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Itzza Pizza

Itzza Pizza
  • Street 2825 University Ave
  • City Madison
  • Region Wisconsin
  • Postcode 53705
  • Telphone (608) 233-3500
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Itzza Pizza introduction
Estimated average consumption of $8.17 - $16.34 per person. We offer 59 menus, including 14" Large 1-Topping Pizza and Breadsticks Special, 2 Po Boy Sandwiches, Chips and Pepsi Special, Medium 12" 1-Topping Pizza and 2 Cans of Pepsi Special, Sma
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Itzza Pizza reviews

By Michelle R. at 2016-08-04

So far EVERYTHING we've had delivered has been delish! My fav is the Hawaiian pizza and just tried the classic Italian pizza, OMG so good! Love their wings also, had the plain and bbq. This place is my go-to for sure for pizza. Thanks guys!!

By Dan N. at 2015-09-06

1. Here is a link to my (and a friend's) food Vlog (YouTube video) about ITZZA:

2. If you get an Italian sausage or sausage combo, as for no red sauce/marinara sauce/pizza sauce. Inexplicably, ITTZA adds their red sauce to any sandwich with an Italian sausage involved. I can see how you might want that if you're not getting your sandwich dipped in au ju, but I asked for mine dipped (as I always do) and they put red sauce on it, which clashed terribly with the au ju. I've never known any other Chicago style restaurant to do this. Scott, if you're reading, you might want to make it a thing, offer it dipped OR with red sauce, not both unless the customer asks. I've already mentioned it to Mike.

By Harisha R. at 2015-12-21

Extremely amazing Hawaiian pizza !

The Hawaiian pizza is one of the best I have had so far ! Great value for your money. I got the medium pizza and I think there was enough meat and pineapple on it for a large. Everything tasted really fresh and the delivery was within 40 minutes. Really fast for such fresh tasting pizza. Great crust too . I will definitely be ordering this again.

By Trevor S. at 2016-03-13

Pretty good for pizza in Madison. If your looking for good value and a simple pizza this could be your spot. Their twists with the pepperoni in them are absolutely delicious. Worth just grabbing by themselves.

By Elise J. at 2016-02-06

I would never know this was here if not for yelp. The entrance is completely unmarked and I initially mistook it for the service entrance to IHOP (they are in the same building). I ordered online and showed up early to pickup, which seemed to be uncommon. They have only two chairs and it's quite dark and dingy inside. That being said, the pizza was pretty good and prices reasonable (medium cheese deep dish, large sausage/pepperoni, and noodles for $33). But I'd stick to delivery next time.

By Ben P. at 2014-11-24

I hate to do this, really I do, but man, the Garlic Romano Deep Dish Chicago was the worst pizza of my life. We had two pieces each and threw out the rest. I actually went out and bought some other pizza from another west side location to rectify dinner.

Look, I bet if I were to flash back to my college days and order this beast at 2 am, I would be really, really happy. Trying to feed a family and we need the quality to go up, significantly. The crust was dry and falling apart, the sauce way to salty and the toppings lost. I hate battering local places, and this is deserved based exclusively on the quality of the product.

I really really wanted to like this join, nice folks working there, easy to order, prompt service and the place is a little hard to find. But damn, the pizza was not good.

By Eric S. at 2016-02-09

Pizza was not good at all. When I got the pizza It was warm but not hot. The pizza taste was terrible including the worst soggy crust. Not happy with the order and believe they need to seriously re-think what they are creating to keep customers.

By Benson C. at 2016-02-05

If you enjoy your pizza being delivered fresh and in a timely manner, you should probably avoid Itzza Pizza.

We have ordered from here a few times and it had been pretty decent at first, but there has been a noticeable decline in quality and delivery speed. The last time we ordered it took about an hour and a half and the pizza was cold by the time it arrived. I think we're done with this place.

By M P. at 2015-12-03

Another great meal tonight! Nothing better than a delicious pizza late at night when it is cold outside!!!

Thank you!!!!

By Jenny R. at 2015-03-16

Went there with the hubby over the weekend and have some helpful tips:

First, - it's difficult to find. If you pull into the IHOP parking lot, it's right behind (but connected to) IHOP. You can' see it from the street.

The pizza was great, but as several other reviewers said VERY salty. I thought this would be an exaggeration after reading the reviews, but i definitely noticed that they used more salt than needed in the sauce. Although I could have done without some of the salt, it did not ruin the experience for us and I still thought the pizza was good. I would definitely order rom Itzza Pizza again.

Also, there is not indoor seating (there's a small table with 2 chairs to sit in while you're waiting to pickup, but that's it). We expected that it would be small place, but thought there would be a few tables to dine-in. Not that case though.

We got the deep dish stuffed pizza and this is definitely the place to go in Madison if you're looking for something similar to authentic chicago style pizza.

By Ri M. at 2014-06-22

Today my hubby and I adventure ourselves to try this pizza place for the first time, I placed the order online and the promised time was 7:15pm, it was 7:23 and no sound at the door. We called and the person sounded kind of confused and busy until he decided to call the driver to check on the time and said he would be here shortly. Finally, he showed up and we were happy to see him.

We ordered two pepperoni rolls, a garden salad and a customized pizza with onions, ham, pineapple and pepperoni. Once I opened the box, my mouth started to salivate, it was very pretty to look at, the first bite ahhhhhhh......a delectable surprise, it had a nice interesting"grilled" flavor, even the smell, it reminded me of "carne asada", not greasy at all and I loved the fact that the meats tasted mild, not very salty like other places. I agree the crust could be enhanced but I liked it, sometimes simple finds a strange way to satisfy you ;)

The pepperoni rolls were too soft for my taste with nothing special on them. The salad was the basic one, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots; However, the Italian dressing I asked for was definitely homemade and that is rare to find specially in a fast food restaurant, bonus!

By Lee L. at 2016-03-01

great pizza all around

By Tim J. at 2016-06-10

We read a review on the Cap Times (which is a garbage publication) and wanted to check it out. Their Italian Beef Meat Pie sounded awesome but after talking it up they left off the hot giardiniera that would have made the meal memorable. I called and complained and got a few bucks off of another order so next time we ordered a deep dish pizza. Their pizza wasn't all that memorable and we haven't been back.

By Steve F. at 2014-12-06

Perfect medicine while spending time with my father in UW Hospital. Pizza was ready as promised, very tasty and came with an online coupon too. Hard to find location, look behind the IHOP.

By Kate H. at 2015-07-31

Outstanding. Those who vote 4 stars are just afraid to admit it. Best Chicago stuffed in town (no kidding), sandwiches are perfect, service always great, and prices unbeatable. You're dreaming if you want better pizza take out in Madison, snobs take a hike.

By John H. at 2014-06-12

We ordered both the thin crust as well as deep dish pizzas, and we didn't care for either. The pizzas included far too much SALT and other spices, which were probably someone's way of covering up for the fact that the ingredients weren't really fresh.

I've had tons of deep dish pizza in Chicago, as well as amazing thin crust in Milwaukee. Unfortunately, Itzza just doesn't cut it.

By Felix B. at 2015-06-18

I went and picked up a sandwich late night. The italian beef was amazing, there was some much food i had to save it for the next day.

By Neal C. at 2014-04-05

This review is for the stuffed pizza. I got a small stuffed sausage and pepperoni expecting a very mediocre attempt at the Chicago style pie. I was wrong. The stuffed pizza was excellent. Plenty of sauce to balance the cheese and toppings within. Only complaint is the crust doesn't have much to it. Perhaps a little brush of butter or garlic could help.

Also tried the pepperoni rolls (2 for $2.50) which were very good. Not a lot of filling, but very tasty. The Italian beef was the only thing I didn't enjoy. Bland meat that likely came from Walmart and saw little seasoning.

Stick with the pizza and you'll enjoy it. Prices are great for stuffed/deep dish pizza as well. The location feels like your classic pizza dive as well (take out or delivery only) with the alluring smell.

By Chelsea J. at 2014-08-14

We had a deep dish pizza, breadsticks and cinnamon sticks and instantly fell in love with this place! The breadsticks are phenomenal! Great flavor and some awesome dipping sauce to go with em.
The pizza was excellent- prefect crust to toppings ratio. We'll definitely be back!!

By Jason W. at 2014-10-01

*Garlic Romano Deep Dish*

I'll get it right out of the way, the salt killed it for me. If this pizza weren't as salty as it is I'd easily give this place 5 stars. The crust is delicious but as I sit here drinking my fourth glass of water an hour after finishing eating, I just couldn't justify ordering it again. I love salt and only got through two slices. My other half took a few bites and said it was like eating a salt lick.

*Garlic Bread w/ Cheese*

Very solid. Definitely worth the few bucks they charge, not overly buttery (is there such a thing?) and not burnt. Just right!

I wanted to give this place 4 stars as a compromise but I'm just not certain it was a 'bad night' in terms of maybe adding too much salt to the sauce because other reviewers have pointed this out as well.

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