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Jeremiah's Tavern

Jeremiah's Tavern
  • Street 2200 Buffalo Rd
  • City Rochester
  • Region New York
  • Postcode 14624
  • Telphone (585) 247-0022
  • Opentime
  • Raging (40)
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Jeremiah's Tavern introduction
Estimated average consumption of $9.78 - $19.56 per person. We offer 78 menus, including Veggie Quesadillas, Tavern BBQ Pulled Pork Quesadillas, Kinney Potato Skins, Nacho's Nevadomski, Loaded Fries, Chicken Wing Dip, Spinach & Artichoke Dip and so on
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Jeremiah's Tavern reviews

By Dawn V. at 2016-07-04

Many Rochesterarians get decent buffalo wings at so many different places around town that this place may not be as well reviewed as it should be, in my opinion. Now that I live in Kansas, where they wouldn't know good Buffalo wings if Frank himself appeared to dress them, I look forward to coming here. I'm not a bar person, but do enjoy good pub food and I think Jeremiah's does a great job on their menu. They use fresher ingredients (for example, leaf lettuce and not iceberg) in their wraps, they include some fruit/nut combos in their salads and it's all-around decent quality food for the price. The wings are always cooked well and dressed well with plenty of blue cheese for dipping. Getting chicken wings cooked crispy enough to sustain the sauce is a fine balance that J's does just right. In so many places in Kansas, you have to ask for them well done, but not here!

This last time, I had the Buffalo Chicken wrap with a side of potatoe salad and both were great. The wrap was stuffed with freshly fried chicken dressed with tangy Buffalo sauce, blue cheese crumbles and some blue cheese dressing inside with a nice layer of lettuce all wrapped in a soft tortilla. Lots of chicken, so I wasn't down to the end of the wrap and just eating a tortilla. Simple and delicious!

We ate outside on the patio, which isn't quite shady enough once you get towards 3pm on a summer day, but it was still great. Our waiter was excellent - just polite and attentive enough - friendly for sure. The bartender/hostess was also very gracious when we came in.

This is a must visit every time we're visiting ROC.

By Klein L. at 2016-12-04

Here's my second go for food at the Gates location. Meh. That's all there is to say about the Jeramiahs Gates location. My group and I originally went in for a drink but decided last minute that we needed to fill out bellies. To the dining room side we went (which is separated from the loud bar area).

The soup of the day was Lobster Bisque so I decided to go with it. mistake #1. The soup came out luke warm and when i asked if this was the right temp for the soap, the waitress assured me it was. Digging in, I noticed it was not lobster i was eating but a lobster substitute called langoustine. Swing and a miss.

Onto dinner. I usually order the chicken wings or the mac and cheese which are stellar but tonight i decided it was time for something new. I ordered the bacon brisket burger which was. supposed to be a burger patty, brisket, bacon, gouda cheese and toppings. Our food came out all at once and everyone's order was correct but mine. I got a regular burger which was absolutely dry with no brisket or bacon and my toppings were served on the side(?). grabbing the waitresses attention i report the problem and she said it would be another 15 minutes to make a new one but by then my party would have finished as i got my new order. i bit the bullet and decided to just eat it. THE DRIEST BURGER EVER. When the check came, i was still charged for the bacon brisket burger. At this point i was so aggravated, i paid the bill and left.

NOTE: Everyone else DID enjoy their food. I guess it was just my day to have a bad experience out of the bunch.

Anyways, I have struck out lately in the Gates area with service and quality of food. Maybe next Jeramiahs. Third time might be a charm...

By Mr T. at 2016-10-26

Eh! That is really how I can sum up the place. The decor and atmosphere is rather nice and up-to-date.

We went for the fish fry and was pleased with it, but it lacked flavor. It was a tad bit on the greasy side and throw in french fries or tater-tots and it puts you way over the top. I went with the tater-tots. I did not use the tarter sauce until the last couple of bites hoping it give me some flavor, but it was heavy on the mayo. Sure glad I did not start with the tarter sauce.

The Caesar salad was heavy on dressing which was another disappointment. I did not order the salad, but my companion did and that is what I was told about it. I just left there feeling as if I simply ate fat. Rather disappointing as I had higher expectations that what was delivered.

I hear the place is great for wings. I might stop by to try out their wings, maybe.

By Andrea L. at 2016-09-30

I've gone here multiple times-the service is fast, friendly and vigilant! A perfect spot for late night bite and beer!

By Casey B. at 2016-08-01

Stopped by Jeremiah's Tavern on the way to see Star Trek Beyond and I have to say that both the food and the movie didn't disappoint. I've been to the "Jerry's" on Monroe Ave a number of times, but never this one. I ordered the Cuban and my wife ordered the Quesadilla. She seemed to really enjoy it, as she also ate the leftovers after the movie. As for my Cuban, it was pretty amazing. Ham, Mustard, Pickle, Swiss Cheese (omitted due to lactardation) and BEEF BRISKET. I don't know why they added brisket to this Cuban sandwich but I also don't care and will never question it ever again. It was smokey and spicy at the same time and I loved this sandwich. It was pretty dead at 1pm on a Sunday and we were served super quick. Our waitress was very attentive and overall I had a great time. Is this the best restaurant/bar in Rochester? Maybe not, but based off of this experience, I couldn't have asked for a better time or better food with better company.

By Kimmy F. at 2016-09-18

After a terrible few hours out with friends at the 585 Rockin Burger Bar, we left dissatisfied. We decided to give another establishment in town a try and they BY FAR were hospitable, engaging, attentive and all around wonderful! Great staff, great atmosphere, great food and drinks. Nice place to go and meet up with friends and townies...enjoyed ourselves after a terrible start to the evening! Thanks!

By Crystal N. at 2016-05-23

This is my second time here on lunch due to being in the area for work. The first time I had the chicken quesadilla and that was great. Today I ordered the Brie, Apple, and bacon grilled cheese. It's excellent!!! The food came out really quick, service was great at the bar. Will definitely be back next time I'm in the area

By Nathan M. at 2015-10-19

I was surprised by the poor reviews here because of the two positive experiences I have had with this restaurant. My most recent experience happened a week ago on a Friday night for dinner.
I was with two friends at another restaurant that had too long of a wait so we went to Jeremiah's instead. After a 20 minute wait, we were seated in the dining room and a server took our drink order quickly - Nice selection of local brews, except they don't carry all of Rorhbach's beers.

The fish fries and wings that we ordered turned out great, but before the food came out my friend had to leave for a family emergency. My remaining friend and I enjoyed our meal while the server boxed up our friend's meal who left. The fish fry was tender and not overlooked - delicious combination with the pint of Guinness I ordered. The service was quick and attentive - our server checked in several times on how everything was and topped off waters frequently.

When we left, I forgot to grab the boxed food for my friend and only realized after leaving. A short call to the restaurant and they had saved the food for us - very appreciated.

Overall, my experience was great. It gets 4 stars for limited parking, but we found out there is more parking at the church up the street and Jeremiah's provides a free shuttle service. I am also concerned about why so many people have seemed to get a bad experience, but would still encourage you to check this place out so you can be the judge.

By Lindsay M. at 2016-10-29

Service was really great. My boyfriend ordered a dish that was way too spicey, so the waitress brought him a different dish and didnt charge us for either. The food was great, but the service was even bettter.

By Jen R. at 2016-01-06

Ok... It's rare I give such a LOW SCORE... But let's just say everything I ate came out....

We shared all a plate of Nachos, all had a glass of water, I had a beer, so did my friend and my other friend had a glass of wine.
It took forever to make up the nachos? Why? Covered in cheese, not much of tomatoes, olives, lots of jalapeño's covered sides of sour cream, salsa and guacamole. The chips were tasty but it was all just piled on and tossed under the salamander. Thing is we had one server who took care of the drinks?! I think she may have had a cold not sure, than we had to ask someone passing by if we could get drinks and the Nachos. It all seemed ok, but it was a WEDNESDAY at 6:05pm not a rocking weekend night why the hold up.. We came here since we all went to a movie at Tinseltown across the way... After the movie I came home any my system said NO!!!!
So... I WILL SAY NO... Don't eat those Nachos.......
Beer pulled from the tap is luke warm at best....

By Tom F. at 2015-11-09

Simply put... I just went to the Jeramiah's Tavern in Gates for the last time. Service has been a disaster since the last GM "Jim" left weeks back.

Had to leave during the first quarter of Monday night football just to be able to order wings and a beer across the street. poor bartender was on her own while the other staff screwed around. Too bad - went there for weeks.

By Caroline E. at 2016-07-08

For 12.99 fish fry, let me show you the meal, w 1 tbspn of Cole slaw, Never Again!!!look at the presentation, explained it to the young lady, and the young lady at counter for takeout says, "that's how the cook does it", . Mgr , called Dan comes over, and says, that's how much we put in there, but I can top it off for you, but I said "No thanls". So never again for fish fry, they are saving the Cole slaw for Today' dinner, tonite' s dinner, Sat., lunches, and sat dinners,. etc. I should've gone to Bill Grays for their fish fry, or McGregor, or Jim n Ralph's, where it's always right! No not me, today I chose wrong for fish fry at Jeremiah's Tavern, and the hostess at counter had attitude, when I said something, tab 30001, and transaction 48937

By Megan T. at 2016-09-26

One of our favorite places to go since it is so close. The food is great and there is a lot to choose from without the menu being overwhelming. They make a great buffalo chicken wrap and the chicken wings and other appetizers are always perfect! The service is hit or miss depending on if they have bigger parties there at the time. They tend to favor the bigger parties and forget about a two party table. If it is busy, the parking situation sucks too!

By Artzy A. at 2016-06-22

The place seemed dirty and less impressive than it used to be. glasses seemed unclean. only one bartender for a larger amount of people here. The food seems to have gotten more expensive too. also it seems like every other time i've been here recently, some middle aged guy gets too drunk and hits on girls, and then needs to be thrown out of the bar by the manager. if u want a bar that serves food up until 2am, its a good place to go though.

By Patty O. at 2016-08-31

We recently tried Jeremiah's in Gates for the first time. I can't comment on the dine in service because we did takeout. Takeout experience went well, around 9pm on a Saturday, 15 minute pick up time. We ordered wings in the Nawlins Blue sauce and an order of potato skins. The wing sauce is amazziiing! It's a mix of garlic parm and some kind of hot sauce with blue cheese mixed in. Wings were cooked well although a few were small and bony. The potato skins were a huge disappointment. They cost 7.99 and you only get 4 skins. That's about $2 per skin and they tasted like they were made from frozen. I don't know if something went wrong or if 4 skins is the real serving size but it seems odd. Most places give at least 6 for that price. All in all, it was pretty alright. We will probably order the wings in the same sauce again, never potato skins.

By Hope C. at 2015-07-26

2.5 stars Good sports bar, crispy fries, decent wings, fast service. Have only been to this location once, but I'm quite surprised by the poor reviews. My expectations of the place were decidedly low -- we went for the convenience of being near Tinseltown and wanting something very casual -- and the place delivered. Managed to catch a World Cup match on multiple HUGE TV screens as well. It was a busy Friday night and we were seated fairly quickly and our server was very efficient. Wouldn't consider this place highly original or noteworthy, but would go back again for a pub food fix and to watch a game.

By Frank D. at 2015-12-28

Just ordered a few Stella's ... Which is one of my favorite beers. The service is terrible and the beer taste like complete [email protected] It taste as if they have washed the glasses in muddy water and keep the beer outside in open jugs with no lids. Feel so bad for this place don't even want my money back. I think the urinal is directly connected to the dishwasher.

By Kevin H. at 2015-05-01

This was far and away the WORST dining experience I've had this year or last to include inner city McDonalds...

Friday Fish fry for my wife and I came out so well done that the last 5 inches of each were completely inedible; battered jerky. I couldn't even cut it with a fork. I COULDNT CUT FISH WITH A FORK!!!!!

There was one other table in the dining room beside my wife and I. The service would have been tolerable if every table had seated customers. It was abysmal for how many people are over here.

Our last time coming here.

By Carla R. at 2015-07-01

I've been to both locations many, many times w/ an ok experience. Last week I stopped in for a quick bite. The dining room was sparse, so it seemed we shouldn't have to wait long. Unfortnately that wasn't the case at all.

We ordered an order of wings and fish tacos. Well, it was about a 45 min wait for our food. In the meantime, I decided to also order a side of tater tots (the waitress didn't know how much they cost, but that's beside the point). The tater tots came out not even 3 min later, to my surprise. The tater tots were cold?! Not sure how that happens when they are fresh out of the kitchen and I had just ordered them.

The waitress kept saying our meal would be right out any minute. Like I said, it turned into a 45 minute wait!

When it finally came, the waitress did offer to pay for our round of drinks as she said something about the fish taco order not getting in. Not sure how that happens when the dining room was empty.

One last point, the fish tacos came with coleslaw. I took one taste of it and had to spit it out in my napkin. I believe it was rancid, or it at least went bad.

It was all around a bad experience. 45 min wait for a simple meal on a slow night, cold food and spoiled food? Not sure what's happeded to Jeremiah's, but I'm not going back for food.

By Julie R. at 2016-01-01

Food and service was great for lunch. My husband, daughter (23 months) and I went after a day out. Where it loses points is that THERE IS NO CHANGING TABLE! Not one...anywhere! I don't understand how you can have high chairs for little ones and then not think, "hey maybe this kid could need a diaper change during the time they are here". This is my biggest pet peeve ever. Please, make this change for all the parents out there!

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