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Jalapenos Mexican Restaurant

Jalapenos Mexican Restaurant
Jalapenos Mexican Restaurant introduction
Estimated average consumption of $7.08 - $14.16 per person. We offer 126 menus, including Cheese Nachos, Bean and Cheese Nachos, Muchos Nachos, Jalapeno Dip, Chile Con Queso, Jalapeno Wings, Quesadillas and so on.
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Jalapenos Mexican Restaurant reviews

By Sydney S. at 2016-08-13

There was honestly nothing I didn't like about the experience I had here. Service was fast and great. Never had to ask for more salsa.
They did have a wait when we went, but that's ok, we just went to Sweet Caroline's next door.
They have a system here that works very well.
As for the food. So good!! The pork tacos are so yummy. The fish tacos were just as good. Everything was just great!!
Been going here for years, and will defiantly try to remember to drive a couple extra miles to eat her again!!

By Kaitlyn H. at 2016-07-21

Local favorite: most amazing queso "Jalapeño dip" and the chips are handmade in the restaurant to perfection.

I haven't tried a single thing here I haven't liked, and my family has been taking me here since 1998. My personal favorites are the Jalapeño Dip Burrito and the Chile Relleno.

Oh, and their fan base is so loyal they're called Peppers. Go try it, bring your family or friends!

By Amanda W. at 2016-12-21

Came to Jalapenos after hearing people at work talk about it so much. I have to say, it does not disappoint! The wait time (came during peak dinner hours) was still very quick. Love that the tables are already set up with chips, salsa, and water when you arrive. Can get straight to grubbin! The servers are like ninjas, quick, speedy, and they have always had a staff dedicated to just water/salsa/chip refills, so you're never left without any of those. The food is hot and delicious - their tacos man. Taco dreams of them. The Jalapeno Dip is delicious as well. Will absolutely be back.. again, and again. Also, ask for their hot salsa. They have 3 levels of heat. I haven't tried the hottest, but that mid-level salsa is. spot. ON.

By Matt G. at 2016-12-03

Consistently Good Tex-Mex food and service. I have had consistently good food and service here for years. My favorite dishes are the chubby burrito, the tamales, and the fajitas. The tamales are huge and delicious. the fajitas are a bit overpriced, but they never disappoint. The staff is usually very attentive. Those looking to keep it cheap should stick to the lunch specials and a-la-carte menu. A single tamale and a side of rice or beans is plenty for me at lunch and will be well under $10.

By C E. at 2016-10-01

It's painful for me to give Jalapeños anything less than five GLOWING stars. I have been going to this restaurant since I was a child-my family has literally been going here since it opened twenty five years ago. The food is fabulous, the margaritas are amazing, and the staff have become an institution for us...all apart from the teen host that's fairly new to the fold.
He is painfully rude, wildly disrespectful and the furthest from authentic you can get. When greeted with a positive and cheery guest he is quick to change the interaction into a negative one and has changed how often our family will dine here. As someone that works in the industry- this great spot with all the things we love so much, he is unfortunately the antithesis of hospitable. Try and get through the lack luster host until you are seated-I assure you the rest of the team will turn your experience around.

By Cole W. at 2016-10-05

I tend toward authentic Mexican food, but if kinda more Americanized mexican food is your thing, this place is really solid. Friend and I were impressed with our burrito and chimichanga. Good flavor that didn't need to be smothered to death with sauces like some other places I've been. Salsa had good flavor, could have been chunkier but wasn't runny. Beans were not just refried mush, there were actual bean shapes in there. Will definitely be back.

By Jason O. at 2016-11-01

Stopped in Tuesday night for fajita night. We were seated very quick. When we got to the table there were waters, chips and salsa for everyone (party of 5). Mitch took good care of our table. Very friendly and he was on the ball for drinks and refills were right on point. We have dined here half a dozen times or so and the experience is always pleasant. Food was very good. Had the poppers and jalapeño dip. So good.

By Foodie C. at 2016-08-15

One of the best Mexican restaurants around, everything on the menu is great but the tamales are incredible. Always a packed house, the service is fast. Your drink will never run dry or you salsa go empty. Always worth the wait to get seated.

By Kat C. at 2016-01-08

The last Friday of the month special is my absolute favorite thing they had. If only that burrito was on the menu. It's green chile with chicken and potato, cooked in a burrito. I sub black beans. I live for that special. Please add to the regular menu!!!

By Bridget L. at 2015-07-05

Jalapeños has been one of our favorite KC area Mexican restaurants for years! We always get tacos and enchiladas, and they are consistently very good. The atmosphere is nothing special but the great food makes up for it. It's a nice touch to have waters and chips/salsa already at the table when taken to your seat, and hubby likes the TV'a throughout the venue to watch sports. We will be back soon!

By Jacqueline L. at 2015-11-08

We are new to the area, but heard about this place. I wanted so badly to give it 5 stars. Really. Food=excellent. Customer service=excellent. Atmosphere=the only complaint.

I know when things get lively, it will get loud. It's pretty loud. One little suggestion I would leave the owners: invest in a few headsets and have 1-3 people wearing them. It's a constant over-the-intercom announcing night. Headsets would take care of this. I know I won't get super quiet fine dining. I'm ok with a little rowdy crowd. This seems to be every 5 mins, and it's already a lot of people in a small area. I think it would change the atmosphere so much.

Otherwise, we absolutely loved it!!

By Amber D. at 2016-01-03

beef tacos: was the beef even seasoned at all? Zero flavor. The tortillas used for the hard shell were far too thin and low quality. Took two bites and couldn't do any more than that.
Enchiladas: disgraceful. Clearly a canned sauce (and a bad one at that!). Enchiladas with red chile sauce should have been deep roasted chile flavor with a little bit of spice but most importantly robust flavor. This tasted and looked like they mixed a bit of chili powder and maybe some mild paprika with water. Tasteless and poorly executed. Salsa also had NO flavor.

All around some of the worst "Mexican" food I've ever had.
Two stars only for the nice service. If you want flavorful Mexican-ish food you will honestly have more luck at Taco Bell.... Yikes

By Kevin A. at 2016-06-25

Always great service and good food. Probably the best margaritas in the city. Only downside is the wait can be long for a table at dinner, especially on the weekends and they don't take reservations.

By Angie H. at 2015-11-16

This location was amazing. Not only was the protein platter AMAZING but they played 80s music all night and our waiter was very attentive & funny. It was a great evening. Definitely had a wonderful time.

By Mike D. at 2016-07-03

Love this place. You will not find better customer service anywhere in Johnson County, I guarantee you that. Some of the servers have been working there since this place opened over 20 years ago.

The food is great, if you don't know what to order just ask. It's one of my family's favorite restaurants and a standard in our household.

By Tom D. at 2016-05-22

Just great food & service - we live in Ottawa & when we are in the area it is a must place to eat. Quesadillas are really good.

By K T. at 2016-01-17

I miss the Lenexa location, which was much closer to me than either of the current locations!

Disclaimer: My review is based almost entirely on their chicken chimichanga. This is not a detractor. I have been to Jalapeno's many times and have only ordered the chicken chimichanga. I'm someone who loves variety and trying new things... But if a restaurant has something I love and crave and have dreams about - as every once in a while it does - I have to order it every single time. So, no offense, Jalapeno's. I'm sure you have plenty of other great menu items to offer, but I love your chicken chimichanga so much that I simply can't order anything else. Neither can my husband, which is why I'm not exactly sampling the menu.

A little about my taste in Mexican food: I'm a believer that there's a place for both authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex. One can enjoy both! I order completely different things at each. I'm not going to Jalapeno's for authentic street tacos. I'm going to get a large portion with bottomless chips and sweet salsa.

I like my chimichangas stuffed and crispy and smothered in cheese, not cheese sauce. Is that authentic Mexican style? Ha, doubtless no. But it's fried, delicious, and enormous and I'm a damn American and sometimes that's just what I want! My only complaint is that I have to choose between sour cream and guacamole. I WANT IT ALL. Like, don't give me a giant, cheesy fried thing and then stop there! (Guacamole is the correct answer, though).*

So, Jalapeno's ('s chicken chimichanga) gets an A from me. Bonus points for offering it a la carte and not forcing me to pay extra for rice and beans that I won't eat.

*Don't be concerned about my health. I don't eat these things often, though not for lack of want.

By Jaime G. at 2016-06-11

I called for take out at 9:30 on a Saturday night and was told they were too busy to take my order. The first time i called, I was transferred to the bar. It rang about 20 times so I hung up. The second time I called, I explained no one answered at the bar. I was transferred again with the explanation that they are "really busy." It rang about 30 times with no answer. The third time I called, I explained no one is answering at the bar & asked if there was anyone else that could take my order. I was told he, nor anyone else, could take my order & that I could only be transferred to the bar and they were too busy to answer the phone. So I asked "I can't order take out at all?" I was told only the bar could take my order & was told again how busy it was. I gave up & ate elsewhere. As someone from out of town who sat with a sick relative in the hospital all day, I was really looking forward to having some Mexican food to take home & relax. But it didn't happen from this place. What horrible service!

By Mike B. at 2014-08-07

This place has a 30 minute wait on a Thursday night, does that sound a three star restaurant...I dont think so.

-The salsa is very good..
-The white cheese dip is awesome!
-Get the Chubby Burrito!
-the fried tacos are excellent!

Follow it up with a Dos Equis amber.

By Aaron R. at 2015-12-11

Not bad. Been there a few times. Friendly staff good price and portion size. Lacks a little bit on flavor. But the salsa is good.

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