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  • Street 204 E Grace St
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23219
  • Telphone (804) 225-9216
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  • Raging (82)
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Kenn-Tico introduction
Estimated average consumption of $2.45 - $4.9 per person. We offer 8 menus, including Espresso, Espresso Double, Cafe con Leche, American Coffee, Cartadito, Flan, Tres Leches and so on.
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Kenn-Tico reviews

By Christian W. at 2016-02-05

Stopped in for lunch a few weeks ago with my roommate and hadn't thought to write a review until now. The atmosphere of Kenn Tico is excellent, very cabana and relaxed. My roommate is a vegetarian that hasn't ever eaten cuban food, and despite my recommendations, she still wanted to ask the server about a few of the items on the menu.

I could tell he was having a bit of trouble explaining all of them as adequately as she wanted, but he did his best and nothing was left a mystery to her. I went with my usual whenever I try a new cuban place - A Cubano with yucca frites. Truly, if a cuban place can't do these items right, then they can't do anything right.

Thankfully, they nailed them. The Cubano was tasty and grilled perfectly, just crunchy enough to be enjoyable but not burnt, and the yucca was a perfect consistency.

Overall, I would like to return to this place and try some of the other staples, and give the mojitos a shot, which I hear are fairly well made.

By Colleen N. at 2015-12-15

Two words...MOJITO MONDAY!

Kenn-Tico has the PERFECT mojito. Now I know what you are thinking, that is one bold statement but let's break this down

First, the perfect mojito has 3 basic components: sweet, minty, and strong.

I opted for the guava mojito which gave me a balanced fruity sweetness. I also tried the classic mojito and again perfectly balanced. These mojitos are far from a boozy soda.

A lot of my friends don't like mojitos because they feel like they're drinking toothpaste. I'm convinced Kenn-Tico will turn them into a mojito lovers. The mint is strong enough so you know you are drinking a mojito but at the same time, it's a fleeting flavor note that allows you to taste the other components. Super refreshing.

Alright, let's be real... if you're going out for a drink, let's make it worth it. Kenn-tico is very friendly with their pours.

Just go try it! You won't be disappointed.

By Sasan J. at 2015-12-05

I am so excited to have a cuban place walking distance. The food is amazing. Their tamales, breads, and rellenas are shipped in from Miami. And everything else is cook by a cuban family, that brings their love of food to the table. No exaggeration, you can really taste it in their cooking. The waiter was so nice and gave us some great recommendations. The portion sizes are pretty good, and if you are hungry and want some amazing food, this is the place to go.

Overall, if I could I would give this place a six. The waiter knew what we wanted, and he didn't leave us hanging. He was funny, sweet, and made us feel like we were guest in his home. We ended the meal with their tres leche cake. It was amazing, I am still suffering from a food coma. I would highly recommend a visit to Kenn-Tico!!

By Julia H. at 2015-07-24

Had a delicious Miami with fries for lunch - $10.00. Ham, turkey, bacon, provolone, mayo, lettuce, and tomato on famous Cuban flat bread. It didn't look flat, but it was good! Nice atmosphere in restaurant.

But here's the thing - I walked several blocks to get to Kenn Tico for a unique experience. Imagine my surprise when I realized that the sandwich had processed meat slices - rectangle slices! What the what? The French fries were ok, but they were basically McDonald's french fries. I could have gotten the same sandwich at lots of other places. I thought I was going to get something uniquely Cuban.

So it was good, but to have staying power Kenn Tico needs to ramp it up and make everything they serve unique to their restaurant.

By Misha C. at 2015-11-21

I'm Cuban and from Miami. I felt like I was back home : ) The owners are Cuban and are doing a excellent job. Our waiter was superb we had excellent service. We started with the Croquetas they are amazing. The mojitos are on point I had the coconut and guava. My Ropa Vieja was DELICIOUS. I left beyond happy. We will definitely be coming back!! Oh and they have REAL CUBAN BREAD : )

By Lisa G. at 2014-07-13

3.5 stars generously rounded up to four.

Service was excellent. Drinks were weak, but excellent prices.

Atmosphere was... interesting. Everyone likes to sit on the "patio" side, and we got the best table in the house in the window. It looks like it's trying to create a Cuban atmosphere, but it didn't really feel like it to me. Not that I've ever been. More kitschy... or whatever the Spanish equivalent is for the same word.

I asked for the best meal in the house and was brought the ropa vieja, which is pulled beef with onions and peppers. I'm not really a pulled meat kind of person. It was flavorful, but not amazing by a long shot. The sweet plantains were good, though they do not have any sour cream to go with them. The side salad was plain but fresh and I really liked the Cuban dressing. The purple rice was uneventful. The fried yucca was fine. The dipping sauce it came with took it to the top. The tres leches cake was good. The mojitos were pretty, but didn't taste like there was a drop of alcohol in them.

Overall, just okay. I might give it another shot for lunch fare... maybe a happy hour, but probably not for dinner again.

By Kathryn M. at 2016-02-27

I've tried this place twice and they have been out of cuban bread (no cuban sandwiches) and picadillo. The second time was an HOUR after they opened. I'm not sure how everyone else is eating here.

By Sonia C. at 2014-05-23

No idea that this authentic Cuban restaurant existed downtown, I'm sure glad I stumbled across Kenn-Tico for some late night bites! Thanks, Yelp, for the find :)

Triple Cuban Dipper = pick 3 appetizers
-Mini Papa Rellenas (potato fritters stuffed with ground beef) = one of my favorite Cuban food items and theirs is delicious, I haven't found these anywhere else in Richmond
-Havana chicken wings = tiny wings and rubbery skin, flavor wasn't memorable
-sweet plantains = perfectly cooked!

Pan con Bistec = delicious Cuban sandwich with awesome flavor, less mayo for me next time

Our server, Marcos, was super friendly and helpful in making suggestions. The bartender that night was cool and had mad-Mojito-making skills. Definitely plan to return on Mondays for half-off mojitos! Solid spot for Cuban food, I can't wait to try their other menu items!

By Jefferson S. at 2014-07-25

Kenn-Tico is a fine place for a classic Cuban sandwich and cold beverage on a hot, humid RVA day.

I've had a few of the Cuban-style sandos, and all have been good, and filling for $6-8.

Of particular note: The Pan con Lechon was amazing. Roasted pork off the bone? Stupid good.

The Cubano Classic and the slightly upgraded Cubano Especial, with chorizo will handle your Cuban cravings as well.

Hint: Visit on a Monday and Mojitos are half price!

4 stars, muchos gracias

By Yasmine V. at 2015-04-24

If you haven't been here yet, RUN!

This seems like a bar from the outside, but we were there on a Friday evening and there were only a few people inside having dinner. The menu has tons of options from sandwiches and wraps to nice entrees. I'm a huge steak lover, so that's what I got. It was the best steak I've ever had. Incredibly moist and SO flavorful. I chose white rice and mashed potatoes as my sides, which were spectacular as well. My boyfriend had a grilled chicken entree with purple rice and yuca. The purple rice (not sure what is called) got a huge thumbs up from him too. Overall, you can't go wrong with amazing food, price, atmosphere and service! Will definitely be back.

By Arnold B. at 2014-03-27

I went here with a friend who is well versed in Latin food and he ordered us an item that wasn't on the menu. The owner came out to the bar talked to us and made our item (vaca fritas).

The vaca fritas is pretty much shredded beef that taste like it's pan fried in lemon or lime and perhaps some onion/garlic; either way it was delicious! Juicy, tangy, moist, and down right good.

The staff was really friendly there as well. This was my first time there but I felt like a regular! Great food and great service can't be beat

By Larry G. at 2015-10-31

The best Ropa Vieja I have ever had, and I lived in Miami for 5 years. The owner took great care of us.

By Eleanor S. at 2015-10-22

The best and most authentic cuban food in Richmond VA definitely 5****** for me friendly staff great food and mojitos

By Anthony T. at 2014-05-20

I went here with a group of friends on a Monday night. While the food and drinks were pretty good, the service left a sour taste in our mouths.

First, the food. We ordered a few different entrées, mojitos, and tamales as an appetizer. The mojitos were pretty good (half-priced!) and weren't overly minty. The Lechon Asado I got as an entrée was pretty good as well. I think the meat was a bit underseasoned (and strangely cut into huge hunks and tiny slivers..), but the fried green plaintains with the house sauce was delicious. The slightly lemony mashed potatoes were great too. The major downfall to the food were the tamales. I went with a friend who is well-versed in different Latin cuisines (being from Puerto Rico herself) and she described them as "overly mushy" and "watery." Now, she said she ordered them before and they were great, so maybe they just faltered this one time...

The service, though, was extremely lackluster. Our server (Zarmeena) took about 30 minutes to get us water for the table and even longer to get my friend's mojito because of a "full bar" (we looked and the bar was pretty empty). She missed a water for my friend and my other friend ordered a pina colada that never showed up as well. Then, it pretty much took over an hour to get our food and she wanted us to get up and out after only having our food for 20 minutes. She was confused with what we had ordered and forgot side salads for people who had entrées, attributing it to a busy restaurant (by that time, there were only 3 other tables with people). She even almost hit my friend in the head with a plate of food. Needless to say, the service made the experience rather unenjoyable and ruined what otherwise was a decent meal.

By Rudy R. at 2015-11-08

I am from NY so I already had doubts when I read the reviews-best Cuban food in Richmond. It was what I thought it would be-average. I ordered sautéed chicken which came with two sides. The sautéed chicken onions and peppers, flavors were toned down, almost bland. I got beans and yucca fritta. Now the yucca fritta and the sauce that came with it was real good but when I ordered beans I assumed rice and beans-had to pay extra for rice . The mojito was a mojito not the strongest or even strong but no real complaints. All in all a good experience the place had a few people when I arrived guess right before lunch and business picked up quickly. I believe in giving a second chance so I will go back, heard the pulled pork is really good.

By Jeff Y. at 2012-09-21

I was lucky enough to find street parking right outside the restaurant even though it was downtown! I came to Kenn-Tico for lunch with a Groupon in hand. I really liked the awning at the entrance. I sat at one of the tables right by the window for the view.

The restaurant itself is relatively snazzy and bright, with some pleasant background music. We had two servers on my visit (one person was training since it was her first day). Both were friendly throughout the entire meal.

I ordered the Lechon Asado entree, which came with two sides and a salad. I chose arroz moro and yuca frita as my sides. The dish overall was tasty. I added a cup of sopa de pollo, which was essentially a chicken noodle soup. The noodles were kind of boring and the soup slightly bland, but it was served piping hot, which I liked a lot!

I also tried a mamey milkshake, which was fun since it was such a fun-tasting fruit and I had never had it before. I indulged in some tostones too, which were similar to the patacones at Quiubo Pues (both are fried plantains). I love plantains!

Portions are ok given the price, and the food wasn't bad, but I wasn't blown away.

By J R. at 2015-08-15

Wonderful food, very flavorful, Margarita the owner is a blast, friendly personable and a hard worker. Price points are excellent. We have been here numerous times and have taken friends. Great place to dine

By Anna W. at 2014-09-06

Me & my husband had a great dinner! Not to loud & great ambiance! Of course good food! I ordered a mojito, I usually like mine a little sweeter. We shared the triple appetizer dish. It was the chicken salad, yucca & chicken wings. So good! My husband had the Cuban sandwich & I had the ropa vieja with rice & black beans (didn't remember what it was called) & tostones as my sides. My server Mauricio was A+

By Rameez K. at 2015-08-21

Wow! This place,... What can I say?! Let's start with the server. He was fantastic! He double checked on food allergies and limitations, recommended foods and flavors based on ours tastes, and found ways to make it even better! He truly cared about our experience, and he was funny! Now the food! So many different flavors! I had the ropa vieja and the platanos. Wow! I forget the name of the appetizer our server recommended, but we got it and loved it too! Love love love!

By Julia R. at 2014-08-06

Felt like I was in Miami! Palomilla steak was yummy. Bought a bottle if dressing because it was so good

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