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Estimated average consumption of $11.16 - $22.32 per person. We offer 59 menus, including Mango Lassi, Chai, Bottled Water, Soft Drink, Veggie Samosa, Qeema Samosa, Vegetable Pakora and so on.
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By Eric M. at 2016-01-08

Came here after claiming The $20 for $15 deal, which is dine in only, actually called my order ahead of time so it'd be ready when I arrived. The place was completely empty at 845 on a Friday. Wait staff very kind. Seems as though they do some business later at night with their deliveries. Perhaps their lunch buffets are more crowded, but I hope they're doing alright for dinner at other times/days of the week.

As far as the food goes, the chicken pakora is a must, the chicken tikka masala is solid but not great. Had it with garlic naan because that's how you eat curry dishes, fyi. Will come back to try their chicken biriyani and get more of that pakora. Mmmmm

By Helen W. at 2016-03-15

I cannot for the life of me understand the plethora of good reviews for this place. Really, what the hell? Are you guys bots? My experience with K2 was so bad that I made a Yelp account specifically so I could warn others out of principle.

I ordered delivery from K2 for the first time tonight. I am a big fan of Indian/southern Asian food, although I wouldn't say I am especially picky about it. I ordered Shahi paneer as my main dish. I also got a side of both regular Naan and garlic Naan. The delivery was reasonably timely, and the delivery guy was friendly. The good things I have to say about my experience mostly end there. This was, hands down, the worst Indian food I've ever had in my life.

I usually love Shahi paneer; it is one of my favorite Indian dishes and I have eaten and enjoyed it innumerable times at many other restaurants. What I received tonight was a sad shadow of what Shahi paneer is supposed to be. The sauce was nearly water-thin, and while there was a faint spiciness to it, it was so bland that it bordered on flavorless. The main thing I love so much about Indian food is how wonderfully complex and flavorful it is. This dish fell about as flat in the flavor department as it possibly could have. The paneer itself was also inexcusably bad. I was served a bucket of this terrible sauce with maybe 5 or 6 pieces of paneer floating in it, but that wasn't that much of a problem because the paneer had the texture of rubber and a very weird and unpleasant aftertaste. Ew.

The rice was actually good -- it was well-cooked and was honestly probably the best part about the entire thing. The garlic Naan was all right -- definitely acceptable, but I wasn't crazy about it. The regular Naan, though, had been burnt pretty badly on the bottom, so that, too, was inedible. I have no idea how you can stay in business as an Indian restaurant while fucking up plain old Naan bread, but I guess stranger things have happened.

How do these people justify charging $20 for this garbage dump of a meal? Frankly, I wouldn't eat this for free. In fact, I ended up throwing most of it away and just eating some cookies because I couldn't choke down enough of this shit to satisfy my hunger. I would honestly be laughing about how bad this meal was if I hadn't just lost an Andrew Jackson over it.

Never again. Next time, I'll just go to Wendy's.

By Akshaykeerti S. at 2015-10-05

I ordered Kadhai Chicken, Tandoori Chicken and Naan. The Kadhai chicken was average and neither the chicken or the curry seemed to have any complexity in flavor. The tandoori chicken was subpar; I felt that that it was not marinated properly and was extremely bland. Something being 'spicy' does not necessary imply that it has flavor. The Tandoori chicken is one of my favorite recipes and I've had a lot of different varieties. The right tandoori chicken is juicy and flavorful and has a slight burnt coal flavor to it which gives it its characteristic taste. This one was bad.

The Naan's were alright and nothing to go gaga about.

This cuisine is supposed to be rich, flavorful and complex. Good food has soul and character. K2 grill's food did not speak to me. I do not understand why most of these restaurants try to 'Americanize' a cuisine and then butcher its authenticity.

By Carrie K. at 2016-01-10

The food is very fresh and flavorful, and the staff is very friendly, and knew what the food was prepared with. The service was fast, they unexpectedly provided a complimentary dish during the meal, and the prices were very reasonable.

By Jessica K. at 2015-05-31

This was one of the worst dining experiences I've had and I'm very confused by all of the high ratings.

We were greeted nicely and asked if we wanted water with or without ice. We asked for water without ice, and then given water with ice anyways. Perhaps this was a sign?

We then placed our order: chicken Bati ($14.99) and shrimp masala ($19.99). Admittedly, these prices seemed high, but with all the great reviews I was expecting some high quality food. We also ordered some chai tea.

We were given some amuse bouche which was pretty tasty: some kind of a fritter with a nice slightly spicy sauce.

But then.... 30 minutes later, we felt abandoned in a nearly empty restaurant when our food still had not arrived, and we hadn't even had our water refilled.

The server (owner?) finally came by and I inquired about our food. She said that what I ordered takes at least 20minutes. "Does it say this in your menu?" I said. "Did you mention that when we ordered?" Her response? "No, but most people who eat here know it takes longer". Oh! Pardon me.

Finally the food came out, but we were not given clean plates. And what of the food? What did I wait for, you ask? 5 pieces of dry chicken, dry slices of red onion, and dry rice. My boyfriend liked the flavor his shrimp, but it had not been properly shelled, so he ended up with a side of little shrimp shells.

At one point I went to use the restroom (oh, surprise! No toilet paper in one stall and clothing hangers in the next). Apparently, while I was away the server/owner told me boyfriend that I seemed upset, and then said The food took long because they had so many deliveries.

I eat out quite a bit, and I understand that sometimes things go wrong, but the proper way to treat a customer in a situation like this is to offer a discount or a free item, not just empty apologies and blaming a customer for not understanding a menu item.

By Daniel K. at 2015-06-30

Another installment of my search for Milwaukee Biryani. Had the buffet last night. Small but well done, and the biryani was great.

Would have liked some crunchy stuff to go with the chat and some curd. Waiting for Dahi Puri to appear somewhere. :)

By Breanne P. at 2016-01-11

My partner and I have been here several times now, and each time it seems to be even matter than the last! The waitstaff is extremely friendly, the food came out hot and fast, the atmosphere is lovely, and best of all for winter, it's warm and toasty! There are many fantastic vegetarian options on the menu as well. If you love Indian food or even if you've never tried it, this is a definite must stop in Milwaukee!

By Chris W. at 2015-08-06

The food was great, but they didn't really have too many options for the lunch buffet. I basically just ate basmati rice, chicken, and naan bread along with complimentary pakoras. The pakoras tasted unusual because they use a different batter, but they were still good. If you eat a lot, it is worth the affordable price, but there should be more options.

By Chloe C. at 2015-03-21

So glad to have K2 Grill nearby! At our first visit we were warmly welcomed, given a free appetizer of vegetable pakora (which happened to be exactly what we were going to order anyway!) and had an amazing meal. We frequent the other indian restaurants in the area and were really impressed by the flavorful food - the spices in the Malai Kofta where better than most, and we've had our fair share of Malai Kofta.

The service was fantastic. Like I've seen another person mention, they made us feel like regulars even though it was our first time there. They were so friendly and helpful.

I've seen comments from people saying that the pricing was high - I don't know where they are getting that from. The prices were all reasonable and on par with the other indian restaurants nearby. Overall, we loved it and are excited to go back. Also, they gave us a $5 off coupon for our first online order, which will undoubtedly be used very soon.

By Ram P. at 2015-09-20

Had the Lunch buffet on a Saturday. Good tasting food with right amount of spices and a very friendly staff . Will go again

By Celeste L. at 2015-06-04

This place makes my mouth happy. One of the best Indian and Pakistani food I've tried anywhere. You have to try the veggie pakora, chicken tikka masala. Their garlic naan is amazing! Keeps me coming back!

By Hira B. at 2015-05-04

This place was such a pleasant experience! When my husband and I decided to eat here we found the restaurant empty. We hesitated for a bit but I am so glad we did anyways. The establishment is squeaky clean and inviting. We were greeted politely and seated. My husband and I ordered the chicken tikkah masala and naan and it was so good! They were super sweet and even gave us some complimentary pakoras to try. The owner who was a woman came over and introduced herself and we had a nice chat. Good food, good atmosphere, and great service. I would definitely recommend that you give this lovely place a visit! Can't wait to visit again!

By Megan T. at 2015-10-15

This place is great. Food was delivered promptly, it arrived hot, and the delivery guy was nice. It tastes great. The very best part is that I'm close enough for free delivery. Nothing to criticize!

By Jennell J. at 2015-03-06

The service at K2 was really something special. Her and the two servers (perhaps her sons?) were so welcoming, we felt as if we were old friends!

By Elyse M. at 2015-07-07

I love this place!! My boyfriend and I are becoming regulars. We are never disappointed with our food and there's always fast service. I highly recommend this restaurant.

By Michael G. at 2015-03-06

I went for the lunch buffet for $10.99 each soda charged for separately. I will say the food was great however for the $10.99 price police charge for each soda was a bit much for the $. There are other Indian Rest. near by that have much larger selections of food for the money. I will go back again for lunch only occasionally.

By Robert M. at 2015-02-07

My girlfriend and I went for lunch buffet. And we would definitely go back.

Pros : fresh pakora brought to the table, friendly service, the food was all good, nice setting.

Cons : styrofoam plates for the buffet seem wasteful, would like plain rice or jasmine rice on the buffet

By Christopher S. at 2015-02-01

My fiancée and I split the vegetable pakora, samosa and chicken kahari. Phenomenal. The price was great...unsure why people are complaining. Great service too!

By Kathleen M. at 2015-01-30

We are not experts on Pakistani food but we can honestly say that we loved everything we tasted at this new restaurant. The food is so fresh and favorable. Spicy but not overpowering and oh so good. It just makes us want to come back again and again. It definitely helped that we felt so welcomed and were treated with such warmth and genuine kindness. We hope to keep coming here for many many years to come. Best wishes to the K2 family!!

By Ali R. at 2015-01-27

So I was out with some friends and we stumbled upon K2 Grill. We sat down with relatively low expectations, but oh were we wrong. The host seated us down and gave an introduction to indian cuisine and shortly after prrsented us with pakoras, and they blew our minds. They were so yummy. We ordered some Barbeque and some chicken entrees and everything was very delicious. Nothing was subpar! And the mango lassi is a must have!

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