medium, and the home fries were too salty to eat.

The bacon was great (how can you mess up bacon?), and the staff was friendly and attentive. The kitchen definitely needed work.

By Molly L. at 2016-10-30

My sister and I both ordered an omelet. Here is the low-down of what happened:
- Her coffee cup was not clean, her coffee tasted like antiseptic.
- They replaced the advertised 'basil' in one of their omelets with pesto, and never mentioned it. Two very different things. Waitress got upset when we mentioned this, saying "It's how we always make it".
- They added bacon into the egg-mix of a vegetarian omelet. When brought to the waitress' attention, she again said, "That's how we always make it!", even going so far as to bring up the menu and her notes. Neither of which mentioned any meat at all.
- The homefries were delicious.
- After all that, the omelets were not anything great.

I've heard excellent things about their gluten-containing breakfast items (pancakes, waffles, etc.). However, from the ability to follow their own menu, their ability to talk to customers politely, and the ability to make tasty omelets, In a Pickle is, sadly, wanting. Which is upsetting, because I live within walking distance and love breakfast.

By Shauna C. at 2016-08-23

I have been a few times since they moved to their new location. I think it's kind of over rated! You wait a long time for a pretty regular breakfast meal. I'd rather go somewhere I don't have to wait for the same quality meal.

Pros: liquor license, large variety of sweet breakfast options.

Cons: long wait, kind of basic food.

By Dannie W. at 2016-12-11

I don't understand why so many people like to come here. I tried this restaurant because of the good reviews. When I got there, there were a lot of people dining and waiting. I ordered the ringers, which has eggs, choice of ham/bacon/sausage, home fries, and choice of 2 pancakes/toasts. The amount is huge. For the pancakes, I had it filled with bananas. Everything tastes ordinary. The pancakes were a bit undercooked with running dough in the middle.

By Mike M. at 2016-04-10

Great spot on Moody St for breakfast. Good portions and great quality.

Service is good

Their menu is huge and creative, something on there for anyone.

If you're hungover and need to refill and have a big appetite I suggest you order The Ringer: choice of meat, w 2 eggs, home fries, 2 pancake or French toast

Def worth the drive from the surrounding towns. Be prepared to wait on weekends, we waited almost 45 minutes or so but its worth it!

By Marsha W. at 2016-01-31

As most awesome breakfast joints that rock, In a Pickle is always a wait, but nothing compared to some of the other great spots *cough* (Friendly Toast).

Either way, this place is best if you were to pick a local joint in Waltham. Dare I say in the area? Due to an added breakfast fan in my life, I've now been here (and up early enough) to visit a few times and still hasn't disappoint. They used to be in a smaller place, you can imagine the wait there.

They have some of the best inventions for pancakes, French toast, and waffles. If you are a fan of any of those YOU MUST pay this place a visit. Snickers pancakes anyone? I'll have to try the caramel crunch French toast one day, heard it's a winner.

Another quick tidbit, the owner cooks all the food as well, how's that for dedication.

The homefries are fantastic, and yes you can ask them to be even crispier.

If you want the whole trial, pick The Ringer which includes your eggs, meats, pancakes, and homefries. You really can't lose with what you go for.

Ice coffee is good, ventilation is pretty good too...listen, everyone knows some of the breakfast places will leave you smelling like bacon grease sometimes, this one does not and I sat next to the kitchen today. Winner!

Last but not least, the staffing. The hostess stand usually has about 2-4 peeps, and all the waitstaff can be seen hustling with smiles on their faces. I can honestly tell ya, they're good. The humor is spot on, the service, and the smiles. Whether they are all Brandeis imports or locals, they're doing a great job. The hostess stand sometimes looks lost, but I can't blame them, they have to try and ignore all the breakfast hyenas stalking and staring at them willing those beepers to vibrate so they can pounce on them for a table. Go outside, take a breath of fresh air, and hang out on Moody St like its the local college quad. There are even benches to sit.

Btw one should have an issue or lazy enough to park in a bus stop. You have no excuses not to get here, there are three parking lots: across the street, behind the restaurant and to the right of it. If there is one thing Moody St in Waltham is not in short supply of, it's PARKING SPACES. You won't find yourself in a pickle for spots. Hurr hurr.

*edited for typos* typed this up on the phone, auto correct has done worse to me lol.

By Julia M. at 2016-07-13

Great breakfast/lunch spot! It is really so much better than your average diner. It's not a diner at all, but they serve breakfast/lunch fare like a diner.

And they have a bar. And really great additions to the pancakes and waffles that anyone with wild cravings could understand. The pastrami sandwich is wonderful. The marbled rye is soft but hearty and the meat is fresh and substantial.

The home fries are very good, but their French fries are even better.

It's trendy and the décor is actually comical. Just read the walls.

By Tom T. at 2016-10-16

One of the best places I've been to for breakfast! It was very convenient to our hotel in Waltham while we explored Boston for a weekend.

The ambience is for the younger crowd, the place is fairly loud & VERY busy but we were seated very quickly on a Saturday morning before heading into Boston.

I can highly recommend the Topped Belgian Waffle -- I got it with strawberries & added bananas as an extra. I also got a side order of the home fries which were also great -- nicely seasoned & included a lot of the crusty stuff scraped from the bottom of the grill.

My travel companion had the Eggs in a Basket & said it was excellent as well. Her side order included some fat breakfast sausages which were nicely spiced & obviously very fresh.

Service was fast & very courteous. GO HERE!!

By Stacey G. at 2016-07-17

I came here for brunch this weekend with my boyfriend. We got there around 11:30 and initially the wait for 2 was 25 minutes. They were able to seat us within 5-10 minutes; we were thrilled! He ordered the blueberry pancakes. He wanted the oreo filled pancakes but they didn't have them this week. I ordered the classic French toast (they don't have challah French toast) with fresh bananas - it was delicious. I ate it all. The prices here are amazing, totally reasonable. We will definitely be back!

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