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Estimated average consumption of $52.9 - $105.8 per person. We offer 20 menus, including 15.2 oz. Invincibility Juice, 15.2 oz. Super Senses Juice, 15.2 oz. Lean and Clean Juice, 15.2 oz. Eternal Life Juice, 15.2 oz. Bionic Glow Juice, 15.2 oz. Protective
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Juiced reviews

By L R. at 2014-01-23

Bravo! Juiced! Mobile juice bar! Bravo! Organic,local produce, juiced for me, packaged to take with me, tastes terrific, no heartburn. win win all around. Im betting The price tag per juices seems steep in our community BUT its not. And I'll tell you why. If I attempts this myself I'd be in for a 500$ juicer, plus cost of organic produce, hauling produce in and out, and the waste? What you say? throw it away? Not compost it? Does that not cancel out all the good youve just done eating clean? Ok so composting in sub zero! Cleaning out machine /glass/kitchen oye. Life is so busy though I'd love to do all this- in some altered plane but here and now? I just can't.

So back to juiced. I just ordered the 7day pack. 42 juices for 245$ that's down to 5$ and change. For this week I have had fresh juices for breakfast ,lunch and a wholesome meal/ soup/ etc. for dinner and have replaced my beloved sugary desserts, for the watermelon strawberry lemon juice. Yum. Belly happy -skins starting to glow again- they make it easy to take a week and start fresh- get the excess carbs out and feel great. I keep thinking I'm gonna find something about their business that'll disappoint, but honestly I can't. I stopped over yesterday to pick up my second batch and, there was a flatbed truck out front and a dude hauling out the juicing waste material. So they responsibly send out their veg waste to be composted too???? Bravo juiced mobile juice bar. Bravo!

By Lisa A. at 2013-12-15

I've talked juicing many times with people and I always imagine buying a juicer and having apple cores flying out in all directions while the cats ran for cover. I can't see me excited about cleaning out all the pulp from that thing either, no matter what kind of energy boost it gave me -- home juicing is not for me and I'm sure others feel the same, thus this store.
--is it possible for a juice to be "well balanced?" Well the ones I tried definitely were. Some have a touch of ginger or lemon. This was no "naked green machine" -- it was super fresh which also means it requires immediate refrigeration.
--they'll delivery and can take special orders.
--its a little pricing at $6 or $7 for single juices, although you get a discount buying in bulk.
--wish they opened before 8 on weekdays & werent closed on Sundays!

By Michaeleen W. at 2014-10-11

Great juice. So expensive but worth it when you are super hungover. Obvi get the hangover destroyer

By Toni S. at 2015-12-07

Amazing service & juices. Never had ordered juices before & Chris was a wealth of information. I would highly recommend the Invincibility juice as well as the Hangover Destroyer if you like beets.

By Jess O. at 2014-05-01

Love this place... Would recommend Invincibility - Eternal Life - Hangover Destroyer Juices. (For all ages). Milwaukee needs this place! Nice packaging, friendly staff and convenient hours. They also wholesale to some Stone Creek Coffee's and The Outpost. The juice is fantastic. Better than The Juice Press in NYC as well as other juice places I have been to across the country. Support this place! Its simply fantastic.

By Katie L. at 2015-10-19

Absolutely delicious. I can understand people would overlook it because it's pricey for the juice, but completely worth it! This is how we were meant to enjoy juiced fruits and vegetables- with no preservatives or added sugars. I recommend their watermelon one- it's my favorite!

By Mikel C. at 2015-09-14

Stopped in while visiting family in MKE! Bought a variety of 8 bottles! The juices are awesome! Can't decide on a favorite...Invincibility, Lean & Clean, Eternal Life!

By Bridgid M. at 2015-08-24

YUMMM! I loved the options. Basic juice place. Big ass powerful juice machine.

By Amy H. at 2014-11-25

After considering purchasing a juice cleanse I saw on Amazon, I decided to look local first. I am so glad I did! This juice is soooo amazing! I am so happy to have found this company-the juices taste just like the ones I have made at home. I own a juicer but honestly it's a big pain in the keister. Produce isn't that cheap these days-plus it's time consuming and messy to make your own. So, though the price is a bit "up there", it is totally worth it if you know what goes into a bottle of quality, freshly made juice. I sampled about 5 different kinds I bought from Outpost in Wauwatosa, and loved every single one. I will be going for the cleanse (after Thanksgiving of course)!!!

By Katie S. at 2013-10-17

I was going to be in Milwaukee for a conference for a few days last week, and I was having digestive issues. I've heard great things about a juice cleanse, so after looking online I found this place. All the juices sounded great and the price can't be beat, so I ordered a 3-day cleanse.

The good:
The flavors - the juices were all great! I liked some better than others (Super Senses and Protective Armor and Hangover Destroyer were my favorites).
Ordering them upfront saved me so much hassle during the conference. If I lived in town, I would never make my own juice - the price is cheaper than what you can make them for at home, and you don't have to clean that damn juicer!

The bad:
All of the juices were too intense for me, and way too apple-heavy (read: sweet!) I ended up diluting them with water and they were still really sweet. The bonus was that they last longer that way!

When I went to pick them up after pre-ordering them, no one was at the store, so I had to go back in the afternoon. They were really great about it and gave me a free bottle of juice for my troubles.

I agree that it would be nice to be able to customize the flavors. I like kale, but all of the green juices were just....too much kale.

Great place and I wish I lived closer!

By adrie e. at 2014-05-03

I love Juiced. If I still lived on the east side they would have all of my money. It seems expensive, but it's not when you think of the cost to make the juice. My favorite is the Protective Armor juice. LOVE IT.

By Anna S. at 2014-10-06

No one does cold pressed juices better! I called here in the AM to inquire about assistance with a juice fast I was ill prepared for. I spoke to the owner and he was so knowledgable . He was able to prepare juices for me the same day and got me back on track for my 7 day fast! I highly recommend their services!

By Matt L. at 2013-07-05

Great to have cold press juice in town.
All are great juices but the protection armor can be a bit heavy on the beets at times.
Otherwise all great and feel super great drinking them.
Cant wait to try a cleanse!!

By Brian E. at 2012-06-06

I love it!

This is going to be a shorter review for me. I use a juice machine to start my day. This saves me the clean up and prep. Who doesn't appreciate that?

Juiced is a mobile vendor and location changes. I will post the schedule below.
Simply put Juiced gives you all the goodies from fruits and veggies. There are 7 juices at $4.50 a pop. There are 4 pure fruit juice options. Shots of wheatgrass ($2.75), macro bars ($3), anodyne coffee ($2), Rishi tea ($2.25) and water ($1).

I feel $4.50 is a fair price. If you buy organic ingredients you'll notice that price of those ingredients can be a bit high. I stock myself for the week and I think this is probably the lowest you can go in price while still making a little something for the effort.

We all eat out. That's what yelp is about! Keep your body healthy and give it a jolt of the good stuff.

If you are skeptical I would encourage you to watch the movie "Fat, sick and Nearly dead." There are benefits! I can personally attest to that. My changing up my diet and adding super basic exercise I've lost around 60lbs

There is not much else to say here. A guy makes juice and you drink the juice. The prep and clean up is the weaksauce part and he does it for you! I had the invincibility which consists of Kale, Carrot, Apple, Kiwi and Lemon. I find it to be a refreshing combo for this warm sunny day.

I'll definitely be back but it's gonna be hard getting something else as I really liked what I got today.

Give Juiced a try!

By Tony K. at 2012-07-31

Ok, Juice Man! I'm definitely a fan. I was a little harsh previously - but I appreciate being able to get a healthy Tuesday treat at Take Out Tuesdays in Schlitz Park.

By Chelsea O. at 2013-04-07

Juice bars in Milwaukee are few and far between. It would be cool if the juices were made to order on the spot but they are freshly made each day, reasonably priced and available for delivery. I'll definitely be back for more!

By P J. at 2013-04-21

I loved the juices. He has a neat setup and it's close to where I live. He did jack up the prices a little. But it's not too steep anyway. I felt an energy boost after the 'Invincible' and the they're all quite yum. All in all this place is a must visit!

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