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Estimated average consumption of $4.82 - $9.64 per person. We offer 39 menus, including Pepe, Big John, Sorry Charle, Turkey Tom, Vito, Vegetarian, JJBLT and so on.
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By Caroline J. at 2015-09-03

Hey Joe, let's talk the tea on this JJ location.

Accuracy: I have ordered twice and each time the order has been very accurate. An important note I would add though is I ordered online so, if the order is wrong when I send it to them in writing ... We have a bigger problem then simple sandwich making skills.

Speed of delivery: The average of the two times I have ordered for delivery have been 20 minutes. If I were dining at a restaurant and the food took 20 minutes, I would speak with the manager to pay my compliments but that's not the case here. It's pretty slow for JJ. I mean there is nothing freaky fast about being half way done with a family guy episode when your food arrives. I say this particularly because this JJ location is literally at the end of the drive way of my hotel; I can see it out of my window. So... Yeah, no freaky fast for you ! Thus, if you're further than I am, you should anticipate some time.

Rando commentary about the taste: this is a chain so it taste like it typically would but I will say I feel they are a little more skimpy then I an accustomed to eating at JJ.

Taste: 4- it has that normal JJ taste but they are pretty light handed on dressing the sandwich

Speed: 2. It's a little slow and doesn't live up to the hype.

By April W. at 2016-01-11

I can no longer order from jimmy johns. I paid cash once and the manager called me to tell me that I didn't give enough... 2 weeks later. I know I paid the right amount. When I ordered again today, they made me pay an additional $3 on top of what I already paid. The manager was rude and hung up on me when she called. So I just paid $13 for a freaking sandwich. Never again

By Sheila S. at 2016-02-29

I will not be going back to this Jimmy John's again! I had a tuna sandwich from this location a few weeks ago that tasted old. My husband wanted Jimmy John's today so we went. My sandwich tasted funny again. I opened up the sandwich and notice that the cucumbers weren't any good! Never again will I be going back.

By Miracle M. at 2015-04-26

Ordered online today, fast delivery no complaints there and okay service but my sandwhich only came with one slice of roast beef.... Kindave a rip off but other than that fairly decent i suppose.

By Grant L. at 2014-12-02

Seriously? An hour for "freaky fast delivery"? Give me a break. And when they are only 5 mins away? And when I called to inquire about my food, the gentleman on the phone explained the driver got pulled over. Still... an HOUR? No excuses for this type of service. Even all the ice was melted in my drink by the time he got here. Terrible first time ordering and I will just make my own sandwiches from now on, thanks.

By Kelsey J. at 2015-03-23

Amazing food! Amazing service! The girl that took my order was so sweet and easy to understand! I come here all the time and they never mess up on my orders! Service is fast. They finish before the next customer can even order. They know their menu well and delivery is ahead of it's time... Just sayin:)

By Brandon G. at 2012-08-20

They need to learn their own menu because they miss ingredients on occasion.

Tips: These are the details of the Jimmy John's, This restaurant is located in 1480 N. Orchard Dr, Aurora, IL
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